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Jerry Remy on the Peavy deal

Jul 31, 2013|

Jerry Remy joined the show for his weekly spot and said that he liked the Sox trade for Jake Peavy. He added that he thinks there is a chance the Sox make another move or two before the deadline.

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Our conversation -- Jerry Remy is brought to you by our good friends know our great friends at Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership. Online at Lexus of Watertown dot com. Also by Newton Wellesley hospital. And by Cumberland -- Gerri as always joins us on the AT&T like AT&T -- LT -- good morning Gerri how aria -- and how you got to wonder well before -- get -- -- your analysis -- your valuation -- let me just start -- this had you heard Iglesias -- name mentioned in any trade talks in the last week or so leading up to the -- yesterday. Well no not at all that's generally what happens right isn't did you see a guy that you don't hear the name they were talking about so you don't high level prospects of the minor league level. And then all of a sudden the old late Tuesday and pop popped open deal so that's how these things work. And it really comes down write down of these go to the end report something is done and it was pretty close to be had. At the red circle there looking for the in the they needed pitching. They needed depth in their rotation or in the bullpen -- and -- got both right now. All right so this is the 64 million dollar question in your estimation Jerry Remy is two years of PB. Or watching 678 years of defensive genius from Iglesias. I think so because the ball got in the background. And I think that you know they didn't have Bogut did that maybe they would you know probably did not of included glaciers have to deal with him. I think a lot of people rate him -- individual glaciers in the Major League prospect didn't you know -- a -- -- get it out of the Major -- so. I think that they are okay and that and that regarded in and when you get a chance to go -- you gotta go forward and they get a championship. You know we've seen all the American League east teams -- out on the pitching is loot the Tampa Bay. And I think that the of the Red Sox beat debt would be and that that you -- you know. In the bullpen they're pretty guys for productive appear that a report very well what you'd run up in line it was one of those guys get -- -- -- there so. You know I think. I think if you have a chance but they do initial in the -- also does you know they get that feeling get a chance to win. That it you eagle Ford and I and and I know peavy was on the radar screen you know will be the end -- the quickly obvious right. Because one we have is of course was the coach over at Chicago election is lucky. So that you know the there's a relationship. And I know I know -- Vietnamese hear -- talking about you know how much you like them and how much you admired him so he would you know look great. -- -- it turns -- but the fact is that they've got something that would put you would because. Because basically buckled. -- he battles and stuff. -- -- Do you did you think Iglesias is offense early this year -- do you think that was spooky you. I don't know where he's gonna end up -- you know offensively I really don't I mean he's not going to be obviously you have you know 400. 300. Hitter I think that I probably fall somewhere in the range of 250 to sixty to seventy hitter I would think. His glove bit just absolutely outstanding I mean it's. Some of the quickest there that that was seen. From a truck stop what they're baseman you know I've just incredible man. And but you know I don't know where he's gonna end up as a Major League play attitude is so hard to tell right now. And you know I I think I'm more highly of him now when I did a year ago. At this time but I still I look at project go. Where you know this guy's gonna end up up consulate. And Bogart's and they haven't seen much of them but that would you be shocked if we saw him at third Putin I guess -- not concede tonight. Nothing this year which -- you know -- I don't know what they're gonna do they've really you know they've decided that now they gave little -- gonna be called back. You know I've been in the comeback is by both got the -- some debate what I understand out of the socket. Would he get a call him doc I don't know what did you know it's going to be looked the other day goes on. You know what the -- going to be together at the -- up in. -- take the place of a gracious -- you know. The logical choice to me would be little Brooks -- would let you know is that he's been there done that. And you know he's had some decent days out of the pocket but. Would use to look up the -- Seattle college it's. The tough call right now. Would you have considered in any wagering Bradley junior Bogart's American and Cliff Lee where they've been off the table for you. Oh god it was off the table for me from anything you know I I just think that doesn't. The -- but from what I -- of immensely training. And from what you know the reputation is -- -- -- Two good. To be dealt anywhere right now and especially for a guy like -- would make him you know point five million dollars he. Yeah and 35 years of age. And credible you know -- money for a you know look for a good picture but we have you know. As for an extended contract like that kind of ridiculous I think. So I thought you know by blood Bogut would -- the table -- any kind of deal. No matter who was involved. Jerry from your way of thinking or from people you've talked to is there any way of telling. How much of a defensive drop off there is from a -- he has to Bogart to shortstop. From what I understand and I and I and I don't know I think there was a prop up class I think that -- still. You know perfect in that position. -- is he's not as advanced -- he has put ugly issues that we were apparently he is one rich guy I mean he's just. He did things -- thought you know what that would that would his glove that you just you can't teach. You don't see very often these you know you might -- -- guys like Omar Vizquel. -- -- that -- he's in that class is that it totally different class class defensively. And