WEEI>On Demand>>Alex Speier joins John Ryder to talk about the Jose Iglesias-Jake Peavy Trade

Alex Speier joins John Ryder to talk about the Jose Iglesias-Jake Peavy Trade

Jul 30, 2013|

John Ryder gets Alex Speier's take on what the Red Sox gave up in Jose Iglesias, the depth they have in their farm system that can fill that gap, and what Jake Peavy will add to the Red Sox pitching rotation.

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We'll go do Alex -- joining us on the hotline Alex what can you tell us about this deal. Right so -- sector Jake -- obviously that -- that's that's a really -- debt by them in. I mean he took my mind was you know certainly a better better -- -- back Carter who is purely a rental. They get -- for the rest of the year or next year for our long term value for giving up long term assets. In imparting what so gracious state. They give up a guy who was a huge essential contributor to them this year. -- in their contention -- someone who longer term and maybe even shorter term don't necessarily factor into. And they're -- picture with. Both because you know these kind of you know and after that. Unbelievable start he's performed his way out of spot out of what had been guaranteed starting job. Where -- kind of you know bigger -- knock on the doors either a third baseman or shortstop. Our government will middle Brooks and system at third base your checking in the system has that a third baseman in double paid seven Marrero shore up a little bit further down. It was unclear. If for the regulations that would be -- shortstop of the future -- chart department in the big in Ohio on him and they've also given up they've got to part with at least a couple of lower local minor leaguers. What it was named Luke -- Rondo and he is a Venezuelan. I believe that he is either I completely you know at all. Which with the Lowell spinners. In someone who had a really good glove. -- interesting -- criticism. Matt has the ability to hit for average not a lot of power in the pretty aggressive hitter. But -- kind of project he just started switch -- ignore all the time but he turned professional. In there it's not a little lower level minor league are involved I'm not sure. All right now there's others right isn't. Reliever coming from Detroit to bust what are the other particulars involved I know. That's all I know right now we're still I -- and we're still trying to track down. Well -- -- know we've been we've been you know kind of trying to stay out stay on top if you -- to review which -- which. Well you've been doing nicely job Alex's must follow on Twitter and -- Experian and noted baseball experts have the read Tweety well. I ice I use that term I thought the red sex selling high on a Glaser is here I I like to move and a lot of people on its export the phone lines do not. But I I think if you're gonna get if healthy this is -- this is a great move. Go even for the future. Spectacular move typically it's the biggest product that is the bigger prospect and they're giving up. To me that's unbelievable. The -- it. You know as good as she didn't this year I'm still not sure that I would use him as one of the ten most valuable prospects in the Red Sox. I mean I realize that striking it say about a guy who demonstrated 400. Over the course its first 45 game but the reality is. You know -- By and large for much of his career you've been wonderful when a you struggled. As much or are more than any other personable level where he's played and so. In my mind you know be you know giving up giving up and giving up run down. Not a huge prospects. You you kind of interest saying he is uninteresting player by. You know doesn't follow all's well outside of the Red Sox top thirty for right now and again I don't know who the other guy is that they're getting out. -- not to -- your outlook for that yeah. Film I don't see the real the real issue especially when they have -- nearly Major League ready. Vendor Bogart's in and not to mention a little trucks sitting in -- Yet they don't give up that power either and and peavy is strikeout to walk ratio is off the charts is an -- Yeah that's -- everything that's really appealing about him and you can see some of the comments for this former teammate Matt Gordon not for me about peavy you're the guy who gets. Who takes -- a personal -- when he -- guys. I'm so he he -- -- -- -- are perfect are you walks that's a pretty good formula for the American League east you want those guys. -- going to be aggressive fearless go after hitters because otherwise it's certain employers -- -- see them being knocked out of the game in the fourth fifth sixth inning. Yeah an end how much was it dead to the tigers were about -- -- to be suspended and it looks like the prized prospect given up here. Was by Detroit to Chicago as part of his deal. Yeah I can compare urgency ya exceeded out of the Red Sox here because there. Yeah I think it and it secured your spot on the tensions. This is really a reflection of the tigers urgency not Q not just stumble it Wipro also likely to be sidelined for awhile like I -- -- and again it looks I mean if if that's all the Red Sox have given up to meet. I'm desires -- is healthy next year we're do you see him in the rotate is he a number two and number three where do you see him. Well I -- -- -- is peripheral you know the strikeout -- numbers suggest that. You know that you are pretty solid mid rotation doesn't have actually been. We are eager and very healthy over the last two years. He did this time this year but that was a result of kind of recruit fracture so yeah I would say that you say is very solid mid rotation guy who allowed them to move. Brandon Workman who got you -- -- -- again but allowed them to move him. Two bullpen has the potential. That potentially very interesting power arm but I. -- now become also a you know a significant. Present. At that starting pitching that option. Some things they were in beyond five starts we're in the rotation and no longer work and -- becomes the sixth starter and then you know presumably this seven. -- when Clay Buchholz that your. Then lastly I was gonna ask you about that -- the progress or anything with the with Clay Buchholz how much does this have to do with -- buckles. Well I think they did it has done to do if they buckled but I their expectation that the he's going to return. It's going to be alert you know it's going to be in that case they're probably. Probably late August at this point and so on the site you think that they you do that important. To continue to. So upgrade particular ticket on an activist -- that was tolerable and this is this seems to be yet they didn't give up any of their top prospects the kind of untouchable. And -- Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior. I don't believe it turns cooking or Orwell and -- in this deal I don't believe it Henry Owens in the -- I don't even believe. They're top pitching properly there are at a more advanced pitching prospects were minor earthquake in the Coronado. Or or Matt Barnes in the deal that at the end that. Bill I I like it to Alex we're in total agreement even though. The majority it takes to support out well excellent work LA get back to work on in and I really appreciate taken some time out. All right Allan spear of WEEI dot com and you -- foam on Twitter at Alex spears.

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