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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Saturday: John Henry is the New Owner of the Boston Globe, Is this a Conflict of Interest?

Aug 3, 2013|

Craig and Larry get Sports Saturday off to a roaring start talking about the recent success of the Red Sox and the Peavy trade. They move on to the news that broke yesterday concerning John Henry now owning the Boston Globe. The boys give their opinion on what this means for the media scene in Boston and how the coverage of the Red Sox in particular will be effected. It leads to a larger conversation of how the media deals with the Red Sox and other teams in town.

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If it's Saturday -- must be mustard and Johnson is sports Saturday sports splashed all over -- Saturday. Airwaves Red Sox. Could not pull off a third straight walk off win after the fifteenth inning dramatics on Wednesday night the unbelievable. Six run ninth inning on Thursday. Red Sox could not pull off the trifecta last night had runners on but fell to the 726. Meanwhile. Patriots continue to -- The Boston Globe and it goes on and on Larry Johnson on the sports Saturday. Well I don't where you wanna style I I think we always try to start with the most current. Story which happened last night and is. So will be happening -- John Henry the owner of the Boston red Starks and many of interest will be purchasing the boss ago my immediate reaction is I think it's good I think it's good to have a local guy here. Yeah I can believe it. And be amazing how many positive problem we written about the red marks from henceforth I think that's the biggest fear people have whenever you have. That type of situation where you have like the old girl of the arts arts in Africa by the globe but listen this guy has not accumulated his well lightning and coming so he understands that you need tensions. In a genius in the news media. I'm sure he will go. Make decisions to continue to typical business excellence to be way it is and to keep the entities separate. I'd like to see a little more ingenious myself I'd NASA and doesn't to me at all other -- recklessly. It does not provide the edginess. I think you'd need in this town and I think it's I I don't think it's in in many areas I don't think we get that anymore well it's kind of ironic of. Of course the globe was owned by the New York Times in the New York Times had a 17%. Interest. In the Boston Red Sox -- instead of the newspaper. Owning the baseball team we have the baseball team now. Owning the newspaper and you wonder about conflict of interest you wonder about the future of print media anyway is it really going to be a print media outlet are they gonna. Completely be more of a digital. Our resource than anything else to be honest with the I don't read the Boston Globe hard copy. Anymore -- used to picking up every day east have a delivered to what -- ticker computer McGrath firm it will you have. You have to it's -- that the digital world out there I'll say this my first responses. Whatever happened -- conflict of interest I'm not comfortable. Having the most important newspaper no offense Boston Herald that the globe was still. The most important newspaper in this town. Being owned by perhaps the most powerful sports team in this town to me as C. Somewhat of a journalist observer and a teacher of journalism at Wellesley high school. I don't like it through a -- trial but the and with the FCC -- was stepped in because one of the there was a global what -- -- one of the but by a new radio station as well and operate that way and they wouldn't let them do it they would not elect to media. Outlets like own. Different entities and bring them together if you thought it was too powerful whatever. You know what are you really and eventually I think. It is permeated. Our -- Media outlets to a point where I I don't think any of them are effective at that could be in part of the reason -- as a -- and I think the intent is good but. -- let me put this way I hope John Henry does not. Operate the globe the way they do NASA well I like -- and but I bright kids to. Other than our Chris -- you don't really get any high edged. Opinions and you have to be able to have people on your state even your radio station. You know listen I don't like a lot of interviews. I don't like teases. I don't like changing subjects. Every every every fifteen minutes I mean. In you have to be able having seeing any gain rip people can express that it doesn't mean it's going to change it doesn't mean -- right. But I say that you are the year and I came in our support for the days when people have opinions and they debated whether debate against each other. Or debated against collars. I miss the -- -- has that in -- remember the great will -- around the like and one thing we're well was he was always edgy. So that would be my only fear is in Antarctica is anything why we're having opinions. Even within your own company I think that's what makes it better I -- sharpens -- people get shopper. I would like you know I think the globe can get a little more