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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 08/02/13

Aug 2, 2013|

We look at some stories that haven’t shown up on the show’s radar yet… Manny Pacquiao’s immediate future, Papelbon blows a save and much more during Four at Four.

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-- Now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun team. Mean -- Well we -- -- Ali and sports radio and WB and mr. comedian over here to Atlantic -- Brings out how to get rid of mice it's an entire page here right of all different ways to get your dog. You what you don't understand I've solve this problem Brad I don't need any I can cross all this off and just right down the number of the exterminator right. This is like people try to teach me how to change -- I've got that already here this is what you can do that take this you can have this. I'd solve the problem -- I've got the number of the exterminator I've called him problems solved I don't need your advice start. No problem many Nacchio is told reporters that he is -- to three years left in boxing but. Does that really matters we never got to see Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Well I'm not social or we can we ever got to see that we haven't seen it yet but he's got to a three years left. There three years for this -- and also supply an entertainer. Xbox I can always higher. And then come out of retirement for a big -- -- Floyd made. I worry about me completely unprecedented digit -- -- -- retirement years ago -- six times that it. Retirements and yet she'll give it. I'm only half listening to guys somebody stand in the super -- bug. I don't know I don't know is over that's it what does -- -- that's exactly what laws that that that is what that -- it's holding multi legged mystery of it. It has no purpose because I really -- that you looked a multi layer what mode lately and what does that. Do it looks like some sort of hybrid cross right at you differently. And who is who got together what -- union about how to date that they it's not over fish that is not a -- as a ferocious. That's that's -- this is to blame but why are you hear your district killing. Douglas the bug guide dot com and he's got this picture of a multi -- multi legged mystery. -- guerra Cole Aaliyah Aaliyah trot out there they're faster. -- -- -- Stop it don't get a look at that might want to -- engine oil actually gotten -- Asia here now I'm just don't like bugs the mice out. Nobody else's -- That -- negate your family out of the Alley. Start would get to number two of yeah -- all right yeah. So let's say Michael. Jonathan Papelbon previously told mlb.com. That changes were needed from top to bottom. And I definitely didn't come here for this. Last night that blew the save in his first appearance since those comments after the game he said whether or blow a game or whether it's saving game. Whatever is happening with in the organization I feel like -- honest and forthcoming and in the same way after games like tonight. How bad are these comments if your Phillies. If the Phillies fan I'm sort of looking at Jonathan -- Obama he's one of those small tightly mystery boat mr. Larry you hear Jonathan about the problem. Progress through the school what can option produced you hear it in my clubhouse. Especially coming off the comments the other days in the they needed top to bottom change he's calling out ownership management coaching layers. C'mon man I know things aren't going well right now but you're not helping matters who you are you are exacerbating the problem Salina die hard if -- part of the solution you're part of the problem. Quit being part of the problem put the other got back on he also -- the first appearance since complaining about everybody else that's. Edition today shopping that's the only thing he did wrong. Only thing -- did wrong was below the shape but in terms of his comments. I don't like the fact that is the guy who would tell you what he's -- so we always -- war we we really hate the guys who get rock cliches. And oh yeah I noticed that it one game at a time were all happy. -- -- -- -- -- Tells you what he's thinking a lot of times it's crazy. Ed -- -- -- he's out there but I'm glad that he does that -- really don't really take issue with what he said he's actually right about. Well he may be right but that doesn't mean you need to say it is actually called house and -- thank you for everybody texted him and I've got it a house sent to -- And it had to come have a hundred legs in the -- -- have a -- like a house that's why I think it's been it's gotten mixed with something ought to. That thing is -- it came from somewhere in the course of its it was -- -- Some others beat me I think it came from -- on -- managed yeah globally in my house would get the story. -- involves her husband that I. Like looking at my green he's got -- he beat you I'll let you know what. Do you carry the load paper 25 minutes thirty minutes. But it buys you were humidifier it'll open up why -- -- you department that you you -- that -- But I should never go back to my house through -- it doesn't -- the. As we have all heard about and seeing right now Aaron Hernandez supposedly wrote a letter to -- proclaiming his innocence pressured him and asked the recipient not to post -- social media. Do you believe that the letters truly from Hernandez as DMZ claims to be. I don't -- -- young kid who came up with -- a really interesting scenario. And so -- -- all the people -- there. But this Aaron Hernandez letter I think it's -- I believe or possibly could be from him and you're asking me earlier -- the lawyer said anything yet it's a good way to muddied the jury pool. You get one person that says -- he's a good god fearing Christian. Writes about his innocence talks to fans. Just trying to muddy up the jury pool you watch that one person on the jury and say now he believes god is innocent. It's all it takes its -- Interesting area I haven't thought I had a lot of that makes perfect sense to me I think this letter is a plant especially with the please keep this off social media in the bottom left hand corner or. Whatever anymore. Innocent victim Aaron Hernandez who tried to just write back to his band then tried to keep it out of the -- but unfortunately was unable to do so. I'm still not entirely sure he wrote this beyond just the -- handwriting. I just not sure I'm entirely buying it while. Look at. Breaking news breaking his daughter or daughter or don't don't don't don't don't -- the I'm so glad I don't work parity or. Without the Red Sox great outlook. On Henry according to Peter Gammons. Hezbollah the Boston -- -- -- -- -- John Edwards prevent it worked. Out okay. -- Become your boss you know war. -- buyers and yes -- got us the millions blocked off load their unions fought against. All ours are those guys any union. -- He -- fires again you know thinking now is not. Now. Law all law this is interesting all right guys got a special question. 