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John Farrell with Salk and Holley: Iglesias did a great job for us, but pitching was our priority

Jul 31, 2013|

We discuss the big trade of Iglesias that brought back Jake Peavy with the manager John Farrell, and get into other questions on the team... David Ortiz vs Umps, what Peavy means for Clay Buchholz' health, and more.

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Obviously a lot more your phone calls today your reaction to what the Red Sox did last night Jake Peavy coming to Boston Jose Iglesias and some. Young minor leaguers heading at a town and still about an hour and a half to go bench Harrington is gonna make another move up. Maybe more pitching help may be some more help in the infield to wait and see John Farrell manager of the Red Sox joins us as he does every Wednesday brought you by -- -- insurance. Town fair tire and by -- sake you heard this trade I would assume a after the game last night and not during but you can certainly correct me if I'm wrong what was your reaction. Well obviously this -- -- that has been in talks with us we felt like we needed to bolster our. A pitching staff we -- know who was gonna come down to ending a starter. Given the price tag of guys that have been traded prior to -- coming to us. But when it it got closer and in those last couple hours obviously with Detroit coming into the mixture to to add that other player to it to make it happen. We knew we got. A very successful proven. Right and started to add to our next. My image in the price tag in and part of the price tag was Jose Iglesias. Who got himself to a level where he can be a part of a trade like this and I'm not sure that would have been the case this time last year. What were your thoughts about. Trading away -- season getting -- in return. Well I think everyone recognizes you have to give up good talent to get the talent and the need fit all three teams I will say this. Jose is an exciting young player he did a great job for us he worked his tail off. He plays an aggressive style of game even -- for his style offensively he's not he's fearless. A great defender. And in in this series of text messages this morning with them. I know he's gonna miss it here he's looking forward to the opportunity had but. That this guy that you know he knows one way and that's the red sox' way in and we're gonna miss him but we're also welcoming Jake Peavy -- open arms how much were you consulted. That there was updates throughout the whole process and you know it it. I think as as -- -- kind of comes to a head there's choices that you could potentially make with with players involved and I know one thing there are a lot of people that were a little bit hesitant and giving up Jose Iglesias because of what we've seen. But at the same time we prioritize the need for pitching and that's first and today. If you if you can give us your own scouting report on PV what is it tremendous competitor. Fearless. Going to be able to put the ball ground got to -- get a strike out against a lefty and righty because of the breaking ball and the sinker that he throws got a changeup also being in mixed in there. But I know talking with him late last night. He is ecstatic about coming into this environment and a chance to compete not only for playoff berth put to hopefully deep into October. I know a lot of people rave about his control Ali hate walking people. I guess the flip side of the that is he does give up home runs. Any concerns about his abilities or his propensity -- his propensity give up homer -- I think first -- assure you when you start this you know profile picture. But what's a strike throwing ability and his. -- entire crew has been well above average so. See you in part to clean this ballpark where it when you don't walk people. And you force the opposition to. To swing the bat you you're probably in a better place in the fact that he can put the ball on the ground. Even fits this ballpark better when you think we'll see him for the first time he's got a personal -- -- taken care of today he'll travel in here tonight. In and get and a get a chance to sit down with him tomorrow when he rushed to the ballpark warmup out one. When will insert him in the rotation but. It it'll be sometime on this -- he the view if there are concerns about Jake Peavy one is what Michael has mentioned the home runs the other would be. Just the health trying to keep him healthy he's -- time. Really since the one big injury that he had this year was sort of a model with a broken rib is there anything you need to do it's. To nurse him and make sure that you keep him healthy well you know well. First of all the trade wouldn't have been made if if there wasn't today comfort level high comfort level with the with the medical file and and that obviously passed. That's we're getting a chance to sit. With Jake and become a war through all these things what's worked on his routine. -- in the pitch limit where he starts to feel. You know maybe it's time on a given day recovery rate all those things -- -- that'll be the normal sit down with him tomorrow in person. I have yet to look at -- and think about the acquisition for the Red Sox. If he had done nothing and you have Clay -- coming back now how do you how do you feel about that I mean I guess. Another Republican candidates is Jake Peavy here because the news on Clay Buchholz is a little -- are they connected at all. No none whatsoever. We know that they're still going to be some time before clay returned source and then at that level. You know you're you're gonna have to have some starts where he goes through it you know because I think when people see Clay Buchholz name is store as tonight's starting pitcher for the first time. People Michael -- say well here's a guy that's nine and oh with a 17 ERA and in the old. We've got to wait and see how that comes back we we fully expect that a very good pitcher but to say that he's going to be mid season