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Ben Cherington: Sox in on every pitcher at deadline

Aug 1, 2013|

Red Sox GM joined the show to discuss the Jake Peavy deal and the Sox deadline day action. He told the guys that they were in on every pitcher on the market and that Koji Uehara is his most pleasant surprise on the roster.

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He serves and it will join us in the 9 o'clock hour but now joining us on the AT&T outlined the general manager. Of Boston Red Sox bench during dinner conversation to -- the front office report we call is brought to you by vita Coco and -- celebrity -- this morning bad how are you. Who are are very well hate procedural question your very quickly. Are all the general managers you'd deal as the trading deadline approaches on speed dial. Or -- you got to dot dial -- ten at number ten digit number to get Dave Dombrowski on the -- -- or court one quick push it way ago. All right let's back up let's go back to February we set its spring training we told you at that point on the first of August. Your Red Sox team currently constituted would be 21 games over 500 in first place. And on pace for 96. Plus wins you would've said what. Yeah I know who lived there at Daytona. Are you surprised -- if you win nine. -- You know sorry where -- are at it the other day I think. We really didn't know what it weren't so be. We had some things that we tried it is order and obviously return accepts or. Are built up -- the last. The way it's come together I think it's good credit they're armed the orders and does that put a sort of position result. You know we gotta we gotta get through camera itself this in here all on not getting -- -- -- -- -- long -- Well when was that. When was that revelation that when did you go from this being a bridge here we all know it was we all know this is a read every word every. What what would be. Transitional year. If we get as in but he got into it you know liar in so well. After you know -- live in reality game and there's just certain circumstances so and so we have to execute there and so we're able to make a trade him and hopefully -- area that we are acting without. You know without start getting in order the core of our our best mileage out early get a good player. -- -- -- out of your career. Oh we think we've made it seem a little bit stronger. And and so so early -- Bet I wanna get to the trade just a second but how much are you can tell this tale out of school I assume the Carmine of the baseball ops people all your metrics at the beginning of the season. Project a win. Total can you tell us what it was. No let Laura -- edit it at six. Out of the you know that you it is that that division or that we did that projection as your career. And and then by the way a lot of you that you are at the wedding process -- There's good the the main thing McCain that was that they at least. Looked like it was going to be very tight -- very competitive indeed it is -- the whole division that is it better then. What we lately so I. But still played very competitive with them. That's so expect it and and it looks like it and you know it at restaurants. -- we've we've heard and seen on -- and read in the paper you -- your take on the TV deals -- sort of let me take this -- with -- -- if not for the peavy deal and how it presented itself to UN for you. With the Red Sox organization have been comfortable. With Pedroia at second Iglesias at short and Bogart's at third for the foreseeable future is the peavy deal hadn't presented. Well luckily -- and I don't know the answer at third base but certainly we think he breaks it suit and a shortstop and -- -- Long Island and he couldn't then. Back here it I think it. And how the rest the lineup this. Start around them. And -- guys get -- and here we think it really get the sense. He has racetrack that are. But district is clearly he's -- so when you have a guy like that -- you know it is just to handle the rest a lot of looks like hmm well we definitely had their little. Well -- conversation that a lot. Several years here the last several months about. About another shortstop move forward and as long as you're here that was our expectation but yet you -- that it just silly cutesy bit. That position as a result of various certain organization that's Bogart's. We think it was short and and behind him in there are perturbed at Leicester -- and Guerrero. And being very good major leaguer with them all behind them so. You never wanna give up talent that we had we had to give up at least in this case I think the position and teach it. How much how much conversation -- was that a bringing Bogota now that and is that's is that a possibility are we talking about. -- Snyder. Platoon at third or is their chance we'll see -- to third. -- society. You know after the deadline yes David figured some immediate end. A lot of questions about Bogart's. He's either really really gifted player. -- you know receiver fortunate to have him. There would be where we are really really good player and -- Them -- or death threat we don't know where that. Fox -- start. And we got another third base and out there who. You know rewind the clock while -- Everyone started out so well so. You know I think I think what we still -- that we have. Internal solution at third base. Are right now all nighter. We actually ironic. Airport tonight but. That's sort of look at Purdue's last time they got sort of that the numbers are from all Snyder is pretty good. Little Brooks and over its socket both of -- Are going to be very good Major League players. So between now and next week in week yeah figure out where they dress the way it. Right now old writer and then we'll do it happens. Did you enter the the deadline them at the idea that. Bogart's in Bradley junior were off the table and any potential trades. Helping you say like never never never. Danny but. The state of the more. The more connected you are player in the more important that players you are -- -- -- higher the bar is. Talking about trade and never. The truth is we never. We never got anywhere near considering them. And you know this so I. -- just didn't there wasn't on there is there -- bit. Would have made sense. Well he's never never never grow. We know the crap out of sight but it is -- was really in our post. We closer Cliff Lee are very bunch report to city gets the most serious and dialog for him did you get close to him was that. Part of the asking price that