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Daniel Nava with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox 2nd Straight Walkoff win

Aug 1, 2013|

joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Daniel Nava from the dugout after he got the Red Sox rally started in the 9th inning that saw them score 6 runs to beat the Mariners 8-7.

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-- -- -- -- -- I think -- world. You write bad but DB well like I guess whatever happened that -- this teams are real what if you ever been a part of anything like it is. That that was one of those things started. Started small and I think that's huge and that's a long way that probably could overlook the course you know. -- think that rocket. Arm and another another read that and Johnny and that obviously to get the right. If you don't do it that we're probably back -- walked the bases. In the clubhouse that doesn't -- -- things that you. When your walk to start it was such a big deal we said at the time will laughter Q runs and scored. Isn't that the way the Red Sox win games maybe innocently at the beginning which you guys all build on top of each other starting when you first walk. Yeah I think it's a one of those -- that -- we crying that everything that guy. -- at a rate that. There's just you know it's home run earlier in the game. Everybody matters has been known as it's not nice Noah sitting start from us -- -- -- very Q it. I think that tonight. Yeah it was a one of those great examples and I sent Reggie did feel that changing. But seven Dejuan after salmon. King Felix to have them out there. Was there any sense that this could happen. You know I don't think we look that far down. But on the line it was -- Obvious -- it's -- pitcher that is that's the work that really well you're just trying to right now that's. Fortunately we're able to get enough at the end that's. The wind the wind and he did a great job tonight against us so -- -- you really get -- -- before. You go to make its way to -- it that -- in the it's not so that was that was something we'll take. Six runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win at this level is just it's kind of unheard of I gotta ask you when you're in the middle left filed a tearing off your Jersey everyone's going crazy the place is getting louder and louder and louder and everyone's in delirium what is that feeling like. And outside it's unreal I've I've never and they're experiencing things like that we've had a lot of opportunities. This year did. To do it's I've been you know on the site its other guys so your -- for the guys that via. You know force enough to -- guy who has put them this it was this. That's something that won't forget it's a lot of fun now houses and make sure that getting a protest jocks and and that's what does it so I want to flooded down Dahlia yeah that's the big guys on this team and I'm not one of them -- -- -- -- that we the giant the last eleven walk off wins. You need to look back several little things Jonny Gomes or had a runner -- in the top of the guys that make you great catch up against the wall yeah. Didn't seem like he was a big deal of the time but wild -- that may -- two runs. Yeah I think that was -- like we were talking before we done is lot of little things that really really. You look back and I we had a less effort on that play -- changes. The great thing about Johnny -- it -- everything's got. It's nothing -- time is going on you. He went out there and really knows they're calling that play them throw and catch him. That all those things -- who is a huge part of violence games. Then nine I wanna get in celebrate a lot of people have questions waiver congratulations. On flat the most magical moment this season. So what has been a season of magical memories for the Red Sox. That you guys appreciate things -- -- -- -- Walk off winner he chased the first pitch there and hit it it's almost to the center field law David it's still starting when you win games like that it's something that that. You're gonna think about all vital Lawton well ended tomorrow win did it's why you may remember wrote. Over the course of the season into October because it. Natalie because it was unlikely but because they think it reflects. The character of this team. Well that is it I think John hitting Daniel said the same thing hit it really sums up by the Carrick -- I don't know what's gonna happen in the end they do know the Red Sox just signed Jake Peavy. And he's about to make his debut with the Sox on Saturday. The Red Sox go into the weekend series absolutely first place all the themselves in the American League east. If I'm the Tampa Bay Rays. I'm looking at tonight and last night and I'm saying man we gave everything we had in the month of July 221 and five we still couldn't catch those guys. And look at what they continue to do one after another it's going to be a great race right down probably involving the Baltimore Orioles as well. But the Red Sox have some magic in the here no question about it in 2013. So -- Red Sox win it with a six run ninth. Their biggest -- deficit overcome this year. When it had been more runs to win that they come from 61 down tonight to win five runs down in the ninth. Or six times to beat Seattle -- sweep this series they are 66 it forty or one game ahead of the --

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