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PawSox manager Gary DiSarcina on Xander Bogaerts

Aug 1, 2013|

Gary joined the show to discuss the play of Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts in Pawtucket. He compared the career track of Bogaerts to Mike Trout.

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Anytime you mention the name Gary -- -- CNET to anybody in baseball as they love a good guys in all I'll make all right guy or a big guy you know he's born in -- well -- -- he joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTD good morning Gary how -- Do and very very well -- up a supportive jumping off here Gary what percentage. Of your responsibility. To the Boston Red Sox organization as manager in Pawtucket. Is to win games verses to teach instruct and develop talent is like 95 to five or 99 to water what is it. -- with features like but if you you chip developed -- and players are astute to. To some players up completely Q or -- minority in the organization that's wooten you're. -- part of barrels or episode or the book Marley characters you have there for developments. And -- together. And social struggle which players along with our American summer league all the way you know you want to each winning baseball or -- and there's also. The bottom line with you're good to see if it. We just talked to -- -- in the last hour clearly -- in the Red Sox organization believe there is work to be done. By -- Bogart's in the minor leagues he said he's working on things down there specifically Gary what kinds of things is -- working on are you concentrating on with the -- -- player. You know we have we have maybe fox competent independent for both partners occurrence -- coordinators don't you know working with them. -- -- on a physical something where play positioning. Went like -- but you know it's more than just shooting you know -- -- on his face trying to work from the substance. That angle debate all the decision maker and and you can't. You can't replicate that practice turn early work and you know it was such effect yet to play it at the end game of the year where situation. He's been a precedent for me -- and defensively he's a lot further along than I thought it was news from Portland. He you know just -- -- -- -- -- decision to over the last probably shouldn't be it's he has -- better. You know we have we have to finish strong and needs to you know the instrument and -- will have a better read perfect -- as well as you. He just about our secure twelve years old orange cover all through the system and well it's pretty tough to replicate their children and if you're not wearing game so he assessed the Bihac situation -- For the for the people shortstop position the intricacies of the position right where it's playing charts. And -- where you're supposed to feel you know fundamentally altered the -- or go to our short oval. And we're supposed to -- but he has progressed and it's not probably to borrow what these leaders all the purposeful very so. They're happy with everything going out there. I don't know how hands on you are with him on a daily basis but does your Major League Baseball shortstop DNA help you help him. I think so it probably makes it a bit harder problem or -- -- you know I think -- aren't going to have a lot during the game. That's opposed to watcher Richard are watching north Brock was -- election Brock or too little for. You don't know it our priority cute and no clear leadership positions when I sent the temperature -- sensible -- -- Russ -- just watching the directions. You know. So RO. I don't know where to position is an old you know especially with what -- -- -- there's ours. In troop. Shouldn't be prepared we're doing our best we don't know. Gary do you think you'd be okay if they called them up today and and and put -- -- third. While the proper question though but throughout. The question that they probably -- it wouldn't aren't thought it was the first. I thought I reflect the Olympic champion Angel what might throw at my. With a double what it means so -- record year all started here who's trapped -- -- where you can be a double and all year interest whatsoever you. Then in August early August -- -- disposable slippers well we're ensuring. There's no interest orchard stepped over that -- so my. Due to typically need markets kolbe who goes up there please start with little the last -- struggle -- notable 180 or seventy. Fourteen gave way to get setback. Those double lettered. -- rates it's all the the years in Israel to go it's been strange really fit well with that so. The question that the accused is due credit is -- really opening -- majority of so part of what we're unsure where we'll repeat all of the privilege -- well when yours overlooked very. We're completely -- -- but circuits. -- the -- of what we've what we've we've seen need this morning to our reps in order form. It's. You know so what will or won't be such a great. The whereabouts that personality awful old epidemic -- popular if you if you want to look up close and -- he told them they'd ever been prepared all the move to you're the first -- a little unsure what are the proper orbit and let it went for it won't just there might be a lot of -- a lot of -- -- these innocent but it. Well what would we know -- everyone knows you had strong words from middle Brooks when he first went down. Has anything changed as your attitude toward him as it is his attitude changed and you think he's ready come back up there. Well but there was strong awards at the Bironas where -- let let let you have a relationship where. And to be honest with soldiers. -- straight. You know you need to work our sense. There have been -- global players for three years remote with a reasonable. Separate at a great three months