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Former Red Sox Manager Joe Morgan joins Joe and Dave

Jul 30, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Joe Morgan on the night that the Red Sox commemorated 'Morgan Magic'. Joe talks about his career in baseball and tells some great stories.

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-- are the new picture is you warm let's get an update with the no progress from my. John Ryder all right that -- -- Mets phenom Zack Wheeler no hitter over six and authority innings actually it is just been broken up as we speak to his broken up. Just now so we went six and a third no hated -- Mets lead the moralist -- about the seven the Miami trio are probably jinxed them talk about it. Or protect that I Jackie Bradley just left for a pinch hitter the sixth inning of the prospects he greatly Lehigh Valley for two with a six that he a little bit close. To have him leave the game and listen to injury related or something to -- might be trade related. Find out our making is that -- the -- just back from a trip away. 27 with a 693 ER raised that a starter who was sent down it. To call was red stacks up top six don't want it to our commitment it was not out of the field tonight. Joseph Michael Morgan. Johnny Gomes in the batter's box. And there you are Joseph Joseph. Nice cost and I at least the second one who have. Billy tonight then is gone so I hadn't -- a mistake your son Billy at that. -- for a -- he was a pretty good pitcher to a North -- yeah it was just terrible. But then you threw a strike to John Farrell was second pitch -- a second chance and we'll let who have seen the -- the Gomes checked the swing and it is so ball low and away so. How was it to see are these guys that played for you 25 years ago when won twelve in a row in nineteen out of twenty. It was. Really good then we had a real good time everybody was the the reds tonight that -- -- -- to them because. You know look pretty good. Really good frame of mind you. Wanted to take Gomes. Iraq is responsible for what that -- your house. On many other things related. Him and some other guys it. Bouncing ball hit his third Sager has it throws the first -- hustling all the way is out five to three. Those World Series Jackson 86 in the post season and 88 that there were a big deal. Definitely help the guys you know. -- nearly got a -- Pretty good for us we didn't make that five years and minuses to it. Here comes drew grounded to first and struck out by Roger was being mean telling stories and so it so thrilled to see you low and away ball one. Phillies sent out his sons that wanted to sizes they're very good prospect. Probably the oldest is a hitting for a lot of power hitting independently down with a Sugar Land speeders. Want always is in their first strike. The one game that stands out for you in that twelve game win streak in nineteen at a point. Run then. That really. -- around like it. And that this thing. Going intimacy changeup the one that by the pass deep balls and then yeah. It was a crazy -- fans were climbing up the screen trying to get our pulled from the TV Booth. Some ground with this thing anyway -- it's now I can actually live. I know you live. Ground ball by the -- goes to the shortstop Miller has it throws low and -- -- out of the -- by smoke or the out. 63 on the out. That that at that brings to mind one of good Doug lanes great stories above Joseph Morgan. Joseph can call the Booth anytime he wants to call the -- -- -- for you Joseph. And so once I think his stick for a minute and then Doug said. That Joseph Morgan said -- in though it's me. -- -- definitely. The with with as distinctive delivery the real nice body you know it is no mistake it. You know as the time McKnight the army at Yankee Stadium dugout. Our guys that I -- for the two men. What you're plowed snow yeah that to me for it and keep that it is -- and -- -- -- -- -- get through. -- that they when he and it didn't exist again and again you know. I think it took about -- things that go way that the -- -- I think lazy as though it through. I'll let your -- Pedroia is your favorite you -- going tonight home run single you know that -- it's you know. I can say this whose lives have been like him -- one finally getting notes. That's fielding. Second baseman who's. Marrying now. And you play with some of the best -- changing the hall of Famer ground ball staff by the pitcher my -- to the right of the -- flipped the first for the out of a broken bat. And the side retired after six it is 61. Boston early shots WEEI Red Sox radio network. Greg breslaw takes over for the Red Sox. Here in the seventh inning with -- -- top six don't want it. If the lead holes -- -- work however its first Major League victory. He went six innings one run six sets. He walked only when he struck out nine. Joseph Morgan's visiting -- joke you know what a curve ball he had. No I am very impressed with this divert from the weekend. Doesn't look like anything affects them out there. Lot of these pitches to -- it's run up with doing the same thing. It used to go to the docket to watch teams you write off for us down and the other night -- -- new equipment. Obviously Bogart's. One time my son's nine and things of that good. -- Pretty good endorsement is -- Saunders steps up facing Breslow starters is blocked. And hit a fly ball to right field. As low three until making his 36 appearance he is it to 75 ERA. And the first pitch to a left hand batter is. Little high ball what are you most surprised to see tonight. The gang nickname be out. I've never thought about that but. His kindness. Surprised to see you know it's like gone because he came -- -- Just a few months let him -- about any coaching around Roch yeah there was some surprise and it's good to. AAA to -- the count you know couple guys could be because they're managing like Jody Reed -- you bouncing ball follow outside of first. There's that was that the the first thing you did that year -- -- -- the -- to break he'd make Jody Reed shortstop. That is by gone with it then there's little blip but I I just know me and I knew we could probably. Give -- -- -- on things. -- that that was one of the biggest things. That made me do that. And -- -- -- the -- he would have doubles machine that little Jody Reed to one. Breaking ball low. You saw the play last night we all know that the umpire missed it. -- what you can do though without replay. Here's the pitch swinging a ground ball foul first base side would you like to see replay expanded Joseph to. To take good care of plays like them. I don't think so we snaked my way this thing. But -- the umpires give these kind of place that on the side. He was out of position I know when he hesitated. And then a follow up with a -- so. Three to. Pop pop third base side out of play especially where to get the had a big wide -- like Molina. Yeah. John Farrell -- around for just the second time this year you would be way ahead of that pace. Rejections I don't know I didn't get thrown it tends look at up shows that Casey Stengel. The fact that the because I -- agree that oh yeah -- the first -- by Napoli that that would himself for the out. I didn't finally that's what I mean by US sliding into a base once. I got this week does that frustration. I think into the big leagues knowing you lose that game. Or was it you know that's -- there's -- -- You please let it -- hang yes. I slats once again and just. You know advocates. And it's like if you. But he said. I never use the phone you. Worked so Barrett go through everything while it really doesn't you move and next thing that broke a few. That that that that that that's a that's that's a great point you can see everything else. A lot of -- want to thank the line blocked off the catch it takes is strike he struck out it popped his second. Surprise -- -- Red Sox success this year. I think everybody is with the volume like some of my life. 11. Pop foul down the first baseline out of play. On into that you watched them a lot through this club have to make a move that they have to make a move for pitching or another bat we didn't. I'd like to see another. It's good. You never have enough to -- The main event and a pitching -- that's the as -- as 12 pitch. And he's going to pops it up third base side along the line. Iglesias is there and makes the catch for the out what are your impressions having great to see you watching him the darkest Africa for years as well as here well. The funny thing every time I went to see them play and do you want him in the lineup. And in spring family was so I'm really never got a good look at them and I watched them a lot spring then. -- came -- saying this -- that in a nets beat that is decent and play every day. And he said that when he was hitting under 200 last year. Areas Millar grounded to second fly to center flied to laugh. And he swings in this one of the shortstop who charges throws on the -- and gets him to retire the side. Job market congratulations. To the Red Sox hall of Famer here. 25 anniversary of Morgan's magic one of most exciting and at times. In the its art history and he knows he made. They didn't. They still. So after six and a half it is 61 Boston on the shot WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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