edgy and in some of the the the with some of -- columns and in in in reporting that they do and and I think NASA could do the same and probably this station could even look at itself. From time to time and do that. Well you know what healthy to -- right I do think it's inside the shop talk however I don't think the average fan. He's gonna be perturbed at all about John Henry buying the globe. And the only thing they care about is. Are the Red Sox winning I think John Henry is brilliant in buying the globe this year now if they were having a down year would it prevent. John Henry from -- I don't think he'd be trying to position I always -- and downtime is the timing of the -- is timing is impeccable. What are true words you have been hurt at all this year Liverpool. NASCAR why because there -- Sox have the best record. In the -- okay but listen to what you said though you set it up by saying. It's a good time to buy premium and I want that he was when he okay pretend not always going to be winning and I think the fear what -- -- brought the team last year while he didn't though nobody at nonopec this scenario is. Would you would you be allowed. Like -- I used to -- relocate or but I love the guy him I'm I'd like to say he's different now now. I'd like disease or from or try to talent it's cool idea if people know if you if threats -- -- ownership know who's. That there are people out there who could be critical of the team critical of hiring is critical of decisions made. That's what makes the world around in sports you don't want suck up radio you don't want psyched up new reporting. Or sucked up TV station are reporting I don't want that. You know what they want and this -- I'm convinced that this Larry I'd like to believe that but again I think that's an inside perspective I think fans. Want their team covered they want their teams supported and they wanna read about their team. They don't really want their team criticize and last their team. He is losing I don't think they they're gonna look at this family. That doesn't make any sense but he I I of course it doesn't now know the reason that make it senses. What is -- like right now what does it really criticize about direct talks exactly -- are so no now I think it just criticize them for the sake of being negative. I don't think a few months that I don't want that. But if something's going wrong like last year on the collapse since September. You should be able to question the hiring a Valentine you should be able to question the chicken and appear. That's what people want you can't fit sixty third 40000 people in the clubhouse every night so this is certain select group of media people. Who I have jobs are reporting and covering the team. So fans expect them to go into the clubhouse cover the team asked the tough questions. I think people who do the game stories we all understand their role but I think other people who were supposed to go in the air in. And find out what's going on in -- we have like it -- -- liaison to the -- -- right that's -- always thought it was right as a former employee -- the glove you know that ideally. You keep the editorial and news departments separates from the Commerce Department I -- ideas that I was fortunate to have to -- may have -- -- who has an incredible OT TO baseball. Writer that's what he was. Okay that's what he did ray FitzGerald on the of him as a -- a -- -- as that is you wanna get any was humorous he was -- we had Martinsville. -- -- -- going -- like where we're razor blades that's where he was like. And again McDonough coming along and Ryan that's the culture than I grew up with following this for the guys don't -- forward there was -- -- stone left unturned. And and believe me they were not sucking up to the players they didn't know these guys in front of them now you have certain people who have to have a role. Covering a team that they can go in the area and get the story eat and you want that I give rob Bradford a lot of credit for having a role with this station and dot com. That he has a relationship with quick players and stuff that he can. Break stories in get information that other people can't get you need a guy like that all right as long as everybody's not like that. Okay we know all the Dan Shaughnessy certainly carrying the mantle. That has been passed down from generation to -- he's one of the few left that I'll get my question is yeah will he in bully me Dan is vastly unpopular because he doesn't to take the party line and anything fans think he's a against their teams. Dan is is a guy that will stage his. Opinion he'll do it honestly and candidly he's in nobody's pocket and that's why he's the best sports writer in town will he be able. To continue to be the best columnist the guy that is able to shoot from the hip without any fear in. Ended in China -- that I have known over the past thirty something years if he's not allowed to be that way you'll you'll go someplace else. Because he he will -- is the same way. You have certain guys who like dad would lay out what they in and knocked -- all of a sudden plastic Korea down the down the drain right by just