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Mike Hazen, Red Sox Asst. GM, on the trade deadline and Sox personnel

Aug 1, 2013|

Mike Hazen joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Peavy trade, the future of Bogaerts, and Will Middlebrooks' struggles.

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Final -- month alone on a 37 WE you gotta trick is to. Get the GM on the air is on this morning it's going to be a little bit -- get Mike -- assistant GM of the Red Sox look just like got. The three of us just talk in baseball so -- he'll tell you all the stuff and wouldn't tell us today. With Dennis to cal in my case in Red Sox assistant GM Mike much Lou how are you. Can you confirm for me Dan Duquette a week ago said that text messaging. He told us on this show that it's sort of changed the way it goes now a lot of the trades that happened now are actually started by. So -- texting back and forth we can you confirm that you the Red Sox are up on technologies this true we texting to start trade conversations now. Yes it -- it is -- taxes certainly taken over in where were obviously we're probably behind the curve with regard to technology. But but yet texting has become email all sort communication you know different avenues through. You know some of our top -- to other -- -- those those there. Or how the general conversation between. Before -- and you know look a lot of those conversations like a would you guys do this would you guys do that that's like oh. And then and then but you know we would consider this which you can't do that followed by now but but as it -- sort of grind down a little bit to where it sort of in the striking zone -- -- the -- -- -- on and then disappears for awhile after you on the phone for -- -- period of time. To talk a lot so things don't consummated LA but they definitely started. You know Mike this time a year you see everybody's looking for bullpen help -- a couple relievers when a few days earlier in this division. And I'm just wondering was how active -- you was the asking prices too much or did you just feel -- with what you have right now in this organization. I think it's a good mix of all that stuff you know personal we did make -- -- movement -- so that was one. -- Britain's come up and been very good with bad performances from other guys. You know once we got PB. We we wanna create keep the spot for workmen on the club. You know by going out getting somebody that's gonna kick him back to triple play that's not gonna help us if that was our goal which which which was one of them the secondary benefit. Trade with and and then at the end yeah we look at all the guys who look at the universe a relief pitching as you saw. There weren't a lot of relievers get treated. You know there were a lot of teams that are on the -- of the contention two out of contention that held their relievers and I don't think you've seen that as much in the past. And and and we saw that this year where some of those guys got held and and not only is not -- not sitting go somewhere else though. You know that we were the only -- so. What happened to that situation is yet you're asking prices. Someone out of reach. Because it's not something that you really wanna do getting a -- reliever Leo overpaying significantly look -- trade prospects. But you can't make those are some of those trade get to the danger zone where you're trading off. Two months of the seventh inning reliever for a guy that shows up -- pitches for the next six years for another team. Those are the mood you don't like you know peaceful despair for the next six years you've got to be careful that. Elect him to bring a Workman who. I think was one of the benefits of getting Jake Peavy permanent bullpen however. Him down to AAA -- and it and I know circumstances last night might put -- situation but were. Where there are other options to keep him rather than sitting him down for that ten day period unless you make a move the deal move I guess whether. What what will we should be able to figure so that outcome and off. You know the problem with Brandon ware and when he started was -- It took until our consideration for the next five -- imaginable that we knew that going -- and we -- you know what you make a deal for the starting pitcher where every slot and get off. Because we've gotten through -- the bullpen probably going to be down for five days you don't wanna. Put them in the tough situation physically. They're making that transition back -- wolf we should have something figured out hopefully coming back. And we'll see him. Profitable -- Well you talk about guys back and forth and an everywhere terms with this roster looks like -- little Brooks has been down their from most forty games. Right now planet AAA and I'm curious -- effort Ben Santa I've heard John Ferrell say it. He's down there working on some things Mike specifically one of the things that. He was sent down to work on as the third baseman this Red Sox game. Yeah I mean I think. By and large -- we almost guilt that the UBS -- mean he's he's -- enormous power -- field he could there be any big strong physical and when he -- popular last year evacuated so there's hit ability to. -- it's the consistency of approach the data did approach you know I think we saw him get out of that off year this year it wasn't sure you know it's not just the strikeouts. It is not just those types of things and he struck -- last year to. If we were seeing him have different at bat that we we saw last year you know we saw the streets. You know lack of success. Start and grow. And and that's not a good sign when you're not only regularly play when you're dealing with the young players specially. Can't allow those things snowball -- helping them become larger we needed to get him back AAA. Tickets can to to work on that. Consistency of the approach which means. Look -- grinding out every single that that's what this team was was built on what we want all -- out of our leaders do. We know not -- not -- gonna do it on a given night but we need to get the majority I think. Looked -- part of the reason why we are where we are. From an office SharePoint which is second in the Indy -- -- scores because of that approach these. An and he needs to get back to doing those things he had. Not. Dominating down there and we we would like to get him on a little bit of Iran. But. You