34 -- if you John Henry money. In order to -- the globe to Belichick's got enough money to buy it opened fire on board. It. If that's so if John Henry combine the globe. Belichick and how much money he's now made. He could borrow a little picture of the need to from Kraft is on the while -- that aren't my herald and I are Borges. Bob. Why -- or the by the real -- and let it out of our board and I don't I don't know should but it would be you don't want. He should wait until we don't. They need to do it now like he keeps adding round mouse now but at the end of mice and -- and it. Why not just by the has gone fiery John Henry blah -- well. This is the bar suspected. What do you think you're looking for. It is -- simple and turning -- the Boston Globe into Red Sox. Red Sox. All things Red Sox. -- This action. A -- sport everything's always read. Everywhere that there's going to be an entirely purple section every single day as. Chip you've probably -- for the that's probably in late in the -- -- culture probably better that you'll run some girls may be on the though the hardware where the short. You know evidently it's worthwhile and where would do it there were. We think we just get to be. An excuse well. -- -- -- -- The AT&T question portable out. This -- yeah W did this weekend the newest class of NFL hall of famers will be inducted into it. The class is highlighted by Bill Parcells Cris Carter Larry Allen Warren -- Jonathan Ogden. Which of these players is most and which is least deserving of an induction. Well hold up your usual players because I'm most excited mobile force. Yeah -- I'm really excited about Bill Parcells all local authorities regarding not well built ourselves appears to be able to -- support them. That's why wasn't an ultimate last year. But how long he would he was our guys were for a little while. We were greatly entertained by Bill Parcells off the field on that -- -- in the papers helped turn. The patriots. It to a first class. Absolutely legitimate organization that was capable of getting to the Super Bowl and winning it. Even though that it went under Parcells yes I am most excited about him. Least deserving. -- idol and what it wars epic. But -- I I can't I can't really economic outlook doesn't deserve this entire classes there I can't pick -- Chris Carter deserves to be all -- and the like are terrific Larry Allen is on blue gray probably good job -- inaudible but Jonathan Ogden was that was a heightened. And Hampshire and there's an idea that that that I. At least. If you -- those guys in the next few years. They get a bunch of these left tackles that -- gonna go in you can see Walter Jones go in there he he sort of the first this group's -- I can't argue any of them but I -- ourselves a really it was just I was thinking back. How -- it was when he first got like a whole jumble life years they went nineties today -- On a -- like it. For patriots fans there was -- until they got the right now they lost the game. But -- John Henry -- the globe a lot of stories around that -- ultimately concerned if they don't well. Our run that story. After the super bowl of shut down of maybe somebody can help before Parcells. Who was the last great character. In Boston. The last great character has as they had wrote yeah I mean I mean we're talking about Joseph Morgan yesterday the character in his own right palace say that the go to Joseph Morgan. Kind of -- I mean he sort of -- but it didn't quite have kept calling back the great -- probably Mike Milbury. Via snail -- there. In Amityville and it's always been a few years since. I made USA audience what it wasn't Jimmie Rodgers wasn't Casey Jones wasn't Chris Ford. And and obviously read some bad habit that similarity there are some of the caustic as that long times rated in the coach. -- -- guys get a coach and it's too bad the Bobby -- ended up being at a manager's laws because in theory he should be Parcells. Like he should have that charisma caustic attitude. But with the ability to turn around program everybody move in the right direction. Apple machines but it is it is. -- Linda doesn't matter the globe. What's the best position avenues. All mobile owner right -- out on what's next. Editor and editor in chief editor at a order editor percent it would editor. Run run set the tone for everything without -- runs the operation does everything that this is what. One. Who was going to be there they're making the editor -- why they all -- -- -- and oh yeah it's delicacy -- -- -- now has meetings. I'll -- that would top editors over represented editor and she was kickback. Pat. Just ahead at a table and to me it -- to work on a commitment to open. Wiped out -- -- you're 20 it was a three or four -- before -- -- outlook have I was door that was not a little confuses them or six. -- my god John battery area as. Now we're awaiting the thought what if any Clark five -- to answer the question was designed. For letting Clark didn't even know with design for him when he segment was designed for when he so excited for into the and it came over -- girl like you lost about 97. I'm not here I didn't tell my dad. The -- I just let let me start yelling at me I just. Like. Public. A -- the development of his now now want to totally master -- Lenny Clarke will be with a super operates at the question of five. 45 or cells -- one mile -- questions that you think would be fun for Lenny how much do you want advice from. Right don't you want some light -- -- eyes -- Clark. How the Texas -- 37937. And that in the meantime we are continuing our big auction here. We've got and it should wrap up and by the time lady gets on at 545. Will wrapped upper big auction network get the new owner of the globe but it a bit here well -- that he also the -- and that's -- the pastor John Henry that needed here Peter -- says he's brought the brought snow -- the Boston -- were auctioning off for first base -- -- it's. Red Sox. And lows on September 19. On field access before the game if you've never been on the field at Fenway Park it's very cool experience. Did heard the EMC club before the game -- please eat any visit to the W yeah -- broadcast Booth which will be completely free of all. House sent to deeds because Doug -- keeps things very clean in there know how centerpiece but you'll meet Joseph Castiglione. Whoever asks do in the game doubling your picture taken. If you would like to place a bid is right now -- to 2506179310937. Six point 79310. Ninety threes aren't we joke around for awhile but when I get to something serious this Riley Cooper thing. Taking on almost a life of its own Michael Obama's made some very explosive comments about the equal play those for you and chip Kelly's been put in a position. That I don't know we've ever. We've ever figured out whether this is something he'll be good. Jim Kelley the offensive coordinator sign me up a 100% and I'm on record say the guy is a genius he's gonna succeed in the NFL I have no idea. I was can handle this kind of auction. Not coordinating. Coach Dick and -- Ali WB.

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