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Jeff Passan: Jonathan Papelbon is 'an infant'

Aug 2, 2013|

Our friend from Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan joined the show to discuss the trade deadline. Jeff said that the Sox have an incredibly bright future.

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Second night in -- -- the Red Sox with another walk off win at Fenway Park before batting around the order in the bottom of the ninth inning Red Sox trailed Seattle seven -- so. And then Jonny Gomes tied the game it's seven with -- RBIs singled to handle -- ahead as singled to deep setter. With bases loaded for the walked off when a Red Sox beat the Mariners eight to seven. And their Major League leading eleven walk off wins now the Red Sox do have a one game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays in the elitist. Tip was off last night Arizona Diamondbacks kept out tonight first three at Fenway Park Jon Lester giving the start. Against Randall Delgado in you can -- game across the WEEI Red Sox routed networks starting. It's 625 tonight. Jake Peavy will get his first it's Red Sox start tomorrow night's. Against the Diamondbacks Major League Baseball reportedly on the verge of announcing nine suspensions of fifty games or more. In connection with the bio Genesis scandal also their negotiations with Alex Rodriguez have reportedly been stalled -- Patriots remote Julian element from the populist yesterday he would practice with the team and Patriot Act on the practice field today to twenty. And the Celtics released Shavlik Randolph yesterday Randolph playing in only sixteen games last season. In need of a vacation and go to WEEI dot com slash -- what a seven day cruise for 20. It's all brought to you by Norwegian cruise line crews like a Norwegian. Dan our number four of Tennessee Callahan all the way to extended Jeff ascent from Yahoo! Sports coming up next time I grandly that sports slash. He's playing in a liner plunged over a third fair -- -- on the -- line. Not a story is the Marlins in the third at two doubles -- home. The only -- seven to three. Line drive base hit to right field. Here comes another online lives in right behind him black ball meanwhile scored two runs Iran and its -- -- Them and yeah lingle Linda Mason left me. Felt great tech summit of the biggest name -- comes -- -- smaller -- -- these. And standing up it's. Seven -- -- right. Okay. The Red Sox win the pitch like -- It back into the -- it's not going to -- -- -- And we're back on 93 point seven WT. Not sure how many times. The same team has won -- walk off games. On the very same day that the Red Sox did last night fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan. Joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE different from Yahoo! sports' Jeff passenger good morning how aria. We're doing very well -- SA and as an overview here can you had any theories or context. As to what's going on with two teams. For which very little was expected that would be the pirates and the Red Sox the only two teams by the way playing 600 Boller better. And then conversely teams loaded with talent into spring training. The blue jays and the the angels any any context any theories about what's going on here. I mean can't we just sort of chart -- that the sports. Mica. You're not always that fail -- three albums and whether it is injuries whether it is. Players who have taken leads that we were not expecting. Whether there's an element of chemistry to it I mean it it's just this secret sought. That I don't think anybody's figured out yet -- -- anybody's ever going to figure out because what they do that the games are going to be -- I think that in the past. Hey it's been one of those things where if we look at the scene and they look like they capped the players to win. We don't just assume they're going to our minds we Darren. He ourselves that they're going to put it and I think that's probably going to be the way it always -- but. It's flawed and and it's part of what makes sports so great perspective that he that -- pick in last place this year is in first place in. Looking like it's pretty damn good lock to make policy. Just pretty sure that baseball is not quite. The copycat league that the National Football League is that there must be some element of that. And I'm wondering at what point either now or down the road general managers will ever learn. The very painful lessons a long term contracts to stars whose best performances are behind them. And win those contracts played themselves out they will be closed at the end CL were cool to see. A rot -- -- -- When there's a fundamental shift in the way that players get paid in baseball and that money. Is given to younger players see here's here's the problem. With baseball. You've got eight talent pool that it's free agency after six years you've got talent that most of the time. Is the best talent is that the -- -- fourteen years old. Especially if -- pitchers. They're gonna sign a contract that brings them -- A couple of free agent years. Because of fallibility of pitching arms is what is certain you know 75% guys by the end of their careers are gonna have blown out something. Spent significant time on the DL. And which hitters. You'll also note that there's no reason to sign a long term contract as when you go to create as you're gonna get paid ridiculous the map and so until that money. Start getting chipped it equitably. To the younger players -- -- away from the older players we're not gonna find it in the reasoned that that -- happens because younger players are risking your doctor give the guy a hundred million dollars. What -- you know two seasons into his curriculum financial structure. Simply does not motivate you to do that it ultimately the issue is you need certain percent the percentage of money. Going back to players in order for there to be labor. There in order to avoid labor discord and the way that fateful prevented nearly I billion dollar industry. You know -- papers all the guys and just keep printing money and it's a