when he was played just about -- other -- in my opinion is to go to -- -- comp accommodation in the league. Then in the Pedroia as far as quick hands -- an adult why -- they were unbelievable. So you know I I you know I don't know exactly Wimbledon is defensively yet but I -- from what I understand he's not as advanced liquid. I guess they had to consider this bill would have been such a bad thing to have going forward for the next 678 years out of the case may be Bogart's at third. Iglesias at shortstop and Pedroia at second base and that's. That was a symbol that yeah you know I'm sure they did but to make a deal. You know they've been in in my opinion they had to do something pretty -- you know and -- at. I know what it was great last night and and but they've had so many guys are. You know it is especially in the bullpen. That they'll already get down into the you know top guys in the minor league. And it. And my feeling was they had to do something described in this pitching staff another obvious about it it's a horrible that now book. You know because that -- he really getting them to put guys some guys get hurt but it is doubted who want to continue to look at the -- this thing. And then and that and I you know I strongly believe that they needed another pitcher because that is you know because of the injuries as a model victories they've had. Now if you look back two months ago and is still had daily billion you know ability -- You know you probably wouldn't have had to make a deal like this -- I think that because -- -- and review you'll forced into doing something. You know bill to help improve his ballclub the depth of the at least after the and that's exactly what they did getting your you know getting a quality guy like PB. I know you think you would have been a horrible front office executive but. What you take on cherry and a year ago we made the greatest trade in Major League history when he dumped all their. Baggage on the on the on the Dodgers. And now. It seems to me that he acquired the starter who's looking for without given up than does the superstar in waiting. He's on a pretty good run here is ninja and what's there Tony -- over 500. He's got got the -- you know look at that it's good to -- stood to make that deal last year. To clean house. To put the put together a club like he did in the past offseason with the type of people we brought in via. To bring in the manager in the coaching staff that he did and out of glutted and recognized me that they you know and be able to get it done and united mean. What what what it is I mean I think that we got yet they -- it's you know it's pretty good good to believe he's done things he's got a very quietly. And -- that he deserves a lot of rock right now hopeful what's gone -- and -- valid in the plains and now you know now they've improved ballclub. You know they did half game out of first place they've got a chance to go to the playoffs out of the. So you think he's done he's got the four clock is gonna. He may not be you know I -- I I didn't even know but there's still. 25 minutes ago. What went when you guys call result. The united who got beloved it would -- pretty deceptive for the -- you -- maybe about you know maybe who knows but you know maybe they'll have more pitching was great. Jerry do you suspect the Red Sox tried hard to move middle Brooks and found no takers or the other side of that point do you think your organization still has faith in this guy. To be a viable if not productive third baseman for years to come. Well I'm I'm sure he'll play and I knew wasn't decided it would it would have been a year ago -- and and I think if that they did try to move them you know they've -- they -- not gonna get equal value for what they feel as a -- spoke to be a very good. -- -- Did. You know what I I I have no idea it was it was it was brought up I'm sure one country was not about. But I still think he's going to be a good Major League third baseman and I just that you need you know to get the get back on track to get mentally back and tried to. You get -- is -- back into what he can do and that we saw our flashes of that last year. And -- I still think he has the ability to be equality in the Major League basement in you know we may find out -- them. What's -- role going to be now with the trade -- can he play a role here in the bullpen for the steam going toward. You know I you know that's literacy question because people last night the last inning he pitched. It reminded me of a guy calls about a game not let -- -- called. But the fact is he -- his last inning -- bases loaded. And he just lives back for a little bit actually get everything he had and what does to guys about the kind of guy you can use in the bullpen. -- know what you think about situations that pop up late in the game and you've got a guy like work renowned that they decide to do put -- that and it you know that. He's got that kind of ability of that kind of make up. The vehicle gonna get that job better than that impressed me last night -- -- the most impressive -- and again for the last night. The fact that he knew he was in his left hitting a pitching. He knew we -- -- Yale -- and he read about it he just gave him you know this is you know two bit about all the had. Put that back about strike out with the bases load that was that was pretty good stuff. Major -- aside it seems to me the Red Sox starting rotation or five guys who were sort of like five number twos if tomorrow were the single game wild card playoff. And all five guys were available to you as a manager Lester Lackey peavy who brought and Dempster let's forget buckled for the time being put your starter for the game. Probably -- yeah yep probably left of look the way it is here today. Let -- -- -- bullet -- pitched the last three of four just -- -- he would -- you get a guy that. -- -- and appreciate the chapel talk -- next week Jerry Remy with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with the red dog. Is brought to you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership check them out online at Lexus of watered down dot com. Also Mike Newton Wellesley hospital and Cumberland farms.

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