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Stephen Drew and the Red Sox walkoff; Merloni goes nuts

Aug 1, 2013|

Mut and Merloni open the show discussing the huge Red Sox walkoff win with Lou's excitement level over the roof because his boy Stephen Drew was the hero.

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-- The 21 home swinging a line. And right field and it's. Been warm -- -- and Stephen. And drive just inside that killer lines down the right field line the Red Sox win it again. In innings. -- who stay up to watch the game John Dennis asked him. Does. -- and Stephen Drew I was looking in the police reports and now marsh field today for neighbors complaining about a a loud screaming noise or. Very loud down last night with Stephen Drew came up with a big -- mean it's. He's out there now is at 330 threes got a 429 on base percentage post it all shot up and -- -- Somebody -- that yesterday to trying to look at the and I like ups and I kept saying that he likes to hammer sample size -- these guys adjust their flat liners man I mean they. The one thing -- say about the -- in general. In the moment doesn't seem to bother them -- J. D. Drew huge -- Grand Slam a couple years ago. Stephen Drew last night -- loading games go on forever confident that by not pitches throughout the course of the game. And it comes one down the right field line and the Red Sox win in New York guy Stephen Drew comes up with a big it. We've always wanted a -- is out Stephen Drew the star -- through the game last night that's not true you know -- one. ELD one -- But I had to do it through brave and another big went yell fifty missing fifteen innings what's at ten walk offs now for this team. And advocates at a point in this is when you start they've realized there's an identity. What you convinced they have their when their game yeah I mean you're just gonna win this game I mean it's this is what this team has done now. Mean basically almost one every ten that walked it off some believe me it's. And it -- there on their games and really -- but it just half bright their home games it's even more than the the result is this team is shown is the amazing -- -- -- into yes because of so much trade deadline talk but to lose that game on Monday night. The way that they lost that game on Monday you know with the Tampa Bay Rays in town the intensity of playoff atmosphere. Yeah they could not afford to have a hang over -- at the next that against Seattle in Joseph Saunders. Now joke you pitch OKC's once and games is no question but with. The -- last night and Felix tonight you can't lose game one -- those guys behind. I feel so sit near game Torre and that's what we get that point late late in the game. You've got to win these first two games and they bounce back they don't slip from a tough loss on Monday it's awesome. I mean any time you come -- where the -- is great but it. 211 -- fifteen and thereby is tired -- -- wants that you can kind of feel the crowd that stayed you know or race or skin into it and you know obviously with the with the Tampa. -- we just wanna give us a big win in and that was before times. Yeah I ate it you go back and think about the way they lost that game they lost the game because of a bad base running play by interleague bad managerial decision in my opinion by Ferrell. Not pinch running it -- is no matter how we spins it a bad featuring right now that he's back I think drugs are bad base run out of this back and conspiracy. You know ignite Stephen Drew. Is that they -- my job excuse our procedures. Homers -- -- given doubles is double than men on second and now -- has -- -- given the RBI as a texture -- and even general Steven your walk off on hump -- doesn't get any better for let's -- it was Daniel -- as bad base running I apologize if it -- analysts Thursday. With that when you get that it was negative against you will get a counting on Wednesday close started out when that apparently yes Thursday -- and then meals makes the call home plate and it just continues this pattern of -- team that I think they -- again. We had this huge debate about who gets more credit -- -- and -- we're past that by now but the one thing Ferrell buzz. -- forces these guys -- forces these guys to. Turn the page and move forward it's a mentality that they have. Mentality they have developed since Ferrell got here you know they don't they don't let things linger. The other don't -- huge losing -- they'd -- find a way to fight out of it and look maybe it's not a eight is fair comparison -- ten walk off wins. Leads Major League Baseball right now. According to my guy Alex beer they had three a year ago 33. Walk off wins in 2012. Extra inning games last year too intent. This year 74 so about what they. 