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Mustard and Johnson Discuss the ARod Dilemma for MLB and the NY Yankees

Aug 3, 2013|

Craig and LJ discuss the complete debacle that is the ARod/BioGenesis scandal. Should Selig ban Alex for life? The guys don't see how that would be fair considering it's completely unprecedented and wonder what that will mean for the Yankees payroll. A general discussion ensues on the use of PEDs and how prevalent it has become. Is it up to MLB to act as a group deciding who is moral and who is not? Craig argues that so many have done it, that the potential Hall of Famers in question should just be allowed in.

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It is mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. 61777979837. After all these months I still have to have the full number. Right in front of my face otherwise they're gonna give up the Olerud -- -- the have a number for white seventeen years -- of them -- out. Com the -- numbers 379. 37. Attacks are in the 78 want bleeding Red Sox for the globe why isn't there more outrage. About the Yankees being in the dead -- dead -- Bud Selig. What do you think they would pay to get rid of a sixty million dollar country that is that hits a scandal the Yankees made their bed. Now they have the sleep and that has amassed. That is a Major League math. With scoring on -- that pay well and even suspend people. Well that the word is that the suspensions will come down on Monday Ryan brawn as you know already out for the rest of this season. Encompassing -- 65 games. A-Rod on the other hand could get out. -- rest of the season ban could get a a year out of baseball some people think maybe they'll go as far as the draconian lifetime ban. Here to discuss this and many other topics is John from Blackstone. Hello judge John. I apologize. A little wonder how -- are right when you -- what happened Clemens on the other line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe -- so much like you had Clemens on the O line as far as he's concerted never saw A-Rod take any use. Why don't look pretty good their spot in the other and I don't let disputed -- he. -- about -- work until about that. Yeah I just stand is standing ovation I guess. You looked pretty -- -- -- -- doesn't mean it doesn't look like you know he'd -- anything without running anyway so look like yet. You know you'll also -- you -- -- -- -- try it down or at any rate outlook is a pretty big so. I'm now a Liverpool not being mentioned outside a lot laps on political as well represented with -- at the park and -- aptly. I hear each count from Liverpool even for a lads from Liverpool had a pretty nice career at all from sausages that Georgia. Rod to keep my heart out you're -- -- -- out -- out RB honestly you don't win when march in the game now and I know -- in them they had the other guy from our racing whatever on air on one of the segments during the game. I heated I just in your cross promoting. But -- from watching the game I want to gain in May and maybe that's just me made him get to crotchety but I just. If from watching McCain I don't care. Apologies seniority big Timberlake are anybody else I wanna watch to get a -- you know I was upset about I that I thought they desecrated. McCartney's presence like two days later putting some country artist in there who. I believe I -- probably not a a couple of the Timberlake gave it up like Brooke you know. Wouldn't want level. A lot of mount Rushmore rock god pacers -- Kenny Chesney or whatever -- John I think it's puzzling to me about the suspension that nobody is mentioning. It's one thing okay so you find a guy guilty was doing this so you -- use suspend him for a year or so. But then nineteen. Then they come back in the team is still obligated. To -- contract. That was signed on the false pretense is if the guy had been stacking up numbers. I -- With the aid of some PDs. But is that it be written into the -- that's not written into the contract but there's no way around. No I know but I I guess I'm saying. Yup but I guess it if I guess EU is an owner right now maybe they need you again you can't do anything -- baseball without mentioning the word strike right. If I'm going to the table in I'm signing a guide -- hundred million dollar contract. Shouldn't I have -- not only a moral agreement and also some sort of if your name is ever found on the list for any of these substances. And the contract is it now and wait. Well lots of great point that's probably happening as we speak to turn on technique but just don't don't hear -- that it almost should be automatic right exactly right. Not what does that say something about the -- being real quick note that it was supposed to come out at a 10405. They'll still at. Yes from 2000 to 2003 out. Yeah -- one. That it Rodney came on my belief was it would look and at the north east so what are -- also. Well I'm glad handling his name was on MS just got in there by mr. clerical rewrite no Red Sox aren't listless. He what shall try to go out that he thought about later you can tell exactly what -- -- -- number -- -- Get the trilogy. The killer OJ -- Well here's the problem and I think it was glaring last week in Cooperstown were not one of living hall of fame member was inducted. And you're gonna run into that. Quite a bit over the next couple decades has a lot of these steroid guys. Are to become eligible