know he's gone back in and focusing in and in -- -- you know what we're stressing what when they're -- -- -- can attest to that I'm sure. Europe here trying to compete every single night. Game by game at bat by at that. It's hard to work on your approach. It's hard to go up there and amnesty pitches -- I need to you know know -- -- you'll -- hit right now because have been about nine. And if you're worried about getting hit when you're in the Buckner and you probably gonna probably have a hard time getting it Lou let -- speak to that. Instead of focusing on sort of more your approach and that's what we've gotten. You know what -- -- nobody's is being sent down happened 37 times in my career. And sometimes you can lose focus in May be focus on things that you can't control that out of your control. Is it concerning -- phone into a little bit of that as well as. -- worried about the moves around him rather than what he needs to do down there. Yeah I mean look they're getting -- you can because it it it is it is. It is always a concern and play back. That's not specific well it's always -- concern. You know AAA can be very challenging place like these are done a great job force we've had we've been lucky to have really good managers the last eight years I've been here. Down AAA. From Ron Johnson -- do it now the peace gardens and handle those type situation. Those -- daily conversation with a lot of guys down there Tripoli yes that's always a concern. You know they want guys who look and actually watched you know pitching moves happen and they stayed there probably stuck asking why and indeed target left explaining why. So that's something but look. But in -- day -- come back up here they need to be able to process those because those distractions triple -- level to get back up here but. In order not to get sent back down again you have to be able to separate those distractions they to a level which we all -- or ten times what the distractions are AAA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's far tougher than having a profit some of those things that you do it to triple -- level so you got to learn that. You got to learn it and and sometimes the only learning is the experience you know it's going through it. And being able to see hey that's why they took that guy and they didn't take me one might turn. I'm gonna make the most of that opportunity. Hear what they're telling me. Put into play what what they're asking me to do that what I do get back up there mining doesn't ever come up in the opposition again it's like Bono -- out here. If we got to do something it's somebody else to talk about. Mike always felt guys and a minor league special that -- level tell you tell the manager tell the organization by his play that he's ready to help in the big leagues. -- I don't know what I'm curious about is is standard Bogart's telling you the organization that he is ready to help -- in the big league level right now. Well I think he's he's definitely putting himself in the conversation of guys -- will consider I think any time that would have been -- AAA he performed over the last month exceptionally. You know look when you when I think there's a little bit of a difference when you're talking about this type of player than when you're talking about any one. That's you know older with more experience that that got more minor league innings at -- under their belt. I think we need to be a little bit more sure what we're doing what we do that. No I think a lot of times as you said yeah there's there's a performance level somebody hitting their performance level AAA and we're saying north okay. The guide -- performing the bat he deserved to come up here it take a shot at showing what he can do a whole the data. Even right on that in its various stages -- Al Webster's -- that appears they deductible -- And and we will react accordingly. I think when you're talking about a guy. At this level of the I think we need to be more sure about his -- up here and and not that we know how he's gonna handle it we don't know we don't know. We we believe in the could make up we know he's he's very -- player. But you don't know when they first want to hear the computer is one of the best players any of us have seen around here a long time. What do you do the first army came up here you know to. Because it's not -- You know it's tough to that they are it's not easy I mean these guys trying to did you vote. Plain and appendages. And you can't just say they got the -- -- do exactly what is in Tripoli still. We're back during all those things in -- Bogart is definitely putting himself in the conversation. But we'll see -- it goes from here you know we're not gonna make any hasty decisions based on you know months -- -- -- We're talking Red Sox assistant GM Mike -- here you in terms of the the Bogart's conversation does. Does the switch to third base Mike does that mean that that's what -- a process at all he's playing shortstop and now there's an availability of third -- He gives an extra time at the triple -- level gets more games at third base under his belt if you guys work were close to bring him up. Yeah we're already done that and we will continue to do that and it is nothing against anyone else that there. We've done it we did with -- -- we did it with -- Pedroia we did it -- all those guys' ability you know we did it with guys what you get to the AAA level. You know western established traditional guy like middle Brooke it is. If you're middle of the hour and a player we want you to be -- possible we need that protection in. In multiple areas will do it -- guys come up to and they make their way we try to avoid doing it before AAA because you want from the focus on. There approach to a vote on -- back -- want them to focus on the fundamentals of a particular position. Want to -- AAA. They need to be protection -- so yeah we'll continue to expose -- to various positions down in the -- still at shortstop he's a primary shortstop AAA. You continue to be the primary shortstop -- but you'll get reps at third base he's been working with these are every day. And will. When they go orderly and and he he'll continue to see game action their Q so the answer your question yes we need to provide as much protection. The Major League clubs we as we possibly can not one player. Multiple players -- have all seen over the last. Seven or