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Sox magic continues

Aug 2, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Sox 11th walk off win of the season. John and Gerry were still trying to convince Kirk that magic is playing a role.

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He's playing in a liner plunged over a third -- all the automobile line. Not a story as a finalist in the third at two doubles four home. The only -- seven to three. Line drive base hit to right field. Here comes another warlord who is in right behind him black ball meanwhile scored two runs Iran -- -- seven the flag. Them and yeah lingle Linda Mason left me. Felt great picks up and it starting in the same period -- -- smaller metal -- I mean. And standing up these stories it's 76. When you look back. Okay. In the Red Sox win in the pits when I. It back -- -- -- it's not going to have the support of the game. -- -- -- And a word America. On 93 point seven WT. Okay and the interest of full disclosure I lost interest at seven to one. But I fell asleep convinced it. Kirk Manningham was going to commit here and -- and say so where is your magic vs Felix Hernandez and the Mariners. Only a wake up in the middle of the night. On my WEE. I text alert that says the Red Sox scored six in the night. For their second walk off. In one day by the way. And then I made a prediction myself as that many have called in sick. Because he does not wanna face the grief of the peoples and that's what -- thought I magic I and my guess was meaning it was in the pulpit Wednesday. That was -- you -- right when I leave -- at that point. It was gonna come to Jesus gap in Edmonton and haven't come to Jesus moment yeah it literally. Even as this agnostic to atheist it was godless. -- was -- was even. Yeah great now they are sort out what if that -- -- what -- -- was going to be an earlier he didn't call in sick are you gonna. On the mercy of the court and it's not the vein I'll. Right here of course a great win -- really good team you know doesn't quit I'll say about them they don't quit and Jerry's said -- -- forty times this year -- right. There I will agree -- on this the 2012 Red Sox would not have won that game us now concede that. No question. Commutes this this match -- its magic what's going to word magical magic John -- -- -- grown man when you don't have that they would tonight it's become sick. I've made -- Ferrell -- and -- -- very dust down on Robby Thompson when he Hernandez for a 140 largely born 1988 when Patrick -- out July 4 when I believe that and I believe that of course -- -- -- Won the -- -- here for that magical against me to where to go get ideas when it gets -- hot -- it lasted forever. -- to a much to fight but it's yes I believe how good excuse but we should amid a -- like 6 o'clock just to just try to get your mind around this team has lost through its team which traded away -- in Crawford back. This team didn't sign Josh Hamilton that didn't make -- -- Zack Greinke doesn't have any new. Superstars. On the team -- not ground troops who are compared to last year. It Ellsbury and lack Ortiz and who are first of all that. So lakers' superstar who's been really good this year -- super pretty we have -- now now they're not easy damn good. Now it was bad it was getting -- he's getting better now -- -- Ellsbury or or collect call by superstar right now no course not of course played star levels all three. Are about who's been great and none of them none of them -- -- the press -- the American league of at a record is going to be a little tigers you know at a record. The and certainly in Toronto blue cheese. It it's bizarre it's inexplicable. It's weird -- you know what I really became believed you know when it release -- the lord. Win. When and that was two and two huge ego and the -- right on the middle I mean. Outside half yet. -- strike 99. Out of 100 times the you're gone yeah punched out to concede to doesn't match -- just. It wasn't surprised by any better at what magic does run I don't believe the umpire is minded to the that of course that swept in the did you see that she. That pitchers always. Played David racked up is always strike pre always now. Master -- wasn't it. That it's it's cause of magic. -- the part of your statement arguments fun and I give him credit for doing on part of your argument that you have to redact from from your -- -- to do John is is is this. Well where is -- when they started losing weight but it's not a constant it is that we're not suggesting what's magic is in place it is a foundation last forever is ephemeral. Just like getting on a -- we used the analogy yesterday -- getting involved in my doing this for hours -- I will be -- -- -- I I tell us right now to what voting and why I don't want to release as a present right. Riley Cooper I would just hope we're show that does that occasionally -- some shall we are disagreeing over something that neither one of -- proof. So it doesn't mean that I'm right or your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In this world. The you don't believe unless you can have some empirical evidence in your hand and