WEEI>On Demand>>Like it or hate it? Media and fans alike disagree on the deal that brings Jake Peavy to Boston.

Like it or hate it? Media and fans alike disagree on the deal that brings Jake Peavy to Boston.

Jul 31, 2013|

We discuss the biggest deal of the trade deadline, as the Sox acquire Jake Peavy in a 3 team trade. Most of Boston seems divided on the outcome, so we discuss it thoroughly.

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All right Michael I didn't I didn't text you once within updates not one time since we got off the air yesterday that I bother you. To tell you. About the countdown but it is most definitely on. Two hours left to go before the official trade deadline -- -- o'clock less than two hours now just barely beats up a little trickle and affect. Right it's 202 and now you still get a little trickle in effect were sometimes deals coming right at the wire and takes baseball few minutes to process. All of their paperwork that's not quite over for -- You get those next couple it's like I was at soccer venue -- understand not -- metadata civil penalty overhead and regularly read penalty kicks or something as a partner -- -- extra time yes -- an extra extra extra time yet. It's called -- injury to -- it's confusing time to gray area at the -- get that nonsensical. That's really the -- first nine minutes to do with my greatest nonsensical you know -- game's gonna and eventually went to get the ninety. -- at any minute that the any minute of it tell you this are right formats they don't tell laws they only tell the players that put it on the screen they do it on the screen to form what I got time we -- -- me -- they put soccer on television. -- crazy nobody does that but I -- soccer channel -- last World Cup. When there was something that was 2002010. Appears to have Hudson. I watched -- I mean this. Really devoted paying attention we're not gonna talk about soccer and we're gonna talk -- -- well. Doctor is the greatest sports is the -- Gary Michael -- every world today op Ed how dare you Jake Peavy. Comes to the Red Sox last night trade deadline comes early for the Red Sox deal being made right at the end of the game last nineties on -- -- get pulled off the off the field in the ninth inning obviously eyebrows get raised at that point he saw Ferrell -- really though. I really mean it pull from that game there they are in control against the Seattle Mariners you're not thinking okay. He's pulled from the game because he's he's lobbied hard July 30 or 31 anytime anyone gets pulled from a game. Eyebrows go I act honorably had been all of your dad Ronald out of the Mercury right certainly wasn't and you gotta wonder if there we're. Deals that were potentially in the works for Jackie Bradley that ended up phone through. -- about arm beings or unlike anybody's mind that -- argument scratched so he wasn't gonna start that wasn't even a concern. And I and fortunately I was I was here last night it was in the press box one of my favorite things about the the deadline or any game like this. And I had left that went to -- some -- so it wasn't in the in the press box happened. Is all of the little baseball writers stirring around with their phones that they -- here trying to outdo each other and get the information because -- A flurry of activity -- wants it is hysterical -- you know what what's so interesting about this deal. Is a man like -- -- it's a good trade. I think is pretty clear. You know why it's a good trade for the Red Sox that I don't like -- gave up too much to get a good pitcher. What's interesting to me is. The amount of people won't despised. That trade while they don't just just like -- -- this spice it. And what they despise it because Jose Iglesias has done so much for his brand. Mean that's that's the catch phrase now. All right that's the word. Your brand. The Jose Iglesias brand has gone up. It's improved by 38%. If you compared to this time last year. This time last year Hewitt says. Argued to the Detroit Tigers oh you're looking for shortstop but different everyday shortstop. -- give you Jose Iglesias and that will complete the deal they would hang up on you. -- here what are you talking about this guy he's defensively is he can't hit a link to his credit. Jose Iglesias turned himself into a competent Major League hitter or appeared to turn himself in -- that I'm not sure yet. It's enough. Where a veteran general manager who has put together a couple of championship teams -- championship level teams. David Dombrowski says okay. Double take up and that will complete the deal for a desperate Jhonny Peralta is probably going to be suspended. But the fact that the Red Sox. Were able to catch again Jose Iglesias. And get back in a very good top of the rotation starter. In Jake Peavy is pretty impressed and I wish I could sit here and tell -- Michael -- I completely disagree and we did we can do a radio battle over whether or not this is a good deal. I don't see a prominent. I mean it. What I rather of had -- lead in Jake Peavy yes. In in in in a vacuum if you give me the option of either of the two guys I would have preferred to have closely. But when we were talking about the potential of Jake Peavy we brought -- name up now for awhile we talked about the secondary statistics the whip strikeouts etc. Almost conversations I think we thought they would have to give up more than the Red Sox actually had to give up. Clearly the price for Jake Peavy drop now after looking for reasons to be concerned about this deal either -- as you said you really really like what you saw from Jose Iglesias. Which is either you were so obsessed with -- defense that you think it just means everything or you you're just totally believed it. That what you saw for the stretch reach it 400 or so you believe that was more real -- -- -- -- well I don't think anybody believes that -- but closer to reality than most of the last three weeks. Which is 167167167. Hit 167 all singles no walks. And that's it we've seen the host -- the unbelievable performance that started the year the real answer is probably somewhere in between the but if you really hate this deal from Red Sox perspective you'd think the hot hitting Iglesias is closer to reality then he won sixty. And analysts now I'll let you guys between ourselves and in the people who. Who hate the deal and like Iglesias already and -- like love and places I don't think it's I don't again has anything to do was hitting. I don't think there are people out there who understand it even though -- he has is. His average says well over 300 today they know he is not that they know that. He's probably closer to me anywhere for me to 35 to a 260 what he's in the 200 to 230 -- well I. I don't see if he's that but I think they got it doesn't come to that it and come down to that for at least he -- lovers I don't believe I think -- comes down to his. Other worldly defensive ability which he has but. Let's not go too far here -- -- you know ten years ago we never talked about defense in defense was was ignored. War it was more of a anecdotal thing -- and there wasn't much science to defense. Ten to twelve years ago now we have zone rating now that we have some other defensive metrics that we can pay attention to a perfect but. It's more than we had. A decade ago. Maybe gone too far. With Jose Iglesias personally earlier that. He saves the Red Sox two runs per game you know. They don't actually mean that -- -- Smith on his best days with. Two clones along with him did not save the St. Louis Cardinals with a San Diego Padres two runs per game. It's not that good. So he's good. But how much is that word and do you feel like. -- if you're an -- -- -- defender Iglesias levered you feel like there was no scenario in which -- -- And I'll give. Very much. I think there's at the two pronged approach. That you're seeing from people that don't like the deal. Right one is what you just said they truly believe that Jose Iglesias is the long term future for the Red Sox at shortstop. I think that cook was one version of reality and might have come true but knowing that you have -- -- and a few other shortstop senior in your farm system. That became a little bit more of an expendable position for the Red Sox in fact bench Harrington talking about it last night said this. So leading going this July looking are expecting trade. But we felt like it and straight in that position in the organization. If we can get the the starting pitcher that we that we really -- Oh we thought it made -- sensitive to deal. Aren't they already believe they had strength at that position and that's Bogart's Marrero and from the other people and drew obviously who are already in their organization. But they have some level of faith that they have somebody for the short term drew they have a guy -- potential superstar at that position. Old are too good also move if you really like what Moreira does. They're really stacked at the shortstop position and able to overcome -- rate of Jose -- so from that perspective I'm not that worried about the street -- socks from from from there from there you know. The other reason that you might not like the trade is that you just don't believe in Jake -- look at the AT&T text -- 3776. This guy is a fifth starter test. I just don't think that -- the number three where I think. Eighteen -- like yeah. 737 cents -- now. That's the number of number with number but a -- during -- 33793. Beautiful. About. I don't know man that's what numbers that I went I others the reason I'm gonna seven's that's those six imminent let's -- -- very solid number and they're. Recent victory sent of -- I know there's a number in their -- architects behind 3793. Terrible thing. And what exactly is an -- -- if it's started nasal be called me an extra vote on. -- -- our fifth starter not even close -- -- -- -- the the only here's a conversation and it's a legitimate conversation if you look at Jake Peavy he's today. I'm not crazy about him you can't say you're not crazy about it now he's still a talented guy even if he's not on the level that he wasn't 2000 them. The one legitimate criticism of Jake Peavy is injuries how how much can you rely on him even down the stretch. It -- where. We're very critical of clay buckled this year who can be found on the feel like what it all means undefeated. What good is he doing when he's out there Jake Peavy is pitched eighty innings this year. And he has -- -- a litany of of injury concerns or injury injury problems. Since his Cy -- year our -- detail last night that a couple of fluke injuries doesn't matter. Whether they're float injuries or not. The most important. Stat for a pitcher. Before getting to all the secondary thought the most important start the stat for starters. It is game started. So can you rely on Jake Peavy I think that's a big question but in terms of his skill -- even though he's not the same guy he was before. I don't that's pretty impressive. About ways to breaking news coming out as we hear less than two hours away from the deadline. Everyone and their mother nationally reporting that Michael Young would also accept the trade to the Yankees. Ken Rosenthal saying it Yahoo! is saying it CBS sports is saying it. So all over you're looking for teams that Michael Young could get delta today the Yankees also looking for third base helped my wonder why when it was supposed to play that position. Michael Young could consider a -- there just as well as he could consider it tree here with the orange Texas armies of Texas and the women okay. I'm considerably considerably younger maybe I do need to actually consider -- -- -- -- -- there -- other human body that is neither Batman uptight about it because for the same reason Detroit needed shortstop Texas gonna lose Nelson Cruz. Presumably for the rest of the season they're gonna need a bat. I think that's -- Michael Young even surfaced as a possibility that John Farrell will join us coming up here and in just over fifteen minutes to thirty we are at Fenway Park today. To talk to John Ferrell of course room for eight Tony your phone calls we make sure I get the number right. -- guard that's 617. Sounds good so far what's the number after that the military -- I want you given out just to make your regular right today Barbara had good at Smith. Got it pathetic that they haven't gotten them and yeah. 9837. I thanks Michael realized today don't worry about that I went -- alcohol hole I told you what I did this -- -- on some you are you know what I did this morning you know how to -- with the guys and you understand why make. My daughter to music together class with like thirty moms -- -- thirty McLouth got them and made. Playground afterward you'll cancel. Playgrounds and -- at 11 o'clock in the morning sunny day. Very very impressed -- but but the music together across completely yet -- as -- If I forget things. Are seeing them on you know hello everybody hello hello. And now with a bit easier to that hello to the daddy were like one of like you guys there it's like one you -- always want it each other awkwardly. There's -- grandfather there sometimes. But there are overloaded and -- which -- yet there yet in the -- look. Thanks a lot out it would John Farrell -- coming up and. Fifteen minutes Tony your phone calls today reacting to the deal as we I think Michael -- both said we love it love the deal from Red Sox perspective you get a guy who who. It was may be undervalued on the market because -- ERA was down because there's a belief that he's fragile although it -- over 200 innings last year. If you look beyond ERA and some of the stat geeks out there Dave Cameron then -- Jeff