officially no one's gonna let the man. Well at what point you're great you're 11 apple -- came out like eight rightly came out or either. Shouldn't the rat them out now even what was supposed to be. Anonymous and they took the outspent once one is compromised all the other guys and ninety guys where -- -- that. At the sale at electing not and. I was just gonna say they'll but if they -- substantiated. Or wasn't. Her over and beyond a reasonable doubt that these names were legit then why why would you -- dirt on these players. But I didn't substantiate it because it. It's normal that have been -- How it brought Phillip that they're not in my but believe what he's built a. It wasn't OK okay. What and why wasn't it OK why was that officially ruled I remember when Ortiz came on an -- baseball. Attorney was the -- it was at another with -- 88. Before the only nine season but. He misled everybody was being disingenuous -- he claimed he had used anything since Texas when he was traded -- In the off season 0304. Which was as we know pack of -- but at all. You don't want it -- right. I know you're not listen and put a blanket over all of them they all quote unquote cheated none of them -- moralist they're not nature's noble men their competitors at the very. I its web women before you -- -- Marco is as Yankee fans that you two what I. Should the Yankees be obligated to pay him the rest of his contract beyond the let's say. Of fifty are under games -- -- if you're looking at a purely from -- a Yankee perspective yes I -- -- waving my fan boy -- -- right now okay you want a -- banned for life. Because the team is going to be better off pretty long term pro life than they don't have -- I am right right but that's what they're hoping yep but then. Is that it brought on again -- stock on stock that would mean is -- advantage -- or not. -- and at polite it. A lot. And all document may be -- -- -- has gone too many list. Or right and I get -- try that. The floor with the result and try to block the. It was obstruction -- but why should the Yankees BB LO. -- want it both ways I don't want to double not a job I am -- a day to help replenish their master yeah that's right margin the Yankees will be bailed out. Honestly right now right now plate. What I had a lot last night at any luck. Now I mean short term and short term you want A-Rod back on the field John I don't think that's gonna happen. Anytime soon you know in Boston a book deal is in Chicago he's next on Sports Radio. WEEI. Without the help. I actually -- and also mobile etiquette autumn Ahmad analyst Obama. Yeah I'm not president of family. You have a you have -- -- out there and LA. Are you out -- to -- a few weeks ago he had a go ahead RBIs in the bottom of the -- and they just let you not. They chant -- we other crazy war. MVP we gotta like -- Chavez ravine still holding up after all these years what 52 years old something like that beautiful ballpark. Our Palestinian in the -- it's incredible. Gotta love it's what's on your mind -- I would actually happened. And they are a lot -- looked really really shape after he started in that you or at home are not Goldschmidt I was in the first inning right. Yeah yeah I'm. Even though Arizona pitcher. -- pretty well pretty shaken world mustered just. It's not been immaculate that's kind of been like a microcosm of there. And Apache machine and I bet. Yeah I I would agree with that I think you certainly saw one of Jon -- -- worst performances appreciate the -- already -- -- -- acquaintance. Of -- trade being made to bring -- in -- see the problem wise he's not only we understand math problem was that Lester was pitching well going into the trade deadline -- three solid start -- started to feel better about Jon Lester in the rotation. What does he do now that he's freeing queries can stay with a Red Sox. Goes out pitch is probably the worst game. Of the season and there are a lot of bad games this year that is saying something shortest -- Most it's a couple years had the lead going into the fifth inning last night gave up three runs. And you know he continues to baffle me we we've had this discussion ad infinitum. About Jon Lester isn't mantle is it physical with the -- on the team right now. Jake Peavy I don't know. I mean let's keep this is the problem might have. And I I think the Red Sox have been amazingly good. No one expected that I thought they'd winning 84 but -- be a few games over 500. Beat. Around -- you know the periphery of the wild -- may -- the second one I thought they'd be about 97 I think that -- 97 wins yet once he once she got. When -- well railroaded that balance out of -- that that's all you care about. But I like what somebody said last night though they say you know you get a look at the event eleven walk off. Wins but you can't keep playing that way you can't keep expecting to pull miracles out. But you know there some point you gotta get ahead and stay ahead that's a good question. Does all of these walk off wins the other one that I remember very well in the globe that. Hampshire John every major of the globe. Put all the walk -- widgets were outraged today 96 point type like him well over the Red Sox walk off wins above the fold and today trying to wait it -- had a glow is that a coincidence or whatever and a big. Of and they never cries of front top part of the sports section but all of you walk off win. It's Red Sox owner