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Is Bud Selig really the best commissioner pro sports has to offer?

Aug 1, 2013|

Mike Salk doesn't really want to defend Bud Selig, but given the other options we have to choose from out there... well.....

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And that's a lot of opinions on Tippett. Phone lines -- ever resource talk about tipping. I want Ben's question and let me first alien Jake -- press conference as he is now officially a member of the Red Sox. -- sent down he's added to the active roster -- Torre also sent to triple way. And Stephen Wright was called up. JP will have a press conference about ten minutes he will join us right after the press conference of Jake Peavy on the shelves. Conference -- to what five. 530. My guess is we'll have JP right around 530 maybe just before that so looking forward to talking to the newest member of the Red Sox -- you ask. The question that you asked me earlier in the day. About what been in their. We -- then what was the topic. About -- -- the A-Rod suspension unfortunately we've lost spent the last question part of the question then asked me is how does Bud Selig still have a job with the suspensions about to come down today or maybe tomorrow. And all that quote unquote scandal in baseball Ben says to me today how the heck does Bud Selig still have a job do you do you blame Bud Selig. Doubling blogs for people team in baseball yeah well I don't need to now. Did -- Major League Baseball benefit from from veterinary yes. You know popularity went up but two I think he he. Sat around in other owners around and then we know guys are cheating. In workers do anything about it because that almighty dollar almighty dollars really work force I don't think it went down -- that the income. Bud Selig Q1 Q institute that drug policy heart drug policy who. But there's -- union and baseball. It's a strong may be the strongest union plus start of the country of all the sports one of the strongest unions curious why he can just say. This is the way it's going to be and you can't do anything about it used. In free agency started and and that is that is more of a balance and -- -- ballots at the players union is extremely strong yeah I might make the counterargument to -- the Bud Selig right now is the best as commissioner in all of sports. But he allowed these steroid era to do will tell -- who's -- meaning it's not like the other three commissioner. You -- get jealous that -- -- about fidelity is the best he inherited the -- -- was already the best off has he done anything so great I mean I don't mean there's been labor unrest in a very brief amount of time there's not a lot of people -- curious about the way I handled situation and at least at four there's a -- for inheriting a good situation and not scoring and that's fine but as George -- one of the great coaches of all time now he was fine. He inherited something is is he Barry Switzer well thought of -- mean those guys inherit something -- So easily and they won with so -- delicate -- is Barry Switzer and the Barry Switzer commissioner he might think depicts an ideal -- I don't I don't think the back commissioner I don't think he's a good one I think is a Barry Switzer of commissioners I think we all agree. I -- you -- David Stern you don't have to convince me on that -- I don't because he went bad I remember when he was great remember when he was actually. What was flexible but we're talking about right down a raging ego mania but now he is that's -- he -- in the David Stern that is now the -- not a pretty nervous and cannot compliment Davis turns on the conversation. Gary Bettman should not going to be in robberies and I think by default has to -- Roger -- the I think it's actually Bud -- say by the seat a jury that commissioner sport I can't right now I think he is when I look at what Bud Selig has done. I say all right he's made a ton of money for his ownership using he he helped increase the sport of baseball and really needed it after the strike. You have the steroid -- he -- a lot of money in the game because people were super into the offensive numbers and everything that was happening the union wasn't gonna let him test. And then. Once that interest started to it once that's started to jump the shark. He starts to take it out of the game and I always do everything you would want him to do in terms of going after the players that have been used -- -- -- -- And of the best commissioner that we're talking about -- -- really hard job. Easter basket restaurant sports figures are asked how the league doing and you knew that because -- yeah not a -- until ever going job or what -- how would the league -- he's he's got a lot of challenges he really does and I don't wanna. Technically I'm being a Bud Selig apologist I love I think he's the -- dog apparently went through -- court at least of four girls. Oh I have to seriously Robert stepped away and let me try to figure out I don't add up. -- -- at least I didn't think Gary Evans the greatest commissioners courts because that'd be a whole lot harder to -- out of baseball's got issues -- it does and and but is not always -- with -- to respond to them he's he's no he's not perfect. I wish that they would increase. Replay -- fold and wished they'd done it years ago I wish you would really get on. Both batters and pitchers in terms of speeding up the game I think there's a lot of important things that but see we can do that being said. At this point you're gonna criticize him for the way he's gone after these players. He he got -- bronze they went after after wide the first time and eventually they got their man they've they've gone after now this next group of users to go