becoming you know suck ups. So I think. Think John Henry's too Smart for that so I really do I think he is not a -- plays as well I go I I I think NASA and has all the potential in the world away but has not announced and wave your eye knowing Eric I know I guess I don't hear raising hell I'm saying. Artist and not a stupid guy he we all agreed that you can't accurately what he's done. I if the globe it becomes. You know an extension of NASA and I am critical of NASA I am right I don't think -- all -- -- package -- -- -- -- different guy and I we don't have all the particulars with the John Henry thing is he purchasing the globe on his own a whenever we do know with the purchase -- -- Starks. I'm you know because of the percentage of ownership between this one and that one I think they brilliantly. Divided up responsibility. And rolls Larry it'll -- certainly is an expert in baseball operations and building bomb parts and all of that was he oversaw that. Where's Tom Werner who's got expertise has been a television production -- some lines that I think he's had more of a say. With the television and a bit in -- very very profitable completely on -- very profitable. But I what is profitable. NASA NASA I'm out by now I'm not saying I understand the different responsibilities. I ate into BER. Sit behind -- microphone for years I've never take myself seriously. In this three guys because I realized that many people populate hated Jews are not professional. Radio news media people like I in the standoff that. But since I'm here I happen to be here so this is what I'm doing. I believe it or not I still tend to be more of a fan and I am somebody who's sitting behind a microphone to like -- look at things -- a -- -- perspective. I'm what I'm looking for in wanted to but it team is doing great and everything's going wonderful that I find report. But when they are things that are wrong Craig I just would be I don't like it when we don't tackle these things head on. You know I I think that would be. The only fear that I would have beaten but I I think obviously he'll he'll make sure it all over the globe management -- publisher of the editor and eccentric who's running which departments and a lot of experts come in evaluate. Each area of the paper to find out what's working well in what needs to be redefined right. And the future of print media is unsettled -- least uncertain probably is I said earlier. Most of these guys -- they're gonna achieve any kind of success will have to do it on the digital side. John Henry has been a successful businessman. There's no question about it he is a successful owner. He is transform a franchise we all know it that the the best situation possible for Red Sox fans. I happen in 2002. When this group. Got the team. Boston Globe. Will probably benefit from John Henry's business expertise. My question is from a journalistic. And from a sports perspective is they're going to be a compromise. In the way the Red Sox are covered see that it will have to fans -- and will the fans out. Care enough about that. -- -- It goes back again highway because I only have somebody call list to receive your nose to be given way to end and certainly the globe is one of them. I love what you just said a minute ago I said from a business acumen. I think John Henry can be is as good as anybody out there. Now what he does by getting that is is yet newspaper journalists specialists is that his Forte now I don't think it is double the future of of the globe and most major newspapers comes from that sign it that's right so. What most people do is it it's like you if you hot here if you elect somebody to be president of the United States. You're not electing them to be an expert and author of these different areas of government. -- it to meet Arturo electing a guy who can -- while in hand picked people. Who are experts in that particular field nobody can do everything so I think in his case if he does that. I certainly don't think he's stupid enough to just -- there in and by the globe and then towards the goal to be more like pro. Red Sox that's crazy and nobody's gonna buy that. I think it's I think I think the Red Sox I've said it before and I'll say it again they need to understand that as well. It does not do your brand any grew eight point everybody is sucking up to your team and things aren't going well it does that people can read right through. Same thing but the radio stations people can read if just sucking up to. A particular team is something people can read. Right. I I I the fan base is their opinion on. What they hear what they want a year in this is this is why as long as the Red Sox are winning. In the Red Sox continue to win and the arc continues to go in the upward direction. I think the fans will be but there's no non government does not scale and at this most -- Eleven walk off wins and everything. What's the skill in that area recover the team everybody's dance and in the streets that you have a great time -- now where where the rubber meets the road. Is when things aren't going back and I totally agree and I think that it if you're looking for outrage. From