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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, weighs in on the Red Sox recent magic on Mut and Merloni

Aug 2, 2013|

Mut and Lou are joined by the current MLB analyst and former Red Sox first basemen to talk about the recent magic at Fenway. Many have compared the spirit and chemistry of this year's Red Sox to the 2003-2004 clubs, teams that Millar played on.

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Lunchtime -- model or 937 WEEI every week at this time we talked to. Our guys former red sock now part of MLB network intentional talk Campbell large party bike a voted tractor corporation. Miami insurance. By commonwealth mortgage and buy golf Smith and as always Kevin joining us. On the AT&T hotline eleven walk off wins Kevin is it okay that people now start to really compare this. Red Sox team -- to the 04 team that seemed a little magic to them all the way to their first World Series in 86 years. They got some actor and a lot a lot to prove it to do to beat -- fourteen just the opposite and -- of the group of guys -- got a -- squad. I think it's refreshing to see it's like a Red Sox are back you know that city of Boston now has the key that they can relate. You know in a group of guys in a manager and staff -- not that it's a lot on the watch your Red Sox fan it's going to be exciting. Yeah -- -- you were talking chemistry and a city you know you need to have the talent but we got a good team and can look at a guy any guy not -- let them down. That's why you -- this team I think kind of pull these games so late where I just don't think most people thought they had a chance. Talk about that that chemistry and is there something with it is a tangible. It is a man -- and you can't you know Q can you or chemistry -- some people say he had good team when you know developed chemistry and I are understandable. But. Understand this season of baseball is so 162. Games at spring training you get the whole -- So when you go through these struggles -- you guys don't get along you get three yourself while it's a long arcing it. Drew them X -- and root for little Maroney or -- or Daniel how about Johnny at all and Ryan Dempster. It makes it fun and what happened council winning atmosphere what have been your dinner with seventeen guys what happened that. I care about struggle. You don't -- guys Bottke that -- try to figure out that it demeaning me and I so. About being McCain and that's not trying to look like their full on team that shall make shorter holes eagle. Are you mentioned that the chemistry part of it rooting for each other Kevin when does that start a -- I heard stories about this team. Guys who came back from spring training said there's something different about this team is that is that the start that earlier can develop during the year. Noise you start Gerut because I think you -- albeit -- a teammate. -- baseball guy you know they want the best free agents available. You know I cannot. You when you look at got a paper Josh don't talk about but they -- act I regular Napoli to victory out right got to go -- you know David -- The old guys. They -- good exit for the city so that was where they really started you know being Smart about you know we shall Koppen -- -- -- big. Numbers aren't that might not be right for the city. So Philadelphia new York and bossy or get some makeup guys I think the refs got it a great job. You get last week you said his team does in the certainly need a guy like Jake Peavy with a one out and and they got him and the at a pitched this they gave up -- -- -- Jose Iglesias I'm not sure what what are your comments have been about this deal -- -- think the Red Sox did. -- the Jake Peavy for Iglesias last incident maybe don't need a guy like peavy. But they pull it off anyway what does he burned -- -- the -- -- I'm awful. He's got a horrible line so immediately you bring -- just had a tiger. Mentality and so you love that about Jake Peavy. -- -- That he can stay healthy for this club he's such an asset when healthy. He's a competitor he's a winner he's that guy so -- -- ball all the intangibles that he drinks. Also. This spring that he also brings about this table looks quite a few times last year with Jake Peavy. It's such remarkable competitor that this city will -- cannot I believe adrenaline factor. Will heal some of those pain that you go through and it's going to be a great pick up the -- even though I really ain't seen in great here kite who. -- don't because that's something you just can't teach what he brings -- practically put it should be a great cigarettes doctor gall or the you don't go up. You're asked. -- we're talking about what happens rotation next couple weeks year Kevin I'm curious week you mentioned Ryan Dempster we talked about peavy last week you paired. Dempster peavy Dempster has a little bit of -- bullpen track record right for three years he was able closeout games. You know pretty well if they asked him here peavy gets his rotation maybe Brandon -- in the rotation buckles comes back. It they said to a guy like Ryan Dempster repay Chatham and forests not the September playoff fun is. At this point his career does that make sense ran that makes sense for the Red Sox. Yeah I feel like I mean that at -- -- can't try and -- -- -- me personally -- outs yet helping Ryan Dempster said. Career he's got a big -- saying I'm starting pitcher right Alan whatever the Red Sox -- -- -- and do whatever if you wanna play right field. -- the -- story got so we decisions at a -- got to get back their talk about some time September so a lot or start for Ryan Dempster trying to keep pitching well. You know -- always coupled. You see at times. The -- heat factor and and and he understands that they're lying or not but yeah what he brings also work ethic and attitude and just. There -- side bet you know another can't put into print so maybe make a decision right now but one that -- comes different askew and perhaps six or seven starters and or Iraq. Will you help us misery prominently doubt in my mind right that you whatever we needed to win baseball. It was couple areas this team it didn't address what was third base one was bullpen and they. Figure I didn't even -- it's like Alec work in the pan out he met you reliant on got to treat Britain Brandon Workman maybe even into Bogart's. That's our -- relying on those young players you know what this market is like down the stretch. Bristol board with all of it. Well yeah you're right what else I could -- it. Cardinals and the -- and ate it you know you got some young gunslinger it's okay your airport -- all your good. On the mound unique night out you know so little bit offensively. -- -- beaten up but as a pitcher you can get the -- an excuse and how to throw strikes and -- I'm Lamar that you got that big league level so. Their whole young -- -- -- Serrano and not veterans that supplies and what you see what you need to dump for the last two years get one or two veterans around and then their whole staff young. But they keep winning ball games sought in the Red Sox are -- We're talking to cap in the law -- it sounds like going to be Monday and you hate talking about you want to all of baseball -- these by -- suspensions -- gonna come down and week. We heard from Buck Showalter -- eighty. He doesn't want the Yankees to benefits say they end of suspending -- for life and kick him out of the game. They might just races salary altogether are you OK with a lifetime suspension for A-Rod into the yankees' benefit by having a salary. Stricken from the books and allow them to reset where they are from a financial standpoint. -- next great point from the manager or an organizational washing the benefit of the -- contract they're gonna have to do. Where to pack it -- I think it's something that we've all talked about or. Ellis got old and done it -- the back at forty on forty cheers you're not worked on to beat out the last five years your work. -- all the Tebucky makes a great point why should the Yankees back. They get the -- And ultimately have to do. You don't start over your redo but when when you don't want to -- that aren't so I'm not knowing if there. Helping to be a lifetime ban premiere but it's. And it's going to be. Some that -- out that something that we haven't heard. The ball forty -- right now it's all speculation we have no idea ordered all.

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