Sullivan -- -- grabs. They don't look at that stuff and on and those guys are so past ERA they won't they won't write articles specifically to show why you're an idiot for even looking at someone the -- because it doesn't tell the story. And basically the conclusion they reach a peavy is he's better than Matt Garza and was had for a much lower price and maybe there's a little injury risk and that's the one thing that would stand out but. You have them for next year any reasonable amount of money and if he does lead at the end of next year there's a likely chance that you get a draft pick compensation form as well so a lot of positive here and in the meantime his whip walks and -- -- pitch is just over one it would be number one on the Red Sox behind Buchholz is strikeout to be right behind Bockwoldt. -- a black hair is so I wanted to talk to anybody I don't do that deeply he's pitched eight innings. Innings this year so I don't know what he's been really getting them -- well here's the other thing. Here's the other and I like to deal the me as a mimic is -- I like to deal. But something that deserves watching. And we'll talk with John Farrell about this is a fly ball which. He gives up home runs. In his eight innings this year he's given up fourteen home runs. And. I -- you can look at and they want US cellular field -- at the home run friendly park. Well this is not necessarily home run park as much as it is eight doubles park. So I don't know how he's gonna how he's gonna deal with that if he may love this he may love the triangle. He may -- parts of right field so maybe the fly balls. Shane Victorino tracked him down like he's been tracking down everything else lately and Jacoby Ellsbury. But this is the guy does keep in mind -- doesn't walk people but he does give up homer. Let's let's say a sturdier and for you guys write off about this morning and it does miles to work start with a rich who's in Providence tyrants. Doing -- -- rich what's going comment. Well I I think it a green laid what I'm concerned about with him. Did you know these these this rib injury. You know is the -- and 85% 90% 95%. And the other thing too is. Concerning third base you know I I've I'm part of that the few times with the station. You know. Boston these -- media Adrian Beltre Adrian we never -- that he would go. Let's not happen and you're right you're right -- made about yeah anybody under now I'm OK okay it's done. About Beltre. Did we would get a draft pick to draft pick on him didn't really get anything -- for the -- -- having him go to Texas. I'm not sure there's a type a free age and I apologize I don't know. You know because. You know I. They've been thinking differently about it it's like how much of a better team than any kind of Beltre had to have had happened without intent and the purpose and that for them to. Eric -- -- right you're right it totally screwed it up remain Adrian Beltre proved himself here he signed a one year deal to increase his value that's exactly what happened. Texas was Smart they came and they paid them a lot of money he has earned that he has more than earned the contract with Texas it was it was a missed. They thought they want done I think they believed that will middle Brooks was coming along and right now that have looking to having -- where the thinking was they decided to invest artillery positions -- really well course I I get it it didn't work -- and Altria would be better fit than what they have. But it doesn't mean that the thought process was completely articulate that the Brooks hasn't developed a way I think people thought it would habits and Adrian Beltre was here in 2010. So relieved after the 2010 season and -- Brooks and this is his first this is the year he was gonna have the jobs. You you're thinking you're gonna you're not gonna resigning Adrian Beltre because you think will -- Brooks. In 2013. -- going to be -- don't know because you don't necessarily want Beltre for the length of time in the both sides say contract and then he was gonna sign into the prospect of advocates that point where he's actually pushing of these. He cannot be kept in the minors any longer you've got to prospect that you could trade for something Anthony is -- and I Anthony. Other -- had -- personally I don't literature Arctic it's terrible. And Hillary I mean. It'll be kicked out a lot I mean what some of -- back in the dark and -- and -- and if you don't. Pick it take I'll go out. Other rotation and in the other side out I would I would assume two bronze. I guess it could be right into disaster. I mean that. Urgently I'd I'd still out there and yet very similar and and the trouble this year. Bringing great here at tiger barrel all the cargo as much I mean not. How I would never gave wants out they'll diligently so they'll use -- don't need -- on at about the batting line up at all even at all on. But by putting him -- it. Right here. Sure sure sure I mean hello good for all I daughters to what you're saying Anthony that that -- they -- -- right about a second hour. I don't -- to back here in the mail there I know about you know Cabrera and I know about fielder -- But what enemy you're talking about a guy who did have some -- in the production for the tigers you can't just say. They don't need his his little -- home runs in his 300 average. He's pretty good player for the tigers and Indians shortstop. Mike -- all in all their defense that he's got to provide our and the offered up ought to give it a wash. They're not actually batter hit it better and -- -- replete I want ordered you know I I think you just made the American League maker reported. Have you make yourself stronger to me Jake -- is a very very good player I don't -- made them stronger you help them out they did need to short stock as an analyst for -- but that you handed the World Series to Detroit or anything. And you also they had to trade away one of their better prospects in order to get them so. I don't know -- I like this straight I can understand some of the reasons people don't understand some of the fear factor. But -- all like it also to answer the question from a moment ago rob Bradford just texting me there was compensation back from major -- you know about laws. That return and Jackie Burke Jackie Bradley junior. So there was some compensation back freedom Beltre -- of getting Jackie Bradley junior out of it now maybe that's enough or you may -- not. You also have a thousand people texting in to say that it was beyond just what they thought later on into the future with somebody like middle -- etc. It's also that they want to play you listen and it during insults and that was that was the plan for your corner infield going forward to instead adultery so that happen much but doubt that happened much later to. Do you have a much later I -- they nearly let