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Jake Peavy with Salk and Holley: I'm excited to play with guys like Pedroia and Ortiz

Aug 1, 2013|

We check in with Jake Peavy who just arrived in Boston and couldn't be happier to be here. We discuss the transition to a contender, when he'll make his first start and more...

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That answer the question coming appear about twenty minutes or so if you got a question any question of course we will try to answer in just text us 379 37. Also get to some of your. Open Mike comments on. Drew Brees leaving a three dollar Tampa. But not blood meal on to take out you don't have to tip on take out with us that we both think you guys can not leave your thoughts will get to those in a few minutes. The Red Sox having new pitcher's name is Jake Peavy I'm sure you've heard of on the he's kind of take a few minutes with us here via the AT&T hotline Jake how -- I don't -- -- got along pretty well here before we get started got to give us some good Lou Maloney stories keep saying now. He played with you that that what do you tell us about that we can use against him. You know what this article is this what the one thing I'd do about little other than Lou. Hello this is already great it's one thing I can remember about -- that's a perfectly only one thing now we get it. Old I mean Lulu Lulu -- -- obviously are pretty clear what they are due to erratic. I don't know we -- trying to video but I do remember complaint shortstop that double Saturday and all that. I -- say a war. And I'm catching -- ball into -- beat on that old part. -- -- down just prior to throwing the -- -- do remember that out of date from hell week which meant there in the well under security so that it without your -- member cabinet they'll lose obviously it later lost and understood about it. Part of Peter out more -- As a second time in your career now the you've been traded to what were your emotions when you found out you're coming to Boston. Yeah -- very emotional the emotional content that -- two it took so what -- motion darker time because you're still would you rather change. Yes some great core chips after you know that you're there in Chicago so you. Had a lot of our producer there were badly but when you. Our reduction treated to a great current chart that we bought the French are so what tradition. Expectations to web. And didn't come to a situation where change in course bush can't be any work side so little -- that you elect. But that lead with the boys. Which until the last few years. You know after we always talk about pitchers who go through injuries and how they have to change how you mean you're. Cy Young winner before you you got hurt and then you got hurt what happened what you have to do what you have to do -- -- -- work actually grown and you know albeit in order that we. You know our our security -- -- and I you know I certainly your can't be overpowering. To lower back then. -- you know I think that -- -- smarter. Preparation Mars -- whole lot more goes into it. State carrier Bartley and understanding your body and yet you almost certain days where I would aware. Don't think it is at all. A much better than it was back then so hostile leader Libya. You know future of manufacturing. You know our. Trying to in the rotation guy. For a contending team and I expect nothing more than that on the ball in the -- heard -- go out open -- can't. JP with a -- WEEI if I appear Red Sox fan and you haven't seen you pitch before and we're excited to watch the first time we see out there. When will we know wanna start if you've got your good stuff that they what's a good indicator that you're gonna have a good day. Well in the street and you see a remark or two throughout -- PC yet you're having trouble not that all commands. -- that that's either I'm not really actually let it I was with my body let's say it we do our -- -- -- I think when you come out here. The tutorial that all work force all set up -- -- about -- -- everything she got that your fastball command order. Should be hearing Austin all orders release are they settled your total -- of a problem all worth. At least be thrower it's up to a -- to -- -- here. -- here to two -- there. I tell us what you know about some of the people on this team and where did you start thinking about. Hey I'm I'm gonna be a member of the Boston Red -- or it's a possibility that I can be a member of that team. Organize you'd you'd hear rumors and -- -- that you have no control. I did which drug soul factory sitting in the car and you're tolerant Merrill where maybe things about -- All the rumors you hear it live becomes a reality earlier play guys. It was with -- and Georgia in the -- Respect those guys that -- avenue goes last year and that'll genius as well here in the current stories and yet shall Austin. I would -- -- electrical torture and succeed in here he went in -- -- -- Japan are also working at so I knew. The guys around and Dave Ross and in have been. In a room so these guys are also -- so. And so so I have some potential seem superstar it's that it goes to grow. You have more great group of guys and you -- is a great ballclub. Would would the -- left -- Seattle champion and that's McMoran. No. I'm pretty sure the guys hiring more more than a great ball. -- tell you know John. Well you know what I just a -- first are today I agree about -- -- people -- big or policy. But had no winner actually John today. -- would actually spoke all of and I get treated but I could be in -- got to be here and we will offer. What the city I mean you talk about some of the guys you know and -- gonna get to know in new manager. Boston -- little different as I'm sure that those guys have told you as a baseball city at Fenway Park obviously pitched here before. How how do you expect to deal with -- Boston as a baseball town. There are QB to more you know it's it's. What. Is there better translation in the country -- -- -- -- that recognition. Is. It is war all sides as they are Null when you come -- -- about baseball. It orchestras such a traditional. Great