811. Game -- eight games under three games over about one run games. Where it gets closer Lleyton guy's gonna make plays they were five games under 500 a year ago seventeen and 22. They're five games over 500 this year fifteen intent. Now I get it last year was an awful year old around but I look at those sort of numbers. Ten to three walk off wins better extra innings better one Ron viewer along losing streaks yes the team is better but. The M Lou that mentality is there and damn minute hand and is told there's no chemistry. Identity might be the better warn you that this team has they have won and they've had it since Ferrell got here. And get a lot of credit for let me hear from the spark -- Stephen Drew I'm sure Stephen Drew last night because -- so. You watch America play it's a watcher Mike Trout YouTube can't turn. The TV kick out your car -- my to my guess is Stephen Drew lit up the microphone post game minister hours. Huge you know me as issues you get a win as this you know type payments. Back and -- and you know their goal presume well in our bullpen zone well and -- -- some key plays. You know Daryn that you know fifteen hands. You know campus in the game -- combat cancer so -- overall it's exciting land. You know hopefully keep the same role. And oh boy that's despair excitement CDs -- me here is studio Joseph. -- on us and -- goose bumps Stephen Drew might not be that emotional but compared to his brother Shane Victorino. Okay this year I think to the crowd that would Timberlake and JC come bet that got a pumps up the crowd before the concert over Fenway should be Stephen -- region is that. Pulled excitement the next on the WW he's in town -- Stephen Drew show up. Because when -- shows up. The women get excited the men can't control themselves and -- just eats -- party. -- drew and you got yourself a party. That's him last night. And there were some other things in that game the you have to talk about the gives you don't get to that point the fifteenth -- quite frankly. Are without a couple of place. To me what stood out was the pitching once again of Koji we are. Now -- I don't think anybody and cherry and admitted as much today when he said was the biggest surprise so far. It's the guy closing out games for your right now he eating come lowered the big leagues and tell what he was 34 years old. He's having his best year at 38. He has the fifth best. Strikeout -- nine in the history of the Boston Red Sox ridiculous they put up last night Papelbon. Pedro and there are numbers five. Koji -- and we are. This guy has been lights out that glove last night yeah I'll get to the -- -- today. Annoyed me last night on Twitter with your -- globe talked American. Seventeen of nineteen pitches for strikes. Six up 6 down good morning good afternoon good night. Pitch efficiency thing to stiffen its huge goes back to the dugout high fives -- yup there's my two weddings. I'm -- seventy and nineteen strikes. That's only like. Like 90% strike great I think that's good from a guy you're asking your bullpen and no one could have expected this he's been awesome for this team. I know were worried about the innings and everyone's worried about you know were great breakdown buster -- point the other day. What is gonna break down. What if you told me we sit here any have a 146 ERA. Striking out twelve -- twelve point eight per nine innings and a strikeout to walk ratio of eight point 75 out told you African -- He's been awesome for this team. They've lost two other closers and here comes Koji -- barely speaks English. Right and does he speak English the media here locally you're -- on the Internet barely speaks English speakers. You -- tweak. Your tweet. He did. I -- here's a Twitter feed is all the Japanese. If you go to ideal Koji in your team -- it's an addict tweets on it to sort -- It's always Japanese I'm looking at -- threatening. Twitter trend you've played over there yes. We must treated. Your tree in English -- He didn't he did he. He retreated at the FAA Red Sox fan you know quoted might -- and senate to coach and I Koji re tweeted to his 100000 followers are so when he did. I think he's doing some sort of smiley -- thing. Where and and I'll retreat enough people concede that. This like some smiley faced thing I sell what does this mean -- go back and look at Koji Twitter account has bad job by the wasn't following them. The whole thing is in Japanese. There's a collectible of -- Hideki Matsui a couple days ago we treated out there's a picture of of guys and gals without their shirts of the swim team at some point but the -- and I thought I was gonna ask you you put it over there you should. Feel the -- with some -- -- -- theory you can do it. -- -- -- -- -- It's our work is a picture are -- extra