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Roger Clemens is welcomed back to Fenway... WHY?

Jul 31, 2013|

We discuss Roger's triumphant return to Fenway Park to honor Morgan Magic last night, and how all is NOT forgiven, especially for Mike Salk.

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John Farrell bringing up painful memories to scare you. Into liking the Jake Peavy trade if you missed any of our interview with Ferrell play and -- cut more coming up here. In about twenty minutes alcohol and WEEI WEEI dot com is an -- down -- Fenway Park the Sox make just the one big deal last night Jake Peavy -- -- in -- Jose Iglesias there -- other lower level prospects going out to it's a three team deal course with Detroit will be taking your calls on it throughout the day and I say. Who do you think it's split right down the middle I feel like there's maybe been slightly more positive than negative. But but close to split down the middle. No PV gaining some momentum but the glacier is in this race from my my Gallup poll here got. A 54% of the people. Four -- -- and 46 again no no 44. 44 -- or for peavy and then a couple on the site. What if they had traded what do instead of trading Iglesias for peavy they traded Henry -- repeating a guy who's incredibly highly thought of he's younger he's still like to Scott called a double -- today but have like -- 175 straight no hit innings not quite that these two sets and crazy record I mean he's 88. -- big league time pitching prospect and a bigger prospect really -- Iglesias. If they -- that Q do you think those people would have been in the happy -- because they don't know as much about Henry -- Arsenio Iglesias of their own -- non -- -- maybe they'd be even more tests or treatments that. Isn't shy young guy. For husband lied Jake pinned me what are you don't let tea -- they've got a real Cy Young guy. -- multiple Cy Young winner who was your last night Roger Clemens. And how filling the thought -- It is easy to say as you literally -- easier to say hey Roger Clemens is the worst he's a joke I can't stand him. I said -- he did that which the Yankees he used drugs on -- But when he's back. And what he's telling stories. I wonder if you're Red Sox -- Do you just dismissed the the clemens' stories and say I don't care what you have to say about baseball. I Q did you or. Do you. Sit back and enjoy it when you hear Roger Clemens last night speaking with Joseph Castiglione Dave O'Brien during the broadcast. That was stuck on store road drive and I I told them we were moving I thought I had plenty of time and then we didn't move -- about four -- links within forty minutes. And I started and the kids went and got in the truck to take my boots off of our -- she's on I was gonna dark -- this sign. So I was in the car got out of the car and possibly -- there. On a motorcycle -- the siren and I turn around and goes say what you don't I go. He thought I was broke down of the powers repetitive wedeman our Q and I go yeah because -- pits and I go yeah. It -- follow me through tennis with the C force I got here. I thought bill Fisher was gone in that to coach this is in the name another starter it's easier to -- -- his face and you know him and thank goodness he did we went out to the bullpen and I don't think I threw one strike in thirty warmup pitches and thank goodness -- anthem played so like it. It's my breath retirement -- at a terrible headache and then I get in the batter's -- come out here -- play golf the day before with. One of my Texas teammates and he wanted me to buzz spike going spike was leading off for the Mariners that you want me to Russian inside for fun there are going to be watching on TV. So I proceeded to throw two seamer halfway in the spike in he gets out the way of and he taps played real cocky looks back at me like come on bring it on the and now I got that out of the ways than I can play baseball not lined up and I turn them loose as far as I can though and it's right in his ear flap. And the next day in the paper Amin I call all kinds. Spike in the what I was doing out there so much for French shipment that's friendship for you and then. But anyway I punch out morning and don't walk a guy and I think fish was the bill Fisher pitching coach who's the most proud of that than him walk again I knew that we -- -- get here when you want. And yet for a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then there was a way a police officer I believe that who said Arjun. Wrong. Wrong why that is not the way that story happen like that story happened where the police officer came over -- screaming and brings them over and make sure he gets there it says you know why -- if you have any idea why am I. I'm Roger Clemens I have to get that park. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had -- or the guy had more grandmothers and anybody in America this area like fourteen Graham I suppose all the papers relatives his birthdays were all right before he was supposed to be at an. Spring training examples that dad is to have birthdays they drive every year right around the time of spring training. Very consistent. Don't ever put Pedro. I have to admit I don't care about -- up Pedro is categories covering this thing and I don't care about that stuff and Roger that story is there's no way. That is exactly the way that story out in no way no how about 27 years ago. Maybe he got where some parts right in some parts of the law -- NATO if you still interesting that it was stuck in traffic you thought it was gonna have a start skipped and yet. -- most of the bullpen doesn't throw