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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Max: Hour 1

Aug 3, 2013|

Another edition of Celtics Summer Cooler and this time Grande and Max are both live in studio! The guys discuss the future of the team and where Rondo's head is at. They talk about Rondo's relationship with new coach Brad Stevens and take calls from C's fans. Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog.com calls in and gives his opinions on the future of the green team.

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I woke up this morning full of energy. Full of enthusiasm why. Well because it's Saturday between the Celtics summer cooler day in particular excited about that I mean. What else is there but after two months of hobbling together this program. Every Saturday afternoon. Using technology. Using a resource news of this. Worldwide media company to put Max and I together whether I was in a row with the Red Sox for the Max is on vacation whether I was out of western Canada. It didn't matter we stretched the very limits of this media company Entercom to bring you -- Indian Macs together because that was the whole idea of celtics' summer cool with that. Would have granny in Macs together every Saturday but today was different today was going to be different today was. This particular Saturday this August 3 in 2013 was the day finally. After nearly half of the summer is gone more than half the summer's gone. We're gonna -- Macs in the same place so I woke this morning full of energy. Play with my son thought about the show went through my regular Saturday morning stuff yet here arrived at the studio. Matt -- in the other room pushing all the buttons and the first thing he says to me is NBC masks. Where's Max. That I haven't panacea and usually -- by now. So needless to say that's it a lot of hot air out of out of the balloon out of my energy I did to. Telephonic -- connect with Maxi is on the way he will be here shortly. But does really kind of takes open. You know right out of my sails at the start the idea that we ripples can finally be here in the studio at the same time plus. We don't know yet what Max thinks about the Jose Iglesias trade for Jake Peavy and Boston a sort of waiting for that there's always that. That way that we always hear from the regular divorces the same old voices over and over again as the way you know whatever happens to be going on but now. We don't have that match is always the tipping point he always has an opinion so what does he think about the Red Sox treaty police expert Jacque BP. But I received celtics' summer cooler and what we've done throughout the first two months of the show needless to say. I don't say we were sidetracked -- who could have known when we started than June was going to be a month that. Was gonna sort of changed. Foundations so quickly. And have this blockbuster trade happened with the nets the Doc Rivers departure board more than that really the drama surrounding it that we couldn't possibly have projected going into this. And that really had all of our attention and should that our attention actually that's that that was the primary issue and is gonna come a time and is gonna come soon. Win we're closing in on the started training camp really gonna know what this team. Looks like bored and curious about now as we finally have arrived in the middle of the natural. Order of things in the summer has finally been restored and by that and it took. This extraordinary. Week from the Red Sox to do what should it happen naturally which is to have. All of the attention really focused on them -- been the best team in the American League from the absolute star of the year. You know the Bruins -- the Stanley Cup as you that all of the court the chaos and Aaron Hernandez. The Tim Tebow thing which seemed like -- would have been the biggest thing in the world that suddenly got. Brush back because so many different things -- going -- but now the natural order of the Boston summer has finally started to come in the place and you know the Red Sox have gotten the attention that they should Abbott took a fifteen innings five hour game and another walk off the next night he nearly did it again last night it's a two trading deadline to deal took all these things defiantly and focus it where it normally -- On the third of August which is not. On the NBA so finally we determined ass in different questions and in listening to you guys which probably haven't done nearly enough follow we've been so excited to. Play all highlighted -- like Kevin Garnett and began a big name guests in the show and later on this summer. We're going to have coach Stevens on you're gonna have to any -- on Iran how long form conversations as we get closer to camp. Next week action we're gonna have the schedule which will be sort of interest in some things that she leaked out. About the schedule that we keep releasing officially weakling but we kind of know now when Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett -- their first regular season appearance in Boston spoiler alert he BC Sunday afternoon January. But for now what we have is really interesting time and a little bit later we're going to be joined by Jeff Clarke he's run a lot of future so what's on your hard -- Celtics and you know we years PCs running Celtics block. For a very long times for about ten years now never them. Her like I said you may have part of your hard -- Celtics -- -- and it shows up. I don't know let's say. Our core itself to figure -- hard hard -- so I don't consider you a hard -- Celtic fan. You kind of show up when you feel like its debut their latest evidence of as. This is great because now I'm going to -- nine minutes early and -- goes to show and so that's -- rather than they would take Collins I think. There was an Collins could be all Collison. I think you know what it's gonna be all Caldwell we're gonna talk this thing for the most part. Of what they were the look almost circumvent this thing I would