respect that Smart enough for the Corona beer. No time line a couple of words and you'll but it is always the camp -- there -- -- wanna talk here mr. That was highly for an outstanding and you know the point magician -- -- it's almost like we're spending too much time talking about it. Eventually get him eventually breaking down. And not enough time with maybe what he's doing how good yes I agree with him. First thing a -- today a word about coach you public look at what he's done so far given him credit giving charity -- credit. For going to -- in this guy and he's pitched in all sorts of roles he's now being asked to close out games that glove that his is like a beacon of sun. That should never be dirty up -- that you tweet last night needs to dirty up tech bubble it's just how dare you sir. How dare you it's just so bright thing to stiffen its huge that's all it's just it's like this orange. It's just so bright but it doesn't really matter because the guy is built. The guy's throwing 9091. With a split from hell. It's this it's amazing seventy damn strike outs and sporting a third easily walked 82 of those were intentional. -- The guy the like I said we're spreading so much time talking on him breaking down and maybe not enough time. But but how dominant this guy is right now it was a ridiculous the whole bullpen right we talk to fifteen straight strikes you'll. Five votes his money through ball. I think -- through one or two balls last night in two weddings now. -- going to winnings is probably the reason why some people say in their symbol used there. You know and and broken have a game plan only -- about trying to give this guy some rest in a given that they've gotten past the trade deadline never got it. 88 lead inning guy with any kind of past -- history at all. -- You know was a comfortable with two innings that's the typical artist managers trying to win games and that night. And you like it but I understand with a concern comes in right now I just choose -- sort of enjoy when I'm watching this he's been. Believe he. I don't think coach he's one of those guys here is coaches too hot. Fifteen and a third innings pitched five hits one run was unearned. He walked one and struck out 21. Had any array of zero. -- whip of point 391. Heading strikeout to walk ratio on -- when it comes to math but even I knew this one. Of 21. Struck out 21 he walked one in the entire month of July right. The whole bullpen last night -- that entire group I mean that's been a that's been able and it's been maligned you know you wonder when when hander went down on Bailey went down how would these guys work written goes for a couple. Obviously -- we are. Gives you a couple last night they they kept Q and it. After two solid gave it up their late as I was what are your steady guys he gives up that the home run its two tees in locating and a melt. Just like the rest of the season they didn't melt the bullpen was lights out. And they it up when he neck came in the fifteenth sometime after midnight. 56 home games. That it 56 home games and they walked off ten of them. That's that's -- right that's amazing what -- ten all ten games in 56. Now tonight at eight tonight to -- Right guard tenure to the tonight's afridi Demi is anybody out there really feel good. The other guys in that locker room the coaching staff the organization feels that a -- when this game do you feel good about it -- diversity OT going up against. You'll Felix Hernandez steps gonna have to go out there and match him and they get a ticket couple breaks what the gonna have to deal. As the biggest -- but don't you go like this team goes into it and they don't. They fill a big win every game is -- a question just based and attitude the identity like that or the identity of this team is leap you -- take -- a fight. At bats -- the talk missile time we're gonna -- out of basket make tough for opposing pitchers matter we're gonna face early late we get extra innings with tightened the we are going to be -- team you're not gonna wanna play. Our -- of interest to get a good point oh -- -- expect meter read Japanese one -- you know I played nation. I didn't play in Asia. Which was a -- -- play in Asia. The -- was he was he speaking agent now I think I think the texture said you played in Asia -- said no I happily in Japan yet that's true. But I tell you speak in Asia -- that's what geography it's nice running joke we've got -- him -- -- last night in Asia. -- -- confidence again. We're gonna -- -- the countries -- a number of some geography you do an oral dual social studies Joey during the break we'll get Joseph will get a little cut up where these comets are. We'll show where they are located will show the countries in the comments do you feel good you