part of the problem. Hurdle that you that was moves. That's a deadline or easier than it was potentially available. We talked about and I -- And and -- you'd -- class society in the but. I think that it is an issue. Issues really. We were we we really excel for a variety of reasons -- view that the best set. And you know it is the combination of what he gave up -- -- control out over next year are comparable center person. Are -- with -- interpretation of us and all those things. That -- most of the start. I was -- -- got scratched her from start last week in. So. You know the focus good -- are you. We're talking with the Red Sox general manager bench Arrington and and been. What elements of the Cliff Lee discussion. In your estimation was the biggest deal buster and I know your it's going to be all of the above. But -- -- the biggest deal buster the desire that peavy was the guy of the belief that he was the guy. Philadelphia's asking price Lee's salary or Lee's age. Well it could raise -- right -- all the votes. I think you know and analysts. I think we're we're going to make an ideal and analyze it. Obviously mostly a little bit about next year -- years in years past but in the lot about this here in the and -- and I think you'd you'd you wanna you -- deal. You ought to make a trade for players who are gonna walk and be active and open and from -- one. And so if there's any question about that whatsoever. -- -- it looks like and that's going to be our. Yeah yeah yeah it's it's at the -- -- so. You know. With PP. He's a lot out and and last year. We've been -- seen -- -- it's. He looks healthy -- strong stuff here. It worked that earned her position and then and help but I'm this weekend. You know Lou would lead not -- right now on the -- that that decide from there are a number of factors such. You know that that was -- answer. Bob Bennett was the peavy deal a little more palatable a lot more palatable because of your ability now to strengthen the bullpen internally by sending -- out there and peavy takes his spot on the rotation was that a plus. Yeah Wallace. And two birds one stone. And that I did just that. We didn't look at Christ our relievers and then it was a strange -- The loose or -- you all places Atlanta war -- this here and seeing like that. Prices were higher indoor team decided. You know it either -- or not truly an order. Keep the band together and you know Charlie let -- down the stretch in -- -- built momentum and into the offseason and the adults seem so. There just wasn't a lot of activity. On the reliever market some. Prior to yesterday. But that reason and then end and the fact that are over starter. This this and expect it -- to. -- who also -- dale. But you auction doubt Workman downright. And every veteran to report that says you -- this had worked -- out. At that day because that is the great last night. And he will be as today so. You know roster spot and now morning send out that it actually the network who wouldn't you know refuted anyway. So our expectation that they'll be back and you know will finally get him back hasn't -- German win peavy -- pitch. Let announced that it it'll be this week. Okay they. And bought element in this year's trading deadline ramp up. Where the expected Biogen knicks' suspensions the teams are looking at well we're gonna have a hole here and certainly played in two up. Into the negotiations with the Detroit Tigers was that an -- factored too I'm an odd element have to factor in during the discussions it's a different. Yeah I think so I'm. Not gonna let it -- we'll sleep a little bit more -- -- -- is -- -- yeah. There's no doubt I mean yeah. It's hard enough that and your finger out. Where you are what makes sense without that uncertainty lowered your -- so I. I really sympathize with -- does -- beat. Sort of more in the middle of that and then -- you that pressure -- it was really hard and it -- though it. You can make the case the Detroit would've made this deal if they didn't think their shortstop is going to be suspended would do great. You know I don't know -- it's a little answer for it but it you know I think -- -- had interest in signing shortstop. Of the eastern mostly they're. Current shortstop this other partner for the here and as the I think in general matter what was on their little or someone similar anyway so that was an interest is there -- we know them on it it it seemed that -- you know and again at its citizens their position that the answer here carrier. Is there more to come back and Libyan a lot of action. And up to the waiver wire for deadline the end of this month. Well there's. Speculation here it because there's just a little less secretary. The last week. And perhaps that into the market in -- obviously you know Walter period gestured Raiders but there's a number of players. That we're not moves. Bit. You know if you look at you think we're -- a chance to clear indoor. With the planes and navy. You know maybe you know what artist as -- Either all or out of it or where. And I -- deep enough where they they took a couple. I'm moving guys in and you know -- happen every audience that perhaps the New York it is this. We make in the point you guys have had this amazing year you know best record the American League no one expected -- saw this coming. But -- got a lot of guys having career years is not these you know and bolts out of the blue -- good -- obviously Ortiz and Pedroia were all stars but. That certainly happened before who is the best surprise the most pleasant surprise. On the field for you so far this season. Try to guess since that's in the ninth inning. Recently you know we obviously like you are. For awhile and they're really good pitcher in the American League -- You know I. We're excited we're hoping to add depth in the seventh and eighth inning of the -- stressed that it incredible strike or are does all the little. You know agencies that are outstanding. All year and then you know especially. In the ninth and is it he. We we we've really record -- record that the former it just seems like this. Circuit Carlin -- -- game -- straight -- just controlled the game he knows he's in command when he out there. Despite the fact is not flashing -- velocity and things like that so -- he's been huge. Yeah you -- been absolutely fine and apparently of cast your lot with him as your closer is there any organizational concern. -- that he wears down on wears out on the next two to -- two months or so two plus months. Well here. That that's