atmosphere watching him and I can't be Mort start playing here at Indy. He works out editor welcome to the you know obviously this year will be short -- war. Get out and try to make it different -- actually a development that you. The securities -- just -- for its work and called -- as athletes that couldn't be more Libya and a place such. Which such passion -- for life for baseball and garlic org or. Jake I saw a quote when somebody talking about you and they said Jake Peavy would rather give up a home runs and allow you walk. He just hates giving -- walks. Eight is that true and -- where did you develop that pitching philosophy who really had that that affected units said this is our you have to bigger. A dramatic start to -- to a lower level can be an there's nothing more than eight start a rally -- not giving up here. It's it's hard to not have a dominant around all of that. There are realm vehicle would not that easy. Just sit there. You -- New Yorkers share a year when you start walking guys. Is we're really at the various sources. Snowball sought. It takes so much pride in real little ball over the plate and then. That is a true statement whoever oh scored assailant. Absolutely. What you're crazy you are put got a hold -- obviously that is certainly time to gain. -- makes sense. And potentially you know unintentionally intentionally walk somebody else -- you. I think that'll be pretty obvious game management situation but. I don't want put guys -- Portland or earn some time. The prime as the union and borrow. For the most part that makes them together and regular. Well it's interesting look and your numbers over the course year career and that's developed right over time earlier in your career than the walk numbers were higher than they've been more recently. And talking to people who were with -- in San Diego had one guy sitting at the time. He was the case and and sometimes it's frustrating because he wouldn't be able little bit. Has has that has that evolved for you as a pitcher. You show hosts with everything that I do now is there's been an evolution. That is told the media and there are you know which so that I understood. What I understand about -- playing now back then what I really had stuffed shirts and use terms and there would be our game. But you got -- this and also that part of Salmonella a billionaire or -- go about single. I did back -- so. It certainly the ball players and that they are a lot of good years -- -- -- or do. Oakley that is that -- march and next your your ball. That you are set to pitch and Saturday is that -- is that it is going to be. I think so Saturday and didn't like the the -- it's are on the pitch every night it's there are. -- -- -- Or city you got kids and they got a wide view of a dog we -- -- let's get to know Jake Peavy a little bit what what is what is home life for you. Get got three little -- -- and you also -- -- liberty. In in very rural Alabama little ourselves an acre down there are. Apparent there are are down there and earned their trust and more or license to share your your friends and -- so. -- who have human in the tournament here alone. Further my first started bolster growth market. -- Michael Booker turner and -- Well we're all very art must release the grandparents everybody. We get to those two Boston. Just. Good luck finding 5000 acres near the Boston area you can you can pull that off please let me know how that works very seriously ticket it's good to have -- here -- -- thanks to be with us and good luck. -- others JP the newest member of the Boston Red Sox joining us via the AT&T hotline and it's interesting to hear sort of the the talk of maturing as a pitcher from -- young guy who who won a Cy Young award is a much younger pitcher. But is now almost developed in a way where. You always hear about these guys right date they lose that couple miles an hour off the fastball he's done that -- they lose a little bit of bite on the curve ball whenever you're smarter but -- have to get smarter and it sounds like he's done exactly that. Is there anything when when he had the stuff he sent -- the stuff really have a huge impact. Note the if he had his knowledge knowledge that he has now -- Maybe 10156. Feelings on that note where's it written that would cliche came from you -- wasted on the young team. You just go on with you know pure talent. But he was pretty good as a pure talent to get upset and I want to you're gonna pure talent write about it and think about what you're doing just. Such great stuff that -- -- not to worry about the art of pitching. Then something happened you become a pitcher now while the candidates. Again it was interesting hearing in my I was in Seattle as you know and Cliff -- first got there and hearing some of the scouting report on TV he's not the same pitchers closely and we agree we talked to Jim -- earlier he said Lee is better he's a better pitcher and he's right he said the reasoning Lee would start games 14 and 74 in a seven game series. Peavy probably based on this team start games two or three depending. But when you hear arms I hate to give up walks -- a strikeout guy who who may -- will give up the occasional home run because I'm willing about temperature embrace that he's I mean I turn it that's Cliff Lee in a -- that is exactly cliff -- Gives a great interview incredibly intense southern kind of a guy -- that mentality and in listening to him talk and having done interviews with Cliff Lee. Almost identical I mean very similar types of personalities. With may be slightly different results out there on the other side but both very good pitchers. And I know there's a huge group of people that are. Either angry about the trade disappointed. Fearful because they think Iglesias is going to be something great or because they don't think that the Red Sox got what they really needed it in Jake Peavy. But I disagree. I I I I really like what venture and to get the other night what what did you think of the interview will get your thoughts an answer the question coming up in about ten minutes.

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