either a standard journalistic perspective from Red Sox Nation -- -- you're not going to get it not after what happened that Seattle series they -- they'll sell or not just that the team is our right were seated right any extra points the whole season has been gravy it's been bonus time. Everybody is happy don't worry. And NASCAR in Liverpool has not been part of anybody's conversation. This year Adam thank you -- that's not a litmus test for John Henry the test is. I agree -- right time the volume that test is if you brought the team in September oh my life I broader goal all last year. What kinda covered with the globe. Had given a team that that's the question I understand that but I'm just thinking about it because we are radio station is driven by caller import. And I'm just thinking about a fan. Listening to our conversation. A person who cares about the Red Sox. And bleeds Red Sox. Do they really think they're gonna be effective at all. By John Henry's putting seventy to a hundred million dollars which is a -- cheap price in the Boston Globe how is it going to impact. The on field play of my Boston red it's not going to -- -- last year Larry yeah apparently the fans fell. That Henry guys attention. And is resources. Were to write it right okay this year activists. Because they're winning. I think the bank here's one single win how exactly it's a fair question. For radio program. As got it that's why -- got a -- arm pumping gas but. I don't think it's it's it's it's a good question. Right now because I think everything's beautiful of course you know don't weigh in after a slow. For instance. I thought last the just quickly the peavy trade for -- he has. I don't mind -- trade what I didn't like with everybody piling on like regulations was just chopped liver and I you know I really didn't. AI -- wasn't that hot anyway we really didn't need a more a month ago that guy was sensation no Jerry Remy said -- and Graham -- hand he's ever seen in baseball. I was hit -- well over 300 I know we dropped a hundred point topping the average but everybody knew that would happen but all of a sudden. Out of them like two people and that how. Everybody. -- thought it was a great trade. That's the kind of stuff that makes me nervous I'm a little nervous about the headlines today in the Boston Globe sports page as John Henry. Decided that this was the best possible trade for the Boston Red Sox it was his genius could have been allowed to happen. Yeah I can tell you how excited I am to be here. Today obviously with the tradition of the Boston Red Sox coming as a visiting player plan. It's been important and always relish -- the opportunity to place as the story. Ballpark in and from a great fan base albeit not yours those of them was a -- road. And in as a visiting player respecting. The other side from the front office to the players to be coaching staffs throughout the years and what they were able to accomplish in my time here in the big leagues so. Jake Peavy saying all the right things he'll be making his first start in a Red Sox uniform spent the last couple years obviously with the White Sox after start over the National League in the and the very -- shall we say roomy confines. Of the San Diego Padres stadium -- out there's a -- -- that co. Out there in San Diego we shall see how much does former Cy Young award winner he's -- 67 years ago a lot of different. Am. Injuries. His post seasons. I think he said to police sergeant has not found pot but I mean who knows. I I don't object to the deal I object to the fact of how people all of a sudden overwhelmingly a month ago or everybody. Iglesias was the flavor of the month -- now all of a sudden they make that trade and every rock they only gimmick which is -- and IBI single last night that helped Detroit win -- knocked in nom. Fielder and -- at 330. Yeah I don't mind you make a trade to protect our d.s to act you just wanna get to a point where the media because he -- -- going into the team's back pocket I don't want that and I home dot. -- -- I don't do that -- you're the person who just said that John Henry was the right methods to block the I think that is that's. Now I said in the east are bringing in some outside into the economy in the air and now I'm not understand anything about how -- date works or. Not I don't mind -- here I said that I am saying I just hope. That he will understand it the the best newspaper the best radio stations the best TV stations. Our. Our our effective if they allowed to act independently. In to give you the best programming the best opinions. The best analysis regardless of the consequences. That's why is -- affected you or not thing and I've known you for eighteen years on this radio station wait that long bottle walking and I'm being kind of paradox a a first of all you're claiming that the Boston media is in the pocket but no I cannot say that I -- are you having the -- now I -- while I think most of that not -- eighty affect about patronize trading on number two pick for Calvin Johnson and I everybody's like oval -- by -- -- -- coming here. All of a sudden nick -- as does not think and the guys