say. All callers this over the would like to do it now. Let's look at I I insist. This is this is your time you use you come in as you please go to he would hear the word -- we -- Beers is first time we've been in studio together now -- -- the what the big -- that's why I was so excited at the start of the show is this going to be bizarre literally our first time I think. Our first time in the same room since since game six since -- made the earth is the Celtics were. Eliminated. And yet this is going to be displayed sort of been glorious occasion you know I know it's hard and only on for two hours a week to make it on time. I'm sure there was good reason now. No other than run these in the past it's important I got here I hear a twelve and this -- because you don't have viewer winner hopelessly Euro your assets have a pass to get you. Except have a pass to get in the -- in the first of all I don't -- thought it was a year -- -- I still and yet I still it's funny how many different people on different teams. To have to call games for how many different you know advanced I have to do for discovery before I get past and what you do when this car chase that. Coach -- calling my name you'll likely get one make him a call. I'd drop the course of the years he talked about I think we don't know him with sort of covered what was. And as we get closer I think we're going to have an idea I don't think. The idea that the roster as it is going to completely be turned over again before September I think is kind of ridiculous that there's -- -- a lot of guys that. More on this team that are on this roster now that are going to be there when training camp starts -- going to be there are OpenId may play bigger roles. Than we thought but -- gonna talk to Jeff about since he has. You know he's been running the website and -- message boards of pride and warring contacted more viewed more Celtic fans of lasting years than any of us that's sort of the fun part. When Max says all colors and I kind of echo that. It's because we don't really get to hear from you some time to send -- tweets sometimes you'll see Max on the street. It downtown crossing into -- today Max. That's that's your equivalent of Twitter to meet they can reach me whenever they want and anyplace and anytime and they do and it's cool and how many people always the right now the coach -- -- and they tweeting thing and do what -- that would measure of getting in trouble absolutely. You're looking at. I gave you I -- you have got a lot of like good god meant it. Darryl and Darryl people can't do exit -- -- do. No don't you think this entire we've have a society that is completely evolved into everybody talking and nobody listening so this is eventually we're we're gonna go blue and the more people talk. They write you know on the Eagles wide receiver he didn't need Twitter he had -- he got a job was all I gave back about his brother tweak it after that. Say in the you know put put him down I give me about a thousand dollars you put him knock him out of life. Twit this select OK are tweeting the notion that we knew you were out. Larry was down cam was out with his thirty years ago the notion you guys get everything would be secondhand stories. The notion of private behavior which was which was aware of -- and probably -- it doesn't exist and which was excellent we talked about that last week we talked about. Hold tweeting thing and how that would have been. It would have been so this peaceful about Richard Lewis. You know with the win all the things which have bill with a between did with -- which pitchers which have been taken. And it it would have been but you know I understand it's a new time as the new era but my goodness that sometimes subtle long for the days. You know when you Don always used to -- the horse and you know we were shooting the -- wouldn't. Baskets. Musket -- Muslims who neglected those with president -- you use of summoned last week sort of stumbled on to something accidentally last week which probably in the big picture. Is the -- Of the Boston Celtics franchise over the next couple years we all know -- -- we have an idea an idea of vague idea of what was coming was gone over this a million times -- the Celtics aren't so much better shape. -- they were ten years ago when they entered this -- It took a lot longer than it could this time around because the Celtics a much better position. But really at the end of the day after spending hours and hours talking about pierce and Garnett and I am simply stunned if we wanted to win a point to what we wanted to we could literally do eight hours on Sugar Ray Allen's number be retired -- real thing like this double life. Nobody. He is the guy that we've seen after the brilliant games and he doesn't consistently. Then there will be no question if he's the guy who we've seen. Do with inconsistently. And have you know these run ins with the press. And he won't be that guy ESPN had a thing this week and they were talking about the point guards ranking them in the league and it's really funny is coincidence -- gonna Jeff on to Clark himself to block anyway. At this week. And yet today coincidentally he wrote a piece of compiling all these things about Rondo really asking the primary question which is. And it's the great enigmatic question about Rondo. Where does he truly -- now. Among NBA point guard if you are starting from scratch and you're picking point guards. How long is it before Rondo is on the and it's only day one bitter and therein lies the question lies the question if any chance to do whatever it ever really you know domain has that it is this just. It's just a simple thing right now -- Rondo is playing at his best he's one of the top point guards in the -- When he's not playing at his best. Simply he is one of those guys that you went to yell and scream and kick in throughout the things that TV. And -- why does he do with more consistently or as. Somebody -- get the -- to take them at the game. I understand the notion of why media naturally