worthwhile tradeoff yet. It's the big cable deals to that they they have this money coming in like the Dodgers so we got to get to spend it you know let's spend the com Jeff two months ago I know you picked the Red Sox to finished last like a lot of people did but. You get a do over now two months ago do you like their chances to reach the post season and do you think they're built the advance in the post season. I think a lot of it depends on what happens quite -- colts if they can come out with a rotation. But Buchholz. Lester. -- And PD. And some border fashion manner. I pretty good and especially if you know -- -- electric Britain. In step up along with Matt Norton at their lefty specialist and or fewer heart and continue just. The masterful pitching that Asia I hope people there recognize how they have good -- guys did -- I mean it. It's it's not it's not the prettiest thing in the world but he throws as many strikes as anybody and is somehow striking out -- Craig -- this year I mean it's just it's a beautiful thing to watch and you know whip resolute they're pitching like he is with his -- as capable as he is. -- workmen in the bullpen now -- -- long guy potentially moving to set a girl I'd like they're pitching. I do it in peavy really stabilizes. That long he could say -- is that. And he kept saying anything bad about it in the lineup can be absolutely devastating out very. News earning himself a nine figure contract with the season. -- victory and has been at least stable and -- to alternate jurors Pedroia or cheeses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it better Albert comes up which I fully expected to take over third base sometime within the next month. Can make it even better. About Cliff -- jump how close -- -- -- moved in how serious for the Red Sox and conversations with the Phillies about him. He now say -- weren't serious enough where one source. Certainly -- -- -- -- It and don't waste your time -- -- about it because. It has not been much to it I picked off. And I think that Ruben Amaro that I need different Bogart's. And then -- in Latin that was about the -- the because. Look. If the guy Warren you. Eaters 62 and a half million dollars over the next two years. Percent and seven and a half million dollars over the next three years. -- -- -- -- You know maybe make it the Red Sox would get some prospects -- a lot of guys. Would certainly would like and other facilities let -- Webster. Everybody in baseball let Henry Owens right now you know Karen here -- doesn't. -- it quite as well because the facility you have quite -- negative. Stepped at third base but it. That the number of prospects Jackie Bradley junior would bid up. A perfect fit and I think ultimately that's what a deal -- looked like something like Bradley. -- and may be lower level prospect and for the -- -- it's just not worth it because what the Red Sox have right now they're on the last remember one thing back like it. 2004. Matches because of the World Series but because of the young players got really really exciting there. That's happening. You know -- not probably got bigger turn -- -- that never happened except seemingly in Saint Louis where every prospect. And it split and there are going to be -- misses but they have so much inventory. In the mid to upper levels of the minor league right now. That the Red Sox have a chance be devastatingly good for the next five years if they play their cards right and the start that loses. Getting themselves flexibility with a Gonzales Crawford back. It or talk -- just passing Yahoo! Sports and and -- Jerry used the term duel over in -- previous question and I'm gonna use it again here. Referring to Philadelphia once again if Papelbon. Or Philadelphia -- -- opportunity for a duel over. Those two kids wouldn't get together for this little love affair that's not turning out very well for either -- Yes like a prom date that ends up looking like carry. Me it is. Really really ugly there and but you guys Jonathan Papelbon did you expect anything. No no blew another save less lackluster game. I mean he's an -- and he always has been he's you have to be -- who can pitch very well but it. He's running into that that lovely phenomenon met. All of us do called aging and he's losing you start a fastball and you know turning around and blaming others for what he feels like is a bad situation that he has. Plenty to do well and finally it is not that I -- that is that is that typical level. Yet -- which is fine because once he's done playing is going to be a study at Oxford and I have a career and -- Jeff. Give us the latest Euro tumbled as much as anybody in a run to get bounced the date tomorrow Monday with the schedule. I think there's going to be some. Some negotiations. Still going it's not -- I'm not gonna say it not happening today because without surgery is sort of woken up this morning and said -- -- contract like that that's what apple. Ryan brought mean Graham brought in baseball was yeah. Expecting to hear from him and Brian -- initiated is suspensions. Back to happen without Hillary is not -- -- I think you probably get stretched over the week and it may be until Monday and look what has always been Alex Rodriguez is imperative is stating that much of his money into parts. But that's what drives the guy is -- should add things to say considering he's made over his career. Upwards of half a billion dollars. But. That that is what's important. And got nothing sillier than watching these templates and simulate -- game can get -- to play down and Tampa I mean everybody isn't uncomfortable watching -- it's like it's out there and got a naked it wouldn't be as uncomfortable. In the part you know every everybody's starting to play is -- led. In reality I think we're all. Pretty much resigned to the fact that our surgery who's going to take. A significant suspension a 150 plus games and that's going to be the end of that you know -- pitched it ostensibly get and that career and if you tell me a guy is in trying -- back. At almost forty years old. Removed from Q hip surgery. Looking