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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/30/13

Jul 30, 2013|

You ask it, we try and answer... scratch that... WILL answer it.

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It's. Time or answer the question jerk answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. -- your questions brought you by -- restoration specialist of -- property your facilities manager insurance broke all parents to injury of the disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or go to a I'm six or seven good -- abroad over the back I. -- and we'll. Yeah it the F today that's right which pretty much everywhere in -- tight shoes as -- subsidy me. It just shoots. Their shoes like films slip about wearing entirely clothing that I got to milk -- and -- or -- I'm wearing a New Hampshire so it goes. And don't and shoes you must be on -- efficient. I M on us and tonight from the right angled roof argued to the game -- -- Nancy and I don't think so I don't know what we're doing that lives after after the game both today and tomorrow from the right field. Roof doing Jamison -- I don't know I have been more information Bradford and it has all. You see the -- they'll play above it personalities Janice records for every day since Chase Utley. The winner should be able to dump the others Cumberland farms off the top of your head in the middle -- to -- off -- and I'm used to be and apparently. Doing work so I may need it. -- -- -- 1990s. -- experience that we speak. -- wouldn't rule or -- would you take from another major sport to add to or improve the NFL for the upcoming season. -- rule from another sport to help the and that's I think -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- ball reversals -- the quarterback for the prisoners. Something important delicate just got there on the field but I'm also mean they can't do that the way baseball managers do your work pretty good they've worked and probably more they get away with -- -- me when you see those NFL films and they shoot over to the coach on the sideline talking about. I judge -- outlying judge -- -- it ripped in the gosh I just happen to be there but pass interference right mr. it was a he -- thousand here. Stop the game runs in the field. -- They should take from football put in baseball is to beat you to throw -- you absolutely during his HBO. It's a question twelve -- calls it would save the Red Sox a lossless that'd be good question at all plate plate it was wrong. The umpires behind the catcher for God's sake do you think Ferrell with through the -- that with the same complete and utter distaste that Belichick does. We'll just have -- this game like I can't believe I even asked to rule it out there -- this piece of crap away from him. Could doubts in the -- -- you really need to rest next question -- -- -- -- are good or bad. -- is good public good -- We gotta get a good -- bad zoos are bad goods is a great. -- Question what the argument like at least people like him just like he utilizes. I don't care reform like -- -- and even the monkeys throw there fecal matter is that everything that perhaps -- -- -- I don't Mikey did it delegate he used to throw his crap to me that's why do you I had them MIC what happened that you died. How or ammonia mama how pneumonia -- he died of mucking about this story there -- -- left -- commissioner run a hole. Apparently you actually had a month I did -- -- the long story overseas wasn't here -- -- what he's really do that thing -- -- -- now the other thing yet. Yes one of the code now that -- porpoises. You know -- bush today. A monkey out on center and get the monkey actually dump the Cumberland farms on the dollars longer ready for it or your month of -- -- -- -- Wells at Wakefield isn't a big group included -- -- actor's name or something out of college students good veterans -- out like Jamieson -- You don't think so. It was like -- and it should be clear that he should go with James on the JamesOn Curry is the real economic I do for Oklahoma State. Right or won't they are Burmeister coil. Next question. What position in sports is the easiest to be treated by team mid season and having smooth transition. Now an -- reliever and yet. That next court unless unless there's got our. What happened that guy he just couldn't handle it like instantly I was -- did he refer to himself as the -- -- -- -- freak. You're -- was great it was great Pittsburgh came here. Really struck out but that's what we don't generally question thanks coach or the biggest three holes in Boston sports the last -- on -- Biggest jerk paralyzed or. Many Michael -- It's a three way tie. Come up with a good their third person I should play sports there haven't Aaron Hernandez. It should throw it faced other capital ups and I just think Casey gets out that's on you. Know what page you're gonna get out of his whole personal -- if you're not in the -- in my security systems already broke. And your little question -- -- well -- destroyed that by -- -- special. Hold him. Our camera after Larry bishop -- guy they were reported -- gang exploratory kind of wings elementary. Aged men owner frank. Initial throughout the first pitch of the game knows that he's one of my favorite all time human -- I love -- he's definitely should be don't particularly the first pitch of the game Mariano Rivera got the big ovation -- barely got a big ovation -- big -- of ovation -- -- -- you wanna make this case look up Jim catfish -- numbers and put him juxtapose -- next to -- can't do I have to. No but that's how you learn about quite yet to be an alternate -- who thought that I argue with -- how to say you are again. Pilot Michael -- -- name comes up on the biggest jerks in Boston for the last several hours after go I don't know if all of -- they offer but the last 25 years a lot of people. Quincy told because it is here. Wil Cordero Canseco and Clemens. According to listings Alfredo evil woman was -- -- -- don't watch or TV it was that did not happen. Why his you what you want a better able moments where Mike Fisher of my favorite work. You will report to the clubhouse. -- thought that his name wasn't in the lineup -- flipped off a lot of people. That includes management team in the media is Eric apparently as a manager Eric ball floated off to -- theory you just flipping off America Britain and the -- CBS. Second item -- Kerrigan on this looks great game. Kerrigan probably belongs in -- it was like when you line up right over right now you know what actions that -- No matter where the top 25 benefit that is -- -- -- whole church and mosque where when it and yours to command there really are a lot of guys can put on the program grows makes -- guys. Oh don't get started well he was sick of of travel back and forth -- talking to from room to talk to Boston. He was. He was blocked dewy morning issue appearance -- -- the Packers meet their critical problem Bobby Bobby Valentine ticket and Wade Boggs. Marty McSorley who knows when mayor said John ballots and now the genome itself an old allies afridi teenager -- join us weekly I'm great nicknames aren't quite the bonus points if you want them. Top 25 we -- Roger definitely available ads and he'll just give -- the park and is there are now signing autographs for fans the Iraqi People pay for -- -- is recognized yeah he's a religion that he's a real winner acquitted of all charges you know he's a great guy Pakistan court you've got it -- -- -- of great guy Roger Clemens is -- -- on and on. A great guy I think in my Kia upsets me -- for the last twenty minutes -- -- -- here all week coming up next leading into the Red Sox and mariners game tonight will be back tomorrow at two UC.

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