turn it over hold up like say yes there that's an Adam right there to see you know I mean. Correct really there's nothing you believe and faith based correct. Right what you believe -- low I love my kids my kids are you can see that little bit tangible that's I might get comfortable and that's love I see them and I say I love this guy. I love this little girl I love. I'd love to see -- you -- we try and they'll look just like -- feel as you see your little girl born right. Pictures -- he wants to relate to -- it's a good look at the -- But good matchup or that like me. It -- you like god bless you on somebody's -- And it's more you say thank god when you -- -- to break them -- thank god you know again I think god sort of that that's not that's an -- -- addition of some sort of faith based. That's the best situation to react and I agreed to react and -- Marx's thank god bill -- got my point my overall point as you guys could very will be right. I just don't believe and why is it really matter I mean after that win last night that's is good about the threats are totally inaccurate due hitting is contagious -- Capsules -- -- I admit I just don't we end and does go to jail. -- proven 100 as we've clutch hitting and that's a very complicated showers little guys. Said yeah I think that's a six Joseph Paterno was -- it to -- He's been discredited but but here's my question. That wouldn't Bobby Thompson. Column Bobby. A it's the same guy that hit the home run because -- play for the giants that's Julia had a bullet to -- old Robbie -- didn't hub. I remember Robby Thompson's like this. Young second baseman. Andrea. It looks like he's used to seventy losing games like that will do that to you but when he -- with the wrong end to the bullpen. Which an even bigger deal I didn't know the rule I mean -- -- Joseph. I I I thought you could -- he obviously knew could he pulled back quickly and yeah idea but it's really necessary to force him to bring -- -- -- -- things going at the random. And and is it. They said the umpire. Decided I read once or the umpire applied determined that that was a call for -- yes he could have said. I was just you know Gretchen is our point pointing at the big is full moon up there that -- look at the prudential building. But they force him to bring in the lefty -- prod his left arm up for instance right seems kind of arbitrary -- -- right. Why don't why don't wanna -- puts on a a one for a fastball and he gets shaken off what they -- not you called for the fastball you have to -- the -- you can't switch to I guess that's not a rule and this is a rule and -- screw him up right there and then and you -- get the feeling. That magic was in place here I never think they're gonna do until they do Republicans it is. It just seemed so unlikely unlikely. The ticket what's victory though got -- -- I said that ridiculous in this game. -- yet again about when Gomes watch two thirds trickle written on the middle I had that feeling. Hit -- -- a win in the when Bobby Robby Thompson's signals with the wrong arm. That's a lot of people aren't. We're talking about because they gave up and -- and says subsequently yeah. People tend to give up. Not these Red Sox these magical rent a house about trying to call my -- can go to -- looks as if -- -- -- Felix Hernandez must be at the point -- me. This is my life this is my life in Seattle I thought that was great pitchers in the game. No one will they know what -- -- a chance when 300 bring him up young and he's very young came up it is anybody thinking to win 300 games on 1113 -- game yeah. Field and Hernandez is a better pitcher he has no chance it would 200. As he sighed resigned himself to this is what his life is about this this morning sort on the same page you which is scary. Think about and we're gonna hear from John Farrell Johnny Gomes and Dustin Pedroia and all these people who contributed to this win last night. But think about the -- starting pitchers and -- there variants of emotions must be this morning right you know Felix Hernandez is certainly -- You know irritated disappointed frustrated probably. And then dumpster. While he is happy we will live and Dempster. That this team you know bailed him out he didn't suffer a loss they're on this ridiculous rule. And playing so well and even last night which was like one of the great comeback wins of all time certainly the best of the season short. He's he's a negative part of it these. -- -- -- it would promote -- get him and I think if that's -- -- was we -- -- share in the bullion title -- I look for. Yeah I'd look for buckles and I mean I would I would never question dumpsters. So I saw a colts again you have to buckle up close and he wasn't under the pile and don't discount on the talking about that. The platform. Goodness and shirts off. And yet you know there are insure itself than. While -- spray in water each other and he dealt did you know that so get that. Extra yeah yeah. There are sure enough no I don't know -- the group. Novice when did that become a tradition replenish your stuff funded think Jerusalem again assured -- that are fun. You know what it's except it's