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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/31/13

Jul 31, 2013|

You ask us, we answer it... except when Mikey is being a douche.

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It's. Time for answers the question -- answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Sparky Anderson's name comes up I wish I remembered Sparky Anderson that. Here is great. Here's a -- faced old you know -- he looked like he was seven beauty was forty kind of like the current manager and deterrent. Yeah -- I mean I definitely the other one that's another good probably Jim -- the other prime boasts more compact. Of the same sort of like calm gentle grandfatherly amusing thing that Joseph Morgan and legal bit more carnage -- and bought the whole time. And a -- on -- you know I think what Joe's record was so great to you know it really was won loss record what kind of a shocker to put butch Hobson and that -- like six to -- -- them something like that answer the question brought to buy heiress restoration specialists. Your property your facilities manager and insurance Brokaw -- to injury of disaster restoration game plan in place only 77. 4611111. Or go to AAR casts her. Dot com our question if you could reverse any treatment Red Sox history. Which would have days Babe -- too obvious you have to discount that one because it's too obvious. You know I would do I would keep Sparky Lyle and let the Yankees keep Danny -- -- that's one -- -- know that works here is only the Cy Young award winner you know couple years I -- put Red Sox to Red Sox -- About. I mean. While the obvious ones you know -- -- I'd -- about -- maybe Bagwell war. But they broke with technically yes he was -- old and so cash -- -- as the great history there were straight and Red Sox history was actually reversed and that's the Alex Rodriguez. They had traded for Alex Rodriguez everything would be so different history for law and actually was reversed and educate my lighter way you would love to hear about you know warriors forward to him as he asks. Jamie Moyer was like 700 winning percentage. Throat until further notice when he left the -- I put came right around this is what what a year later a year before the slocum trades he can almost look at it is a package do you think team. What you traded Moyer. And slocum. For Varitek lol yeah -- we've got to back your bottom you would reverse what you would reverse the Josh from the first prospect trading for jobs -- -- and Hanley Ramirez Granger. -- -- -- -- -- -- As a veteran Longo was such a really bad trade have a brain in line and he was traded and came back like nine days later in the traded him again for Curt Schilling and always back out back. Strange tales of random line next question now he's back I should poisoning -- -- the -- Brooks and then they don't respect your. That's a pretty well and put it torture. Read -- I was afraid to get traded again and Internet and here is well they're gonna get right days but 31 gonna screw you well I question should men shave their chests. We're not with a bic razor but you can turn. In fact I didn't -- depends who's asking you to do it. And Rosie O'Donnell knows it's Kate Kate Kate Upton yes it's my wife and she says it doesn't just -- -- -- well but not your wife is telling you shape your chest as. Probably good reasons oh my chest is like to chunk when there's not a choice probably think like a Brazilian jungle much worse well where is it thicker than in Brazil. -- -- not attracted to -- well that's not. Just outset of just argued that it is -- -- shape shape your chest -- she just -- today or attorneys saying hey -- not a true that not that aspect is not a strategy Brigham and ready to your honeymoon night. As awkward journalism is a tremendous. -- a swimmer. Well that's like shapes -- shape worked for him. But to either your man now. -- don't see if I could change anything about myself I would eliminate one of the populace of the man. I find an article like shadowing your chest I hate the in my chest there back there it. Absolutely I would love to get don't get me if I'm horribly embarrass them at this rate -- tell me if it here was out of control in your chest. You wouldn't trim at because your own man and you can't trim your stupid character men colored. Them. Is that right you heard me drug okay stupid man -- -- them achieve their hair on the body. -- just consumer never issued about it. Error doesn't mean you can disparagement. You get in their marriage and I think -- stupidest thing of America right -- it will start shaving their legs and stuff a one year that one I did before right after I graduated college at. And anyway it was -- -- graduate college in 2000 thing is certain 2001 in the year 100 on it I think this is trendy shave your legs. Next question Guinevere and I repeat my big my big thing is terrible and again I'm covered in disgusting airplane about myself. I can handle like it's not a preference but if there's like hair curl it like there. Only wanna vomit or anything under arm -- woman to me is the single most disgusting thing in the world. Well I hate it -- little -- to look outside right now. That's what ethnic. It makes me kind of physically sick I hated I just as it is okay that's the worst terror on a woman you're adult it's outside yes really yes I hated it just something about it this looks nasty. My my my I got -- congress say Mike you got to restore some restraint right now I -- -- I can tell you to three locations that are worse. They must look up. Under or underrated Boston athlete and since 88 were -- other prominent. Taylor had a prominent and earliest -- its data that makes him the most under rated moderate that does -- requires eighty -- going back to that the 25 US. While this guy says at a -- and I wrote in the question he says Adam Oates is the most underrated. He's pretty appropriately rated. Adam -- not think that would be generated yeah I wonder if relocated because he's -- he's a great player who's ever talked about as a great player or even make anybody's list now on the -- Yeah it wasn't top 25 ball you don't think he was a great player I that I -- at this -- -- -- -- hall fame. -- emotional thing I think everybody's in the hockey all of them I think should always you know it was -- -- and -- silt and and isn't. Rosie received isn't theirs -- collapse now how I was picky but he was never been deputy -- -- -- that's a great choice you know it's a great choice. To some guys are underrated so long that they're called under -- right to become overrated. But Adam Oates has not been called underrated although we -- always a similar player or has some similarities -- -- never never was mentioned in that conversation with David -- Comes alive he's in good player is two way. Like -- is situated right next -- that makes it makes others -- world about my -- anybody recount about Michael and that's a very good answer. Although he's talked about a lot but almost more -- personality them for what he did. For years the answer is true brown but now he's the he's been under rocks along I he's not even be overrated -- -- -- -- about trip to -- -- are right they got it right yeah issue do you you typically. Us all you really as neurotic as you sound on the radio just in Iraq. From a little yes now which you wouldn't -- -- what is -- what is neuroses will probably don't know the extent and yet. It's early yet it still -- but when these things can be slowed I think I think erotic or -- event like the third or fourth definition -- which is one. Just something I don't like you know on how to think a little a quirky out current Euro little different little strange you don't twit churning. That's actually not entirely true sometimes they do it. The employee of fear I guess maybe this is a appropriate final question then after that what personality trait do you hate most about yourself. -- -- -- -- -- I'm too -- you know I need to be. More of and that's. Why I'm gonna do. Next to him real undeterred I don't -- -- -- -- really limited. Pretty much and that's the one really but I'm done I'm gonna demeanor really. Starting next week caustic -- -- that's right -- just -- that people don't if I just worry body. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Since third -- third grade when he took your paper now he told this girl like like there was -- -- -- and held a grudge ever since. Whatever the growing I don't know she hotter editing is it worth shielding the rush -- moved out of town chicken rubber chicken giveaway it's usually somebody try using your hands she moved at a time -- dad worked at like. Honeywell or Raytheon and those type places she moved -- not strapped to your lunch box and understand but the screener or nor she looks like -- third grade I got a eight -- addition to the visual hikers that yeah. OK but I don't eat that -- -- what to do you determine curriculum at the north now he did he like to -- later he was trying to convince local laws. We got this on how many pillows are on your bed and how many do you actually use. At five and -- for I have revenue doesn't count biting them. And I can't -- there at that -- syllable about it I. And -- today. The bags we'll be back tomorrow -- still. Enjoy their outside -- and headed by.

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