John Henry inspires the Red Sox to win eleven walk off games now it doesn't say that but that's counting the Red Sox. Walk off went the other one you remember back in May they were down 51 of the Indians came back in one that one. Six the five are down 51 in the night in score what five runs to win that one in Thursday night with a six runs. I think it's a barometer I think it tells you something about this team. That they believe that every game they're going to win no matter what the deficit is I know that sounds warning. This is -- -- that surprised a lot of people now here's my problem. In the playoffs. You'd like to believe that Warner to these guys. Can step up in the big time starting pitchers if they have that one game wild -- Hoosier guy. Great question. You've got to win the division you've got to really hope you win the division lest we forget last year guys they changed the format. By adding that second wildcard is the Red Sox weren't in last year people forget it's one and done. As far as the Al wild cards concern who want to start. In that end. And in I I look at this probably -- going lackeys right now wouldn't make any difference. Right now there -- like they owe them more all right they're all third starters that's that's -- -- allies and you know you're -- it I think it's a you know I mean I've been here and it's about Jon Lester all season long. Eight is the biggest start in Jon Lester -- season I've been hearing that all a season long and usually it ends up disappointing. You certainly want Jake Peavy come out and I'll make an auspicious debut for the Red Sox tonight you want someone to emerge but I don't think anybody. Would be happy -- confident. We John Lackey starting the wild card game starting game one. All of the Al playoffs I wouldn't I mean I thought the Yankees and sabathia is not about hop project going editor Kuroda would you. I have offs to -- -- and a -- don't think it's gonna be happening this year there I I just looked it up. Just for support you were thinking about that -- which in our schedules -- we have to work again on Sundays and usually the Red Sox and yankees will play the box game. On Saturday and in the ESPN night game that leaves a programming hole for the station they're desperate may have to throw us in the air -- thinking about that. If -- ESPN. Further on in the season. Would you put a Yankee Red Sox game. On Sunday night with the Yankees playing the way they -- president not sexy. Not at all not what was I mean the Yankees are about to awful lot of playoff contention altogether and all they're only three games behind the second while carve it just feels as if the Yankees. I mean on that peavy pitching tonight yes right so battled the I'll talk with a sunny SP and him not matter I know now just saying that that will be. -- a very interesting game. Definition. What are you looking for from him and I guess that's the question. What what is a good outing for now six innings. Two out of three runs that's a club that's a quote unquote qualities are right up. But is that because you want a quality start you wanna see. The can pitch at least into the seventh inning give up -- were three runs that would be terrific. Had about a 92 miles an hour fastballs you wanna see throws across his body of the color of a slider I mean I I don't know how much control of the at least a -- very good extra throwing strike. I prepare has good command as they say in the game today the thing is you know one thing that's not discussed at all is the other side of the team which is the bats like. Eight they have a collection of guys who. By no means that you know all stop players -- anything but yet they. They seem become -- timely hitting -- is come up with some amazing. Timely hitting they've just. I've done one of the things I looked at the other night with that walk off win that amazing walk -- win against a -- not team Seattle. Are you taking something away from the Red Sox now but. Ortiz comes up and strikes out right okay. OK and then they get to walk off win in which in the middle of the activist cheering encouraging in and entities. Buckles was Cooper but Ortiz. And I thought I wasn't smashing watermelons and a pit note from me deputy great telephone from -- -- that never mind AT&T but it still -- and get up right. He was he was happy he is out -- celebrating and the guy just after striking out. It -- me that was just a small. Glimpse. In terms of some of the chemistry. That he was happy it -- you know wasn't like and Youkilis ego wasn't a great night for me I struck out. He was happy for the team he was happy for the walk off win -- and on the other hand Larry. He's destroying. Equipment in the dugout league in Iraq by five -- number lost it. And I've ever lost that -- wash I -- I go back to what you said earlier I'm married. And on top of that I think the you know they're he would say risk for Bud Selig and it and it hurt this team lawyers they'd say boy if he over reaches. Any delusions -- are out of an arbitrator. That's the big blow for baseball now baseball may well be aware that in there and -- Made immediate threat Alex Rodriguez with a high penalty in the hopes that need that would what Ryan brought it last week except a lower panel -- The negotiation continues that is buster only joining much Maloney earlier this week on Sports Radio WEEI. As you know I guess the most draconian of all punishments