went to the idea off. Will Rondo in Stevens. Get along is that a prime is at a tense issue whenever I -- Mentioned this before I'll mention it again. Perhaps several -- wrong it would not be the first time but I think everybody is completely overlooking the notion. That -- Rajon Rondo in Doc Rivers and had budding relationship. From. The start and I don't think that particular relationship is going to be is difficult to improve on as others. Well I think there is he can go either way -- you know sometimes when you have to hit strong people obviously going to have a hit but incontinence. The leader was and that was Doc Rivers. We're -- see a difference out of Rondo obviously a a softer gentler Iranian. Come towards -- you know you want him to go with with a new coach. What I think about Rondo right now is primarily. In a file was to judge him and tell him what to do give him some advice. First thing -- say. Repair your relationship not with the which they had days because I think the fan base that would be are these -- -- a 75 people left him 75% of the people love Rondo. There's 25% of the people way I wonder fan behind wives. Media wise. Let's go a little bit further there maybe. I'd say. EB pursuit of the media did he Rondo inch when he. Percent of the media that love rod -- 120 can be generous well and well I'm just trying to be a little generous on that side because a Fella come -- -- Big part of that because I like it but. He has done a lot of disservice to himself. When this comes to when this come to. Dealing with the media in how he's treated them so what he has to do is take a page out of the masters book. Rivers irony -- the -- is the master. Key. If you knew how to deal with the media better than any coach -- this ever be an embossed in any helpful I mean which -- You can talk about race. You know the Red Sox you can talk about you know the patriots you can he put down the line. There's not there's not been about a coach who is who has been more media savvy. The Doc Rivers. Every down of you know you live near Boston Common you walk in there you see those old guys in the raptors with a piece of bread to feed the birds and just whatever that was Doc Rivers every night went to meet absolutely if they were commandments there was an issue would ever was he would just. He'd smile laugh -- -- c'mon guys they also also have a bat in his back package is the case once once -- awhile bird yes. If if it was needed. You want normally we would talk for a little while and then we would have just on. We have calls already do you want to calls. And hassled him because this is -- after Texas -- -- we technical on your way all year obvious -- Almost doubles the -- -- that this is just talks are you gonna -- right. So right now you -- -- -- -- studio right to the action wanna see. These people confused all the time wall -- people see it's on the street journal which one of us quickly with. -- that we approve that. I never really. Review jail -- you do not know that's not endorsed by monument possibly with a guy dressed up just in case I had 6177797937. -- I promise you -- loss of the 24 dollars and it hasn't promised we will take as many -- Never do we get sidetracked promised an accident keep me focused disease here in studio is what happens and you completely guys trying to -- sometimes -- goes -- at the phones today and start with just -- -- just in Europe. They guys violated ready to look at basketball -- here. Pay just it was a big illegal IC history. -- contest on August. Outside India it is true it. You know. Against all you talk about cart loads quickly touch -- -- bought a certainly one outsmarted. Once in the weeks by I was completely agree that -- -- -- -- -- -- he's you know. It's a part budget triple double. There and then you know we are all but might just might mean or might call it. I wanna hear more about her art wall. Averaging around sixteen point gains somewhere and well. I can't. A -- to my question you guys it is. How good is she how we eat each year. And how to eat eat Italian. -- we do. That. Thank you just I was you know what to say about -- -- at this happened a few years ago what's happened in the NBA it was several people one of them on the one I would think go. Is 21 hour earlier in his career win. A player's contract. Becomes how he is defined and when you read about Gerald Wallace and him being acquired in this trade. There was a negative -- in negative feel on it because he had that third year the contract wasn't great what happens is we become you have to be. Interest in contract should have to pay careful attention now because that's how the game -- -- but sometimes I think. You it's over done to the ball were all we're looking at is buyers contact and we forget. Would Gerald Wallace can actually do what he is one of the many reasons he's not coming off a great year but he is one of the many reasons -- I think there is too much. Talents. On this team as he is. To be -- eight when he in sixty teens at a lot of people. Or I don't wanna say hoping for that's the wrong way to reason they are yes I -- so I think some people are but that's easy thing to say no way they want on August 3 they are Macs but its -- when you go on the West Coast. Nobody wants do it's. It's no fun to watch your team get its ass kicked every night it's no fun. I want saying he'd I think if you are in right now. You're looking into the future with a crystal ball and -- say OK I'm warning you of the Celtics this year moment. I'm going to see what happens but I am hoping. That they don't finish hide so we can get when it goes. Magnificent five picks one of those guys who is point to be a franchise changer. I mean I talk to my guess Steve Burton and Steve Burton among their most Hebert Hebert hasn't bought. Will be nice is the self that you know if they if they. What words he used about. Dropping games all thinking gained it if they could take some games out like I didn't rank don't hold up a minute there. The -- this is this the real world. No it would they'd