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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday July 31st

Aug 1, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday July 31st

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You know anytime you win a game this late in in extra innings it can seem like -- Certainly being on the other side of it it can. In all a loss after fifteen can can have. A little bit more effect than a regular game but. You a number of very unique ways Jonny Gomes with a diving catch in left field -- with another diving catch in center field -- an extra innings to preserve. The go ahead run. We're we're Koji you know presence. Drake Britton and certainly Matt Thornton didn't. You know just just an outstanding job on their part I'm finally a little push one across after quite a drought with. Twenty some at bats -- with nothing to speak of you know -- makes -- throws a strike from. In about 200 and so torn -- plus feet away and cut down on the winning run so. In the end a good went all the way around. That's a pretty unique when I guess so thankfully he made the play. Yes and while -- like the feeling it. That we've somehow find some energy late in the game. You know it's been many different guys that have. In the the reason for the walk off. But. I can tell -- the conversation each timer at the plate in the in the extra innings. I do they're somewhere where we're looking for something to draw energy from to make one last push and we're able to do that here and tonight. I'm going. We've we've got some. So most of my. The need for multi innings. Peter's arrival. We've got a couple decisions that we've got to maker tonight. Know last couple outings it's been there. You know they came out. Attacked and purpose fastballs and got one up over the plate and -- figures been a nemesis foresees from about extremely well against us. And in a one run game. There's certainly not looking to work -- count they're aggressive he got a pitch up and enforcing available.

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