would be a lifetime ban. I'd be very surprised to see that happens affect the -- though you wonder Larry if he's thrown out for this season maybe next year. -- that. Pretty much end his career -- thirty years quite obvious that the Yankees -- feel obligated to -- the remainder of his contract I forgot. Haifa good despite the best I've felt since we've started the process. I think -- there -- golf and the plan at all run last night I -- That I can sit here this morning. With the glow knowing that none of the -- starts playing or not I don't do not see him in the year. -- win the in print that genius -- -- Rally around the gavel ruling Texas and at least twenty. Major League players that not our Red Sox name will be on we have a bastion. Ever integrity in this town -- freak -- as such as well as we all know all because. Ortiz and -- the two major players in the -- championships. Where users and maybe continue to be -- Regis don't nannies no longer here right so it doesn't matter we have her on the Yankees apparently yankees and and that is. They -- a Clemens. I believe was implicated I'm talking about now. Well you know Andy Pettitte of course apologized. He claimed he only used drop a lot of times. I would try to get back on the field to a quote Rodney Harrison. We all know that baseball players for the last twenty years or so have used PD's. Is widespread. Although you wanted to question Jose Canseco is credibility on this radio station many many years ago in your withering cross examination downloading. Of the word of Jose Canseco he's proven to be. Quite a whistle blower. When it comes exempt requirements. Except for clemency to remember whether our that is -- conveniently overlooks. Of the use of Roger Clemens is -- -- Scott told Loko are long that's all I care about now as I was talking about earlier. Last week they have their annual festivities. In Cooperstown. And all of the inductees. Were. Deceased the most prominent being the former owner. Of the Yankees -- Babe Ruth to New York in 1920. -- up Rupert toward the Yankees of course they have that big dynasty in the twenties under reports. Financial guidance. Hard to believe it took -- smallest high four Rupert to get into the hall of fame but anyway they were. -- in all the players obviously were eligible including Roger Clemens including Sammy Sosa. So -- -- play I think -- I think Clemens is the other one matter was eligible besides climates -- somebody else up there. With -- cloud of PED suspicion overs McGwire of course has been up for a couple times he just wonder. If these guys will ever getting in war -- will help Merrill thanks so it was a Sosa will be there. There induction happen eventually will to use the old cliche time he all these wounds. Or will they be barred forever. Because. Of doing something a bit of probably a pretty solid majority of Major League big baseball players engaged in for twenty year period. Here's the irony of the whole thing to me is that. Press row I'd -- than physical Tom to an individual which I don't think anybody wants to see happen now on the world. While Els -- for example you don't want that to happen. Aside from Matt I want to how much people really care like this to. Suspension ruling and if there are some big names on that I think -- -- -- -- with the game now as it's suffering from some big names in. So now you got to take another group of some of that noted big name players and they'll be gone for a year. Right and I think it when you talk to anybody -- it's such a lightning rod hardly which should say the people's choice in particular in this town people -- simply is he where Yankee Yankee for instance if the guy's been a pain in the behind I'm excited and I love the Yankees -- Let my teammates. Every time returner he's on the back page of the polls for non base salaries and on the front page round but you -- -- the performance on the field has been consistently good one. We had a lot of help from his friend replies go to everybody else that may not know David Ortiz. Never Gloria -- about Pretoria guys aren't necessary to I had today. Well I went up and -- and how do you know that any of these guys don't use while right and landing on the list. Only fourteen players on the list which you think fourteen out of the fact that matters -- -- okay so the early fourteen players in Major League Baseball -- bit associated why not yet I think I'll rest a completely done in other words guilty even your name's not on the list -- the US said -- do you believe showing that it. Say. Thank you you you feel that he -- he's one of the few that didn't -- It was a wild throwing you under the -- are throwing him under the -- -- you listening -- but you giving -- a car that John Henry just called and he's done his own personal testing in the Red Sox are completely claim that you know sort of an article by Ali yeah it says it right here in the new. -- -- extract it got to about tennis racquets and opposition from a fox named the cleanest team PED lies in Major League -- ball -- has the story giving Pedro and now -- you'll see here's the problem is there anybody who didn't in that error I -- -- cover credit ascertain if their name was not on the left I think very few superstars. Awesome just throwing I would like just say if his name every has not been found guilty now. That such a few. Found guilty but. Two or three players so. What if so what do you stand