a strike and goes on the field and strike out twenty. Twenties and Hillary. And as I was looking at some Rodgers numbers you're asking about final few years the last two years in Boston 1995 and 1996. -- some of the memory as he goes ten in five and 9510 and thirteen in 96 and then the year after he leaves he goes 21 and seven and winning six in his two years. In Toronto. That's part of it -- right it's not very -- Metropool to just look at the wins and losses the ERA in 95 was over four for the 418 the next year 363. But in the two years in Toronto. To wolf five and 265 you know what is amazing. In 1996. Leads the majors with 250. Cent and strike and -- -- as last year to order under eleven back 57 strikeouts no walks 68 guys. To. Our walked on 106 guys. But 257. -- -- -- pretty amazing pretty pretty impressive numbers when you look at those strikeouts by season with Roger. And 238. To 56 to 91 to 3209241208. An off year with a 160. And 16132. To 57 to 922 who 71. It's a lot start -- Yeah a lot of strikeouts and you think about his time here and though he you know you -- but we're doing a list. And vote if you had a had a pretty low based on his personality. Yeah because if you look at Roger Clemens from 88. And 96. With the rest after a couple of years -- not so good. But there's a day they are I think three seasons where he led the league in ERA. 193262. And 241 damaged trees there really is on the numbers are sick it's too bad. It's too bad things ended with Roger the way they didn't study ever opens his mouth about anything. If Roger had never opened up his mouth ever. Ever ever ever just kept his mouth shot was quiet was essentially you know Jon Lester mild mannered very quiet hardly ever spoke. I think that the relationship between the city and Roger could be very different because he is one of the all time greats to ever play this game and and to see him. In the eighties and into -- early ninety's he really was amazing. But his mouth -- opened that economy in trouble. It's it's as if all that stuff didn't happen with him there was always a yeah but with Roger Clemens -- mean if you go back and 86 season was -- MVP Cy Young amazing. You have blood on my game six. And -- -- -- -- that and -- that he take himself out of the game to jobs in America out of the game. Everything by the way it always there's always some of course that would make OK carry my own luggage which is hot shot up all just shot op 86 season as good as it was. The only thing that really sets it apart from his other great seasons. Are the win loss totals -- would -- -- 2424 for them no big deal just when he formed four but other matter meaning ERA it was in line when -- -- almost every year round and the strike outs were actually lower -- wood from what he would do the next few years and he really. Really it was a pretty incredible players 61777979837. Key is in Bedford -- -- -- saw yeah are you bomb voted up to a scene Clemens. I am yes. It is at first when he struck out. Yes even now on our -- right I don't remember whether I was watching it that night I was eight years old and 86. It was. I tell you. What are you even big shoe to drop the chanting -- The I'm sorry I'm until it Cracker -- actual record -- of art that is -- against the legit baseball guy yeah. I am. I severe side anytime -- -- It seems to me that. Crime Clemens was really great on and on aren't on the air last night. If you have to let this guy no problem no I don't. Well I'll bet if you were older than eight. And 1986. Buick -- Now he was my favorite player Keith and I loved Roger Clemens is a key element wasn't like he just had the one good year and 86 and I was. It was it was ten years later that he ended up leaving at that point I was in college and night. I did get to watch all of Rogers prime I just don't like I did not what he did on the field it's everything you said he did off the field it's so what do. Stuff I mean hey it's what he did between the lines is gonna. Not entirely. It's the entire package. Well I don't know. And we used to -- more off the field there on the field. I would more on the field look up to Lima Manny Ramirez fan I'd love Manny always eight. Who maybe is off the field it's a disaster but I loved so much what he did on it and I found so much humor in what he did offer that for the most part of the -- -- -- But I think you're both cases with Manny and with Clemens you can't even separating you can't say -- on the pay attention to on the field because. On the field kind of connects to what they get off the field if I -- it makes you wonder it was was he that great. I -- -- -- it was Roger Clemens doing anything in 199092. What 8886. When it -- start in saving a man you -- -- all as he started to lose it. Then he went to performance enhancing drugs but was in the year drove in a 165. Runs with -- doing performance enhancing drug. That thing probably it if I were my own psychologists and I was lying down on the couch and had to do some psychoanalysis. I think I would say I was so hurt by the abandonment of Roger Clemens -- I essentially give a free pass anything Pedro -- do from now on I was so in love with that next group and willing to forgive them of anything because of the anger right left over on Roger Clemens but really anything Pedro -- do it's fine with me John Farrell. Are trying to scare us I think by bringing up some past painful memories. As an answer for why this deal was made last night he said it earlier on our show or play for you next and a lot more your call stick around salt and all at -- and W --

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