WEEI>On Demand>>You tell us... with the trade deadline looming, do the Sox hold on to their assets or try and make a big move?

You tell us... with the trade deadline looming, do the Sox hold on to their assets or try and make a big move?

Jul 30, 2013|

We discuss the big topic with listeners... mortgage the future and play for now? Or hold on to your assets and see where the Sox end up?

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Well tomorrow at 4 o'clock the Red Sox could look differently that is the deadline. MLB trade deadline as I said my favorite day of the year I understand maybe that sounds like an exaggeration. Of course I love watching. Love watching. Divisional playoff weekend in the -- is -- -- great days but I I like the idea behind the trade deadline. The idea of thirty general managers all playing -- Texas hold them. Holding their cards up saying in my -- my out this year my building for next year and then making that big decision to. To build for the future or is this the year for me to go for sacrifice. Some of my future in order to do it because I think for the most part. Standing -- Sox. Are very few teams is standing pat the right thing. -- -- -- -- Let's hope. Let's hope somebody does something really stupid because we've got to restock our our minor league system or. That's who we are -- where not a big time franchise like all going in trying to improve a lot of them are sitting there. With veterans. And hoping that you'll want their veterans and they can have your prospects -- they've made the decision to go the other way they mineralization to try to build for the future but but a lot of those a lot of those decisions have been made already before the season started just look at the -- to the Astros were never ever ever going to be a part of this that are -- maybe that's that's an example well there are teams that there aren't going to be in -- that have ended -- -- -- the Phillies. Thought at the beginning of the year or or believed in the beginning -- the year they were definitely going to be selling Allen has changed -- -- changed. Maybe in the last five or six years -- used to -- -- -- -- pirates again now but it used to be you can write it down can't think -- decent now to you can write down. Pittsburgh. Kansas City. You can write down on the -- been better lately. Don't -- -- sheriff's last year spam but look at him now. -- that they're terrible you can probably write down ten to twelve teams legitimately. As San Diego Seattle and yeah you're right just before it started. They're not going to be players on this -- but they may be. Players in the other direction they may be players trying to make a decision to trade somebody a process in order to get prospects back I love that given taken standing out doing nothing. I think that's the right move for very few teams unless you're. -- team it's gonna compete next year unless you think your year away got a group of young guys and you just need a little bit more experience from them before you're ready to go and think that happens pretty rarely. I wanna see go out there and make your team better either for the rest of this year or for the future I I love that about the trade deadline. Pete Abraham who did not make -- death threats are reporters were not just tweeted out in the last minute. Two Red Sox executives within the last hour chuckled at the idea -- Bogart. Quote no different ethnic question and answer. Good I don't wanna know them do that call that guy -- he can do 61777979837. -- in the car -- -- -- -- -- -- But at the auto -- of other things are just one that actually. I -- wondering why -- let our aren't the ones that don't own. You're right you know you know you. About in the bullpen and then you know he -- -- -- either. And that's another picture goes down you know he could end up replacing. -- to -- that didn't you know important that inning is there. And I feel like you view it that you -- in the bullpen and somebody goes out. Again they would not want to replace them and I'm not saying that -- but you know maybe a couple of other younger prospects looked like that the betrayed. Have you if you if you have you -- about the last couple years is that there's your answer. Yeah I mean he doesn't he sound young award winner and you know these -- -- hundred you get there but yet -- but -- Ever -- you know last year DR it was over five this year is the RE 46. Don't think it's -- -- absolutely no straighten out did you eat. I don't know I don't know if I think they would like to straighten them output at a at a cost that that pretty much a giveaway. If you if you give you said -- the Red Sox we just don't want this guy will take anything. You could have Tim Lincecum surely do it but his men are the regular season at least he's been a bad pitcher the last two years you know. He's made 22 million dollars this year. The idea freeagent. He's fourth year. Arbitration eligible next year and then the earliest freeagent 2014. He