run the best young -- fielding shortstop in -- -- allow a vote out -- come up -- step up in Seattle -- Did you get decent scene yep it beats us in -- they -- a minor league. Managers saying well he needs a little more seasoning. What what happens if I it drove both dominant injury again. This isn't just a slam -- the way people are reading it and in related news is just theories about it arrive at home expert John Henry shirt on I'm begging you win yet you completely several of the -- I don't think people want sucked up coverage from radio from TV. From newspaper. Just tell it like it is. Have a few people who have different extreme opinions. And that's what makes it work so you period and in his -- and -- but the globe since 1969. And I've I've been with some of the best. And I remember some of the average and I'm just telling you the most effective. As one people were allowed to have opinions. And allowed to express -- without getting personal and I'm talking about radio. I'm talking about TV. In the print media right but if you're asking a guy that now. Owns NASA and and the Boston Globe. To offer objective critical. Journalism from a sports perspective John -- made up your man you can't on one hand. I think the John Henry would be a good owner and that look at what he's done with NASA and -- think he's back at bear that out that's very fair RI that's well that's our thing but the difference is John Henry isn't running. NASA and for that purse say all right doctor every -- Tom Warren is trop and I invoke. The the the little the little model that was on the desk of one of the great presidents of the United States he like I did not have sex for a while now some like the block. Beginning with a -- the buck stops here. Harry S Truman. John Henry is the principal owner in particular the Boston red get out of what is Tom -- his Forte entertainment well based on NASA about social -- -- -- -- very successful I'm up but I gotta make it open against NASA and right just to meet. Personally. -- I like having a background in my fragrant personality aren't that they tells elected thank thank right. Understands that -- of people lacking like you know. That doesn't work anymore in house work. Are you concerned at all wanna know whether the upper house close lottery doesn't aren't you concerned at all that the Boston Globe sports pages and it's basically turn into rats are ideal guy okay. I can't imagine -- strike I can imagine anybody being that stupid to do that. At the Mike how's that for an editorial comment merry go -- -- so blatant. To do if anything -- to get a promotion. I -- it back we'll be outrageous if that were to happen it's only see here's the problem again as long as they're winning no one's direct question. If they start losing. And people start to suspect that may indeed is a bunch of chills. Writing for the paper. Right now they like the shelves because the Red Sox winning. Everybody everybody wants approval of their team but as soon as the Red Sox go down the shoot again. Naturally the -- started -- journalists that's the test that that would be the test right let's go to Mike in Waltham his first uppermost -- John good morning Mike. Or Eric how high up workers more Eric -- it further. This notion that the years. To joke you have every pocket for the most part with few exceptions. -- -- -- -- -- -- At an. -- That there's no partiality. -- industry. Can I may I ask you this without being out insulting at all like I just that Craig does and always he says that the people really don't -- appear on -- and you as a sports -- tell the difference. When people are free to just express and talking give opinions on things and women not. Absolutely what -- -- my example -- guilty show it was loud and boisterous and their arguments in in discussions and debates. That was on the station -- that -- point. That come away from that. Even Fred it is like friend. What do you get out of this spread. And I don't think I I don't think there's any I'll tell you this that no one has told us anything no one has ever put the editorial come botched. Any thing any show. Cracked but anyway Dickerson works over Comcast. No one always editorializing here no one tells us what to -- -- does not -- override a -- because believe me we're just -- and that's my concern Mike is from a larger perspective John Henry. Now owns the most important newspaper -- most important newspapers in America. Will that affect the way the Red Sox are covered that's a concern for me. I'm not sure the fans care what is your immediate reaction. Mike when -- John -- time ago. But it's not like you know it will report in the star. Shows that he. Why are you okay if you feel that way why do you think that is. Take. This -- and their -- Took a national reporter -- story I think you're. Art Bradford and more concerned about her relationships and reporting. That's unfortunately you me or vitamins and pianist -- private a much sticking up for me he's got -- more her reputation on his own though. Mike you need. It I'm not saying everybody needs to be an -- you need. Somebody who can be connected to break to -- Harry Curtis a