and after a rod. What else do you want him to do it only had to do you know he did. I still camp and I. System because he comes on every year Bud Selig the man I have no problems with. Bud Selig is -- is a huge baseball fan is the baseball historian. Loves. Even though he's a he's a brewers garden. He just loves baseball soul for that I applaud them many times. I've talked to -- situations in them have come away impressed. You know he was that the that Ted Williams tribute here at Fenway Park in 2002 was great very gracious had told great stories. Every year takes part in our. A radio radio on radio telethon with NASA -- Very generous Major League Baseball usually donate a huge -- I think last year they donated 50000 dollars. So I like Bud Selig the man very much but one thing I told them. A couple of years ago when he was on the radio on a -- still can't believe. That you do. Had a tribute. To Barry Bonds when Barry Bonds he's very close to Hank Aaron. He broke the record of one of your best friends. Any did it illegally. In Hewitt gave that video tribute -- as -- why did you have to do that make him great answer but but thinks like that. Okay certain things out of his control that was who you have to acknowledge that -- -- I just to argue that -- Bud Selig is perfect would be observed. He's not perfect but I think he's got a hard job. I think at times he is screwed up in that job and at times I think he's coming -- actually very very good changes and I also said this to me now he's very often -- a good argument. So when this well cart thing was announced. That Biden. I'd like when you enter when you introduced the wildcard who in 1994 I think it was. I was on board and like a lot of people like Bob Costas -- I was on board that as I don't understand why. You extended. Your extended the wild card teams -- have this broken format he says. That initially. He was against it too -- but he was convinced by his people that's just how I was with the new wild -- format -- pizza you know just like mud. That it was a good thing. I just like but initially I was against -- pretty polarizing kindred spirits -- everybody goes on the phone I got all these calls coming in right now I have -- phone lines instantly the moment you mentioned Bud Selig all wanting to say the Bud Selig stinks almost if you I at least the first few that have shown that that's a polarizing at all if you wanna say they notified you wanna say Bud Selig stinks. He got -- CY the other commissioners are so great it's a hard game it's a hard job it's an incredibly difficult position that those guys there and and I'll take him over what I've seen so far from Roger Goodell I -- the way they handled the their their own locked out was despicable. A despicable rarely I hate -- why -- why are we wanna take money away from what we were not making enough money -- OK are we might believe you the union we think we believe you. But just prove it to mind just you know show us the -- the documentation to now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know it's not nice but the way it was handled if they really weren't making enough money to show on the documents and more on what's the problem. Take this is why we're not making enough money OK fine we'll make some changes. But it -- if you're looking -- show them them YE. Absurd OK I agree with that Mike but the job of commissioner who represent the owners so that's not. Bud Selig saying mr. that's not Roger Goodell saying this is how do it is the owner Bob and I understand he works for them until I get a portion of it -- a great job representing those guys even though you disagree with the position 61777. On 79837 your calls on this more Red Sox stock is also -- W -- Newest member of the Red Sox Jake Peavy will join us this hour we're expecting him in about twenty minutes or so. Right after his press conference gets done Jake Peavy will join -- -- -- here on WEEI. -- aren't too little skeptical. A little. Skeptical about this -- Hernandez. Letter that has been making the rounds lost instruments and it make the rounds and teams these sports. I just pictures to bills that you write letters now. BM. IP it might be Aaron Hernandez. Do you know I mean I guess the one thing that if it is there Hernandez he kind of has girl handwriting. Well there's something from the Bristol county sheriff's office and have the right address there. Out of structure. I'm not -- so it at the end of the letter and -- gave -- some highlights that this is part of God's plan. He talks with his relationship with god he -- laughter Q having gotten quotes. Somebody has a relationship we've -- -- they keep having gone to great question right and and the other thing is. At the end. -- -- dismissed NT guys that it can't wait to sign this again. When I'm playing again improve all the haters wrong haters in the talkers yet. His -- function as well that's okay that's another one right excellent point what his lawyer. Would -- lawyers say yes go ahead. And the little tech in the little thing at the bottom -- as you keep this off social media please. Come on come up by in this ME TMZ is actually usually fairly reliable on these things. But I'm not buying it out before Jake Peavy were having some argument of a blood see Lee again and been upset with a Michael. Not necessarily ER DR I'm not sure where you have -- said about Syria probably two number two behind -- I mean it's it's -- not a great era for commissioners it's not mean it's it's heart it's a hard job there are a lot of them are pretty bad -- lot of it's a hard job but. There there were a lot of go wouldn't for a while. We had you know -- -- you know Pete Rose hill and his prime David Stern and his time. Don't -- Gary Bettman and his prime