like to give a happy yes but it doesn't necessarily equate that that. If you lose a bunch of games we've seen that before we saw that when ML Carr was rhetoric pretty you know we've -- that. When Danny Ainge had to pick so it doesn't equate necessarily to you know the time I think you. Late as well you can't. And hope for the best and that's a lot times what they did a -- -- works out. I also I I completely reject the notion that he -- the right thing to do. And I think Celtics just rules certainly bear that out Paul is in LA is that right. -- -- What are okay and if so it sounds of -- -- sounds strange on the phone. I'm from Cambridge -- -- a gas. How long have you been out what -- wallet they want paper -- somewhat Rondo at the best point guard. The -- it down. If you can name a better or maybe -- Williams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you know what you can quit when he when he's well I think you could be right but I I would say they're wins. Probably in the east right now would be the top point -- I would -- radar Rondo. Because he's a better player. And he just really do. A better player what he says number one in. There's no such thing it tanking -- By the way he's got a professional athletes. They are right. There and take any gains. Well. That not to happen -- -- I think it held it you're gonna win more than what you thought it. The help they get a win there there there were retroactively basketball. If you get two thirds of the way you yourself to stamp parliament with the geography as your -- two thirds of the way where. Upbeat. -- -- -- -- You're two thirds of the way through this season and the Celtics are close to 500. And at that point. You you wanna see them make you want to see them make the playoffs if you wanna see them lose one of the last 25 games you get a better effect. To get a better. I mean what are we gonna get accused. Well this is this is kind of this is my point. -- -- -- -- After we built we are rebuilt right we got rid of all you know we got rid of all here. We got -- the truth we govern in the thick bright. -- we are building we understand that we don't have a decent basketball. I think you you know what I think that you don't have I think you have hit on something that the fact that there is some that there are some talent the that you don't look at this team empty. They -- you see that guy has to happen right now I would have to agree that there's some talent on this team victim play. The question will still remain what happens it in the mid point of the season where you may be 34 games on the filed hundreds. In this somebody comes to you -- says. We need to get Gerald Wallace because we want to make -- -- right what do you make bamboo and now all of -- said the U drop where you were before. I think Chris Humphries is play -- of people that Celtics like a lot more than when you think of Gerald Wallace were thinking of the contract now when he if they press operates. I think we all know or think you know you know as a casual NBA fan when you think about Chris -- But to me. These are guys well -- the use a variety of trees and any case where author running. I celtics' number cooler we promised to go right to your calls Max here -- -- in his been able to do that we're going right back to the phones next on the. And as promised or go right back to the phones are gonna talk to Jeff Clark of Celtics blog a little bit later on to get down his take on. Where people really are he probably in Iraq and more self exams through his website is almost ten years old runway and then any of us ever get the chance to do. But we were talking -- a little bit about Rondo being met the primary guys this team could be better than you think. How are you going to deal this is more interesting to use in 2005 is this new group. Your new Al Jefferson Delonte way past the -- the good old Marcus Banks days 200320042005. And the thing I'm kind of curious about does it make it better or worse where the Celtics for you where the Celtics have -- The last six years does it make you more excited to go through this two year period or. Does it make you. Say well boy it's you're still -- from having -- the very top of it that you're not is into it. And you -- in 20042005. I think it's the former pilot. When one any quick thought they place -- straight before the microphone. Ever that the -- the -- don't let anybody tell you by different teams in Falmouth Iran celtics' summer group. -- one quick question I look forward arm quickly you repaired -- -- -- part of the so that he is. Okay I remember when you played with Florida Rondo everybody focused on Rondo and -- is no. Bradley kind of went down for the open and play as well -- this season right approach on -- combat. As you like everybody just completely forgetting about how. Avery Bradley played with Rondo on the core ownership Greek -- that's our you know almost. -- I think you're here under a -- you're right about that when you think about the week run that way you play with Rondo Rondo loves playing with him. What than we did find though -- Avery Bradley -- he was exposed as a point car. Because it's of his inability to Campbell the basketball. On the pressure. In his creativity with his passes. But what we saw when he was playing the two guards. We saw a guy who played really well shot the ball well did amazing things out on the floor so. Which Avery Bradley we're gonna see is always to be interest in considering. If you play for Rondo and hey how about this. When Rondo comes back -- you're assuming right now that Rondo is coming back the first game of the season which I'm thinking not. Are -- -- there's some up projection done right now has got to run the private plane fifty games this year based on. Guys have had this injury before winning come back and how many games ago he knows he go to hit the ground running and not missing any games always go back to answer -- I don't think he's gonna. The only other question I have with that -- you know on the new coach that we have. -- when we