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Striking out "looking" in slow pitch softball

Aug 1, 2013|

An embarrassed Joey gets ragged on by Mut and Merloni because he struck out looking in a slow pitch softball game. Listeners and texters weigh in as well.

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According Ben how are you. Or are all right let's back up let's go back to February we set its spring training we told you at that point on the first of August. Your Red Sox team currently constituted would be 21 games over 500 in first place. And on pace for 96. Plus wins you would've said what. Yeah I know who -- lunatic and a. Kick it up a notch with and share it at an earlier today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't get up in my case Mike reasons actually outstanding Dobson Tony are bronco our buddy for listen Gillis is -- violence said. Most open GMs. Of open executives in all Boston I would agree -- -- Know who -- a lunatic and -- On doubts because the price up. Come down Stephen -- -- and over their okay. They shuffle those guys are -- I said before Stephen Jewish -- the hype man for JC Timberlake not enough. -- a Stephen Drew. Ben -- didn't tag team up there again the crowd all pumped up at Fenway waited for Timberlake in Jason avoid -- broke off between the Iranian news. -- a couple shots at me as I know what it's like it's a down note that they won ninety. You know that it's -- damn fact that have now won 91 of the two was back when it's a two year baseball reference to -- side. It's a push on me that Konami game steeply in that it. Did you I know you -- what you and I both got a huge chuckled the other day. Out of the Chad -- thing marital -- you know what I before the show yesterday or when they're watching their their real plane missed the supported senator. Not top ten and Chad -- lever for the for the is. At the back yet again but -- get as -- backs -- Arizona Diamondbacks. He's walking off the mound elected and a half crow hop fist pump any false ass over -- -- York just goes down. That is an embarrassing moment in sports. I -- one of those was playing on a traveled baseball all star team forget the -- for yourself here has played short to meet -- terrible or snag up pop fly right to meet short. And it's easiest thing ever ran away from. I I did drop it. And literally walked off the field with Saunders the coach pulled me I library as middle -- Marbury was not into it. I was out of there yeah embarrassing moment for me you're you plate specials were dumped argue pride and have too many embarrassing moments that arsenic in there for a lot of people it was bad. Nothing is more embarrassing what happened to our producer Jones a bottle hole and I say that without any hesitancy I I told you guys this confidence. In neighboring -- now. Fool you you called my wife and had her come on the air rip me so for me to not bring this up would have been a pay a let down to listeners -- guy. -- -- -- -- Joey Joey to fish yeah we go bots who considers a little bit of an athlete over their new balance gym working out trying to do some push -- and now they have a little was that this is slow pitch softball game. You know I was a fill in for slow pitch softball yeah article last night at Joseph Louis it was going well until my last that -- where -- -- -- down Alexander and the last inning. I'm -- enough the inning and -- a ticket pitched the ball. Following off on the third baseline. Next pitch. Very high pitch it's the plate and the empire. Calls the -- straight injury look at strikeout looking in swing slow pitch softball scenario my whole team thirty Iraq. He struck out looking at slope I saw it go looking in slow pitch softball. -- to get the bat off your shoulder it's not out of whatever Red Sox Mike Napoli. On its ever bloody talking about Mike -- league and struck out looking. In slow itself on that was that it was at the only embarrassing thing will hit it pretty much that locking -- to the dugout after that strike it was pretty embarrassed and not gonna hold -- It's not the only embarrassing thing last night. How -- you need to. Oh my I'm kind of banged up to -- yeah guess what Judeo out daily to -- elect. It's -- softball the guys strikes out -- slope which W don't know he does. He slides foot first into first base to try to beat out a play. In slope it's up all our sources around here people -- and our office today. And said my -- you guys are not gonna believe this Joseph we slid into first and slope which saw ourselves and put first. That would have been strange but yeah idea -- first base and -- and -- bit. At first wrote that -- I wanna get on base and know more about the race. Know