please. Accurate you can cupid who just don't -- Gary Bettman and his prime will be fine. But Bud Selig I think is an interesting guy and an at this point he's he's doing what he's supposed to do. People -- are you represent the owners brought that and also that it Roger Goodell for representing donors stern is arrogant SO pre. And then that's part of the job and error I'm upset -- I'm glad I'm upset with the entirety of the NFL ownership Indy delving into the whole thing. Upset me the way that happened I thought it was I thought it was just so terrible the way it went down Johnston Rhode Island hi John. They get don't Salem which -- banks. This tournament couple quick point I mean to say that it but here it didn't look the other later governor commuted. Or vacant. Echo that in common -- opening. I don't think Palin and that the red -- Oh and in my second Portland didn't at least those who get caught using a corked bat in the game -- eight game suspension square. So I mean he -- caught cheating the only way you can actually Nikola. Get the eight game suspension but because -- inning home run in the country's current stand up to look the other way and that it well. Well we'll know what let's show on a second -- just for perspective what the guys use -- for court. What what do guys usually get for corked -- I mean -- -- I got that I didn't like it I. Read Oprah but no there is a president you've got caught cheating. I think that is the president on anybody that hit -- what do we thank you president they're there is the president. Four for cork bats in this not fifty games it's not a lifetime ban from baseball or anything like that I think what was. Yeah you're right if Jose Canseco had written his book in the in -- hadn't been congressman you made would be at this point. But -- Jose Canseco was talking about drugs in baseball Bud Selig was also instituting. A very tough. Drug policy out in a martyr Rick -- their first brilliantly allowing the drugs to help save the sport when they really needed an -- 1994. A text or a text -- asked earlier. -- as a union so strong because of the heat in chain of really Smart. Pro player attorney who. In union directors. Getting to the point where they -- collectively bargained. Deals where players were were supremely protected that's why the union is so strong Craig is in the car I -- They're guys that they go -- The parliament on the Selig sitting. The most recent one being at these players are going to be suspended by dragging its feet how was dragging -- feet. Could -- Rupert portfolio outside game we don't start game that we give it names -- have guys that are actually playing their impact in the pennant race. At a contributed in no I think that's a lot flat right -- Nelson -- He's not shut down rabbit but I don't know that he's dragging this hey -- I mean. He he he first needed Ryan brawn in order to in order to corroborate everything that they had on Tony Bausch and show that Bausch was legit right. Now they've been going through the way it seems it looks as if they'd been going through and getting all these guys to accept the suspensions and showing them all the evidence and showing them just how bad it'll be for them if they appeal. It puts -- -- -- but there's an appeal process in place would you agree. There's an appeal process in place. But that's the point he's getting these guys to accept it Craig's that there won't be an appeal. That's the that's why it's taken so long. I -- I disagree I think it's sort of been. Swift and into the open. Away none however hit piece went -- -- Greg how good is impossible. Like the way it's playing out right now because I don't what these guys available for the post seasons -- -- -- the first guy and great. You know 65 games arrived -- he's not a bad team that's going nowhere what you wanted to do is suspend those guys. Nelson Cruz. Alex Rodriguez you you wanna suspend the player Johnny price of what it's gonna happen you don't think this influenced Detroit straight for Jose Iglesias. Always I think I actually heard of -- -- out -- for the postseason. -- went on to a over the next I think. Credit -- correct but it correctly and aren't currently the alternative. Is that you tried it is that you just don't go through the process they're got they've been -- -- for the last few weeks. You EU say they've been suspended. And then. They just appeal and now they're playing during the appeal process that's the beauty of what's he league's done it's why I think. I think he's a decent commissioner jazz in the car chest. I had earlier that. They. -- -- -- -- like this or you're at Iowa but feel like arm the other thing that the country sir it becomes a lot of little spot. Is the implementation. Interleague play. And I think I mean David dances. -- I think that that's -- -- -- the first -- it's expanded beyond like. Last year I think right. Here are cool I think it's our existing era that it was Q where it started. Put on the back -- and have seen in ten races. In the in the September play him one you don't want their last series. You know against. You know I hear from another leave -- you know you know I think it's stupid that they this year. Why why is -- so that if they play team from another -- what happens. Well it depends very behavior teams are built that way if you're an American League team -- -- I know you have that product but that's -- necessary whatever but every American League teams can play the same number of games against -- team and every American League team is not going to be in contention. As he played National League teams like if you're prepared for the Red Sox. And I don't think it applies -- for the Red Sox -- -- playing in the national League City you don't have David Ortiz. That's