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Cody Ross, Former Sox OF: Cherington "lied to my face"

Aug 2, 2013|

Cody Ross joins Mut and Merloni and discusses his time in Boston last year, his off-season negotiations with Ben Cherington, and the Bobby Valentine issues that plagued the team from day one.

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Music Joe's -- and a 11. Swing and hot club. Won't let me elusive deep -- 08. Critical and we're. The standard again and you've got a big give me. The Red Sox win I don't know walking bowl winner mentality. Us. Another three run shot. And it goes crashing into the -- -- When he took a big bucket of Gatorade and speed a little over everybody. Like Gatorade shower is getting mobbed their staring off in Jersey. Leaves -- the boys. You know that was Joseph -- plan that I realized that shredder. That is the highlight of the 2013 SC -- like you know a T a a teams seven at 2012 -- teams have like a highlight package end of the year -- get together. That move right there that that while we just play with Cody Ross and -- that was the highlight. The Red Sox 2012 -- this let's bring on Cody Ross of the Arizona Diamondbacks because -- let me tell you I know you with Arizona right now but -- I'm still pulled for a 11. Little bit job home run this week and play for them but. I'll be happy Pete is not a game what I'm pulling for. I appreciate that they don't get. Do a good Cody. It's getting to be back here at Fenway and a lot of Red Sox fans it was a brief time -- -- enjoyed your time here. Is that just like the track as a traffic too much for embossed -- wanna get a little Arizona not as hard to get to the ballpark and game day for the. He has not now -- yeah I'd be out but he actually lived. A rack up the street and I lived here. And it was he'd be better had to be wise to the ballpark so. You know I'd definitely minutes that. Obviously not well my teammates. A great city and apologized to urban noise as. Actually walking around. Downtown right now on. Episode in the city and we got in like 5 in the morning and and I'm like and a minor -- -- a gallery open and you know. And waste as a game -- since I got up and walk around and enjoy this great city meant. -- 888 WMR -- atmosphere now it's probably a little bit different in the one. You guys felt last year to come -- to walk off wins the way this team -- playing baseball right now and and I always thought you were really good fit for this team in this city got a walk in here today and say -- what could've been like this this is what I. Why I signed here in the first place and and given everything that happened last year. Yeah I mean on the -- Going in so that you -- -- while -- and after 2011. You know so that quote unquote collapse of eleven. You know looking on paper. To a good. A really really really -- human I was. You know I signed up they come here and try to be a little small piece to help. If that. You know -- -- over the top and com you know from from day one at -- It was a disaster. And you know I mean. -- it as much. Time back there and as many. -- -- the line. Took away. You know it was there that upbeat and -- away -- all of us. You know to watch these guys now. Basically. I -- close in the same core group of guys are good in my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- just on a lot. Of a lot of character in. Playing really well right now. Sure Cody set it was a tough year if he had a qualifier would you call the toughest year of your career in terms of the atmosphere -- last year. Yeah absolutely I mean. You know I had I did. Come up in 2000 -- -- on the Detroit Tigers. For a small period of time a lot 119 games which. Battled some pretty bad but you know east side early on trying to struck well and you know -- more dogged it in. Then and then not get sent down and you know we're here. And and older veteran players on that side you know I'm Margaret a win in. Go there and opposite and you know obviously it's it's that -- Tough a time but some on the -- and the like a set -- -- absolute -- -- some amazing people. Friendship so I'll carry on the rest of my life not only baseball realized that a lot -- You know. I -- and I missed the that's a lot. You know when this team sort of got split up there in August and big trade him so that direction it was going in. You know I was surprised that the fact that they didn't -- you Lofton Hampshire team would have. Liked to had you down the stretch I was assigned to me that there's no question of bringing you back and it was going to be an extension or something out. How surprised were you that that you didn't come back here and in what was that offseason like. Yeah we didn't mean. Maybe we kind of in the state -- don't want them where and -- You know in that. And I don't like it here. I get cute but showing here and you know I mean I -- that -- earlier and when you tell. You wanna come back the players. While the now that certainly but it get -- What you know I mean when they didn't trade we're gonna get around on. You know then -- -- Let it go on until the Nazis and we got it down. Easily and you know. The during the year -- You know that problem was they were a couple of years and they wanted to get to meet her Q and -- battery and we could never come there. That -- on it and you know. They needed. -- -- -- I think -- -- happened somewhere out by. On -- it was shall be but. Where you'd really like like it was a and knows you know we -- he would be -- -- the Miguel out of that. Room. From then. You know I mean. Obviously. It was that. Blasting -- and I got to go on and