probably coached young guys on the opposite all the more mature and everything that they -- as a coach coming out from. Doing college guys are probably have a better chance of understanding -- -- communicating to home of a better as a coach. -- Now last a while what do you think that he -- governor he'd be together communicate Ali wow he bailed on the cross examination. With the -- You gotta bring it that's a thing of people economy began the privilege of talking to Max out. That thing is if you tell me that he's going to be -- but other than Doc Rivers. Communicating. As a point out what while with the big well that happened I know you say is his strong but Doc Rivers also has. On the other side to him that you know goes maybe goes further the fact he was a point guard -- MBA. I if there is a -- on Achilles -- If people point to on the formal list of Doc Rivers it would be. He's dealing with younger players and he had success there easy ways bodily to brushed off to want to -- Bradley be great example but. But. You know. -- media would use in the -- He did what -- They'll throw some young guys know -- war to -- I'm come out the point guard duty hand with the low will point guard -- trying to figure was -- lead league in steals and. -- -- are -- our all star was not just the point out what he wasn't a young guy. He was fairly new to the lead us is it bounce around absolutely and Orlando Doc Rivers came Italy in 1990000 he won coach of the year by the way as a rookie. Hey coach that team had Darrell Armstrong had Chris Gatling had. Veteran guys have been cobble together in a quote unquote owned by the way if you one example. Of a team that does he wanna you wanna -- for the Celtics here. In is this Orlando team in 9090000 and a bunch of guys that were cobbled together in an attempt to get. Grant Hill to complain -- Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan looking ahead to what was next. And all of a sudden they start winning games they went down the final like this season before they didn't make the playoffs with a loss than last night. Of the year and you could have that situation where we Gerald Wallace and Chris Humphries -- marsh -- Brooks and Rondo and by the way Avery Bradley who people forget. Was coming off a major injury last year and I thought that was an excellent point. Regis made. It teaches me debt Rondo and Avery Bradley didn't really play together. This year because by the time either Bradley got a running Rondo got -- there are extraordinary numbers the Celtics the last two years when Avery Bradley. Play a significant number of minutes because what he came into the lineup. I'm -- max's. When when the well they did they know because there they're looking at me on the cam right now they know I'm glad webcam -- in the on lap that's why they stopped they know I'm laughing because the numbers are relevant neighbor Bradley didn't play well when he came into -- and say they. This little does that. John in Rhode Island -- next. In the first round it's. You wait. Still trapped today didn't you move up in eagle putt and so a couple Barbara picks remedied back together and be able to move up again and only picked. And so. That's one and two on. Mean they're great point very Rondo and Bradley have complete together aren't saying now. It's now run ever expect a lot of the detect it earlier but the up but I. But the Applera that they can have a good years -- Brooklyn and you're the guy where you get and the thirty minutes a game hearts aren't -- -- that they didn't let it. And you -- -- fifteen. The field goals from the other I think you're the guy is going to be able -- search quotes her eighteen point 42 game well out on the com and he's a -- the grip that. Well let me Al last year element to the cross examination here whose minutes are though because remember it seems silly. -- reports document a team that they have a vision in their head. Perhaps wrongly so is not going to win a lot of games we're talking about a lot of depth and all of a sudden we're talking about the off guard spot. It diamond Marshall Brooks that would like when Avery Bradley their Courtney Lee is still on this team we're those minutes come from a split. I have to go to Portland which got about court. Oh by the way -- unfortunately a lot of you'll forgot about them it was last year. And and I would I mean -- -- so that acting like. What you're saying raw ability to be at yeah I think that's kind of going to be a spot where it's going to be a program that to guard who's gonna be. The starting Q who's going to be the sixth man and he obviously people saying he grew and scoring that much which you haven't put him a year but it is a good -- any -- on your shoulder surgery. Have elevated the -- -- to adjust she's going to be back but. I mean. I think it's like at that spot the in the program that we're gonna see people the portraits you know guys. Earlier in the -- to -- that a couple of it was going to be a lot a gonna get the minutes in the second acts. John I think that's exactly right now I I. I think has got a really good points and there have been the biggest one about the lottery and I think you know could it be that. Maybe this format. It tends to bring out people who don't have common sense and most people do and maybe there's more more people that we think realized. That this the whole idea of losing a lot of games is just a ridiculous crapshoot for players. You have a 10% chance of getting guys it's got a 10% chance of being a superstar supposed thought I believe the next group. Dad is going to bring that is going to be ultra competitive the idea being championship. Caliber at that problem. If Danny's those guys are in the legal. When -- -- their military I'd now a fascinating question as. Where -- -- who are those guys in two years who is. It's not fair to say who was an ex Kevin Garnett but who is that guy two years from now. Dead as the number one target. Freeagent wise and ultimately obvious -- Taylor bronze -- perfect. This is the game by the way while