him go -- 1010 day after an injury solace comes in before 2000 mullah. He's here in 20112000. To have rights under -- okay all right you're ahead of turn -- the history a little bit but about it now you kind of think about it. The -- obviously didn't work you could see what they were trying to do. Gonzales turned out not to be the player he needed to be here -- breaks down and in retrospect yeah maybe you're Beltre would have been the better the better route to take but it until it. And now now you looking at a team. That is half the game out of first place is playing very good baseball is built differently has a different kind of the chemistry and maybe as a whole on the left side of the want happening is people. Who just -- Stephen Drew because of his last name. Scouts seem to like a lot stat guys seem to like them by the way that same thing is true about Jake Peavy both the scouts the teammates these stats -- everybody seems to like peavy is well. And I think he's still gonna have to -- third baseman maybe do that with a tree that has got. Actually talked about Adrian Beltre I mean that's fine but what we're we're we're past the bill Trace it to there's nothing they can do about that right now. What do you do about third base and the interesting thing now announced job -- about -- the interesting thing is that. There will -- Brooks seems to be. Anchored moved in Pataki he is is not an option and I like to know -- that. That question plus anymore for Jon -- next you'll walk over and join us here are Fenway studios skipper pops up now -- W via. Well obviously this -- -- that has been in talks with us we felt like we needed to bolster our. Pitching staff we know who was gonna come down to -- a starter. Given the price tag of guys that have been traded prior to -- coming to us. But when it it got closer and in those last couple hours obviously with Detroit coming into the mixture to to add that other player to it to make it happen. We knew we got. A very successful proven. Right him started to end our next. An hour ago before baseball's trade deadline of the Sox making another move -- alcohol here on WEEI in reaction of course to the one big move they made last night. It's not a strips and operating close to it but I think for our purposes Jake -- coming in Michael and and and Jose Iglesias. On his way out he goes to Detroit as part of the three team deal. I love that from Red Sox perspective I keep trying to find something about it that I don't like it's not perfect. What I preferred Cliff Lee here to it to Jake Peavy yes I would prefer to have Cliff -- I think he's a true. Top of the rotation guy that a 100% trust in a playoff situation but the cost to get -- we hear from my understanding. Would have been significantly. If not exorbitant -- higher than it was to get. To get Jake Peavy they got PT. Eight good starter if not a very good start good start we can debate and action but it's always good pitcher and by the very good depending on the today. Our depending on your perspective on him and they gave up. I think you said depending on the day I think I would go with that depending on if there are days when Jake Peavy can be very good move but most of the time. At this stage of his career he has a good pitcher -- -- race. They did it without giving up any of the big names we were talking about well let -- -- I give up any of my name we didn't talk about yesterday and this is the amendments to the counter. We did talk about. Iglesias one time yesterday. We didn't say that okay to get Jake Peavy you gonna have to give up Jose Iglesias because we didn't know. That Detroit was going to be in the mix we kept focusing on the White Sox in the Red Sox and going back and forth. And this is this is that they're they're playing little poker here at the White Sox really can't be asking for that much for Jake Peavy in the Red Sox will. You know maybe they'll back away because they can send the message for the White Sox that they can do something else. We didn't think that Iglesias would be a part of the deal and that's the that's the negative the negative is. You have traded away a guy who has who has proved to be very versatile. In terms of his ability to play third and short and a guy who has been flat out surprising. Overall at the plate yeah I mean all those things are true about them. But I don't think he's as valuable to the organization as some of the other names we were throwing around certainly Zander -- is in a category almost by himself because of the potential upside there but Jackie Bradley -- not in this deal. Always -- and in this steal some of the other good young pitching isn't in the deal -- not in the deal and some of the players that we were talking about his being potential. Potential huge trade chips for them. All of them are still here we we talked yesterday about John Carlos then packaged and what what would that look like if you were to try to deal for John Carlos Stan. Maybe you think he's the greatest player on earth may be like Michael you think it's a bit overrated but. Are -- is overrated. Just I think he has. It he's got a dimension and it's a great dimension and the ability to hit home runs. But I would not be willing to trade. My four best prospects January numbers and any of the names that we were talking about dealing in a trade for him. All of them are still here he still wanted to go back kind of route try to make that kind of an offer in the final hour here before the deadline. You can still do that they were able to acquire pitcher in PD that slots immediately into your rotation and by the way has the additional benefit of -- being here next year. Beat potentially giving -- a draft pick the end of his time here which is nice to continue to restock for the future and see. Allows you to move -- and work into your bullpen theoretically. Which might not. Which might mean you don't -- adding other bullpen piece except you know final hour that we don't know how workers gonna -- the bullpen no we don't know exactly but we do know that. He. He has been -- he has had if you start here where he's been pretty good -- been able to go six innings in those starts and and keep the Red Sox in the game and and and win in the case of last night when that game but I don't you have confidence that he would go to the bullpen. And maybe even be better than he's been in this I don't know I don't know it's an unknown and I wouldn't say confidences. Is this is the right were Allen characterized it. I'd be very confident in -- and I just I like so much when I've seen from a minute in a short amount of time given the opportunity only pitch an inning or two I think I would absolutely love. What I would see from Brandon Workman -- I love it I love this deal from so many different perspectives I think bench Arrington. Not that this was a coup but