on if you say of Pedro come out says no I -- -- proud of myself I didn't engage in that you believe them. I can't believe it -- innocent proven guilty is that Larry are you serious yes -- AM you really think they think everybody get it -- -- everybody said it's like you're going back to. I'm saying do you think Pedro when Schilling did it simple question. I don't know engage by now I cannot make any definitive judgment on. Because there's so many plays it well I and then OK you can't you just don't test that yes and I can -- my god -- Rice tells magazine or an armed robbery and a brother had gotten bigger that's all it takes OK so you've done your own eyeball test that you concluded. Conclusively. That Schilling and Pedro never engaged I believe that okay that's -- big event. They said they didn't in their name did not appear on a list -- -- -- what -- I can that's all that matters all that matter it's their names like OK wait just a second. You might think Jeter did it now. I can't make that to stay right I can only -- but we have to get out of opinion on Larry are you -- you're throwing me a bald by saying -- I generously decided that the Yankee captain. Didn't do it now aren't you Larry because I don't wanna keep it bias towards just right -- I think. If a player it is his name has never been on any list you saw tonight and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. And -- I don't blame the guy has been Bernie Williams I don't think that I have been why you picking Yankee player -- and I. You're so I'm not just the Red Sox sole objective about it. Larry is are you on the other hammered rather throw everybody under the -- I think we have plenty of evidence. If you if you if you use any deduct your reasoning at all I think you'd have -- believe again not nature's noble man. They're not looking using air and quite a jump element would -- -- them I said to you. You so you think showing that it I didn't say Schilling did an idiot didn't -- -- opinions to dismiss anybody I were I doing innocent I don't have sleeves sir why isn't absurd because we know you're just kinda -- paint everybody with the same -- -- -- even more -- you do for a living but about -- not yes number I tickets even more after it. Why would you like -- Schilling said he didn't do with the guys suffered through whatever went there when his ankle. In that he came out afterwards -- I never never did it in his name never get on a list. Then why would I accuse him of of being one of the -- -- so if -- on the list yet for your guilty I didn't think you're guilty but -- -- -- -- of desperation -- you certainly yes but see the problem with the at all Larry is you can't make any kind of judgment one way or the other you can't definitively say one person used that if you're not a personal hall of fame -- you have to. Well that's the problem and -- -- this ghost exactly and I guarantee and I you'll your body your me in mind though because what they writers are making these moral judgments based on the very little they have all right. I think we all understand that this is an Arab baseball. That great players in mediocre players. Both. Engaged in. OK but we know which way I can only go out and -- program out Hawaii's. OK I go by the information that I have -- what have we have that any of these guys use what -- -- because if baseball did its own investigation with your boy the Mitchell report in every other kind of -- that they've done out there. In these guys in the names had never appeared I think -- was a scientific survey I don't -- hell I was all Mets and yankees on the does that happen are front page -- in before you do and what evidence to going after -- view that I never -- us. Listen if I'm voting for the hall of fame on our -- in all writers association of America would you do that. I would put smaller I would I would not differentiate I would not decelerate even now they enhance their members Larry all I remember when 1999. The all star game you were on your feet which is amazing in itself. -- -- -- and at that and also miles seats -- while America right. Cheering I exploits of CIA Raza and Mark McGwire I did. Okay and I'm Griffey you baseball was hypocritical about it baseball turned a blind -- for years now they date -- -- buckling under to some sort of pressure I'm not sure from where. And now they need to make this morals -- Of all these drug use by Monroe if they have evidence if this guy was running a couple of these labs. Comes out with evidence and proof. -- seats and the like that these people were regular cost of his of this lab. Well then what are you supposed to do acknowledge that right so all right so you're. A baseball writer and maybe John and -- when he buys the Red Sox are really in pretty -- and corporate content and a gap may it'll -- you I think that John -- should use USA cartoonist but also as a baseball writer you -- when you're a -- or portrait of John Henry and WEEI -- compromise to serve your member of the baseball writers association of America. Are you picking and choosing. Hall of fame members based on their alleged drug use and connection yes -- places like -- yes I am putting a mall I think I don't think you can dependent but that's as you have no standards for I have I it's all about more -- -- in my France on seventh as far as I'm concerned I look at a guy like Pedro I look at his numbers I look at his accomplishments. A guy like shelling. Opt not to a site as regular season and actually. Play but I look at I already said. What is your pocket so I already said Jeter priorities that have -- right now I'm I'm not telling you Obama own. But why should these guys be punished and -- -- cloud over the Korean state have a didn't eat as much as I admired your Jeter anything and a baseball should for me it's that year independently say. No Derek Jeter I'm not all athletes and -- I'm saying from the evidence that I -- that I know walk by people whose job it is. To investigate these people if their names have not appeared on the -- them why should I. Throw -- -- but the rest of them 6177797937. Text line up and running as usual courtesy of CT NT it's 37. 