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Old friend Jon Meterparel on Middlebrooks

Jul 31, 2013|

Meter told the guys that he would not be surprised to see Middlebrooks moved by the 4 p, deadline today. He called the Peavy trade a no brainer and said Iglesias was sold at his highest point.

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You know we should talk to bug them Bogut and and -- Brooklyn and talks which you know like the play by play guy from that -- because. All of their their fairly boring usually they really bland yeah a lot of shows do that on a regular basis that -- play by play guy but in this case we need -- -- and say yes let's get one of those boring play by play guys. A Saudi AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE server gets its name ID of fellow I don't know much about him is John. Met her rappel men around matter rappel joins us on the stage I meter. How are you -- -- -- I am shocked I'm shocked you actually picked up your fault some brilliant person on this morning shows that hey we're talking about -- were talking about middle Brooks let's go right to the horses that are right the horse's mouth. For somebody who watches these guys play every single day I said there's no chance meter picks up his phone cell or home and some haven't gone to prove me wrong how are you. Until accredited -- to shoot a lot of -- of the game right now to the new start today girl I'd probably will be -- -- -- air -- -- -- now. -- get up at 8 o'clock sometimes from 45. It aren't clear -- the matters at hand we need scout reports directly from your well trained baseball I've. Balls Bogart's first of all how much of a drop off defensively from a -- he has will Bogart's -- shortstop. Not much result you know not much -- which is clearly not as good as potential leaders as it is this is on the run senator Patrick. You this foreign. But the situation is better but it is an above average defensive shortstop. I'm much better are uploaded it to. Mean I was Ochoa started driving -- That you are ridership ultimate boast that -- the number of -- strong support well from Larry. Tricky -- This is 250 I think you're. At 240. RBIs. In order to get all this talk that. Tell us -- the -- are Bogart happens to be when you watch him what jumps out at -- meter. Is. That splintered and actually she is unpalatable to -- essentially an origin which certainly -- He's extremely dorsal. Going to his left and it was like a stand arranged that that the it's a little more work -- -- -- -- -- recognition. -- -- on base percentage to create now is great. You get. I think it's a work in progress on our particular problem tomorrow I really -- that's happened. So that's good about the Michael young's situation I think that -- I'm just insurers power. No I want Bogart's Simon I don't see that you just gave him rave reviews why not column on meet it -- would ruin the poor guy feet. -- psychologically if he was thrown into the fire. -- which -- out there ought to. Articulate Sheikh Egypt and I want you like a ten year veteran exception. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean he's such you're not at all hours and thirty RBIs to get to it which is okay it's not the other got an absolute opposite support split. -- -- -- -- Mean I stood next to him and walked from field to field with him in Fort Myers he struck me is larger than expected him to be he's listed at 185 tell me he's closer to 200 that that. My question is will he at some point outgrow -- shortstop body and end up looking like a third baseman body. That's a secure possibility you know I really do you just awfully close to 200. You know he's probably -- a -- drug that. It's an electric the future of India and that's what Google purpose that probably could draw but you know. And the operator of the it took the wanted to do. Trick obsolete or do you -- about that that's terrific deal. Largest call middle Brooks -- meter he's been better lately it's been good the last month. That's still consistent -- very inconsistent strike so I'll start with a bases loaded with a touch on the outside port 88 miles per hour. Couldn't pull the trigger he just does not look. But right now that is obese people creativity -- kill them and it. The problem that I haven't quite indigent the -- that has brought that it's the -- this year. So if they need a third baseman and it's not Michael young and it's not them the whole brought COLT. It's more like it more likely to beat middle Brooks a Bogart's. You know what you are probably -- -- vote -- Knew that while that's true. -- out -- little brooch and you know I just think it's it's bazaar I wouldn't surprise straight. Usually -- probably tried nobody's taken them. Probably. The military. But -- -- -- should not hurt the yeah yeah when you think there's something wrong with him you mean physically or psychologically. Psychologically. Interesting do you think they have lost faith -- him. I think there's a cap that -- a little bit. I really do the -- it. Or he'll sit on a blood drive last cycle up -- -- whatever it ended up else up about that you can suspend your broker. For. Don't -- a triple or straight on the right now district and so extra -- in the game at all. Watched him about the principle that are started -- I don't know as we're here -- the bazaar bank. Do you think -- our senior calling him out saying what he said he will worry about your stuff not who's going up and down between triple A and and and a big club. Didn't have any effect on candidates snap him out of it apparently not a giving you still rather inconsistent and I -- or maybe it had a. Fact would you like a topic -- have that effect -- -- and I that is the storm sparked about our search in about that he told me you know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That stronger by social school also is fleet street forget about edited to break the record at our -- story all watch. And now -- -- associate concede that what part of that social surety. But it felt like you to do that the -- that was not. It will post a surprise to the -- here the next couple weeks they'll set a jury's fact but right out -- out. That's why I try to calling metered data bronze stuff you didn't respond to me I've heard the decency okay VR. I'm still trying to recover -- aren't. Just people usually elect a soccer. Sure at the -- And O'Donnell. Dumb ass he's not he's a borderline major leaguer he's not juice and Khamenei met a hundred million dollars you wanna MVP. All through chemistry. He's like Q a skinny little Jewish kid who's you know plates and a field in high school probably -- to Dan. Start him or use their time and that's why he went to Miami. I -- Just so frustrated. That. I'm Aaron Rodgers have something in common and match shares it denies being Jewish that to me. I hate that that you see these guys every -- I'm just looking at that the perfect roster. Those come in this way with a bullet meter and they my my guy hazel -- I guess he's probably stuck in in limbo is that he's a foray players almost 26. But price spreads Jackie Bradley. Who we gonna see in who's going to be a star who's really impressing you down the enemy. For all -- -- is we're the old rattle Ellis opened at that ordered it to -- -- that we know it it was gone on -- clearly a majority amid wrote but people not particular side -- and not so sure that the Bradley is definitely. Going to be all the start of the -- reporter. Opera clemency because -- are fortunate here but it definitely going to be very accurate at -- and -- The Iraq right now -- are not that that's a big. And takes some out of print and it appears. Like -- -- the report -- a great. And commit to do that secure Tripoli to him but as far as -- and with a bullet I would say it's it's it's both. -- Everyone has eight homers Bradley Bogart's. Middle Brooks and -- -- all living in runs. A -- but -- -- just think that they at night which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couldn't go into effect at. And. It but but it. Still it still play. Actually break left and the in oh in the about it either of those in between -- -- just -- for a but particularly shot. I hear you say. About sixty seconds ago Bradley will be a good player but not a star in the majors. I'm not that historically I I just thought Vicki a -- -- great community and you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably I don't see that side of it that dynamic element that you guys probably get it to you with an all sixty RBIs. Steal forty bases but not a true story. It already I don't really keystroke to -- almost like a sort of thrown out so blower come out and it has been struck. That's it up with. -- -- -- --

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