gonna get worse there's going to be a place a time when either an organization a Major League baseball's gonna say that's enough because they keep adding layers to this you know it was like I was -- high fives after home run that it -- them the mob scene where it throws and held it up in the -- -- it was to beat the -- lot of them. That not then gone punted this helmet positives that that was your little overboard body might get drilled the next time up yet but. I guess people like him just like like Ortiz is swagger on the bases. Never gets drilled brings all the opponents like him you know baseball likes him but my point is they're trying to top the one before -- from the table for what's up -- -- gonna do something ridiculous like he's in a fire helmet into the scrum just has -- taken away Tuesday -- the staff eleventh walk. Off Florida where I believe the best in the major -- by to hear that history -- -- -- has nine. Via some weird things happen in baseball lot of magic in a word magical in Kansas City has nine straight wins. And gained almost no ground and asked and they haven't -- they have not scored for more than four runs in any of them. I'd love. Article sent on -- -- -- in -- their their hit in this score and not just winning in on the winning in strange ways -- not scoring. -- -- CDs in the pennant race August. Pittsburgh campus are a little easier -- -- before -- has the best record in baseball 602 Red Sox -- played 600 baseball that is 97 point two wins projected it would be just why our supporters in Kansas City ball in the light out. Yeah and and in Boston and I mean look at it in this in no angels -- Rondo. Really. An end and I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here but try to explain this -- you Kirk. That the reason the magic thing applies to this because it's the it's it's part of the analysis. Of great results. From a team that great things were not expected. If the blue jays were doing this. If the angels were doing this -- pit -- -- second wind and just. That would -- I was it would not be magical. I correct right now maybe some walk off stuff -- do some crazy things in and unexpected things that kind of match well I mean it or if it happened a lot but this is a team and as we talked you know chapter and -- about that nobody expected any of this from you know bridge year. A transition year to -- get a -- a rebuilding type year. So it it it's it's great results from a team from which not much was expected and there are penalized the. Magical aspect of this I stick to be a really good team with a lot of expectations and realize we are not going to have any -- that's right right well it's a collective confidence. Of the yeah. They all think. Someone's gonna do it for us tonight even when their animal action to announce that nobody in the park experience when we -- six ball went 75. -- Pedroia strokes. A single -- think can someone else open gonna Ortiz. And I -- shocking to see Ortiz gun violence strikes a realistic and that was the only out of the right idea yet it was one out only one out prison record Ortiz yeah. Because maybe. Notes on -- -- caught numbers matter wouldn't matter but Ortiz goes out of structure shocked. You say and what the second greatest clutch hitter in Red Sox history. He's got a join the party yeah here and he didn't and that that is the magic I think Dustin Pedroia talked about this team in the personality and the guys on this team the the the the fabric. All the guys in the clubhouse. Lot of personnel in the same room you guys care about each other guy's gonna win. In -- to fight to the end and that's. And we understand -- big -- this stuff but. You know -- of us. Here everybody and everything we got -- you know that if Basilan last thing we're also John's event. Not everybody. Are ways of there's a lot of really good about it. The -- minute when they were down 71 you had your ranch also this morning now I where I don't I don't do victory laps John you don't know I don't -- does well I because I don't know it's right or wrong in this market again I say I plead I don't know. You guys are pleading no -- there is magic there is magic in the world. There -- let me ask you this I don't -- is -- there is there nothing that could happen between now and October. That would convince you that that exists -- substance of these -- what what would eat Red Sox players -- we start flying around and that's how I wouldn't have something going on possible. Magic now though you can't -- these Christ to come down and -- your third start in the playoffs this. I -- Eleven -- walk off now between now on October doctor horrible like this under an erosion on and that's it you that you would not. -- saying have a good team yes they have a result they obviously do. Good for a Monday. Team of destiny. I know and I'm not sure about that Jerry. Access can a year now I've got to say just as much as any other team now. The best team when the team that scores more I don't know that's not too bad game the -- that always wins -- a team that scores more let's get the team with less talent sometimes wind yes it. Does the team has in Ryan Demps are starting