what's on the walk of any guy out in slowing it -- on it there -- X directory straight down the middle of the balls go in 94 you'll ours is going like sixteen. The case low pitch softball take -- straight street the definition of for the love of god get a parent one hand and the other ballot for -- -- very intense is very intense off born. This replica racier on this team you play against an is just the filling out early play with. And I amused to congress into something else I was -- office even are so popular likely accurate I am so -- Identity cards full. About every night at a less than Johnny this nine and at Fenway Park the next night at a charity -- to -- tell be blamed overloading on other side boy apple. About the other illegal seaport -- -- that -- -- -- most popular place in Boston now and -- -- -- to -- And the I can't commit to a full season but but now I know how the locker -- fails for females in colleges -- walking back to that dugout that was terrible. The worst feeling ever. As a as a female. As it got accused of Donaldson -- Jamie stay over her pleased you walk home and knows what day for guys that uses the -- of -- -- -- -- that's but it's same difference. AT&T text line 37 and 937. IC is waiting for is. Was there doubts that runs on base for -- -- swing the bat counts down on its base runners. Texture says -- from Boston has been there done that twice. Extra -- Looking twice and softball. Is -- that text and Russia. Is. -- you're the Bruins the I didn't argue with the umpire early bird incident. That's unbelievable. This of your lies no way you're Arnold's Doctorow pol col. We tech columnist arises now is a loan that was. Losing the argument freshman this -- once an all star yet -- -- -- Everybody is -- thing at the end and -- had a real goal trophy at the end of the season but that was pretty nice and where -- -- keeps Africa one that you but I remember afterwards we get pizza and ice cream. It was like awesome news rate. It's saying use -- you elect eat I think we were the Grover if that was our team name that year. 61777979237. Working the pitch count way to go he struck out in slow page he slid into first place. Sam is in New York Sam your next month -- Hey guys -- -- -- first up I wouldn't say really sorry I was -- war yesterday Omnia on the air. Did you the F -- possible yeah. We can't do that -- in a radio bit Soledad jugular at the that I appreciate the -- language. It was it would if it happens sometimes you say bad words. I actually want to talk about yeah that peavy -- mark yeah. And I don't think anybody that threat that again it -- but. I think another thing that is really good about grabbing -- he -- that -- you can look at it lasts once it starts. You know prior to the the rib injury and guide it would senator it into the game. Now you look at two brought Dempster and the means to block -- a puppet abroad and great that the but. You wait to Google a good about it hasn't eaten some guns can consult about six. Six point two innings but still you know that don't that start that. You don't want to go back in the game yet Dempster who is pumped up the -- -- -- guy and I think PD. Just hit that one more guy can really -- -- -- panel little bit more ahead I just thank you it was a good acquisition. Per -- depths -- pre game for starter. When they eventually get to a point like you say Sam thanks for your call where he settled in a again deepening games and Workman is now back and apple pan. It does sets and things up and I think most people come around to that fact hurt some people yesterday -- should -- traded a latest for Cliff Lee. That's it's a great idea I would -- I should be six feet tall. Takes two to tango in this case it took the Detroit Tigers and and buyout Genesis to make this deal and got its I'd just hate when that happens -- -- now. You would love to know from Hazen. You know it was our report the White Sox there were and a walk away altogether and -- boulder from the tigers shortstop -- about it -- legacies they -- equivalent deal in my case. I mean if I can just talked in my case of weakness in the -- I forget is that production that some public afterwards they wish you and asked that question would be at this happens. And so many Texan -- soft. Incidents. Ads and the very good sarcastic ones Dexter said hey the guy and -- got a good look at the pitchers. -- -- Nourish your team gets you gotta stop this guy has exits as I couldn't get it up last night and I feel better about myself and listen that. I am more -- what happened and -- to avoid long term injury seek immediate medical help -- erection lasting more than four hours. It's basically you did the equivalent of that and sports