recorder like you gotta make a distinction this is what John Henry's got to do to you gotta make a distinction between reporters. And columnist rob Bradford is a reporter you cannot. Compromise. His relationship with the team by doing things are gonna anger -- the team or his access to the team. Story. Well he had a story about the Pretoria signing. News but I know that doesn't it doesn't quite sure would never -- thank you and when I was at the globe again regularly. They had Peter Gammons who was an excellent reporter he would tell you things. But in and you need a hatchet man right now like the Red Sox had a great car might -- a lot Qatar. You need to toward every -- seriously and I think we've been pain can be that be a hatchet man in and he's great -- -- my question again is going back to him removed and Shaughnessy be able to weasels. His acts the way he adds. Over the past three decades he has to he has the otherwise you know now. People are gonna notice if suddenly the Boston Globe becomes basically an extension. Of the publicity department at Fenway Park I sent to you before it and it department of Larry Lucchino -- about a -- name dropping it just happened to he was over -- over game on Monday and he was there and he's very very nice guy retort from voluntary about many things. I he minor criticism as much as long as people don't get personal like fanatic I call last week he said he felt Pallet Jack. Didn't care about the victim getting getting shot to death to me that that was a personal comment I think if you don't get personal. All is fair game. And I want as a fame and I big -- that I want that if a guy throws. A bag gave our all our if some people feel Barco should be off the plane now and he's not yet. I want that commentary I needed from got to follow the team. I needed uncritical of the patriots right now one minute I'm complementing ballot check for his handling of the press conference. But I'm critical but the fact why are -- waiting so long to get a veteran wide receiver -- common embraced turning 36 today. I'm critical of that I don't understand that I am critical of the Bruins for sending private six players over a but that play off series championship series they gotta have down the road when most of these guys just come and -- play out. You'd need people who could do both Craig if you've got to follow the sports I need blow. I don't just wants -- cup car. It's 617779. Is 70. Level at all soul you know what they do they -- -- in new version of the new phone number but we've had this number for months and months now. You gotta put the dash is in between -- -- here we go six once. 77979837. You can Texas at 3793700. What I captured her and her recently has it as the model for all -- comes. -- Sweet as apple pie and at at at. I mean it was it was nice it was. Obviously a lot of fun to get out there and and and playing in -- of these -- shouting and obviously. The patriots what is the most important. Cody Ross coming back with a vengeance as sweet as apple pie sometimes revenge is a a dish. Best served cold so I guess that apple pie was. On the chilly side last night four for five including the go ahead home run. In the seventh inning for Cody Ross's the Red Sox lose for the first time in four games though. Ninth inning heroics last night they fall seven to six and now lost in the apple pie a gas. Is that Jon -- shortest stint of the year Larry. Four and a half innings eleven Florida -- things just six run powerful but hurt the originator of Florida have been -- after three -- and each -- so I wanted to alert you about that -- that is they just came up with that after the all star break or anything to shorten -- game metric camera. And I like that -- the jobs and it's got an idea great baseball a little bit more crisp concise two outs per inning instead of three -- like that that's perfect Nixon yeah that would be what eighteen outs instead of 27. He probably get the game in suffocated two and a half three -- that game the other night it was for euros is throwing -- for them win it but only Carson on forever with the back of balls Jon and Blackstone is -- -- radio WB yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- John -- there. We'll put John -- and never disarmament Wendy's bacon and -- drive for. Stephen -- then you're next on Sports Radio W media good morning hey how why -- where I was as I ever the F -- -- fan club up there Waltham. I think I do know I grew up so like I'm not really a fan but. You know he's his political Jason -- -- really mix well. I would -- we haven't talked about what John Henry at least the politics a line very nicely by John Henry going to the Boston Globe. Leave now you know that. Struck and brick failed look at the front page when they we need to beat you up at the one probably have in this area as living in this area. As objectivity you know it seems like some guys like you know like Peter Abraham -- -- for these guys I was in the pocket of the over it. And to -- the -- you know. Are -- your what. The -- game on yes and that. People write say like yeah the people -- broadcast is complete cheerleader for the Yankees in