go home we teach Mason it'll -- this -- do enough. And little -- and a Q did you have a play against him and he was a manager in Asia. No none -- -- Japan and Asia Japan's current. -- it's not a little different they'll mess. It -- located. Nuclear if you need me so -- -- putting it up the -- our question is interest it leads the next one because he is part of a bull and that has lost some major arms you know we have people screaming that the got to get a -- a bullpen arm up before 4 o'clock yesterday with people the same Apatow get. Michael Young before 4 o'clock yesterday. -- the question we come back did the Red Sox do enough at the trading deadline will it trickle -- phone calls would not Lou here on 93 point seven WE -- But -- not -- 37 WEE we got a ton of baseball for you today voice the Red Sox Dave O'Brien at noon assistant GM Mike Hazen. Will join us at 1 o'clock here today we'll get his thoughts. What the Red Sox did and didn't do. At the trade deadline yesterday your call 6177797937. AT&T decks on 379370. We're not a lot of trades made yesterday Major League Baseball Red Sox made probably the biggest -- by trading for Jake Peavy. The night for the deadlines started in the question becomes did they do enough and based on my feelings yesterday they didn't. Now I think that brought cold is a nice little player I think crackle and be utility player for a team putt as Red Sox team. But in September in the playoffs I want a more experienced utility guy somewhat more experienced Major League level playing shortstop at upper shore yesterday. Be the easiest thing to get. Okay John McDonald -- assign bodies today and you go get somebody who has more than the zero games played by Brock -- at the Major League level at shortstop. I'm knock on images again the -- but he's at zero -- -- it short stubby played shorted got 300. To -- than that the the minor league level but the Major League level. Yet zero shortstop -- when you get into a pennant race and every game matters like it does right now do you try to avoid a one game play him. In defense replacement -- and guys and play defense behind drew if he were to go down are important. It's not nitpicking folks it's called pennant race baseball it's called building your team to get enough wins -- -- the one game player. And to me it's an easy thing to get utility guy shortstop experience and I'm surprised. They didn't do that yesterday. And I hope the attic they have to do before September 1 they didn't they post. Trading deadline waiver deal they can get -- -- has bubble that could have. Made but I think you know. Big picture. Says Daniel I guess is still out there if you want him. You don't have to. I don't have the impeccably post street analysts on a -- as surrogates somebody could still make that move I think Brock call. Coming in this year really and playing third base. Com he's Betty shortstop he's been a second baseman even though he hasn't played any game during -- twelve games in Pittsburgh. Think less of timber and issues come up an obvious you don't need mature. You had two or escalation is so it's more utility guy situation way to play they -- Opposite complete shortstop. Small movement yeah we talked about yesterday I thought that trade -- may be one of veteran out CNET before them. Come down the stretch -- have a veteran utility player who was apparently short -- third whatever might be and you worry about defensively so it could have done now. I think would have been -- Michael Young. You know there was apparently you know obviously nothing happened with Michael Young nothing happened with another reliever a veteran -- to go back out there. Are you satisfied with that. Being done yesterday I you know. I think that they are because it. Actually picked Bogart's there's a lot quicker than optical finalists and -- are today and he has made some improvements the last ten days. He's constantly learning now will -- Brooks. Yesterday it's tossed out of the game to -- -- -- -- he is mentally -- worried about the things he can't control. You get aggravated the the total control over all game in the short bench you know for -- earlier. You know to show frustration level -- -- get a -- wrote true these. -- believe appear to elect a seventeen as well orders -- that you always are just a spotter. Repetitious a little bit of frustration creep -- -- the trade -- and well what would -- to do so well air effect sort of normal -- natural sense of frustration but. Yes it was gonna learn it and believe me I've been there how many times that it happened to me in the first time was difficult. -- it's that time wasn't easy either but after awhile it just disappoint where. I can't control anything I mean if I really wanna give back up there all I can do is