and get suspects -- -- well like any other lawyer. It's a so rapidly in the Boston market. While the other -- the public that you know will need to work -- thinking you can work from inconsistent. Oh look where every. Not you know Lotta reports are put. Every at -- that was you have spent a good approach. State focus all those things that you know you although why he's in. He had a rough figure of epic you know if you throw a football game in the short bench you know for -- earlier. You know to show frustration level -- -- get a great road trip the believe a -- 817 as well orders order that you always -- -- -- spotter. Repetitious little bit of frustration treatment -- betrayed that aren't. Well who would -- do so well air effect -- natural sense about frustration but. These -- words is or where you know these -- level Arnold. -- have any worries about a little. Where have you seen so far from from Bradley junior down their -- this season anything that would dissuade people who think he's going to be a really good major the polar. No slovo is that if -- -- -- -- typically defaults are. Very much what -- glitches and special shortstop Jack these special insert field. It's that. You get try to used to -- a great -- and makes great where it really prudent thing it's great job on ball. It reminds me a little -- junior police in this initial jump on -- Already. It Jimmy what Arafat. Perhaps guard that they still rejected the -- Voyager is not a burner -- real real I believe -- visual. Practices whoa or I purposefully power shirts you get results moral. There's no doubt that it appeared. The very good they're wonderful. Figure I don't know if you have any way to quantify this but just play play along here if next season next April opening day. Jackie Bradley is the starting center fielder in Jacoby is not here. And Bogart's -- starting shortstop because -- starting shortstop. How much of a drop off would -- -- defensively from -- -- to Bradley and from a Iglesias. To. Bogart's just on the defensive side of baseball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well when I'm out here for a trip regards they're -- certain objective. I don't really know. Jacoby -- the -- and weaknesses of liberal locker. -- the great Q it's been -- Equate to the special you know be -- he or lower and lower Australia. He's very very. Whether a lot of what they -- the dark -- and it's just. -- -- with you know special skills he'll certainly here so where -- -- this for workers really ridiculous that. You know that that brought here to bogey two to -- and it is that through through the -- with two totally different orders. No spoke to search directories that are. It's tall lanky guy ever it was girl that was ordered -- He's narrow base in Cuba where he was a large base and fielders just two totally different fundamentals but they're. But they have to do out there. That's not her throat -- would hopefuls in. All right well when I was in spring training is standing next to Bogart he struck me is bigger than I thought he was is there -- -- -- out grows. A shortstop body and finds himself in a third baseman body at some point in his career Gary. Oh look at that mostly electric like grow local fire coaches just. You know start eating correctly and what you are. Those are -- The -- and domestic pressure on mr. -- to the -- -- burger and all it will always argued and it will record Cherokee is Paris. They're strong. -- to charity group out of it by district needs to stay or work with these results on a -- work. You know what went into -- the general Portugal president to a neutral rules and she keeps that consistent work and apathy and regular seller consider they're both for -- You know. Oh yeah Jeter's extreme sort through it I don't know where he's here. You know voted Jeter a lot when they're you know -- -- You will destroy the -- are feeling a little on Merrill. Page so. There a chance. Wherever he plays he's going to be in order for -- looked at and so right now shorts are we look at those shorts are. There will never work -- are well here we camera -- world. Is price Brent Major League outfielders he gonna have a good Major League career there. You know -- that's sort of the Leonardo is empowering you have you know -- researchers about the police let. You've eliminated a lot of the streaky. Hitter. Is it true that brought better as a as well Spielberg are about a secure reporters earlier and earlier -- -- our group. But it lights are. Butler returned so you could flare up there he used to -- a direct hit it off that well we'll we'll. As he shot himself played leaders that was at one time thing. No it shouldn't -- -- is -- a chance that. Contreras to actually play a role here for the Red Sox you think in September and potentially October I know he's pitched. Pretty wrong limited and dispatched three times for you guys he said that 9390 for the hour. You know -- he -- -- -- that we don't have upper orbit right there were situation for all the perpetrators but for the three curtains will still work out work well or all. The Milosevic still up there are still are on record centers. Are sorted out a special that you -- the specific skill to open a full -- There's a terrific -- strip right there ought to know what to expect the bridge when it came barrels the litigants and but he could read it with regard to pretty accurate but particularly at that one's Social Security who -- -- right editors look at what is. Who lost out almost forceful. It gets -- set an hour ago that -- one of the benefits of the peavy trade beside the acquisition of the pitcher himself was the fact that allowed him to salt some bullpen problems internally. But putting Brandon -- out there in the bullpen. Has his early results very positive results surprise you at all -- What would