their opinion by the Yankees essentially so. Well. I'd like showing that these -- like -- I actually like reading because they how you look at more than just like okay well. Everything's wonderful everything's great you know you want to objectivity right you want if you want people will be critical -- you know what. Don't do this that the -- -- right now I'm Sean -- I know he's going pavilion but at least he was somewhat critical. The player of the field running as the plot Apple's first second third and the guy next to them. I don't really care for either it to the other -- -- -- don't you don't the announcer brought the guy who's actually described in the play by play that's not his job. Brain -- -- -- analytical because you know what. You want some objectivity whenever I try to -- But how it later a whole lot Steve -- very astute observer my friend among big clap. A ride your -- astute observer of of the media. What do you really want when you're if you're a fan of the game you're Yankee fan if you're tuning into the yes broadcast. Are you looking for a hard hitting journalism you just trying to enjoy the game as it unfolds on the field. I want poll actually Craig really do mean it would be there used to be when. When different things raping a little allegedly -- -- go things are going on the used to be worthy pick broadcasters would bring those topics up. And thanks -- -- like you know what. To be critical. All right -- they bring it up now. Yeah I know why because the Yankee organization wants them to know because the Yankees -- CAA rod bought of course they wanna bring that controversy out. Yes no I agree this is that they -- were brought driving the right way. I guess Steve is Steve I'm at a -- like Q the other can you imagine if that a -- at the rats are extremely light in the new web as the the pitching coach comes out to to signal -- righty out of the bullpen any any goals with -- left hand. -- Yield analytics practice. People to be all over that and I think it I don't want people making personal attacks that but I do want somebody to tell me. This supposed to be more hours to them we are in there in more and it knowledgeable of the game and they can notice things that we -- That's our that's our you want and I guess. You know it it's funny I if I hear guys like Lucchino and its stated that they armory on Warner they score when they hear a controversial topics being addressed. And like. C'mon Larry you don't give an answer we don't just -- -- beyond here particularly when all the good times or bad you wanna be up there with a bad times aren't as common what's going on. But why don't we understand that though. -- rolls back -- any of these people. Don't they understand that that that's what people that's what makes your product more effective because -- What I can do you realize that people out there are inspecting your product all the time so. Larry being accountable RAB accountable the only good putt the ball wrong. You don't step up and don't be throwing ex managers under the bus and telling me how is that -- they've been using drugs and -- flame arriving okay. Being accountable don't we would go on hug you know if that's the problem with these guys that. You know they -- they wanna do is. Like oh yeah 120 universe really have a great team come on down alt -- we have -- to -- -- -- -- -- you're -- well okay. But I I go about activists though Steve and I do appreciate the call great cause you man Red Sox fans in the about the mafia -- outing last I've -- I don't think they're waking up this morning and seen headline in Boston Globe which as Red Sox owner in deal to buy globe. -- don't think this year because the Red Sox have been so successful solves this pleasantly. Surprisingly successful. I don't think they're worried about I just don't feel the average man thinks as this as in I ordered out of an impact of what happens threats. I -- to you another thing that's happening and I society as a whole little like a lot of bills are being passed that a lot of companies are doing things that they would have never done in the past is part of the problem is. So many people out there now are -- I drowning. From an economic standpoint I just frowning just barely making ends meet and the like. You really throw the last figure worried about it waking up in the morning in -- John Henry's buying in the -- you can say that about now I'm just I'm just saying so when you say you know people going to be. Outraged about it not to that extent anymore because you're you know you're trying to fight off. Other problems that you're having it in your life but we Larry at baseline for all recovered and -- just howling and the reason why you -- of people going to be that concerned about it. I think you're real die hot sports for -- We'll look at that in that's a legitimate question you raised in joining Hendry said he will be addressing more of this and in the next couple days. How if any will this affect right they got it yet if he says that weren't affected -- Karl. Where you have to do something because right now the globe isn't as profitable as you'd like to be -- got to do some. Alternate scenario. 