it was pretty close I think this is a great deal for the Boston Red Sox. 61777979837. We'll hear from you guys as well pollen Abington high ball. -- -- Down the middle on this one I think it -- -- any -- trade deadline with baseball at its primary focus is always going to be pitching I think there's never enough it. Pot in Egypt. And it's time right now are you re not get enough for Iglesias and you such highly. Publicized prospect just a short couple years ago and he agreed June in an eight oh. Think he's going to be. Armenians trip can never say never on that aspect and the idea here in about how we hit it well evidently right for -- -- so wreck. On the middle and I'd like Jake Peavy might biggest concern right now though it. Couple that is easy he's a three. Stop there and it's ubiquitous. There's not a five -- out of anybody calls them five I'm curious about that well in in in noble in no rotation. Short of campus. Is Jake Peavy in number five starter has never been in his career I mean this guy. Who you do have to I think that the concerned Paul is about his injuries that I would be with you here you're if you're market. Yet if your word about his durability that's a concern but. In terms of his ability to pitch now he's sick when he got there on the mound he's no worse than number three starter. I mean let's let's say perfect scenario it got caught in -- isn't what they got to think about any -- got to prepare for the worst and hope for the best whatever but. -- comes back now you've got -- lacking but did you not elect to. To pitch to pitch and it has been pitching better. And hopefully continue to so this ridge tops got it right here -- -- concerned that -- great is people are more residual brought Jeremy gets just probably not obviously not a little. It's going to be peavy and it peavy is going to be the guy is given that opportunity and I think -- put a lot of faith in Clay Buchholz there army even here -- John -- when his -- this last hour saying he believes that -- Buchholz will return any expects him to be good pitcher but I don't think they expect him to come back and immediately be the guy that was as dominant as he was early this year before he got hurt and they expect that to maybe take time and I don't think that they feel a 100% like they know. Exactly who he's going to be they expect something positive yeah aren't expecting necessary necessarily be super dominant that he was early. -- put out that preemptive strike saying. Okay he's -- buckles come back -- and he's nine now and it's up to ERA you think you're getting one thing you know he's already trying to. -- lower expectations for what buckles is going to be when he returns to the previous caller says something really. Got my attention. When he said I don't know if the Red Sox got enough. For Jose Iglesias. -- cross my mind. That it would be enough I think it's a fair. Is fair compensation. But. I think a lot of people feel like he -- wanna trade. If you look at -- Jose Iglesias. For Jake Peavy that is a fair trade. So this is one -- -- I think this is not a well people's lives is allows -- -- from Rome and having people there's -- lousy trade and I think if imbalance. What they're saying it. Love Iglesias. NCAA's message right and one on the go. Red Sox traded a gold glove shortstop for the next ten years very good pitcher will be here a year and a half I think that's the message that you're hearing for the most part for those that don't like the trade is at least -- upside and longevity and defense is so great. That -- it balances off four or is is is it exceeds. Having a good pitcher or very good pitcher for the next year and a half while that might be true and in a few years you may look back on it and say. Am really wish they hadn't made that do what we've seen gold glove caliber shortstop Jimmy saw Alex Gonzales gold glove caliber shorts and he was he can absolutely picket. At shortstop I'll tell you -- in Seattle for the last for years I watched a lot of brand and -- Brendan -- Gold glove shortstop who cannot it is not as exciting as that sounds I don't go well but it's not that I have the fact is known to. I -- glove -- glove shortstop who can hit a short note a gold glove shortstop who couldn't hit on a terrible ten what do your what do you let them but they almost gold glove shortstop. Who hits thirty home runs a year and and -- What you end up with a -- good fielding shorts maybe not a gold Glover but a good solid fielding shortstop who hit thirty to 35 home runs a year. I mean at that point are you saying hi camp believe gave up on election thing you're saying and not you don't know. You're saying is that he do that short he can do that a third two and and there was a shortstop here and we have been a good combination would have been a good infield to have. Bogart's in a place years. And majority and I don't know who's going to be a person but for somebody at first they'll find that -- -- go find a third behaving well Mel -- maybe they'll find -- go find and if you can find them somewhere -- a bit -- and it's raising this question would you rather have Ozzie Smith or -- in his prime forgetting about the personality traits of either but just the type of player that they were a young Ozzie Smith. The ability that to pick everything up the middle and save some runs or or Bogart who projectors and Alex -- or listen I got about -- this is about. A place is and and -- so it's pretty much would you rather have. Ozzie Smith and whoever you think Jake Peavy at 32 years old is. In no way it -- pitcher in Major League history. Who who. Is the equivalent of who Jake Peavy is right now I just don't think you can look at it like I that it likes of them Mike barker when the Red Sox got -- -- that. Who is that guy you look at it. More generally though it and take a look at the position you've heard. -- -- and -- -- both say that shortstop with the position of strength for them so obviously they believed that they could move on from Iglesias because of not just -- but some of the other kids in the organization. And a belief that they have middle Brooks that they like maybe they're expecting to make another deal will wait and find out about 45 minutes left to go before the deadline. I think you can help yourself at third base and if you doable it's coming up and the -- even though maybe not long term. What they'd like Stephen Drew whether we like him or not whether the fans are warm to Stephen Drew because of the last name or not. They like him easily and got good shortstop one you know Zander Bogart's is ready next year -- -- -- -- -- I've got to get down to him. -- like you're really a fan of the places. It was of a fan of his -- but not but not not to the point where you would say how they can't they can't let him go right. I don't feel that way about most people in it to