it surprise you eat out Bart Starr for apparently -- you know 11 start where he used jurors he struggled a particular for our former first. They're also looked sharp Earl Starr -- a liberal America. One of the better in Putin's founder and especially so. Well I would say to prosperity -- attitude and they go to break that record make so much when you get to you and Richard the third words. The -- all -- purple -- Carter. -- have a presence you know we're watching their cable or a little bit and spiritual secure the little that are -- the -- in the Sharon got to restart triple. All. Excuse. To repeat it could be equivalent to Europe through -- -- -- -- all you have all the lectures that go into the community. Look terrible. -- you strike me as the perfect guy. The deal -- these young guys who have a lot to learn a minute guys who do all natural ability overcame odds and you know came from bill -- went to UMass and and just made -- you made in the big leagues major self an all star what is the one thing you'd try to drill into these. And these young minds of mush that don't know anything yet but what is the one less due in part. You have to build a relationship with his players you know whether it's world would approach lol he's reaching here so you just can't walk and their structure of who. Bottom level felt so very leaders can't. You know -- that it's my -- of -- where you have to build a relationship between you know part. But bill relationship that's what went -- it was -- -- -- -- papers that are greatly you know what they thought it was told -- that. The builder relationship -- not be a travel so you know he's got -- drawn out war did not actually -- Trent. You're you're truly within their managers. I respect what you built solid relationship you can her -- -- restrictions with these orders that are. We're always thought of all I want to where it was so it's only straight up hope that -- -- -- -- you go to work or what you know what right stretched work. You can't just. Commit a blast these kids aren't these players for sure triple word that just -- where. You start you know it was credibility will outline -- what we try to teach. What's the one mistake they'll make is -- getting too down when they have a little slump and that can you know it's the world's gonna end. The proportional. Where the problem with what the world so you know they're Arab or for worse earlier it would hurt your particular sort of a murderer. An effort that's my job our job as a manager staff -- there. You know that you put them you know it's a -- mayor ordered by arsonists are currently churkin. The mature about two Europe and that's always appropriate follow you know jerk -- left on the fairways -- In -- -- you wanna be associated with -- -- struggle travel bureau where they're family and all that stuff so. -- -- -- of electric general when you -- Lawrence superior you know execute better. Well. Well -- -- -- worked -- suspension -- aren't so remote little tour with no question let. You have the former relationship where you can't choose. Had an agenda. Or the agenda driven and struggles that you are these. -- final question and just for fun give us -- name of a kid you've seen not in the Red Sox organization that you're pretty sure is gonna be a can't miss star -- -- superstar in Major League Baseball. Oh world with the angels know that we have a couple of and you realize what should reduce our -- Al sharp group it's sort barriers. Not a suspect there's revenue a lot of -- lottery and switcher you know laughter -- are really like that where I would say that your. -- -- -- Computers and there was -- -- really worked very well hurt player like so so that's an oil like the -- important chip doing especially. Urgent eventually current release little more secure but just Korea and Cuba just all the withdrew -- -- In Portugal and Italy -- earlier we're going to recruit or look like watching -- he would just over and let the -- literally you're in there are -- prepared and under team would bulldogs beat that guy. There. Everyone knows about the depth -- there's one little problem. -- -- These special you know he -- a needle electrodes from these electro harper. I don't I would -- a child with -- there's -- -- and her partner and no bogey just in each group develop and -- a little bit more exceptions these little news Laura because she's not. I'll attribute warily toward their future in -- talk about a couple years. Well it sounds like they're coconut -- pretty well for the Boston Red Sox on a AAA Gary Gary appreciate the time the information a lot of fun gets an up with him. Are stricter Gary -- are seeing what Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE he needs to marinate. -- we have seasonal but it -- to ease the shortstop though the shoe is gonna be 21 October so next spring. He'll be your starting -- starting shortstop and Jackie Bradley June anyway. He's still be a waste of third would be a waste is more valuable to another team typically sees it shorts on made all the sense in the world. To deal him the only question to us was whose complete third. Right yes when he can't do you think it's a bunch -- Canada this -- Snyder a platoon. On 'til middle Brooks it's just insisting -- their audience -- -- who learns what he has to learn yeah so by like the end of this month. Middle books will be at third he said he had a. Great road trip came back struggled sort of went into a -- may be heading back -- a great road trip and continued on through. There might be a different consideration but middle port being up here and we've heard that same word we heard from meter we heard from Gary -- are -- we heard it from. Ben I think consistency Carolina and barrel as well yeah right at the -- --

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