we all sit here and talk about Russia Rondell destiny for Bradley listen Marshall -- this. Any changes job his entire entirety of it is to figure out who is next who are those guys. While that of this -- could -- effect in the same way to happy Uga campus. You get a -- you know packaging you know some some pics to a team. It's just you know which is claw off off the beaten path he would just say let's target New York say he wanted to give -- And you had these picks and you put together you you said okay will go to New York you will GB this addictive you have cable you know. Mello says he wants -- extend this contract and you know I think that debt it's true I think that. You have forgetting about that but I think people forget about that because. They -- free agency. Has not really. Done way oh with the Boston Celtics. Top regions have not come here by their own choice. Kevin Garnett -- here. But you know obvious hit -- -- -- yet say OK -- yet to come as well men and but steel which options am not even elected to come to Boston. Because unfortunately game. More on love is you were unfortunately game. This is not. The most desirable market. For me off. I wanna say for he a basketball player with one of the top free agents and and then the dual Boston Globe Boston -- great cities. Heritage branch -- all that together but the markets right now that people look at. Our desire -- or desirable in the NBA with the New York. It would be. Miami it would be LA maybe Chicago. But after that everything else is -- jumbled together out with they LB correct. I don't think you can hit an Indy might not be about India is going to be one of those mixed places -- on the surface not because of the city. But because of the talent they have on that team of this and that's the point that's how you do that's our guys wanna come to Boston because they want to win. And that's you create a situation where you could win in Boston Stephens Fall River you're next. I want you to -- gone to. You know wouldn't that we -- and we heard that the you Wendell people -- it was a treat you -- And -- going on the reservation by what I told. Gentleman that -- actually hear it. Kevin -- And I missed the playoffs 2008 we will let the lead late in right place that he had a knee problem. That would not structure -- non issue and play. And then next thing you know he would have played played a week later are resilient now. I guess Seattle -- chip away at the regular liberty. They describe. I -- I don't think the guy I criticize because. I don't I don't -- -- -- criticism in the media sitting next week and it caught them so at that I won a -- you know about. -- they -- just just declare you were saying that you're -- and by the way it's O nine not 2008. You think that Kevin Garnett should have tried to play in 2000. I can bet that if I go -- it would -- them immediately thought that was an area that is generally that is set. It was not structural just he. You'll be all right -- it was a play I'll be playing right now I'm without ever. One practice and play -- to dock -- that apparently written rules allow. Let the play out I think I think first of all I think you need to get to criticism especially when we see other players. Do so what you want you know not even try. To me. I don't say you can probably the guy who -- -- -- -- old Gloria Max goes out and play like. Gloria does not also always squad play when you're hurt. That's just not not the way he got. Look at the Clay Buchholz is getting it right in the regular -- always. Do that he should be able bear if you do apply it. All equally good. Why you tell whoever it is being quiet in the background -- delighted that deal warrior your own house. Why would you guys tell me if you've had a real window of one of the windows all 'cause. He's now that you could make it -- painfully he would pick would it will get it shall blow like I. It can't take a look at that particular shot that that police -- particular criticism. You can't go out -- probably -- on the walk when he shall we are not structural. Problem. What would you tell what would you say the same thing -- in labor and have a back problem. Would you say that was the same thing. I inherited Blair had a -- he was in pain. But he could've played if he got shot. You know what maxed. And they there was little little roll the what does it feel winning when it was our people. I wouldn't I -- look -- out of the good and I thought well I wouldn't say the world I don't remember. I don't remember the game tonight and what what his problem was back -- but the bottom line and reaching guys hit you let the plane -- in coming out of you want to talk about black and combine them. Played out of bad ankle. Yeah attic I play to beat the -- How he got to play with the Bruins and the culture loans. Continental and yeah it's people that. My point iMac I epidemic -- -- just do it -- I don't expect anybody. I'm telling you he would hate it you can't all the dire warning it is great award it was aptly. Chief you wanna play I think it really I think that the wife shot and I think it's okay. I think that thing that you mentioned you count of going back and -- with the thing that you talked about the war would you talked about paying. And one thing we don't know in judging -- with any player. Is -- are that player you don't know how much bring you in and what we saw from Kevin -- not only that you put the next few. He he was not himself because he was badly and try to come back from that surgery and to whoever says that the free -- us. That the concept of talk radio. At the concept of free speech isn't in full effect. Mark down this date in time we just had a caller suggests that Andrew Bynum is a warrior and Kevin Garnett is not Arnie in a car you're up on Celtics oracle. I -- a question from Matt yeah Tom he's ready or Max Max -- series yet the first game. You can when you came back and not being treated -- -- and it was a play anywhere. In the lane and -- -- And it hit and you reaching down. And an outreach not IQ and -- pick