2012 Red Sox on their way to the worst seasons in 65 Bobby Valentine at the Helm. The Red Sox ownership already involved in NASCAR and in Liverpool. If they then turn around and try to by the -- when the fans say this team has lost its focus they don't care about the team anymore they're not putting your resource is into the ball players -- the ballpark. They're putting him it's all these other far flung enterprises. And they don't care about the team you will not hear that this more now because the Red Sox are winning. Now when I was at the globe in the late John. Out there are certain things you couldn't do when I wanted to going to Indian government show -- induce certain things done here. Even -- -- he's there was a conflict of interest you think if if if I'm the globe management back then. The OK let let me rephrase that. John Henry buys the globe. Do think he has China's he would have still been allowed to -- and write that book on Francona. Allow to yeah. While that -- -- centrist think and here's a book in Chauncey had a lot of success curse of the bambino. Being his first run -- best seller. And they -- and other books but the book they're really caught on was the Francona book from last year. It was highly critical. Obviously Francona was the author per say but DN really wrote the book and a lot of the critiques certainly had behind a lot of Jihad -- uncomfortable behind the right stuff now in quit that happen again should the Red Sox have another one of those kind of September's or an epic collapse of the last 67 weeks of this season. -- Shaughnessy had John Henry did the owner -- you've written a book that's a very good point. Not I would believe that it as you say John Henry's a Smart guy. I think he understands the difference between the business side in the editorial ran right at this is the same guys who crashed during her radio station. While we -- was that stupid. I'm saying it yet so we can't say. And now make China look the other way this is product now. Certain things were said by certain people that bothered him enough to write you know want to want to make his point right and I don't. This is the question I'm asking in all of us in the answer 'cause I know I don't like unique I don't like personal criticism of the arm high priority not my limitations bringing -- Arab every day but throughout the afternoon and about -- right now but the point is. Can you own what's -- a newspaper. In not be too sensitive to things that people got to write about another entity of your company. All owners by definition. All upper management and sports -- by definition. Have very sensitive ears I've been encountering it for 23 years in this town. Off from almost every team they care about what all of us say they care about what all of us right I think you'll be very interesting. Particularly in Shaughnessy is case. Whether or not. He'll continue. To be able to write without a governor. And if you can't. -- people several forget that mean if you're on these TV shells and stuff and there's certain things that you won't talk about a whatever 'cause you don't want to jeopardize your yeah. Your your extra jobs your yard your adventure getting paid to do listen all I'm telling you is in the world -- I grew up -- -- the globe. There were so many things that you were not allowed to do it with the company stadium was where are paying you enough money that we don't want to update doing that. Remember in the early days of WEEI. At least in the in the days of the -- the early days of the big show. Globe writers were not allowed on the big show because the -- teams got some of the language and content of the show. To be unsavory. But seemingly -- No you don't -- laughing -- bringing up great points. -- John Henry owns the globe and all of a sudden let's say this station some of the stroke off on a tirade about certain things about the -- -- How without effective. Don't think this radio station are they don't -- where -- business partners with them in there but we're picking that they're trying to separate out and believe me when when when money's involved that everybody has a has an opinion as to what should be said we shouldn't be said. I think for now it's working. I like a little more age I really do I think it's not personal but I as a -- and I want to hear if the ball players doing something wrong efforts trade is made and I don't. Necessarily agree with it I I want people to come out saying that in -- month saying -- not I was just surprised how overwhelmingly. Everybody. Was happy it didn't mind jettisoning -- -- out of town when a month the glory was one of the best -- young prospects. While he's not a prospect anymore your right to different to -- a prospect in a Major League player ray is a Major League player -- is now do we get a prospect hasn't done it yet. And by the way nick of Fargo long before this article came out but certainly everybody knew that John -- involve negotiations. Does approve without a -- about the rules that Tyrus side mr. Picard says. It was a good trade -- the Boston red truck.

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