a pretty significant penalty -- So yeah yeah yeah team wasn't apparently -- you can get into larger argument. Should they happen maybe this is bigger Bud Selig. Should they have different rules for differently should be. Designated hitters in both leagues or pick up the DH again. I mean I I like the DH but I don't know what all of the fact that they don't have in the and it comes back to the powerful players association there's no way in hell -- never eliminate and they're gonna say. Let's take away the job he never gonna happen in the wage jobs now adding jobs cure all for May -- who carries embossed on I Harris. Hey guys boy are you guys got base that's all are all -- particularly -- -- -- thanks for -- -- the ball. Saying that you would bet commissioners like playing someone the best poker in Chinatown and they all of the -- to have their criticism. There's a very low barber commissioner speaking strictly about the only parties are critical hookers. Especially China and I -- -- but that -- your identity steroids or red Herring here. The ball they didn't they. All of the only sport they had a commissioner that looked like secure like he would be impartial people will get -- people aren't there. And they got rid of them in the roots you'll get an agreement that he's still the owners. It's good order it but for prop that you could make an argument -- -- leak. You know what you're seeing the biggest problem in baseball you would you do to address -- He won't talk a player association and that about seeing taking seventeen hours to play when he used to take two. -- we agree Harry everyone agrees on this I'm and we said it right it doesn't but it got the biggest problem is that the biggest problem for the commissioner based -- that didn't let go -- -- definitely the biggest problem for Harry -- and I can assure you that our -- I agree that it's a problem. -- And it's something I wish that he would address there's no doubt but he I don't know that it makes I don't know that it leads me day kicking and screaming. And I'm like kicking a street but I do think that it is it's something that's being ignored that like baseballs falling off so rapidly right. I think it's part of the renowned for its dollar reason but I I know what -- -- and I I I wish I wish if I can have blood do one thing that's and I haven't. I would have a really go to work. On on forcing guys to throw the pitches faster. And to stay in the box and to and to help the game speed and if you wanna -- the best workers and -- in Chinatown called -- to call -- a man don't know -- in the car that they finally don't forget -- he's gonna judge here in about 1015 minutes Jeff go ahead. They are they don't it. And so I agree I think it was about commissioner. I think the biggest. Problem I mean not -- its usual -- -- game sucks on like stand out of 1 o'clock when you start at six. So I mean you you can speed up play and I'm not sure how you do that badly -- -- o'clock MPT on the other day and -- met an idea to give each go to challenge flag that you really have a problem with the call you get one road game. You know whether you play at the plate maybe now its second. Strike call whatever be it and then you just -- by each you know each coach it's commander gets one hopefully they'll at least iron out some. Out the scene called like the guy without or without first Miguel is clearly liked reproductive based -- The real hurt him calling it I I think you've dealt the worst commissioner I really don't even thicker course. So in -- reason behind that statement published elite sport. That I thought that the saying it -- -- -- I mean you can say might give the players and you can point to keep all the excitement there in hockey's great maybe -- didn't even been -- lately and -- bias -- If you -- all. Yeah I deal really and welcome -- in the past ten years. Had a bad game. It's a pullback and we -- all about -- -- I think they. Gary Bettman is better and better commissioner Roger Goodell -- that what makes Gary Bettman better than -- -- We could Gary -- doesn't take out something to the significant -- opening kickoff speak now. Issuing this horrific -- helmet -- that's -- -- that's going to be in eight states. Safety -- and at the where you're trying to insure this that the safety of your players. -- Eminem -- on Gary Bettman and the -- thing and I joke. I haven't -- they vote that is at the focus on player safety. A bit much more of a topic in the last five to ten years than it was before. Yeah and I agree well I think. You don't take it to the next level where all the -- gonna start impacting the style play. And that -- -- different degree earnings say. People play in the backfield can deliver the hits they want to thank god forbid you get anywhere near Peyton Manning did you know like -- Ryan and let's be fair Tom Brady is the same -- and it they they are -- -- quarterbacks and their is that it's not it's because it's not ads as I understand what -- anyway I I think think the changes are trying to make an -- hockey see how we are specifically I don't have specifically to do. With head shots and hockey. Some of the things are trying to change in. Some of the things -- changing in football though they go beyond just -- to the head. It's any hit to to the body of somebody going across the middle and I think it has taken away quite a bit of what we like about this sport. Then again. Are we got Jake Peavy. All tolerant are always about -- JPB gonna join us here in just a second -- tell is going to be few minutes but Jake Peavy we can take a break part right after the break Jake Peavy will join us and just couple minutes stick around for that. On soccer -- -- media.

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