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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 08/02/13

Aug 2, 2013|

You ask it, we answer it… with the legendary Lenny Clarke!

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Iraq. It's time for questions here to the question what's. The big question. So -- should be -- entering. Replay. Quiz. Question. Amnesia blown away by Mike Adams got -- to the question brought you by heiress restoration specialists -- your property or facilities manager insurance broke all -- to injury disaster restoration in place. Gillick LA 774611111. Or go to a all our ads serve -- on meet mr. Billy Starr and the -- -- when he Clark. Who's -- well as we said this does. This is virtually created for something like Lebanese will start you guys are easy childhood nicknames and for the artist Billy boy the artists. Have long had a Italian next door neighbors in -- at a Jewish neighborhood. I I drove. The market. And artists mine was all wrong and -- -- did it and I was due juicy -- one rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You went for a moment that told me those are three or four children have a dialogue and the -- -- Horrified that I don't. Have anything nearly that -- I didn't really have a joke game. Jews he's fantastic we bring them back there and you know -- about that all I -- -- a couple of them and educate the drooling. I think about -- about. -- -- the question two when your life has made you laugh. Most. It was very very fun I've known 35 years. So what makes him -- sober -- It was a rich before he became. Comedian and he took the ability. To preach to people on Friday comedy. It was like something you that is. The -- experts. -- corrupt union and the question please. Still the all -- I this day goes. Yeah. Like if you want so many different radio shows. Like when you were trying to get. -- -- ever have a different act like nothing like what you ended up in. Good company because I don't know this girl all -- that host. -- -- -- And others watch -- restless that game. Grand wizard of comity and Durbin on a multi colored coat and shoes that changed -- winnable war. And that's -- -- -- in the local college and guys you know. Guys what. Stocks are off on prop -- notes that they're pretty much put up at worst a boat. I I had no idea that. But every rule that was I broke next question. Is another relating what is the biggest onset meltdown and you. -- -- -- -- That is on -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is I can see it seems like is. Tough work with you yeah great actor but you know. Next question. What's the best way to -- -- -- That's victory away yeah like adopt another -- -- -- -- -- question I don't watch. It I. It was often -- not up. You don't Clinton. -- -- That we know more about. What do -- better use of a time machine going to the past -- go into the future. Tell it to the acts -- -- that I'd much rather actors come back you know what the -- to the future. -- you'd go to the I don't know why don't. All agree it's us. Cable shows -- -- all go to the house is that he should that we were section the past I don't know I don't know how -- how -- did these shops and it is an. Issue. I don't know what go to trends before the tracks -- go to be the first person in the seventies bell -- ever think you're off your top of everything or could it does. But did you being Bigelow. Next question. -- about sex out here it was -- ability -- like that everyday life. Promise you won't -- that next day. Next question. Connect twelve because of -- in -- If you could set up any pitcher hitter battle. From anyone erupted in the baseball what would be your perfect pitcher hitter -- Like the major -- -- and go win. It like Clemens making the real. What is on the -- while -- on this -- an entire. How about Cy Young couple autumn. Somebody neighbors. It. I give it argued had against neighbor knocked them down. Like I think that would be pretty fast points exactly. But the battle of these two incredible willful human beings but is pretty similar to Bob -- in terms of -- order -- and -- -- -- -- committee broke open since he. Let room. I interpreted several visitors. Yes who brought optimism on the life. As a excuse. My answer is always good for the question if you could go back in time and watch anyone of any sport back and watched Bob -- -- the get go Colfax -- group left. That he's going to be very tough. For Ruth hit a home run off the left -- like to watch out again. All that we're all my god yes yes. -- the question guys should be worse -- new girlfriend with your ex wife's name or a new girlfriend with your mother's. And probably the ex wife -- dollar would be mother ex wife would be bothered him. We can't count toward those who asked that question is pars. Effect after a got a question that our audience question I would give up your mother in the faces or did you cook for five million. Five million all -- But -- last year Vietnam for five million dollars. All the money now it up the levees that are open now for the rest of us five dollars it wouldn't mean. If she talked about it -- your mom but don't edit. Is an upside is there expressionless. As. Well but I I've ever million dollar -- give half of it to your money get four million a year on a key I don't. That would that's mop up I would -- ago. It's gonna cause you responded this is over you were slapping them out of money I would you idolized her -- -- model for fly made it. The damage she. -- that was. Guys that question. Is how much is it wrong for an adult male completely Robert. But since it seems odd -- you bring -- It does seem odd I don't know if you -- your -- -- or anything over but. It does seem a little odd that you had that you would be it would. Robert I think it's going to be alive. That they would like to. I mean I'm not at the -- out if you want to have such an animal to a little fortunately -- right all. Most of the habit -- or -- was it fun being at the garbage yes oh my god. When agrees it was in my life I mean I I I went. About some of the dugout. -- about -- and go to bat like that. Quote development and I did note that. That's about. I don't know that we can. -- -- what was discussed what the plot. Yeah you get out yeah. -- Countless security. Iced or hot coffee on a day like today odd day I'll drop you still go hard. Got to go to Cumberland farms you go hot -- luckily today not any day of the week. It was a hundred was or would we agree hundred degrees 100 degree six Alexandria was still hot coffee. Next I jerks who your worst boss and one. My worst boss named Steve. And I hit it like he was so he he he. This wasn't why he was a bad boss but he was an enormous human. Release date and he would it. But loses if he didn't recognize -- was that they excellently T want to take my -- -- at the time at a small car. It was I have this picture it was hard throwing itself it would be hard to shift that would have to like maneuver my arm around him. It or otherwise you're sitting in the past yes -- it was bad it was it was that difficult to -- out to our. Our horse that was never can live it was your polls which are worst ones. Never had a one I -- I. That is mr. Miller I was working at a dry cleaners cleaning the inside the Clinton machine. He said he did a great job as the problem now. My job now up yeah. I was my. Network. He's dead now it took Beckett left up a bit citadel where Heidi -- All its -- no matter what the conversation. Though. The bench. If that happened. -- But -- replica. Of the it didn't go all right that'll do it for a dollar and I want all -- all. I didn't want to go to and who when he aren't ready -- Brad aren't going away for the weekend we have a wager more numbers any special. And you would vote. It's gotta be quick to -- should be quicker gently I think about it just don't quite. Down here and Acapulco cliff what a bit of advice you ever got from your -- People like that please yes sir no sir I don't like and plausible president elect Hugo. -- Jerks they train leaves Boston or forty miles an hour another troll anyway leaves Providence going thirty miles out of given the -- trains leave -- the exact same time wide as A-Rod socket. Well it's obvious. -- -- the -- for us today guys let -- that we hope to do this again it -- and I just one point one quick thing. You know it's my first -- -- at this event is the most in at the economic -- that is the most amazing about that was in my -- the logistics a loan of incredible. And it shows as we get WE -- up and the greatest people -- look at the mop it up that. IQ all and you still don't -- got a -- match alleged double. -- you can just send money let's get -- that's. -- -- Any women at this -- Italy -- job all the sudden there's like women all outside our studios here and -- Comes out of -- -- -- -- to -- story that -- seriously guys thank you -- -- us an idea but thank -- it was obviously political -- -- -- by the it's a pleasure to be here we will be back on Monday at 2 o'clock from Foxboro. As we get ready for -- patriots practice -- a lot of good football ought to come. Have a great weekend everybody and if you're riding your bike very safe and stop drinking -- --

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