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Buster Olney, ESPN: "Great deal" for Red Sox

Jul 31, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss how the Peavy trade happened, if the Sox will make any other moves, and if there will be any other major trades before the deadline.

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Butler and 937 WEEI this is your spot for trade deadline talk all day we got still 2 o'clock. They insult and -- take over 6177797937. Assault be fired up this Herbert. Favorite sports day of the year in August mentioning John McDonald -- -- that type of player of the got to -- to keep an -- on -- Ronny -- Who was released by the Astros just letter released -- anywhere and I haven't I don't know peace signed January yeah but he was they're starting shortstop. Thirty year old guy come in -- guy's been around to play the position. -- great defender. But it veteran has been around more than tea -- -- brought poll right now as usual stuff -- as some and again the question becomes a afterwards to go down nets an injury during his career concussion earlier this year Hoosier or shortstop long term able -- May have bulk Bogart's at some point you know but you reduce these are seen -- the same maybe. Later on this year to be sometime next year. I very busy day on the best in the business -- are only joint missile earlier than usual because things are gonna we think crank up here. They cranked up last night bustle let's start with your reaction to the Red Sox acquiring peavy what they gave up to get Jake Peavy. Well I thought it was a great deal for them and Nate came together -- understand very quickly you know what the tigers reaching out yesterday afternoon. And basically saying what you think about trading -- cute and they're worried about parole. You know we know that the White Sox had been trying to find somebody vacant -- deal around. Are forward for Jake Peavy and so in a matter of you know 678 hours. -- all all happens and back into the red -- -- we talked about these -- He's perfect for the market he if you -- tried -- sign a pitcher like him to create marketing costs -- five million dollars. In terms of having to make a long term obligations to the fact that. You know you're not extended for too long -- tonight Phil and given the cracks that they've had in their rotation their pitching staff. I think that's great I think besides the -- he has extraordinary mother teens. They -- lower level guys are kind they're they're kind of lottery ticket. So there wasn't anything that that they Red Sox gave up beside Iglesias retake uh oh boy that one really hurts the great trade for Boston. Yeah I agree with the and I just think that you know Chicago I don't know what -- -- that at the -- depressed gonna be too high now. Would you agree it's Hillary's what is still got done it because there's a desperate team in Detroit looking to replace Johnny brought to bear the team that gave up. -- us -- Garcia the prospect in this deal. Yeah I don't think there's any question bad you know keep. If your line up all the prospect the young players they got moved -- the best I. And I think that facilitated. You think at some point the White Sox. Would bet that that comes -- moment going down in the trade deadline where. It would have been sitting there saying oh boy we have the Diamondbacks who wanna make a deal but it there at it take on money. We have direct action to take on money but not necessarily giving it much they want. Oakland is not giving -- much they want. And I and I think at some point they would double back to one of those 318 and made a deal could I think dumping -- contract with the most important thing about. When you look at -- the picture you know he had a pretty good start to this year a couple of bad starts recently the injuries. If they still piled up the of the rid the cost in the month the ad you'll see an experimental back surgery buster and the stories are reading today because of a back black issue. How concerned were team's interest in -- about him being healthy the rest the way for them. I think somewhat like I think of his contract remaining contract have been on for two or three more years. That you know might have been an issue. Working does that -- that the little cute too far out but I will tell you that. You know hot and I had many conversations with -- That -- Think he came back from that surgery his arm its -- in his in his mind he's totally fine and that's reflected when you watch him pitch. Indicate starts he's had -- came off the disabled list. He's a tremendous movement on his fastball is not what he was when he was at Diego but he really good -- -- interest thing as. You know the fact that Oakland is involved okay. Tell you something about what they're seeing PPI heard this from other big at from from a big market -- well as Oakland. They do all these internal metrics. And they reevaluated -- was that within his ability to throw strikes. In 290. Innings last year and being one of the ten best pitchers in baseball over the last year and a half. Aid because. Of the secondary pitching metrics. And that's part of the reason why the athletics frenetic and they said you know what if -- had great value. And I'm sure that that was it something physically attracted to the Red -- well. Without having to go out on this really long term deal on an older picture. Our rules don't straighten out the Michael Young. Changing -- -- willing to waive no trade to -- and Red Sox as well are the Red Sox done DC Michael Young is a good fit and as far as. Did you jump in their relievers as well. -- laboratory yesterday that it could basically. Michael Young would not telling me he wouldn't except the -- wasn't done those it would except in Indian Country he had been using country. -- data pecking order. Number one he wanted to go back to Texas. And when that couldn't happen number Q he wanted to go to the Red Sox. And you know we'll see if the red -- and work out some sort of a deal with a filly. If that didn't happen -- going to be -- other teams all along it's not him saying I don't wanna be traded. It's him saying I want to steer myself in the deck right situation permit eight. And I am sure that the Yankees beat the red basket work -- -- it would likely young will also be having a conversation with a -- about. We're talking -- buster only of ESP and you you -- -- a good line yesterday about coach who we are and what some executives think the whole marathon. Analogy buster got me thinking at the Red Sox go back into a ball and -- year. Other guys out there were closer experienced that could be hats and it's tough market. Other names we should keep an eye on between now on 4 -- -- guys