form right away. Well -- tell that in the event that someone else to go down. And we continue to keep -- workmen in the -- in that rotation. You know I think what was really -- was September of 2011. We're starting pitching became. Short. And given where we are today we wouldn't wanna take terrorist what is the value of the great defensive shortstop. What what without getting into all the new Saber metrics you know from a manager's perspective well let's let's face it if you're building a team with defense and in the in the strength of the backbone being up the middle. That -- shortstop as pivotal. We've got a very good one and and Stephen Drew and his own right. Another one potentially waiting in the wings and -- Bogart's. The position shortstop was one of an organizational strength and I think -- was very clear on and being able to deal from that position of strength. But Jose Iglesias is a good defender at shortstop losers in the game today. Well we're talking about the place is earlier Seattle glacier is in play short very well played third base very well to he had. Drew an Iglesias out there now critically Hughes has gone. Oh what happened a will little brutalizing not in the mix here -- -- member -- Korean -- earlier in the year we were talking about middle Brooks and and then the statement was he's -- based on what happened to. He still. Obviously to talk that he working through some things to gain the consistency there's been some improvement along those lines but whimper -- what brought cold coming to us today. He also gives us the backup shortstop. In the event something would happen to Stephen Drew so that's were Brock is today now. As we get through today and another hour and a half for so you know with the trading deadline if if things start to take on a different look and I'm not suggesting that there's something imminent. But this was the move immediately with. -- use movement to Detroit so. That's for Brock holders today he's in a -- -- at their base but -- also gives a backup shortstop what is meadowbrook seem to work on. In your opinion and advertise just gaining consistency you know we we've seen from time to time we've we've seen it for stretches. And then there's also been stretches that we've seen that have been consistent with what we saw here prior to him going back to talk itself. The suggestion that word down on will. Just by virtue of brock's recall. No I would not say that we are down -- -- but we we know it's still a very good talent player. Who's very much part of this organization and a big part of it and world. We're in the situation kind of somewhat temporarily right now John Ferrell with -- -- he's always brought to -- -- bill insurance town fair tire. In my -- sake David Ortiz been in -- for you really almost the entire year. Does he need. Protection does he need more protection in the -- You know. I think right handers or or even if Mike Napoli swinging about it. In one of -- hot streaks I think right handers are gonna pitch very carefully to David Ortiz. There might be other times they are are a little bit more even more careful almost manage around him to get to Mike Napoli. But soon. You know it's it to suggest that there's more protection needed. You know we want is as people line up as we can possibly get. Ends. I don't I don't sit here today and say you know we can't win without someone else behind David Ortiz. You mentioned David Ortiz and her a couple of things hears that and nice Segway to some other things happen before this -- yesterday. Ortiz got very upset. In Baltimore. Should have been ball four should have taken his base instead. Two questionable calls or bad calls -- -- he wanted to straighten out and striking out on and he. Telephone and it. As as a managing understand you you play the game you've seen a lot of great players and game. Guys get upset you feel like there is a line that players cross the that he crossed a line in terms of what he did that telephone. Well I think it's first to acknowledge that yeah frustration happens to a to a team to individuals. I think David probably looked back and he -- taken out of something might have been outside the view of the entire world. As many times has been replaced put them. You know. What took place at the plate I mean why we broke through a stretcher -- -- some things that have been a little bit questionable. And and you know you try to take him in stride as mr. Kendall when you're in a situation where you're competing. Now we expect from today for. To be competing for first place the entire way. You know there's going to be some things that we need to contend with and we need to -- control. And confident David will do just that -- realize up Pedroia there trying to separate Ortiz from the -- -- -- of the biggest guy in the act in that -- aware real I was 11 personally from that that -- camera only -- Up. I always thought the -- I was looking to see you dive in front of that phone and try to protect that and well was replaced by two tin cans and -- -- the next morning so is. We were -- to cover report. You said you've run to restrain got a history of some questionable calls -- that leads us to you. The Mohegan Sun dinner with John -- contest today's question for the manager comes from -- -- -- Rhode Island he wants to -- in light of Monday night's. Admitted mistake and called home plate in the eighth inning. What method or methods do you think MLB should consider to get it right he's right that all caps get it right. Like other sports have instituted. Well I think baseball follow the one sport that is resisted change because -- -- some traditions. You know technologies and in many different areas of our game now whether it's player evaluation whether it's. You don't replay review with balls leaving the ballpark. And I think there's been enough examples. And incidents this year that and I'm sure this is all part of the debate with you know Joseph Torre the -- committee. It would -- although as an overseas. The