against. One of the best pitchers in baseball that teams sometimes win. Yeah that that happens and you know what happens when Juan together in the in the club most sales that beat leave believing that yeah. These guys believe that someone eulogy Sally did. You being ironic is being ironic don't look like him he started -- -- here on the moon that is mean. That's our answer -- point. Well that's okay the animal was right. That he was talking among when he said puberty but in this case Campbell you stuck. Tonight that you think you're gonna finally went hey big -- it was right they have the red -- I've heard over an -- yesterday -- believable magically appear right imagine being field commanders. You easily in the area again this year is eleven which went thirteen fourteen games. Couple years ago Little -- -- 227 area thirteen points well fortunately. Cy Young voters -- put much weight in in wins yeah. You know to prevent -- step. And they gave me his Cy Young when he went. Correctly thirteen and twelve right when it was the -- 120 years ago when and one that. There's like six that some people Djokovic and you know like Mark Clayton and mark or it. In this case he's he's 109 games in nine -- -- He's 27 so still young -- came up at nineteen I mean if he placed ten more years. Just -- you know when 200 and he's a great rate it has asked for -- trade Aziz -- please -- what he did he did but that was contract stuff way he's got -- paid -- he's -- 2000 in nineteen in 2019 do you make 27000858. If you could swallow a lot of bad losses -- I think their -- -- loyalty loyalty and support and an acceptance of lack of run support and not -- -- support mean. Make an error is there make him. Motives manager -- asked him the management department is my heritage from. -- the wrong arm. You know you had to point at the exist. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know W -- -- -- -- Well no cause it's match maybe not there maybe it's just it's -- unwritten rule that in a word magical yeah -- lists the reasons for PB two definitely dumpsters want them if you look. Bad dancers and yes I can look at deviancy he's worth even -- peavy was just another -- that's heard just another ball like Princeton Review a grizzled veteran who goes and gives you innings. And you know what that's that is part of the appeal of he beast and a band around -- -- is not going to be star struck in the pennant race and feel the same way about Dempster Dempster struggled and no question. But he's not like choking you -- Disposal -- -- bat went up there that it blocked everything if they you know win some games like last night but more for the post -- you want to -- starting game four PP right now probably. Obviously. Yeah 6177797937. Text like 37937. Jeff passed in Yahoo! Sports joins us in the 9 o'clock hour when we come back. We will go to the percentages. Of as that ninth inning unfurled at Fenway Park held the Red Sox went from very little chance to win to a huge chance to win and they've made good on. We will evaluate our ruffles Max steak potato chips which are with us in the -- to come around you know -- Amman like. The -- of his bag and get better every time only. The minute hand they don't give cast modesty she house you're not getting one now. Pocketing the -- what would be unappealing but it's not -- it's right back to look at that nice not humor or is it looked statistic that's after I asked I integrates state last home by myself compliments of state rice when you're by this blog book I want the beaches close target target you bought a stake in target for five bucks. Was a good it was ex girl. Yes -- portal and I had staked ships with. Mr. McChrystal is -- night for you what's wrong with that it's not just asking questions should you be carbo loading up protein loading on -- -- -- tonight it's the pasta night part two will evaluate the rebels man and I and I get out of my knees and prayed for a holiday that it does barrel. Rain like it and is on dry weekend. The try we guarantee that your data how many times the right we can listen -- crucial economic time I checked my phone the -- other than that and Friday. Was good and clear I came in today and I drove through -- a while ago. Thirty miles it was torrential from the point worst and snow went 35 miles -- our own country and it was just. Like in this blanket of got -- now if your lucky day you know is not the worst in -- you can barely see in the definitely keeps his -- like rights. -- it's just breaks your quick and I way. It was it was right what's the worst -- and whether you could deriding Saturday and Sunday. Yeah it's your lucky weekend highs both days 79 -- I'm not looking anymore whether it's partly sunny. No rain whatsoever. Little cloud cover. Robberies he agrees I think my flat tires enough in my flat tires my on my idea when we're also gonna get into the -- group think and the bill go vote when he -- -- and -- a couple of problem and also evaluate Aaron Hernandez and ship and -- explain at some point in the next. Shoot three plus hours the price the cost of it knows when we come back.

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