who have experienced finishing games for teams. Terrible it's absolutely terrible -- they're you know I -- -- history. You could theoretically I don't I don't think he's necessarily fit. To band and you know talking with the Padres people yesterday they're not that motivated it is something. Our team that it checked in with a mild and speech he -- say he's not out there are. Is Terry Ryan general manager of the Mets -- twins decided not to take advantage of what would have -- -- -- paint -- market Cortland Perkins. And I mentioned the I think that's why utility or -- move on Francisco Rodriguez. And the rays move on yet he -- in court battle to yet those guys to themselves. But also to ensure that those guys in Atlanta for the Red Sox -- -- -- cracks. The perception is that they get cracked they're both bad and you know potential issue down the stretch viewing art can't keep -- -- workload. I think you missed some yesterday given that Jesse Crain. Deal to Tampa Bay could a similar thing be worked out for got a graphic Betancourt what does he stand. -- -- About it EU EU could call them and -- -- -- spot -- back in mid August. And thanks -- -- and I put a competent. Aid but you're right. And I'd give credit exactly and why doesn't Peter damages -- we had a conversation about that. And he said you know like you know Peter you're exactly right and he would be -- -- -- night is. Today. Is -- a week ago he didn't call Iraqis and he probably would get a different answer -- rocky. Have been actually floundering the Dodgers are taking off and I -- that you know Iraqis to be more open -- that type -- thing and they work a week ago. You mentioned it to the terrible sort of bullpen market here I just. I feel like we've had a couple of moves but -- four and a half hours to go. It's been quieter than usual is this because the wild cards buster a second wild card is that affecting. The trade market of people feeling like they're in vs out between down 4 o'clock. You know I really don't think so I think it just comes down to. The fact that it's salaries go up seen increasingly place our higher value on prospects. In -- lower value on veteran players. And I mean you look at a guy like Matt Garza. You know 1015 years ago cute you know 1015 years ago he called -- -- your -- Derrick Low and -- -- Okay and now. I've got like nag guard proven track -- been throwing great big salary obligation. Eating get that much for the content that's something. And then you had a situation with a white such read -- Jake Peavy get policy experience that we haven't. You know of trees to type contract. And in the end they're scrambling to make a deal and and built around one prospect. As opposed to you know what we would -- 1250 years ago and I think debt has really changed the way to trade market. Now we saw Detroit kind of backed themselves up with Peralta with the Iglesias what do you expect Texas to dive into is there any. Noisier got it maybe Rios -- helpful. It's interesting the market on Rio's -- -- -- -- that the other general managers telling me debt that are in the perception of Rios is. It's commodities she's not -- good and when you lied about who. We did a lot of advanced metrics. He basically at an average player you know that wins above replacement these two. You know he's he's basically 280. You know per year and he's making twelve and half million dollar and you've been net financial obligation. They're not a lot of -- -- -- I can tell you that the Yankees had interest in re a couple weeks ago they called. Before they get Soriano. And since they were told yeah he might not accept treaty guys is no trade. They got a call in the -- -- yesterday asking would you be understated sort again I see -- Rios they said now I'm not looking at a time machine. Indeed turn back the clock is Nellie about artists are going to be Curtis Granderson coming back. Note bank that it acquired interest -- been overstated. Can't paper sure that they wouldn't trade -- but I'm sure that they would be -- you are tremendous financial adjustment but not a lot there but the Rangers. Do you need between now -- ought to get some help they need the one seed it's out there that you take Willie Nelson Cruz going down they better -- something. You mention between now on fork blockbuster -- had to guess and I was won't hold you to looks at such an inexact science -- -- -- what teams do it. Who's the biggest name in your mind dealt between now on. Whenever the trade deadline officially ends sometime after 4 o'clock today. Michael -- in terms of being a big name. I think the most effective players gonna be dealt renowned for clocks. Nature -- I think another got to keep an -- and Justin Morneau I think Tampa Bay at lying in the weeds on some of the EH first baseman site. Because they they still have an opening there and they can make a move on -- Baltimore also has been mentioned -- morneau. But those would be the bigger names Jack thanks. You bush yesterday we heard that -- troops are down they're covered the Marlins worked for mlb.com. City -- from summit there it's just who would do whatever -- took to get junk calls Stanton now I read -- -- that I also read him say you know would Bogart's Bradley. Henry Owens and -- be enough fame with -- symbol of course that be enough for going to have caused a Red Sox. Any truth behind that any truth at all that the -- -- -- in moving. Not not before the deadline I think a you know teams have been assuming that that the conversation is gonna take -- not eaten. Because they can included many -- so as possible. And a lot of the teams that might be interest public beta cardinal that interest that are that. Ranger -- they would not want cute -- and these guys were helping them win right now. And and I think that's you know -- that the Marlins -- -- stand muted the Tampa Bay Rays you've stated -- You know -- many teams and ball including as many players as possible. And that's really not gonna happen to the winner. I get shot on this is -- get ready for the trading -- -- any chance the bio Genesis suspensions come down before or. Fork blockbusters -- -- -- working on both huge stories there is that later this week. Now I think that we we admit the the opportunity prepare for storm of the union and that Italy based -- back -- -- I can't promise -- exactly come down today in my understanding it more likely come down product. Buster great step is always will be watching on ESPN I'm falling on Twitter all afternoon thanks your time. He's the best the business pastoral the joining us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T. Forgy LTE was speeds of up to ten times faster than three GAT TNT.

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