me Jose Iglesias is an asset. I liked what he did it was certainly fun watching them play shortstop and third base to mean that there is a fun factor to watching someone like that. But I also really like cheap -- and yeah. I get real about young's in and is still a very good pitcher at at at at much less of a cost that I would rather recklessly but it is cost. This is a great values are -- I think -- -- I think it's a good trade but I I can understand people today. Looking at Iglesias because I think we all have them maybe thought you were always on board with. With the -- see if you thought he's going to be great I don't care hit two -- five. He's a great defensive wizard great now. I could recognizes defensive defensive ability for many years. But this year. In this little in this hot stretch that he had. Made me reevaluate. Him I had to look at him with a much broader scope because it -- and I just pigeonholed him. As a god who could not hit at all. And I was wrong after that after reconsider. Jose Iglesias and he's the guy I can look at it if you tell me that he's gonna wind up being eight to 45. Career hitter to 53 here I would be shocked. But I'd be super I got they got even things alive and we edited departure from where -- I also would say Michael that I I just don't care that much about defense not that I care zero about defense I think it's got a place out there and there's some value and a I don't care what I'm margin I don't care that much about defense care about it heads up that much chance your Manny Ramirez right I care about if we don't care about more. Hitting pitching. I mean I care more -- -- -- -- you care about pitching here but deep down -- -- a lot more about the pitching and I do about the defense I and -- like it defense is a nice extra and certainly shortstop as a position where I'd like to have somebody doesn't make too many mistakes and has some range. I don't care -- speed defense those things are okay they're okay I'll take pitching alternate power I'd like those things more than I like speed and defense not just I. -- -- -- -- to mine asked beads overrated Johnson now Orleans I jumped. Hi -- jobs job. I'm gonna look at guys I don't think they should have made the trade and -- -- several reasons. Number one I don't think they'd basically improved football the team when you look at their main competition which I think is Baltimore and Tampa Bay. He compared it to them guys on the field. And except for a second base center fielder and designated hitter the Red Sox still. Not as good I don't I don't think as the other two teams and. You know -- -- on the regardless of that how did -- not improve their team. Because I think -- is PD would be better than work -- -- -- the day I don't know. But I think I think this is a rebuilding year and PS bosnians. No but they're trying to details support their rebuilding you know if you are building right now. It was you just get into the playoffs he just got a one game crapshoot again. What that did not allowed to decide to -- in if you win your division. But I don't think they're good enough even with a peavy trade amid the women's. These men in their half game out you've just taken what I think is Tampa's best punch in terms of how well they played. You've also helped Detroit which will be won the main rivals it could get in the. Detroit was gonna get that -- sound our John they were gonna get to help -- Detroit it was not going to get through 4 o'clock today without getting a shortstop would anyway -- they were gonna have somebody they were I mean anywhere near Iglesias they were gonna find somebody to play shortstop. I don't know yet I mean maybe it would have been Alex Rios maybe a minute or Alex the point that we held Alexi Ramirez. -- we helped to right which is is is. Not that that's -- -- arrival helps you. Well I -- they are in the playoffs that they get him. And the other thing is that you know that's the only young pitchers. And you're building into a position of strength even more I think this you go out and and I don't. They don't have at least that I know any good except for Bradley. Any good outcome of the coming up with that guy stance is that good. Trade for him that you've upgraded your whole thing he got some of these young pitchers -- -- supposedly coming up next year. -- -- gonna have always you know PV hanging around. You know get the bill for the future I think all the answers. Understand that they got a great. Apparently got a job right now right now you've got an opportunity man come on this that you that you are your half game out of the division lead. You spent two months in first place. You've got a pretty good team. You match up pretty well with the with your competition in the American League east -- Go portrait forget its rebuilding not -- -- -- not -- data. Ted you're like the digital world surely lockstep with the -- and over his -- Tampa. So out of Detroit so does Oakland -- you're right in the mix with those guys keep talking about. -- you're an immediate according to a text message your -- one pitching is apart of defense and to what good is pitching without defense behind it will be striking guys out PV by the way a very good strikeout pitcher. Defense than really factor into the apartment I'm looking for a hundred Willy Mo Pena is running around I think you gotta have guys who can keep public feel their position but gold Glover after gold Glover. I'd rather have a guy who hits her little bit more power than the guys can play a little bit of -- defense and especially. When you have. Actively -- I'm not I'm not mr. defense I'm shocked by the you can be shocked as you want I don't know it's irrelevant but I it's not. I don't put my team that way from -- yet defense is good. Powers a whole lot better pitching the whole lot better those would be my focal points and in this case -- -- -- -- -- shortstop primarily for a -- and I'll take the pitcher in the guy's gonna strike a potentially 200 guys a year to a guy's gonna make a few extra few extra plays in the field. Having your your 2004 Red Sox your beloved 2004 Red Sox do not. Win the World Series without the trade in either make the trade imagery for a couple of reasons but the stated reasons and public. The publicly stated reason was. Defense. It was our fatal flaw knows that we had that we had to fix. It was good the way they brought in guys for the last inning or so to play good defense all of a majority of the day. While a lot of that was -- that -- guess I am sure that's that you want -- the end of the game that's fine but they also had Manny Ramirez David Ortiz in the middle they had Bill Miller hit out of that the ninth hole for part of a year in the military was moved up they had guys who are ready yet that was and they had guys that can -- and Pedro and and Schilling I just think it's not