eight years from 06 and eleven. That -- You know you're running the Red Line in August and September it's crucial to be able to compete because this is a tough division to grind through. When you go through injuries and things like that. Here we go get a gutsy TV to give up pretty good player I'm gonna miss watches do you take ground balls down spring training it's just. A pleasure to watch an -- is gonna help ball Detroit defensively and that left side of the infield. How difficult was it with you and tigers are both sit there you helped one another out in your bowl that a playoff picture that you take into consideration or is it just we got to improve our team. Yeah you focus on yourself you know we we don't know what's gonna happen we don't know what's gonna happen over the we can't control Detroit does. We can't you know we can't sit here and you know prognosticate what's gonna happen on. On September 30. Do you get to yourself we're focused on making their stock as good as possible deepest possible short as possible. For the next two months and in order to get players Calvert Jake Peavy got to give up a good play we gave up supplier. He says he's. He's in the lead defense supplier we knew that. Everyone saw that that -- -- on display nightly you know the transition to third base was seamless. You know that's not an easy thing to do you know it's it's a tough. Transition at the Major League level for particular position. Vinny did that seamlessly you know but you have to give a good player to get a good player we felt like we got to really play. To circle back to world number two -- can you call them -- established third base that's his position Mike week. As a -- conversation about him plane over first base at all is that on the table at any possibility give you a depth at that other corner spot -- Brooks at first. Yet he worked out a little bit longer Baltimore. With a big league club. Few months ago. So -- that that that will will look probably. At some point at that level of versatility -- sure he'd be. Plenty capable the -- to a Major League game play that position it is very tough position but will that really good hands and we're not looking at that right now but you could definitely do that. I believe he could definitely do that if we and do that we want to focus on the third base right now continue to get everyday reps there and not. We don't want that we're we're really stressing the office of approaching things like that we don't wanna muddy the waters. For him and we want him to really you know concentrate on. If you think is possible. As the argument that appear. You -- a lot of people I think we're talking more vote comes -- we are waiting for him to break down rather talk about how great he is a no there was concern earlier in the year. Is it still a concern kind of watching the innings with this guy maybe what he could be an end of September October when you the most. Yes certainly I mean at that goes for it all twelve guys are pitching I mean -- you know fifteen in games off you know they're they're they're they're they're. Certainly top of the players to play for five hours. But it it's also it's also Roger pitching staff haven't pitched you know an extra however many innings when you play those extra inning games it's. It you know we we possibly could get you know what -- lack of seven of two -- the ball and you end up with so much more the top of those yet. Because do you guys do when the games. We're definitely keeping an eye on it John. Keeps complete control and those being the former pitcher pitching coach you know something that that we talk about all -- -- The thing with the guys. Pretty crazy how efficient. You know his innings he's had a few innings I think this year where -- -- got into the thirties were close to thirty. The final margin in the -- -- Sony strike that is inning total of that have to be looked at the the appearance number. In the -- inning numbers just listed distressed level of the appearances that may be on the closing. Although it doesn't seem to be too stressed about that on this night. Except when he when he finishes the outing. But. But but you know the actual efficiency within those pretty. Not like glass of premium and announce your your single a program for second and and point out that Henry Owens has got called up from high made the double like that seems like a pretty significant jump -- a guy that nineteen and a third innings forgive me hit. This past Sunday. Libyan innings cap on him when he gets a double layer we start like -- he would through the end of the year. Yeah I will rule will. Definitely keep an an island. The young that young twenty year old pitcher you know we're not you know we're not pushed anybody beyond beyond -- we we don't. We don't have anything hard and fast right now we're gonna limit him or at least. Say publicly. We'll keep an island those extra we we have we promoted double way. We have accomplished that is going to be -- well into the next month and take in and and take the ball he's got a really good job to get to this point you know issues lapses that the last night and Saturday but even. In the last three or four outings he really put something behind him. You know we struggled through a few of those outings right before that where he had some trouble strike. This guy is really good about what they're really good feel for changeup you know of the naked people spoke even to report Portland watching it as he's he's a pretty interesting guy. The great ball park in the great excuse to get up there so when you're texting another team not a player and they say no you don't. You don't send back like a sad face a -- -- right -- that doesn't happen please confirm that. Orel allow something like oh and she really Bogart's -- A WT ethical and the media duties that. Mike appreciate the time -- projects in the busy time a year and now we'll talk to throughout the course of the season. That is Mike -- assistant GM of the Boston Red Sox joining us here on the -- the -- AT&T -- LTE. Speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible confirming the dander -- story of texting back and forth. You want want. To give you -- for Glen Perkins Terry Ryan. The 6177797937. AT&T text line of -- for all the time. At 379. 37 will come back to more your phone calls it's not low until.

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