we'll play better. And really start focusing on on what it's gonna take for me to get back. President focusing on. It Weis brought Cole. Why is it wise it's Snyder -- be talking about Bogart why aren't they talking about me -- you know what worry about the nine innings or about the preparation. Worry about the batting cage to ground balls before the game. Where he -- showing them that you're ready to come back Gupta rather than the other things. And I -- he's focused on the other things. Opposite of frustrations -- you know they trade -- they bring up brought call for God's sakes. The much -- Gary tell -- you're right the reason why Brock called school up and I used as can play short. As we don't have a backup shortstop the whole place derby can play short. So the frustration is there. But I don't you wonder how hard they went after or if there was any talks for a guy like Michael Young to come in here and give you some special at bats at third base. So -- Middlesbrough we hear that stuff for middle Brooks that change your opinion who might get an opportunity here a week as we talked about this yesterday. And we both agreed middle Brooks to get the first shot I entered these are seen -- say that late. Well these are seeing a -- the bubble guys he talked about Bogart's declared the Mike Trout. He talked about little -- and said yesterday it was a bad day for middle Brooks and I don't know I'm reactionary signal how I do. -- I hear that ego oh Earth's web email the next guy may be may go to a middle Brooks is not gonna get called up for three they're gonna leap -- will -- Brooks. And it seems like -- based on your tweets yesterday. And based on listen these are seated today you might feel that parts of that next guy. You may see him at third base. Wasn't it yesterday and this is this is woman approached job to lose him obviously ethic he's the first choice. But I think there's there's some concern that he's he's not focused on what he should be. It -- and an -- talk about Mike drugs about work from Mike Trout called -- worked for him any any. Some product affect a lot of just overlook. -- -- would just look at last year's his first year and basically the they called the 2011. It came up in July. You played fourteen games and it won 63. Okay to thirteen on base 498 you'll yes they sent him back down he came back up August 19 -- point six games. And eight to fifty. He is so his first year in a big leagues he actually at 220. -- the following year we went absolutely nuts and get a taste of it got a 130 point three at bats whatever was 4040 games or so. An 820. It everybody's different look at PD. Right 06 when he came up in September what here. Buck -- and the following year Jacoby Ellsbury comes up what he hit 390 also -- a -- -- believe everybody is different. And I just think you go one guy down there that's focusing on the wrong things things he can't control one guy down their focusing on the right things and has played baseball in better. So yeah. I think in -- to be up. And I and I wouldn't be shocked at all -- in Houston. You got a ten day road trip to bring him up against Tripoli team first off begin a ten -- road trip this can be a lot of noise when it happens. To give ten days into weeks -- so on the road and come down and come back and you've seen him play a little bit. But the quieter if that happened. So set up paying a high price for young Bogart's may be ends up being in that god what about the bullpen could get conical yesterday. About the bullpen and to me I looked at it is. That you greed was two for one mile I and they she's with a -- he's being traded but peavy is the rotation worked in the bullpen. Until. Work -- sent down last night. Does that change your opinion what they should or shouldn't have done at the deadline if they're gonna send out work -- because to me it's like political fifteen innings. -- still probably here somewhere on the staff you're just look at it and said Brandon Workman can't pitch tonight he can't pitch tomorrow we know -- let's send them down. Maybe wait ten days that we DL somebody but because what fifteen. That to me that was a reason to get sent back down. Unless -- I actually agree with yesterday Joseph Ferrell talk to. Before the game it was you know work its goal of the bullpen. You know at Torrey south and three starts. A -- and -- came up with that it came out of the bullpen against Seattle was very first appearance. After what -- restarts -- probably go a little more competence and he's probably go a lot more conference as well so you think he's going to be vital part of his ball and that's why you do it. -- -- want Jake Peavy goes the rotation. You know -- go work and go -- and apparent. Now deeply fifteen innings last night and probably be