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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Tuesday July 30th

Jul 30, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Tuesday July 30th

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Create relate to yeah Johnny hopefully tonight is the first of many wins for him as he goes forward. As we've seen a three starts he's made once he gets that first or second inning he really starts to finance a very good rhythm. I thought it showed a tremendous amount of poise particularly in the sixth inning with the bases loaded. And gets two key strikeouts of you know smoking and Morse. But that's the thing that stands out is just as willingness to attack the strike zone he pitched in very well very effectively the left handers with us -- his fastball. And a solid six innings of work there. Yeah he does. And true. -- was the second inning in his first appearance when things kind of got a little tactic form. Pound Seattle. But he's been he's been outstanding in the starting -- Great at this team offensively. Especially Andre how big do you think that was just to -- get that left out of the last. -- no -- never even even if -- wasn't home run a couple of balls squared up I he's been a little little bit of a stretcher words. Hidden in some tough -- may be over aggressive at times I've put the the top three guys in the order up a very good night offensively -- can see salty. You drivable -- left side. And a lot of good swings -- tonight. Sure why a places came out there from the ninth. I'm just to get Snyder on the field you know and I recognized with the deadline tomorrow there's probably a lot of speculation that's going on in every city. But but that was the most. When you well when you guys called the -- initially. It's out of the bullpen was there something. That you like and I like about him as a reliever and -- you surprised you in anyway with how he's -- as a starter. Not as a -- because. Every report from the development staff who've done a great job with them. Has been what we've seen and that's the boys that's the ability to -- fastball to get outs. I'm not afraid to challenge the strike zone we did bring him up for the role mentioned but when things kind of went a little hectic we pressed them into the start and no opportunity knocks and he's grab ahold of it and has run them off right now. If that you have another rule in my pleasures and -- -- start but he street starts how much -- is just if you guys that he. Or were in every game and he's his left story's been pitching with the lead. And I think in two with a three time. And given some uncertainties with the rotation he steps in and solidify -- things through three starts. But it's and he he's. When he -- -- almost like he's been here for a lot longer than than three starts and anytime you can go through the turn in the rotation and and have six or seven innings each time he walks author of regardless of the track record or the inexperience. It is as a sign of stability.

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