umpires along with the commissioner's office how do we best expand the use of video replied without. Prolonging the game time because that is very much a hot topic with keeping the game. The pace of the flow of moving. But when you have. Plays a finality and out call you know those functioning not a continuation -- worked. You might have runners on base not know where to place those runners in the event of a call overturned on a diving catch in the gap. As one example. But in a player like that Monday night. You'd like to think the you have the ability maybe one time in the game to say you know what I'd like challenged the call. It might fly in the face of tradition. But I think the game is probably ready for some advancement. Why do you think you missed call you think he was out of position or is it just eat human -- meals. While they're there. Until we go to an automated system there's always going to be human error and and that's an accepted part of the game to a point but I think in this case the other night. He was blocked out by Molina on plate. Had he been on the angle where is more directly behind home plate you've probably seen. I am assuming he would have seen his foot -- under the tag and not come up in the air as he explained afterwards so to his credit. You know what he he acknowledged the missed call it doesn't change the outcome or the continuation of that game different -- -- in a tight situation. But we also look at at what we could've done better in that situation as well. Could we have had a better read at second base and in a -- park sure and hopefully that call would have never even -- to place so. When when you. And we and our clubhouse when we look at certain situations that unfold during the game we also have to look at okay what might we have been able to do better. And improve -- -- rather than leaving it in the hands of somebody else what. Urea and you get thrown out of that game right you're hot you're angry it has been amiss call home plate you get tossed out of the game the have to leave the dugout what you do do you. How do you handle something like that. Given that hurt the situation overnight at a pace for probably fifteen ministers to track law. But you know. We we live that we breathe it it's our livelihood. You take it sincerely. And you know. Our coaching staff is in this with the players and we might not be on the front line is they are and certainly we don't pretend to be but that doesn't mean we care any -- in in I think that's what we've come together as a group. Both coaches staff players all that in our club Michael -- talk and before before you came in here before the shows are even. Trying to think of how many games this year. Have been lost the -- that you -- -- either could have or should -- -- -- games of the bullpen blow but whether there was a mental error or something -- -- that occur. And we really couldn't come up with very many of them and then you bring up the novel play the other day and maybe the reason it stands out is that there really haven't been too many mistakes like that how. How how do you tell your team has handled the mental aspect of the game this year. With with out one question. Extremely proud and I think very exceptional because -- They want the detail they want and they pay attention to detail they wanna find the edge. They want to be able to anticipate certain situations and it in a game or are match of where we might be able to take advantage of and I think that's where they that's where their knowledge of the game as a group. And that's when they love to compete knowing that if if we can anticipate something and we've got the upper hand in addition to our abilities we should come out on top. Now I will say this we've we've tried to be an up tempo more aggressive style of base running team. That as. Cause us to run into and out on occasion. But what goes unnoticed might be the opportunities we've created because of that the outs are always going to draw attention we we were. Fully willing to accept that. We continue to use that method in a Smart way we we should be better off. Work I directed an eighth inning for a second novice and after the game session at. I shouldn't read it the way I did. A -- and so he took. Accountability as well. And there's there's lots of second guessing how lucky do you second guess putting novelist in that situation there's a -- Well you always reflect and review I chose not to keep some other potential moves. Available and to keep those options open so and hindsight. -- do you go back and say you know what forget the secondary moves this is the most important when you put the guy with the best -- speed in that situation that the obvious answer. In hindsight is yes but. In the moment you're factoring in multiple different things and -- you know. Almost critically thinking ahead as best you can with. But the potential moves you -- you don't -- box yourself in and that was a reason for an ominous situation well it sort I think the other thing is that you got trust and every player on your bench. So by putting in and -- -- in that situation. Wasn't any less in my mind than putting big -- spot this ambulance from both as a manager in addition he is a player. Well I think you're always learning about one another yourself and others every game that's played because of military games are going to be alike. And you do the best your ability of putting guys in position to succeed that that's the bottom line and hopefully more times and -- works out well you're a little bit better position to succeed now an extra arm in your starting rotation JP. Now are Red Sox and hopefully into that rotation very very soon John thanks so much it's great to have you here. And we'll see what happens in the next hour and 15 minutes before 4 o'clock sounds good car there you go John Ferrell always brought you buyer bell insurance town fair tire in my -- hockey more next rockaholic W media.

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