it'll be alive. I don't agree. That. In trainer owner. And map out here you know that the business adamant that span of one here and know that. By -- you know -- situation. People that they do something different and I'll be. So you know it it is what it is on out is. And anybody right now. You know obviously my time here -- incredible but. A play. Now during during the season at or around you when you. He's going to get -- -- that dirt during the season that trade deadline do you do what. Dollar. I never once I got traded yeah I didn't drive the price suffered varying. I wouldn't -- You know upset me coming back here -- wanted to share values and air. You know years and a -- -- -- -- wanted to go there and for whatever reason I have no idea and then head back -- it they thought that they don't -- I got the long term deal negates. It appeared on the -- -- your -- Diller or your daughter was and then. And so basically lied to me. And then and and and you know though at that apple and I got a got a little bad it went out and sort of wanted to move on and -- don't -- out of debt so. Eluded him like that but. -- It's not a great time being here. Maybe you were talking to Cody Ross now playing outfield the Diamondbacks their town this weekend based on your your. Europe feelings a lot last year's team and how it ended up be surprised Cody how quickly they turn it around now 66 wins the Red Sox help. You know they went three of the next four -- they're gonna have as many wins that you guys had all last year as a team. Yeah I know I'm it truly isn't anything I mean obviously. We were. Very injured last year I'm. It was the I'm not mean back then and Buchholz are. Back to being there are which. Laps here. Not really anywhere and Tom. You know it was. The top -- everybody and I don't know. How much. -- and Bobby played are all a matter whatever but it was. I get that that big truck drives. I took a step at at a at a a -- what they ask you about that I know what's that nobody questions but I did -- because one of the exit. One of the things that that's really changed this in this team is that atmosphere wind -- -- that ballpark a lot of people point the John Ferrell in his coaching staff not just him but the coaches he brought in. The communication. How much -- do you think that could've played in to have Bobby in the and they did a lack of communication and trust in that locker. On the young and he hit it they've played a lot I mean obviously. In the with a lot of people it'll work -- -- and armed. -- -- Maybe it was fact that they are a lot of the players are so used to wait your rant saying in the way he did it and body and it's all cultures and hole everything in. Just nobody really wanted to -- and -- -- order up a lot of people who weigh in on you know just kind of how important but. You know you can make all the excuses you liner or whatever but you know women we have to go out there quietly at the form. Matter who's their manager lot of managers are obsolete playing -- on -- trying to beat them out of the equation but. If we can never really get on a roll -- and while there's an injury sort of that a lot -- -- We set he set -- A you mention a lot of guys were unhappy I'm curious now looking back on it was that. Theme from the beginning we heard from the outside as the year went on you guys were. The words -- to get out to the media Cody that the team wasn't happy it -- start from day one. Last year the guys let other guys know they weren't happy in the situation -- -- -- yeah I mean it really truly did not to. They've started they want extra training. There was you know by. Bobby and my -- that a little. Deal that happened and from now on it like one thing after another. Player after player and. And there -- a little stop and is that outback avenue in the -- and everybody's hand out. I'm you know you now the media here. Is that -- and I gonna let up on it. Keep on the driving driving it the way you go to. Did you have any issues that you were issued to Bobby. Personally. Operator or might be -- hard and the only guy in. Obviously. Yeah. The athletic gritty he's. -- They're adamant that -- did that at the elite. And it. So when you look at it would obviously differ elation -- with with Kirk Gibson what he's been able to do with your. Out of division you guys are in this thing to two months ago. Yeah I mean we. And the way we don't and all that great you don't agree here so far we. We played well we played small ball do little -- -- we got the ball. -- we pitch. Let it -- -- regular guys. Up there and grind it out play hard it might clear. A lot of looked like the team out there on out there and then won the World Series a lot of I grew up their ardent. No no real superstars but. Some of them in goal at the U guys but that -- and can I let you know I. On and on your yeah that's this year. Well you one of the bright spots last year and difficult season and wish you could have been a part of what what's going on now in the city because it is special like I said you know be happening it went over that pretty much to hope that costs except. Just remember at Santa -- for -- make good luck this weekend. Expect I appreciated I think now they are. Now that is Cody Ross former Red Sox self driven out the Arizona Diamondbacks joining us here. On the -- the outline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT TNT. Rethink possible very -- get a break come back tea what's on tap in salt and holing. -- from the up PNC starting line here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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