the defense means nothing it's just lower my priority list. Then then power and then pitching and I think they got a great deal yesterday trading something that's primarily defense for something that is primarily pitched six -- 77797937. More your calls plus John Farrell said one thing today Michael. That house to raise your eyebrows and make you think that there's another move to be made within the next 24 are starting with that is next welcome -- WB. Most wonderful time of the year model the greatest sun is shining. Rumors are flying in players are changing teams rapidly. It or -- they will be in the next half hour. Well it's partly cloudy and according to those who. Really loved Jose Iglesias patriot a gold Glover. War. Does then -- just a decent. Starter and you -- in my parade by the way if you wanna give your your favorite day. Of the sport you're too good -- question for the open Mike -- just -- open at UW yeah I live map on the apple -- android mobile device but in the open Mike button on the bottom right corner leave us your message ten seconds or less we could use and on the show it brought to -- AT&T. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins to the most four G coverage. In New England finally we never mentioned this before we both are asked the question for the open -- something like what is your favorite days of the sports year or whatever. You just leave your take on on whatever we're talking about today if you leave your 12 take on the Jose Iglesias Jake Peavy deal. By all means use the open Mike -- play those throughout today as well now John Farrell before give back some of these calls John Ferrell John Farrell here with -- certainly a tournament and John Dennis the banking system. Hasn't been since there much of what you've said about it to the him like today. Or maybe -- maybe you like today but doesn't like that you like today I have a small penis I don't know I don't know I don't know that came up today while we are not like that I like today like I like team building like the rumors like all this stuff. It's always been one of my favorite things of entertainment John Ferro -- was here with us earlier -- our regular Wednesday to thirty meeting with John Farrell. And in asking about why -- hole was brought up more specifically why will middle Brooks was not. He may have given us a little hint as to what's gonna happen in the next point four. He still. Obviously to talk and he's working through some things to gain the consistency there's been some -- along those lines but whimper but what brought cold coming to -- today. He also gives us a backup shortstop. In the event something would happen to Stephen Drew so that's were Brock is today now. As we get through today and another hour and a half for so you know with the trading deadline if if things start to take on a different look and I'm not suggesting that there's something imminent. But this was the move immediately with. The use movement to Detroit so. That's for Brock holders today at -- in the lineup at third base but they'll also gives up backup shortstop so -- -- oracle today I just wanted to today. -- brought COLT is pretty emphasize the word today. Anymore to give you anyway the sense that by tomorrow -- poll can be playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox at some of my standard Bogart's can be up here. All or or that they -- maybe there's another deal. Maybe they are they are. In deep negotiations. Conversations. With somebody. And maybe Philadelphia. Maybe Michael Young says okay and I said -- Texas yesterday and I know I said New York earlier today. But Boston worked you. I don't know this is Philadelphia Michael Young is somebody else out there who's your third baseman and is of great interest in the red stuff. -- -- they can go any number aways but I think if you if if if -- teams at least calling a mobile courts or you're holding out for the mega deal that would involve a prospect that his level. You'd like him to still be kept down -- it in the minors to not a just call them up today you'll let this play out you don't need anyone today whether it's middle Brooks or Bogart or anyone like that and I understand the rationale that you're gonna need a backup shortstop in case something were to happen to Stephen -- which is completely beyond the realm of possibility that Stephen -- have to be taken out of the game for -- in my god -- so I understand you called -- -- today. Topologies -- -- here tomorrow. Probably an. How exciting would it be. If if Zander Bogart's. -- gender behavior so if you're watching Zander Bogart's. With the Boston Red Sox in a couple of days exciting to be pretty excited about it said before -- -- had some -- ahead. You know as a player of that age to. You know 840 year old. You know potential superstar. Helping helping the team down the stretch him -- I remember years the year we saw. What was it five at bats if that 510 at bats for Hanley Ramirez. But that was September call up nobody was counting on Hanley Ramirez to do anything we just want to see. The guy that we heard so much about. And that's fine you know Dustin Pedroia at the end of 2006 hit like 1819. -- The team was no good they were going nowhere. -- like you were looking for him. To carry the team orders helped help the team win anything significant in this case. And this goes back to I think we brought up earlier this goes back to Jacoby Ellsbury 2007. Highly touted player first round pick. Helping the team down the stretch in eventually taking the job in the post season this would be this this is not something we're used to seeing with the -- so. -- just some breaking news from Ken Rosenthal of fox sports just a moment ago. The Orioles look like they are adding to their own arms race here in the American League east. They are. Acquiring Bud Norris for the yet from the Astros could pick up four whole weeks eight Julius who was always so much confidence is gone he's played for the in the of the -- close right on about tomorrow I think it's -- -- -- -- and in other -- well being finalized right now according to a according to Ken rose 617779. -- -- -- 7 ninetieth street and then another pronunciation event. -- -- In in the car I Ryan. Our guys -- and -- some are interest rates actually hit it why all of our Bob TV excitement has brought. You see these numbers are given up 2007. When the -- in 2007 that's right yeah 2013. The guy -- it has. But did you look at his numbers in 2013 right or did just -- did you just say he pitched well then and so it can't be good now. What -- lots of wardrobe. I mean dramatic guys that was it in Michael Ali you appropriately armistice start at -- earth but still that was second or not. Well -- is under the right yes. Fantastic. I that we that -- shortstop remember and years. In that position that is rolled over the