people already. With three years. And at 240 years in between him playing I sorry I just don't see it happening in the keyboard spew hate. That the -- show like you know. Hey Jeff does bug Selig have to win some sense sort of serve two masters here one of course would be Major League Baseball and trying do. Add to his legacy that he is the guy that cleaned up the game but on the other hand. Somehow not step on the toes but try to placate the other teams who say if you give the New York Yankees complete and total relief from the sky. They are immediately accelerated back into players underneath the luxury tax. Thresholds. And can do a lot more damage than they normally would be if A-Rod money were on the books. I think that's a valid concern I don't think but -- give a damn about it. No I don't and what is. Did the Yankees whether we like that are under the marquee team. In Major League Baseball arguably the marquee team in American professional sports. If Bud Selig can be something that. Back candidly benefit them I don't think he necessarily sees that as pat him he. He preaches he competitive balance of baseball but. At the same time I think he feels like not just his legacy but that the way he used performance enhancing drugs. It is as a much more universal thing. And the Yankees slipping under the luxury tax for one year and I think he feels like a greater period. Is better served with a severe harsh penalty for -- certainly do it now. -- let's be honest if we're looking at fist through strictly illogical from strictly logical perspective. You about that but he would have to lose by suspending Alex Rodriguez for light. Is a lot more than he does by coming down and and stopping this nuclear option and just settling out where -- -- -- reasonable for votes. -- it's no secret the Red Sox had -- offseason plan to reboot after the Bobby Valentine disaster that part of that plan was the personality in the character. Of the new additions to this club house a lot of people at the times scoffed it seems to be working beautifully. Will there if there is is is notable success by the Red Sox with this plan. A new. -- trick on the horizon -- other organizations where character and personality. Seemed to matter maybe not as much as -- but nevertheless a factor. I think it is and should be a factor everywhere I don't think the Red Sox are winning because you can't however I I think that there is. Hey eighty small. And I'm not gonna say in perceptible. But -- small tangible benefit. The guys -- get a law. You know guy to get along while they're winning. Art even better but I think if you wanna look for example of the team that -- that's. And that did this before the Red Sox in if you wanna they started the trend and it's hilarious to exit its deal with Dayton. Look at -- -- lay out serious look at their roster 125. And help me. How they have any reason in the world to be 63 and 45. To be acting and a half I think behind the two games behind. There's no reason whatsoever. That this team should be tested as it is and I think there is something to back up really getting along and if you want to ask them about it -- guys that Jonny -- But if you -- apt to back him -- a big talk with in the spring. During the hearing. Spring training down for buyers and talk with David Ortiz and Johnny governments and locker next and then. Poppy and I were talking about chemistry last year. And he's talking about how important it was and Jonny Gomes -- is -- Albertson's the most important thing mayors. And I it -- arms somebody who really does believe in numbers. Any -- you can build the team off the numbers but that they use a lot of attitude she. And I said that I got my. The most important thing and he went on and on about how the aid ship could suck. But they did not because they got along so well and I think there's something to that would. If it -- your radio station in particular work place. And where if you get along with people there. You want to do better -- just for self but for them and for the sake of the company in the organization everybody accepts. Newspapers that I've been app where everybody has got a law. We've done better work got sports wonderful place to work where I wanna do good work apps -- much so much for people who read it. But for the people with -- network that is. Absolutely something tangible. Is something to that I just don't think we can -- put a number on it because of that. People's top that it that's their thing. Well they certainly got it going on so far will sleep at -- and is sustainable Jeff -- Yahoo! Sports always appreciate the baseball talk with you talked you down the road. -- Jim -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T got like AT&T forgy LT EU apple what is it. Instant check out check out that the the person on the stand right now and TO Wimbledon trial daisies are doubtless. She's an FBI us secretary of the secretary of the Boston FBI office. She's been working there were 62 years. She's been secretary. In the Boston FBI office for 62. And a half years. Dashed her age -- sit over fifty. Elect let's pretend she sort of working which was twenty right. He's on the static apparently she's quite a character in people a laugh and Bulger laughed at one over quips. But she's the 72. Witness and 72. I think this one more ago. And then it's. Reckoning time so 73 and NYT would be settling man he would be the last and the final and will find out. -- shortly we got to -- watch that if he has -- guts I don't know but this. -- Looks pretty good for a woman of eighty something yes because I see the armory here and will look nice yeah yeah not a bad look doubled off nicely turned out -- Isn't there were Kwame don't have to retire at some point if you were the FBI government -- government's. And don't you want to -- to -- these sweet. Pension act and at least she probably knows how to do emails Bud Selig doesn't. Probably that probably does she probably adapted to the time. More of your phone calls Dennis and Callahan 6177797937. Will be right back.

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