interpreted that you are certainly at least here are figured in because I'm learning and new yankees who are betterment more because. And you've had lately so. Something in -- slopes that aren't. And Warrick are really good job stinking up the work making sure they communicate so well guys appreciate and make sure that they're -- is not pitched. End and not getting out of the net com and comparable and for our arms and you know either -- -- you know not an insult. The workload you can look at games pitched an inning then. That's closer a couple of indicators of war over the those things to determine -- it's actually throwing him out there -- comparable that are sitting down yeah and you know the -- leverage. They're out there and how many did that it is where all the going back there. And the that that are really good job stick you know work but again we you know we eat. It's all you you can never have enough. You know would we think that between the guys they have back there now and Workman like getting into that mix. Perhaps some other guys that are so it's not that open and it's this here. You know who wore out and out here aren't at the end of the game that would certainly is. That was the difference in my tenure here aren't out there. They've and I know you're a numbers guy and and and most guys in baseball but -- -- with the metrics and all that but would you be comfortable. Acknowledging the existence of some. -- -- Thing here at play when you wanna call it you know magic or are -- Horry -- winning atmosphere that work compelling at least a small element. In the success this team has had so far. Well I think that's -- loose. You know in the Bears win mortar sort of dropped projection situation. Are scenes that send it deep. You know of course you know. Well prepared and and like to play togethers. And then Natalie here irritability and actually using. In critical situations and then and then of course you know little luck -- there -- sit. And then teens -- -- in that letter or. You know -- in the order of those things and and then so I think I think there. You know when you you can we can project what players are gonna do we can protect what he's gonna do that and in large part what did it. Fairly close we'll get it in the ballpark and there -- in the margins where. You know the -- committed to Tennessee and actually started and you know what -- -- on the plus side -- to have him on the minus side. And that is different than absolutely little things and -- that note though that I'm not only in Canada and come about side. Things that are that are out arbitrator. You know analyst objectively they're picking on my. And that's what you're talking about. Putting magic aside for just wants us to -- it if it. Why -- -- -- Brooks on this team right now with third base what's going on with him down there why isn't he the every day third baseman now. Well you know up until. Yesterday or -- CO we had. The glitches for a little -- -- in -- very. And the world in the shuffle the deck. So the back. You know at the same time and settle down. There are there things that you know. That he was getting good sound its -- or he's done that he's worked on everything we got some work on. You know little if you look at certain certain. -- opted. Good players -- an injury there. Adam most of them except -- -- speed bump in their career and sometimes it's an injury sometimes it's certain eccentric flat on our best period or under or whatever. Wool pad that this year not really Gary took the fall our. You know it is very -- yet he's going to be that is the security air. And I reiterated that. Where are they like carpet article or Pakistan and then he has worked. So working on -- and and what city were. We know he's going to be very good players and at least as for the rest starts. Again and we don't know exactly when that in the eight but he's doing what he needs to do it put himself back in that position. Ben what if you hung up from us right now and called Scott Boras and said let's talk about a contract or Jacoby Ellsbury when we get into the nuts and bolts of the that we just say and not right now and we're gonna wait -- the offseason. At -- at this. But at. I look at a -- so I cleared the spurt. -- -- union QBs. You know -- part of the team are comfortable on the outgrow lineup. I think -- blocked era -- Cutler went in the conversations out there I know Luke yeah of course aren't happen over the Nazis and after spring training. For an hour you know we're into August. Or so so when he spoke so when. And they are an indisputable and it's an Jacoby those. And finally -- here's another one you probably were hoping you could avoid for the Singh ran its course the vast majority of fans and caller to the radio program. Are frustrated the Clay Buchholz hasn't pushed himself through this injury to get back on the mound are you frustrated. A lot frustrated not pitching because it's a bit you know who our best players out there and I'm not frustrated it is. That's -- so whatsoever. And he's worked extremely hard. He didn't have any -- date yet after that there's some that are safe where. He had a really injury that's not a serious long term but it is real and territorial injury to a shoulder -- Yeah do the right yeah it take Jarrett and and you know knowing exactly. You know what it's gonna turn the corner and so for him when it first happened. -- initial diagnosis. You know it's so popular they eat -- -- -- -- and you know and and and -- And it's safe to say that. You know we hoped it would be. Quicker. But that doesn't mean that that that's our suction cup play -- about it -- She's bust their -- you lost. There's nobody has that beauty years huge and not let that -- out there are so well players are like that they wore me out there. And and you want to be out there and he's coming along I think he's you know really not an analyst. I'm EC -- pretty good right now and the last several days than it is or in the right direction. So we're confident -- will be back in there. You know before this season out and it'll be that much better. As long as he didn't re injure that that appease he has ripped the Jersey off of -- drew last night Ben thanks very much at the time we appreciate the information this morning. Jerry to Red Sox general manager Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT eat. Our conversation with a front office is brought to you by vita -- Koko and by celebrity cruise.

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