937. We'll get into the future of A-Rod Jon and reason pending. Acquisition of the globe in JP he's very for star for the Red Sox all coming up on Sports Radio WE. There is a lot of layers I will say this there's more than one party that. That benefits for me not ever stepping back on the field that's not my teammates and that's not the Yankee fans. I'm not sure I mean I think it's pretty self explanatory. I think that's the -- pink elephant in the room I think we all agree that -- we would we wanna give it up PDs. That that's a must I think all the players we feel that -- But when other stuff is going on in the background and and people are finding creative ways to. You know can't -- content -- stomach and I think that's concern for me. A-Rod -- pink elephant I'm not sure why he decided on that particular picture on today that's true. And I -- up. -- thinking about it today you know that a little slack for the Yankees right try to -- creator raise the best ways to mr. -- are you've been paying attention. One of my favorite sites is US. Sports pages and you all the the New York papers post the daily news in particular to tabloids. Today Brian Cashman and the A-Rod. Have certainly been going back and forth in the tabloids. The subject of media discussion. Not the talk radio stations down there as well the Yankees that you know Larry. Would love to have blood Sealy. Plea judge jury -- -- Q sugar. And get a rot out not only for this year or next but for. His entire career lifetime ban would take off the the the financial burden. For the Yankees and that ridiculous contract he signed late 07. Going into the 08 season would be known void in that would help the Yankees long term financially and otherwise so if your Red Sox fan. -- intuitively. -- appreciate it rod. You want Selig to go easy on they rot because the Yankees. Will not be as messed up. Tom if any rod. It's a band like for the life of his career for the rest of his career. You want A-Rod to get a lifetime ban. When commissioner Bud Selig by all accounts Monday's going to be the day you're hoping -- A-Rod. Doesn't get kicked out for I want it to get stuck to the yanks went to get stuck to bulk of them. She want you your cake and eat it to win over Carolina my problem generally that's the condition that you are. -- an -- of Sports Radio WB hander. Do you guys don't. Two quick thing I want. The issue with the -- is. It. I was kind of look and it. That -- Correctly. -- How how I -- let me ask you this Sandra. How -- -- mishandling this what would you do if you were running the show how would you do this in a different way and Selig has. And that but it looked like and are being yeah all right -- all right. -- -- -- had a contractual all of them you don't think. People are our chances of getting into all the pain and help create. I'm a particular I don't question. He got excellent question Yamaguchi Andrew I think it's a separate category. Well we all know that the cardinal sin in baseball is written and every clubhouse is thou shall not gamble it's the eleventh commandment. And Pete Rose is very well aware of it. Ironically wasn't as a player he's the manager when he was engaging in all century was engaging in and also when he was a player -- caught as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Not as a player. But that rule has been in place for a long long time dating back to you know when 1990 in the Chicago black Sox it's a separate moral issue. Let me ask you this does Pete Rose watching all of this going on. Feel optimistic about his chances of finally getting into Cooperstown I take that. That the -- probably injury is making his point in you were going on for two hours of reviewers just like I just dominate these conversations constantly in a erupting it's almost like -- -- -- that are sucked out or god forbid. Literally for the first time I really had to think for a minute and say wait a minute. Pete Rose is being judged and not allowed in because of betting on the games affects the and possible the integrity of the game right. Well if somebody's out using up and they're going out hitting to a three homers a game in the -- Cheating to enhance their ability to do something. Doesn't that affect the the effectively game also. The rationale for rose was if you remember if he's a manager. And he's betting on individual games. He's compromising is pitching staff. In his decisions on the field based on winning a particular game for instance he's got 101000 dollars he always claim that he was always betting on the reds to win. Not to lose a case -- taken -- is on his word for that. So he needs to win a game he's up by Iran in the ninth inning he's just -- closer. War two consecutive games in that closer definitely needs rest he cannot pitch a third consecutive night. But Pete Rose. Compromises. His team and the game perhaps by bringing that guy -- because he needs to win. I'll bet that was the argument against peace fellows do you think barrel. Had money on the game last nightly blaster and for that long since that's the whole point I mean it's all -- are the -- rotations here's my point. You are competing these guys are. Aren't a lead athletes will never understand. The competitive fires. That they -- each and every day. -- government a professional athlete watch the play another sport I used to play without. Mediocre hockey play repeats them casket plea for the Rangers in the 1970s and -- radio together. And a sport -- -- you know well racquetball -- it this guy was almost as big as you war former athletes in his early forties. On racquetball court the guy with an animal. He was the most amazing racquetball player he'd be probably at least a pro racquetball players in the -- days ago I think it. We get paid to work at these racquetball clubs stammer was a monster. On the racquetball court accuses Russia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is usually the left corner if you get that back instantly shot. It is amazing I didn't like that shot off the backing her -- right but are you going on with these welts and bruises -- Nina -- exploit your wife or -- -- Outcry from my point being that these guys are are packed up playing at such a competitive level they are driven by forces that we will never understand. And fortunately if they think taking advantage no matter what it is. They're going to take it in what was available to them to get an advantage in the ninety's and incense man. Of course is PED. Well you know what the most moral question a while Aston and it's -- Jon and him talk about it and PNC and amending and it and it's a great question is. If you could take in some medication for for a year and you feel it would -- long term effects on you. They're -- -- -- ability beyond what you can imagine for what you party due to a point where you read. Quadruple your income and everything because now all of a sudden you became a genius -- would you do. That's the question and in there are a lot of people in the academic world now are taking at a raw which is generally been used for ADD. It keeps them alert for a longer they have to have less sleep they're sharper in all of their activities or goes beyond competition. In just says an hour long term effect. That's the problem now here's the here's the issue for an athlete -- as an athlete ever cared about the long term effect. Athletes and by definition are invincible. They're immortal in making conquer everything so that that's the last even want to go ticket to a guy who works at the station who are you admire the heck out of because of it was a guy like Lou Maloney. Very good -- you know mom. Great ball player but not good enough to maintain and stay here in -- you'd never know if he had taken a little of that magic dust. Credit avid hands them enough that he -- Let's face if you play in Major League Baseball 567 years you -- Obama makes some decent money and everything and I'm sure Lou retaliate if you are faced with the decision. What do you do what do you do if your football player right now feel fouls -- something you're tight end on the team and you're okay -- not. -- -- you're borderline what do you -- is in going into too quickly because. You know all of us would like something to help us succeed a little better right now I would. Well com I think and particularly these guys 'cause it's it's about competition we are all competing on some level if you of those if you're going from a job we -- making. 600000. A year and all of a sudden you're gonna get cut now you're reduced to. 50000 a year that's arbitration have to make. Right these honey I did the right thing I don't I got cut everything but I did the right thing it very difficult decision -- and I think you'll know why I have no sympathy -- bonds and Clemens and the like because these people aren't when you were showing sympathy Null or not from people whose names are on the list to have been caught and they're all driven by ego. -- and recognition and I. Do you guys being right reverend Craig if you -- -- -- modules situation -- monogamy and but again you models -- -- sample sizes -- different for entrants trained somebody. Losing their jobs in pain going into it you know it bridges that. Don't act on it to try to make the parallel here parallel that there's a parallel we train the stakes are much higher. They're going to make it a million -- got -- you gotta make -- 50000 -- -- These guys think the stakes are always gonna be higher and higher in the scoreboard isn't necessarily. How many home runs its recognition it's salary it's everything else -- these -- Clemens and bonds have that already. Now they -- -- that's what makes -- great athletes they're never gonna be complacent and never going to be satisfied. They're never gonna play that all right I have -- sympathy for them than some of the lesser players who. Got caught and everything better columns and we're gonna continue to talk about this is 61777979837. And on the text like 37. 9372. Attitude to -- mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI.

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