admitted he probably won't be able to pitch until Saturday this is before the game last night. Seeking news and denying you -- music to morning probably use in Saturday. Eagle fifteen innings and it kind of stuck. But if he's that important. To your hand you -- sent down for ten days -- what you cynic I doubt he's got a stayed out ten days. So there's they got some options I had bacon obviously -- -- to deal anybody walked. Yes you know it during combat with an attending to god they bring up tonight if for example they bring up the -- -- -- -- -- organized -- -- the spot -- is so. But anybody else think this phantom the Ellis dilatory -- BA -- You know you can phantom DL do you work Rebecca here on Saturday he can bypass in ten days he plays a player on the -- -- But I just figured there was other options and -- all right now I mean I'm I'm looking at 08 don't dilatory these two guys have. -- ball down I mean Stephen Wright. And -- -- nine innings but that was on Sunday you know tonight's. Four days' rest is a knuckleballer. These are what the perfect storm right fifteen innings last night running out arms and egotistical tonight -- last couple outings stuff relief. Hasn't really been he's really fought through these stocks continue to fight that started and tonight. The hope was there's good stuff. What you want someone to back them up and I just -- -- ago. Just sit down the -- dilatory bring up Stephen right back up to piggyback the right Napster for one night. That's important to really help this team wants it Odom if attendance which can help until Saturday command back in my mind they find a way to get a backup your but it is interest and less -- they can be -- mute not moot point because they can just. Can't deal anybody -- fan appeal anybody bring -- guy. Topeka team appears before that it did the Red Sox do enough for the deadline 61777979837. The phone number rate TT tech -- 37937. Billy is in lay in -- getting your reaction the trade they made the trade they did not make it -- There with the guys. -- I don't -- it did not at all. The English is peavy deal idea. I didn't really like. You -- honestly just maybe the problem at all. I know until receiving he's been great and everything but. I can't integral and the kid hasn't done anything wrong -- -- it seems like at all. And you know line -- -- -- they've got excited JPG. You know he's not -- eight people six years ago and I look at the numbers -- And you know it is only the beginning of the year tree please use of -- it all written but I just don't really hold on and I think they really. These compelled by the bullpen is now -- I think that's. Something they really -- about. More help on. What they got to remember ability and this is this the one thing is sort of gets lost is that. You know bike by getting Jake Peavy were put -- that -- they will be -- -- Saturday so everybody's gonna be up in arms they won't be so damn good why would you send him down and I and I understand that. But Beckett being Beckett be moot point is to be up on Sunday with the DL stint. I think long term we look at this team. Remember Franklin Morales to another perfect inning last night OK he's another reliever that's going into this bullpen. The -- what you've seen from Great Britain out of his bullpen has been a huge lift the -- -- are going this open and I think he can really help you out so in order to what Workman is bullpen. You had to get another starter right. So everybody that's comparing. You compared that are wrong person when -- -- track compared to Steven Wright because in nordic it -- -- -- Stephen Wright has to be called up to the big -- so it was Jake -- better than Stephen -- I think he has it if you don't keep leaving you bring up Stephen Wright. Tell me who the next arteries you've got one month the play baseball and where is that depth in Tripoli near once -- -- feel good about. -- -- great -- yesterday. But we've seen to a consistent up here. I mean not. I -- -- -- -- I -- united I'm outnumbered sentinel. You know the pomp and everything else just off the bat like yesterday. It didn't seem like it did enough to me or -- Familiar -- -- address the week that the AT&T Textron is lit up here 37937. How about bullpen help wind -- bullpen. The park when the bullpen they'll recall -- there that there's a million textures and what Billie just said. We'll talk about that with -- we come back because to me if you look at the other trades that were made. I think it's pretty evident but he couldn't give bullpen help because that was not available when you hear that the trading deadline moves. The real trades that were made it becomes evident. We'll talk about that last you do that -- the deadline next.

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