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Brandon Workman after the game with Joe and Dave

Jul 30, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Brandon workman on the postgame show about how it felt getting his first win as a Major Leaguer and how he can carry this momentum forward.

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We're joined by every and it worked my guys first Major League victory and I -- you really yet pitched so well one walk mind k.s in six innings it just one run that. That was what's going through your mind. Excited really excited. That's the first woman who's on stone for our team you know it is -- good. -- and how big it was that fifth inning for you because it's still very much a game it's a hot Seattle TV get the bases loaded. Morse and smoke coming up can you take us through what happened next. Yeah I was just trying to. Make our pitches I'd been making good pitches all day in and having some success and I was just trying to continue doing it got a couple hits. We see your fastball and your race change a perfect curve ball to I was devastated after the wonder ruled by Gibson and especially. He was barely in it was strike three call all. Yeah I've been kind of struggling to find some all of it was nice spurt -- Working on it. Trying to make some adjustments. It worked for that. We had a Fella in the Booth during the course of the game was us who also went to. The University of Texas and did a few things in the game by the name of Roger Clemens and he was very impressed watching in one thing you said -- Q is he believes you're going to be able to handle the stress of pitching in Boston. Very very well why do you think he feels that way about -- And I try to. Just continue to do it I've done in the past success you know whatever the situation is. Argue wrapped up and runners on. Anything like you don't hit it and just continue to make pitches for a have you met their Roger no he's still he's seen you pitch in college yeah I -- him. A couple of years ago he -- our alumni. Jacket Texas. The -- Good alumni game by the way. It definitely is get -- -- of that. Any thing more of significance to this Odyssey future moment in your life your first Major League win but. In terms of the organization what they might be looking for come the trade deadline just tomorrow. Did this have more of an impact do you think on what the Red Sox might be looking to do where they are now not looking to do. That some might try not to -- -- involved thinking about her anything like it's obviously something that's not in my hands. Other people worry about things like. It's not much -- Just -- cumulative and that's what. Wells said Brandon -- did you have a family friends here Rask denied any birdies. Really special. Nomar -- what enabled me to -- I didn't have. The but it's not like high school what does that -- -- he can do it. Terrific somehow I think everybody. It was very close Q is gonna find out. But very very quickly that don't Marty known truly do yeah I'm sure there watching on TV but congratulations great night we -- -- thank you thanks -- Brandon Workman was his first major late -- is a Red Sox beat Seattle late to to -- keep them happy game behind the rays in the --

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