striking out looking at softball is the equivalent of not being able begin -- Stop taking Viagra and call your doctor right away. It's in the we've got to get -- are our dear guys can put you back up their problem there. We got enough that it and morally wrong on that -- unbelievable double soreness like the next day -- wrong living. Get yourself looked up on that. Let's talk to not -- putt on number there wanna talk to while Bob and a car Bob what -- you have. It will it will assailants apocalyptic threat are they are all along yeah. Why RPW -- he either tried to. Supplant both operate some are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know quiet week -- will -- there in the third -- -- -- you'd like you know by all of the data we did see a replay. Well yeah the shuttle Andrea already struck out front when it well or not -- -- No way that's that's worse. Perry. Did that you do that Bob did you get off and saying beat it -- like oh yes you have an hour. Ago it's a great -- always on it's -- -- -- -- one -- -- not -- -- got a friend of mine who once like I couldn't. -- -- A lot of my own all of a preview of the -- don't unload -- But hey -- what's worse than what it's all -- -- were striking it slope which -- ball striking her swinging strike out what works -- trust when your look at. -- -- Is it strikes. It is. -- -- is like two strikes you get to Joey. But yet she gets the -- we actually had they're both connect. Now. Do slope itself I don't know and it's opens up 123 strikes. You're close to -- You. Well pops -- now Bob at Bob -- nickname and everything I need to strike slow pitch softball. We don't do semi pro. What happens -- their step away from the bigs. Step away. Now is that true plates not a strike and slope which saw what played yet here it's the -- Apple's vehicle all the planes in the back. Was there an altercation with the -- no I was able to pull it back on his last but I was -- comes out it'll bring this get value mill -- she -- and intrigue and -- -- to make an error before that. The -- and I give him a little -- news for get the break guess is not the Pataki lineup tonight. Brooks. These vehicles -- got no idea they -- Iglesias treatment ever -- sent an attitude problem I got sacked after the games this is. I'll be shocked if we don't find out this is similar thing you've heard these are seated today the source of the NS a short bench last night. And that bill got thrown out its -- the rest of the team. This is -- will get your head daddy -- it goes it's the -- less than vote why it will not appear that -- -- because affect play shortstop and then John -- at the no. It was his imprint in my humble place right now our commitment ticket wanna print tickets. The third base right now Biedrins Snyder Brent Schneider is a guy says is out of options. So right now it keep part depth. It's Tuesday it's you know. Really you're gonna go there right now with him I mean if if woman approaches is ready why would you be word about. Loosen him rich Schneider and if my appointment right or. Percent of -- clear waivers. I don't know it just was it was ought to think why you know this -- says out of options though. A woman Brooks is ready you don't worry about prince had a right. No not a concern at all it he would get through waivers and still. Billy's up Amanda quick point -- -- -- say Billick. Well -- had to -- get in previous life I would die and yeah. Got a lot of trouble. Weigh in on any additional all volley yes. In all our you know I went and I I would halt police added dot cat ego maniac gold BL. And -- aren't called third strike army and in orbit softball and I got right up in a and I started the -- and down. And eighty bit -- are -- out on the street between. In a while reminding the ball. -- don't call me in the inadequate and cuddly little crime and I didn't locate reaching a -- by major -- and that let them -- -- lead you sound tough you sound tougher than Joey okay. Padilla low middle. You like compared and that Shea Hillenbrand and February about it Andre and I know you debated by. In the -- air and I'm just worried that headed down that road. Well let's say -- nailed a double count. It was statistic cat and there's no question about it the guy can hit and honesty -- really never had. The struggles. Is struggling was in 1960 you know when he was here he Becky could hear anybody to -- Bert nice guy. But -- used to no question of the different topic that would considerable those guys personally say I promise you this earlier let's do we come back. I get a Sports Radio caller read something happened to -- never heard in my entire life would put up for the next.

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