last what eight to -- you gotta open guy yeah I saw that as a road starts there and we all this lapse cost that we were all in the -- Mindset that we would rebuild. And bring your held up in here we go again you watch this -- are the Boston Red Sox picked it up this pitcher you're gonna get whacked all of. Now it's funny you look at his numbers Ryan and they looking nothing like the pitcher you're describing I know Sam and I know you've that he won in 2000 sevenths we can't be good now. I mean he's only thrown seven injuries to he's not qualifying right now offer for Major League leaders but if you -- to his weapons what one point 12. A one point 12 whip would make him twenty seconds. In baseball. One point want to make -- twenties what is it one point 11 I'm sorry I I I need a shorted him one point 10 would actually make gamma. Twenty in baseball right behind Stephen Strasburg amber told local law they I don't think anybody who were later Ryan is saying he's has been he's about to hear that from most people that he's a bad pitcher. If it's the Conner is the counter it's. Well you had to give up ugly -- And and and people people bought and. I would say I agree Lacey is this time last year I would say it was 5050. Some people said we can't loans so he's still great defensively. I don't care free gifts at all and other people that forget. I just not gonna happen with any Internet so when he started to hit it would say. In my informal poll -- and I might you know I know some people Gallup elect calls from people -- -- to get them on board. -- channel five poll. I would say 85% -- but 85% approval ratings for Jose. I love this movie even more than does what you just told me is that someone like bench Arrington said oh really. I just got to sell high on a player that I don't feel that much differently now about an idea last year decorate. Like -- to go look at how urgent and talking about at the executives and much Arrington specifically I don't know exactly how it feels. But most baseball executives I've talked to always think they they don't change their point of you want players back quickly. Certainly a month does not change their position. On who a player is an is going to be they trust their scouting they trust their numbers they trust their projections and they look at -- it's a great. He had a great month maybe he's convinced somebody that he's a better leader -- I still think he's going to be long term and -- can sell high instead of selling low. All the better -- Celtics and heat from the fans who like what they've seen in the last thing in their mind the image -- lasting it's on the QB can hit. But he looks at it says the last three weeks he's hit 167. With all singles no power no walks during that time I think that's closer to who he is a Bradley was the month before I had the bad -- race stretch and -- don't it's about three weeks and it coincides. With what the with what -- always projected him to be so. I like it even more when you tell me that stuff David's in western mass -- David. Yeah yeah. Projection and it from on an opportunistic. First well it was a good trade. Iglesias. The great defensive shortstop. Or circulation makes a difference in a bigger part if you cannot hear your position in Fenway. They're reliant on winning more games and some other teams -- stopped the ball headed that again the bigger part. It translates -- runs the last shall -- are not concerned about that certain law. The ownership. Proved they're trade last year that they know what they're bill. Probably. Will go down list top flight rate for the next fourth this century. Is or is what they accomplished. The court to make up for shell and it broke. All eyes got -- way away and they'll manage. Your mom and here. -- A water its trade. Position player for a picture. Which they have -- that yeah. Every you're drinking and I'm taste in whatever you're smoking and -- wants them I think. Make up for. Beirut. In smokes -- but don't worry about that don't worry about Babe Ruth. They've ruled that you like I'm kind of overbay makes he makes up this straight. Makes up for debris and I don't think. People really do like -- straight go from Red Sox perspective when you caller I mean I was three nothing grass earlier if you like the the these stats based perspective Jeff Sullivan and perhaps writing the Red Sox gained without losing much Iglesias has generated a lot of attention. But he's not a future superstar and the prospects were high on any lists the Sox will now have to make you will middle Brooks at third base but maybe he's improved. Or maybe that he makes yet another addition even without this move the picture there it looked pretty mediocre at eleven. The defense and don't Chia Yang -- that he still doesn't think Iglesias is going to be a super. All right then have to be a superstar I like to trade -- trade because you pick up another pitcher you know like get out much I don't know I don't like it not allowed to see you love it you're going graduate. Crazy over I think it makes all the sense in the world for the Red Sox. For this year and in future years -- -- it is clear it's clear now know whether you guys agree with them or not in most of you disagree with him. It is clear that the Red Sox did not see. Jose Iglesias of their futures shortstop if they did he would still be here and they'd say no thanks on TV so maybe that's either they don't trust the bat. Whatever it is the attitude or they've got solid and out or they believe that we don't know -- in in the works that they can just do better wreck and they they just think it -- Bogart's deploy showing up third but I know I think it's a good trip but the reason I think it's a good trade has nothing to do with. A -- is it being a future superstar. Even -- some guys who were not future stars. But it still doesn't make sense to trade him so I don't think that's the logic. I think it makes sense that you add another guy to the mix because you're not sure about clay buckled rotation. And you're not sure that one of the guys in the running it could be any of them they all have their struggles over the years over the last year year and a half. Not sure about Lester maybe. Maybe not sure about -- brown maybe natural Dempster unique Lackey got a so they are but there are a lot of questions there -- -- and other -- said some of the worry here was what -- happened in 2011. Stretch out another guy you got to let that happen again outlook the argument against this trade which I don't believe necessarily but I'm surprised we haven't heard. We've heard the Iglesias argument we've heard the peace fragile argument. But there's one argument we have not heard from anybody today I am a little surprised we haven't it would that is next plus a lot -- calls alcoholic W media.

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