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Dave O Brien, WEEI Red Sox PBP: On the walk off win and the Jake Peavy

Aug 1, 2013|

Dave O Brien joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his feelings on the trade of Jose Iglesias, the addition of Peavy, and the Sox walk off win.

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I'd be able -- be here and called Red Sox games right here -- 937 WEEI across the Red Sox radio network the trading deadline mr. O'Brien has passed to the Red Sox do it up yesterday before 4 o'clock in your mind. Well I think they did I think military can have felt a big day and I think I think most people who look at the trade. Outside of Boston. Look at it and go wow reflect kind of kind of -- everybody on this one. In Boston it was amazing to hear Jose Iglesias become Ozzie Smith. You know overnight did you know as good as it was it was. He was a ten time gold Glover or something like that tonight but you know looking at that trade from the vantage point of what you lost instead of what you got was the wrong way to look at it. If anybody was doing that. But now you think after that they have to think to kind of settle in people look at -- in the realize while we got we got a number two anyway we got a guy who in and in concert with what Tampa pages did. Putting more on the DL reflect got a huge leg up yesterday -- one fell swoop. -- and I'm not so sure a lot of people still -- a civic of people that don't like this which I don't understand. One reason why did like it was because a -- to get to a one right work and ghost of the bullpen but it seems like they're sending him. Down here today knows the circumstance last night put. I don't know up pretty high on this guy I love to see them do something else and keep him in this opening it probably couldn't throw right for another couple days. -- active work until the weekend I I agree with you about the -- little and I think -- that make up for the kid and Roger Clemens was on with a the other night -- Rogers said. Based on what I've seen and and having known the kid first and get the -- Texas skies and from the University of Texas. That he has the make up to withstand the stress the Boston. And I thought that would -- the one thing that troubles me a little bit about work out of the bullpen -- his first inning problems. He has been slowed -- start. Out of the gate that's resettle and that indicates maybe he's not made for the ball that he might be a guy takes 23 innings and then start to crank it up like he got the curve ball go on the other night after -- been a couple of things -- I love the kid I thought that was a huge effort the other night in a starting capacity for him to shoulder -- stuck with the bases loaded one down part of the pennant race. You can do that you can you can strike out two guys and really show everybody which -- made that was very impressed. David and eat your call games across the country some will back the peavy for second from the guys you've talked to since they've made the deal. Is there -- common thread -- about what people are telling you about peavy and his role here in Boston. Yeah that he made from Boston and he is at the point in his career but it's 32. Where he wants to be here for only one reason and that's to win a ring. He had a couple playoff failing to where he was a little embarrassed -- -- pitched. And this is his chance to redo that. He's done a lot of other things in the game and and his fierce competitive desire to win. Put him in line but everybody else in this clubhouse that's what I hear over and over in fact. It is one thing that's a bit of a cautionary note about Jake it's that you have to be pulled back a little bit. He's not one of these guys who is gonna go to John Farrell and go to one yet has to say I'm done. My tank is spent a night. And that's been sort of a career thing with him he needs somebody in both of these guys they got Ferrell and perfect spot to do this. And so is the others could they have a history with Jake. To tell them look it it's six and two thirds you're done tonight there's not a lot of fastball but Jake Peavy it is such a competitor. He needs to be told that sometimes he's put himself in injury because he's overdone it. But I think he's had a great spot in his career and the Red -- get him at a perfect time. Yeah I also think the emotional part of the game I mean I've played with both guys and is -- very similar he and CC sabathia you know and they get all the -- they get over -- You know which I think Jake might yield falling to hear Boston in the east in this atmosphere in these games -- -- the control the emotions and look at this. Post season numbers much like CC early on his career control that emotion -- as you said he can get over -- a little bit. Well and and I heard he got hurt this last time when he injured the rib. Played football you know guys to talk football these days to it to loosen up their arms. And he got little rambunctious. You've got -- competitor. He landed on the football. It was -- throwing injury landed on the football. Mean that they can do -- die before you know and and met him and you won't -- at a bottom and that's why I think he's a great fit because that's -- everybody -- -- you know there won't be playing for one thing. They're trying to Beecher at that all the Red Sox wanna do everybody in -- virtually that kinda guy. And and I think he's gonna rub off on some people are very positively to. You'll -- -- -- a lot of people try to creative most of us ballot -- make it sound like it's Red Sox bin. Right because they they just feel that the Red Sox -- there and that I wanna buy this trade deadline but I think it's true when you say that. You look at bullpen arms when you see where people workmen out there and what you've seen from Drake written. It's almost like adding guys and morale is coming back in that is the reality they've actually gonna add some want to hear that. People want to go get Scott Downs but the -- Britain has looked and other guys that's one reason why I think they might have enough. Pipe I did game and oral -- -- -- recently and and he was re evening about Britain. And in fact he was way more excited the bottom and I had been. After having just seen him a couple of times since he's. And added to that opened a pitch more trickling out like while he's right electric arm he's got to collect and he's a terrific stuff and -- that's definitely in addition I think workmen that depending on Joseph wants to use them. Could be -- great fit in there. It it is a stronger team and that's what you know everyone talked about Iglesias what the Red Sox lost and I love the kids too and I love the fact that. You could plug -- short play long time. But he does after the big lineup around them and you union that'll happen in Detroit that'll be great. But if you separate betrayed him and what the Red Sox have added would bench Harrington did is what every general manager who is in competition per playoff spot. Was dreaming of doing and that is making your team better and the -- a little something to do that of course should do. But he understands that and I think Ben has a great feel for where the Red Sox are right now. That they they are going for the division. They're not going for that last wild card spot because that was the case they never would have made this deal that would -- held -- Iglesias -- kept the team is that once. But you don't wanna be in that last spot like Atlanta winning 94 games last year they get eliminated in the one game playoff and it it feels like an ever made posted. We're talking -- Dave O'Brien here -- games here in the Red Sox radio network August 1 we expected to be Snyder or. Poll tonight playing third base Damascus speculate September 1 obvious Sunday afternoon they're playing the White Sox. Here at Fenway Park who was the Red Sox third baseman in the line up that day. That'll be will know -- That that's my guess is that will will be and probably before that and I think. I think but that that they've been waiting for him to be more consistent to tighten up some of those holes. And maybe for a couple of other things to this this has been a bit of a message for will in a lot of ways. And I think it's been good for them I know at an earlier one yesterday. And some said well he got run because he was so disappointed. He was waiting until July 31 he assumed he was going to be that guy called up -- instead it was brought cold. I'm not so sure that's true I don't think I'd buy that but I do think. This -- swing. Once it's in order is made for Fenway Park and I think we're -- Still think we're looking at a guy who can hit 25 to thirty year in and year rout at Fenway. That's what Mel -- Now -- surprise anybody at this point in the season but I think some people still were shocked the tough loss like they did on Monday night against Tampa -- the way that -- amended. And then coming back and rebounding the next night you know not having that hang over and pulling that game out last night. Much of what we seen all here it is really no reason to think that type of a team effort. Wouldn't continue. It's not gonna change and you've been on teams Lou where they have that forward thinking all the time they don't look back very much. I expected to -- virtually every day job almost -- -- like -- look back. Terry Francona was the same way it's always about the next nine innings in in this team is. You know they used the term resilient until it sort of blends into the woodwork and it doesn't resonate but that's exactly what this team is there. They're one of the most resilient team -- see. Dependability forget about it. And yet known for a few minutes and it hurt the next morning but then they move on and in play the next game and and you lot of people like that you love a team that can forget about you know how bad the umpiring call was with a base running mistake. Because I I don't and that's why do they were looking forward that the peavy deal. And I think they realize they were really good this really good club. Now they're a little bit better and they love that to maybe there's another deal to be had come the end of August to make them even a little bit better. And I think there are all the same pays a -- lockstep on the front office Nauman. I'm amazed I'm amazed that happened so quickly. This was really bad baseball team -- year release its performance was bad a lot of good count to players on the team it's happened so fast it's still -- by double that. It's August 1 and they're actually in one thing that is not happen quickly here Davis. The full implement of what Joseph Torre wants for instant replay now we -- Monday night obviously Jerry meals out of position replay. Would have fixed that you're needy position as you got actually -- these games identical less than I I considered home I can -- -- go out and go to for -- get a beer I can change channel you got to work these games right and so I'm curious your thoughts do you think. Instant replay would. It is the value to what enough where they added time to games and it's sort of stretch medal because they get -- is that worth the tradeoff to have that in the sport today. Yeah it definitely is. I mean what happened the other night we will what was -- marketable we're still talking about even though the Red Sox won a couple of games and that's why we still talking about it. The reason is they had a chance to get it right should've gotten it right. The technology is in place to do that and yet we're still bothered by because it didn't get done. Here's my solution I think each guy we all have different planet like these are your plans everybody's. Each manager get one challenging game. And you may or may not use that and if you decide uses the. The third inning that means you don't get another one and that in -- you're saying is go to the video replay take a look and if I'm wrong maybe there's a penalty involved there -- my challenge just goes away. Is that really -- -- slow the game down terribly I don't think you're gonna have one of those every night now we would have had another one last night. And in both guys might have had a chance to do it last night but I. I would I would think that is an alternative. -- stewing about a bad call like we have one Jerry meals. It's it's it's as -- as a fan it's frustrating Dave and and I I recognize the chance to get a better hopefully baseball buzz here. At some point they'll continue here tonight Felix Hernandez on -- always a good one Dave on the call here and WEEI Dave appreciate all talk you next week. -- he's the best Dave O'Brien joining us here in the AT&T hotline at the AT&T -- LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible Texas is arguing a bad call. Take strong in the replay -- case that might no way an NHL does it all replaced under their new York and not Toronto. I think they'll be terrific -- talk a lot more baseball Michael hey Mike Hazen says -- the Red Sox will join it's your 1 o'clock we'll talk trading deadline -- Red Sox prospects -- with him. We come back I wanna talk about this Riley Cooper situation Riley Cooper. Is -- wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles benefit not were not very YouTube video of him. On his personal time nobody and I mean nobody will be talking about Riley Cooper today will talk about that would you guys next.

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