them up and poking and away. As big smile on -- I I you are you're are you sure about that because I don't think ML Carr was here after I got trade. I patent that I don't think this -- clone anyway the other guys -- that he can be reached that you poking away with a big smile on your. Now that could that happen in that could have sounds like so that I would do a packet data Immelt caught pretty sure he did not play that mix years so it might have been somebody else maybe it was -- -- could have been. You know bird could have been some I like that that probably is true I'm sure you -- somebody around about markets part six on 77797937. And taken a bunch of girls here -- got teammate -- -- what -- -- with my cardinal rule about that. Somebody is -- breaks into your house you don't help mop the storm did not the all of that the all the door for the offer them a couple car you don't do that though it was on the the -- who -- Clinton. Know that promote now and you know why you don't -- your warrior. Absolutely. Like Andrew Bynum like you and yours. I'm. Wrecked and the 6177797. -- -- horrific Morey calls were to talk to Jeff Clark Celtic blog next on Celtics have buckled. -- enough to know the song is about Saturday's. You sort of for you probably really remember John Hussein. Still look the way that. Still it was -- -- we have witnessed I think the seventies was the only thing we'll need it steal it demands a night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he's indicted he proudly and we just heard sir Elton John's so -- and that was -- If meg here jagr seventy distillers say de -- Johnson -- In order a little except that you're you're closer to daddy's -- got all you do is -- and you found -- 60777979. Through seven we've been taking your calls Max has got me. On the right track to -- -- because -- in studio together -- same time for the first time since the start of this grand experiment of a of show. We're gonna continue to take your calls out throughout the next hour we have been -- those that cover the Celtics. On a regular basis we've been having somebody different on every week we start with steeple -- of The Herald with injecting McMullen on the show we cut Chris Forsberg BS -- espn.com. Different people from different we're expected to -- for the team. But if someone I want to have on a new -- do at some point this summer and I chosen any kind of worked out because we were talking a little bit. About rush around to the next march will be tenth anniversary of Celtics blog dot com. Which is now part SB nation which is you know the -- the overlord ball of the individual team blogs throughout all of major exports. Jeff Clark is the -- has been running at four. You know this basically this ten year period it's a place that. Because has been around so long everyone's sort of goes their first it's sort of a clearinghouse if you're Celtics fan it's one of the first things you do you Celtics dot com or go to Celtics blog dot com. And it really becomes you know your go to places he would everybody's saying about the team and we haven't really have a chance in this form an icon of like embrace the idea of the things that are new in the things that are different and I want to have Jeff columnist Jeff I don't today. I'm -- Greg thanks very much what kind of work. How please we've been you know what I'll say we you know Max is nine. Policy he's probably not as Internet savvy is the average you know as the average every couple weeks. Ever annual and that's fine that's what makes the world go out -- is always -- perhaps but because you're running the site you probably have. A better handle interestingly enough on what Celtics fans are thinking what they are saying about this team in this particular time that anybody certainly then you Max tonight aside an individual basis we deal with stance but you've sort of between the message boards in just. You know covering the team the way you do you're dealing with a more what is your sense. Of how. Fans are dealing now with what was and what he's what is going to be is there. The resignation about is there an optimism about -- our people sort of is -- -- curiosity doubts about that. All right let's -- it has always -- parents are by nature bipolar. And they have. High expectations they had -- demand excellence. And at the same time they're great -- in in the next threat that can be pessimistic. Not very hopeful whatsoever. I think right now they're kind of days now. That they group of people that are adamant that does not mean much seven than the so called experts say. And that they're picking up prize everybody this young group of players and -- come together. Under the leadership of Rondo and send shock the world not necessarily -- the championship but you know makes no it didn't play. And who -- other camp that says why why do all that why not you can't fool again. Didn't break -- they still play this year and and more reports next here on her -- I think I'm kind of and trying to kind of straddle both want. For me I think. It's if we do surprise people and do better then. Right now it's you know what people are saying going to be you know bottom ten team. If we do comprise people don't get into the playoffs that I got a really good progress since we got young players that are developing. Is down then you know you get a better drastic. It seems like kind of a no no lose situation if you consider this year to be kind of eight -- year. Do you think fans are ultimately. Okay. Resigned to the fact there was going to be trades involving Paul Pierce and or Kevin Garnett do you think they're okay with the wind played out. Again yes and now costs and say they're. That was between your head and your heart at this point. A lot of people and logically think OK yes we know -- -- in order to better our situation in the years ahead of us. We get the most value by treating those guys and getting that's four. The same time nobody wanted to see all year ago I mean I can't think of anybody in their hearts. That really want to