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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/31/13

Jul 31, 2013|

We tackle four topics that weren't on today's show sheet. Jesus saves... literally... on a tattoo anyway. Plus more!

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Now and -- Silicon Valley school. Already -- board for a -- four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W. It polled by ESPN has been done and Ryan Braun has been voted the ninth at least trustworthy aptly. -- -- -- on the list are Marion Jones John Daly Manny Ramirez. Lance Armstrong Michael Vick matter world -- Pete Rose and Dennis Rodman. If you were to vote who would be the least trustworthy athlete in your mind. Lance. Is Lance Armstrong by far is as far as I know Lance Armstrong may be the only person in history. To appear on Oprah Winfrey Show. It could do worse after that usually. Oprah brings you on the show. You start breaking down. She puts her arm around dude she says it's okay. You've made some mistakes we all make mistakes and you become ill likable. Sympathetic character out Lance but not. Only if Armstrong by a model. First on David I'm Manny Ramirez found his way onto this list I would trust him in my house he wants to hang out babysit little bit I would trust him and his -- with your wife. Her capture everything would be fine. What I have to worry about a completely trust Manny Ramirez well if your answer makes a lot of sense Michael obviously -- -- needs to be they're surprised me anti -- name. Did she -- this was I don't trust act right now as -- -- we're just in general just don't trust them at all. Aaron Hernandez clearly is a a front runner here amongst different method that is really different there helping new entry for this -- he's number one or not. Nelson Cruz report from Bob -- USA today few minutes ago. Cruz is also going to appeal his suspension just is Alex Rodriguez is. And Nelson Cruz will also now be mileage -- athletes. I don't trust at all. So it. You don't trust them because of drugs but Manny has done drugs multiple times and trust him he got tot he truck about how cops doing he'd be fine. I trust many implicitly. -- Vienna -- decided that the probe -- needs a little shaking up so there instituting a fantasy football tight drafts of the Pro -- with captain selecting their teams. The captains this year will be Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders do you like this new idea for the pro ball does that mean those two guys are gonna play in the Pro Bowl. And then the captains they actually have to go home like -- so plane that flag football and that's more entertaining to Robert in the problem. -- red red flag football game which is what the trouble is event at the I like this good for them I had no problems than anything to freshen up slightly nominee spice it up I'm all for I'm still probably gonna watch it about five minutes of it and then move on but -- for them it's different there was a big hit what -- was -- -- -- -- Really smashed when you're in a -- -- the -- there was a year. Belichick was coaching I think they lost in the -- they also the colts. But there is that they lost to the NFC's it is only one team they would ignore how -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- they that must -- -- 06607. -- -- -- got -- But yet that's the only memorable hit from the from the probable that I remember. -- Dallas Cowboys player Barry church had to miss practice yesterday because he chipped his tooth on a jolly rancher. If McCain were to get you hurt which candy would you want it to beat. Well fellas. This a tough one I'd have to go with the Tootsie Roll. Or. Now and later how would you get hurt by that -- well. Show you -- -- if you put so if you put a key role in the refrigerator or the freezer. Then it's a little little applicable yes we'll talk you to you can like we have that thrown you know that you have candy in the refrigerator I do not duplicating interpreter at all man. On that is -- has talked about this I'm not into that the dimension you've got to add to your game if I were to get hurt by a piece of candy though I think he's he's -- to get injured by would be in the freezer a frozen Charleston she. Because even all on a brilliant -- -- jury to hurt you when you put that thing in the freezer it is hard as rock. -- that would be that would be prone due to injury Charleston Jews. Now on layers tootsie -- also like those. -- these these are these are polarizing nerds -- you know. The public get hurt by Harvard common -- Normal crew -- with the bulls are right there. We -- -- -- the little gas -- yet -- matter of fact I -- a lot go crazy for those are really good yes yes those are underage and they're really they're really good in the refrigerator receivables should definitely see them anymore they just have a little twist there more of a penny candy. Kinda candy right there's another name as the polls. Really I think -- on the bull's eyes. I should get her with like some sort of candy cane after even you know -- it turns sharp. Yes after one of those that -- shank yeah like bicycle or something that. So so big that thing into the roof of your mouth or you're driving in the car when I -- -- -- friends of the pact with the can't. And they it was tough for just -- potentially India. So is it good claim that the guy but mentioned the jolly rancher the government's jolly rancher. About about that the practice. This time blaster he missed thirteen games last year. In May miss some time this year. You don't have real man with a -- jolly ranch a couple of text messages here is 379837. I was injured by a frozen Snickers. And then now the best kind of candy to be injured by. I can't. Don't -- all. -- It's still up and the AT&T question today. -- we all of the Boston Bruins and some of us loved Jesus Christ but not very often to -- to come to the -- in a conversation. Until now. -- Bruins fan got a tattoo of Jesus as a goalie wearing -- Bruins sweater on his five. Move on -- dying on color medal but the guy got the tattoo on his stop and he's our in this letter an outlet. As Jesus did not have this rhetoric does is like right around my -- I I got it. And it just. Is your biggest problem -- this tattoo. That -- Jesus is playing hockey or that Jesus is only an alternate captain. That's what -- sir how is Jesus the alternate captain was good goalie who makes their goalie a captain. And would Jesus vehicle. -- against Jesus saves. -- I know Jesus saves but. What would Jesus we have it -- I think that makes I'd have to that I don't think Jesus complain that there's that is just but that is just the best the marketing campaign. If you think Jesus can do at all. Wouldn't Jesus be like a combination of Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr and Mario LeMieux and all the greatest player ever what your score. Wouldn't god be your captain Jesus your ultimate test them. Markets very tricky with a whole lot trinity the whole trinity -- not from Arkansas and understand it but. And become very trick whatever you're one in the same but not really doesn't get tricky for you been wondering if I get I -- Moses higher in my back and I left. -- that sounds like a very very ugly -- It actually is kind of the head that's either really. It's really well is that Iran and are so many other anti attaches from a trooper fired Jesus is the goalie does he have Arnold cool -- mask does he need to -- -- Democrat does not have -- Illegal it is like old school old school hit the need -- -- mean old testament well if that's if he gets biblical one. -- Davis the beauty of the -- him as a -- and -- that commandment to. Apple's tablet the tablet a couple tablets appear. Some power through like we have just punched a ticket to have some sort of a slingshot back through ticket to hell. Here -- just after 4 o'clock -- training deadline. Text message but S postal scores on the rebound on property and aren't that is today is that today's sport for.

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