see -- not retire so I -- it's just really really really hard. I did I went to see him with him go. I didn't wants him retire here and the reason nothing is because at that but that. He still has a lot maybe to offer another team towards winning a championship. And at the same time. I think that he was a -- in somewhat of an impediment. We thought thing and about a guy like Jeff Green development because it in the the day you can always say OK Paul you do it. But if -- not here you can point to Jeff green is going to have to do have to get better or half the sink. And I think that will know a lot more about Jeff Green Paul -- not being here that's why -- made that point. Yeah I still feel -- you're talking from your heads and talking. From a lot to consent -- whereas if you just purely take sentimentality. Side of it and saying I would do I want a -- Paul -- retire as a Celtic. I think -- sentimental that you would have to say yes but I you know it's in May be hard says. But those things. Well we well I think what they would mostly though I think -- the mostly we will see Paul retires self. What is going to be one of these come back and on the one day contract. And he's gonna retire that -- so I think that -- in that point he will ever tires itself. Started Jeff -- from my Celtics -- if you -- about Rondo today and wanna kind of swing it to their because. This to me isn't. Probably going to become one of the primary issues as -- move when people talk about what's next Rondo obviously is going to be the most active player in the roster is going to be the star player. And it was interesting what you would you do so well with site does so well sort of compiled when everybody -- around the country about the Celtics around Boston would never put all in one place. And it's interesting when you get to summarize things that weigh in on CSP and was ranked in their point -- this week. And what we're debate where to land them haven't Rondo -- like seventh eighth ninth may be in the league. You know the economy and nine and has its numbers strip and so -- -- statue last year which may be a little bit skewed to the injury actually. You saw some names on that list ahead of him that sort of made you -- shot a world. Yeah -- Mike Conley six. Parent -- other names that how -- and another name and it just can't imagine Rondo being. Behind them and anywhere I mean maybe you can -- you can make -- a very good argument for some of the younger guys like. That's very -- Irvin younger the better scorer and Rondo it. It's really hard to peg Rondo in -- -- because he's such a different animal it animal in that category or their own. And that -- eat it strict distributor and and it can score some that's the the current owner. So. But you've considered enemy -- -- listing and -- that. Abide by whatever or you're you're setting up there it was the breaking point art of taking it in the incident that discussion I think he's the top five point guard. For my money. In in. When he fully healthy I'd put him. -- in the top three. Yeah and that's gonna -- to keep it this year. You put him in the top three. I mean if you talk about also quote so women -- the media is top three who was to top who's number one. There's that would have beat Chris Paul. I think you got to recruit poll and probably Russell Westbrook at one to and then I mean. So you would not you good good argument printer on William and Derrick Rose well I just think that. They're saying that -- Rondo brings to the table when you're gonna take and my view that the top of the game. We're talking triple doubles we're talking rebound Pataki when he's playing really good defense. Yeah he's got to prove -- over the course of the -- clearer or at least equal treatment for him to be in -- well. I get that -- to keep saying I'm I'm a big proponent of consistency is extremely important that's why. You know what he says -- bringing -- to the kind of guy where he has the talent to be a really really good player but he showed consistently over time. So -- biggest problem. For years patent and yet been consistent enough he's getting more and more consistent. I feel that and he got injured last year. So it's really really hard to true for rank and at this point because. And you can you -- their browser when he holed a couple years but he's not a whole year last. Is it fair rank him so. Tim Clark the Celtics blog dot com you know what's interesting about the Rhonda piece I think is sort of why it you know when I when I go to the site and I suit stands saying and again you're dealing with a more so you tell me. It's almost -- element of this resignation that maybe the Celtics are going to be that good or Rondo isn't that good but -- other people say it. When national people saying it subtly that sort of Celtics pride -- open people in the right way and we can say it. But you can't say Iran -- the tenth best point guard -- you can't say this team is gonna win sixty games and that to me. Could that be the thing over the winter -- fans suddenly starts sort of rally around this team when they're reading. Everybody say how bad they're going to be. Yeah I can see -- mean. People or it's up against the world that can Garnett mentality and we nominee. And I think the ants and pick up on that -- they get their ticket defensively on to their teams -- I can see you know. Again I think because of the battle between. Logic you know that we're gonna -- Kevin Garnett defense something thirteen is gonna get worse defensively and fear. But at the same time when you rally around our team we know that we have really count you guys that are that are probably got surprises so we'll say. -- its tenth year of -- blog dot com Jeff Clark has been running and he's been the go to guy I'm glad we finally get to got to spend little time congratulations on the on the tenth year low cost you during the season. -- Jeff Clarke joining us on celtics' summer cooler gone back to your calls out 6177797937. After the top via.

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