would have him for next year at at a at a pretty expensive -- right -- given what he's been given all the money he's already made -- and it's. It's hard to see the Red Sox doing some light has further reason you haven't heard his name too much six or 77797937. Bob in Springfield I -- -- I -- I just really think it's the one person you have Britney to trade floor where I'm. It's clear lead I wouldn't give -- Bogart's but I almost somehow bridge should be able to package together. I think that would help almost this year and -- customers' future. No it straight Bob Woodward's Starwood would go -- go at the Phillies. Again it's more Blair wouldn't trade it wouldn't trade Bogart or other matter I think that there is a way to sort of package together -- to -- a way to put a package together. He figured that band making it even. Even I'm. Wish him well in terms of the Qing -- we are about our campus seemed to have it over there at such -- approach and I think he would be to warn that it would make a difference this year. And I just wouldn't beautiful Bogart's. Yeah it's interesting conversation Bob and I can't say I disagree with -- him if you look at Bogart's that's the guy you don't wanna trade put. You think about some other prospects and you're getting Cliff Lee and giving him for awhile unless you think that. He has his best years are behind him that he won't be a good pitcher to the end of this contract. But if you believe he's still good at the age of 34. And that he can perform in the post season I would consider it. I'll consider I definitely would mean without a doubt of -- output middle Brooks an entry so I suggest you can have -- brought him. April Webster. -- -- Shores of the deal rob was thrown ashore over for Jake Peavy was -- -- along the lines. Of -- middle Brooks and a lower level you have a good prospects I would do that PV -- where you really definitely would not do that I agree I would do that for Cliff -- you have to get him for a few years I think he's still a top notch pitcher somebody you're definitely 100% going to use in the playoffs. Would it would help that as colleges said to put you on level. With Tampa maybe not right there but. -- -- a pitching match up in game two of the ALCS or whatever it is. Of David Price against Cliff Lee -- you just handing that game out to Tampa -- -- not now -- Jake Peavy against him. I'm probably feeling better about David Price that I am about -- -- -- Perfectly capable beat someone like price and a big game like. And here's the thing that we don't know but the Red Sox are paid to now being -- in his native. One of these guys were maybe warming five of these guys who. Are going to be -- These guys right now that they're just on the ten or fifteen -- target their paper tigers -- -- it's a great name. Hey you know it it and everybody's talking about them saying this guy's an untouchable this -- has untouchable. But the Red Sox I'm sure are supposed to know okay this guy is doesn't really project to be what we expect. What he still has value in the market in we have to strike at the right time yes use him as a -- Some of some of them are going to be assets for you as a player and some of them are gonna be assets in order to bring in the right player Unita. When you're gonna compete for a championship in this team has shown I think so far they're capable of competing for a championship. With the bright addition that they're gonna need the next couple of days here 61777979837. It is all in all your W -- Tourists are only three hours to go Michael. I wonder I want you to count down when it gets torn to. Comfort that I see what you get there so what we're hearing we're not going to be Europe while that I'm definitely gonna be doing on the show tomorrow. You can guarantee at 2 o'clock am mostly two hours to -- hours emirates makes an amazing every five minutes during the chairman be a deal to talk about I hope there is. Well there's a couple of deals love the trade deadline that loved to see with the Red Sox again due to try to make themselves better. For the final couple months of the season and into the post season 617779793. So we -- -- -- around rob Bradford this year it's that he thinks. They have two or three things they would like to do that they would like adding relief pitcher -- specifically. I think I agree -- -- agree I think everybody agrees that they would like to add another reliever he can't keep going to that is value Horrow well over and over and over again. And as much as you like you've seen from some of the young guys from being out though from. From Britain. Have liked to have another another another right handed arm that you could trust that now. If you were at a starting pitcher instead if it was -- -- PV Bud Norris someone else is available you can probably move -- into that and sit around like. But what what does that do for. Where what did you what do you what you thought it strengthens vault and had theory strengthen your starting rotation injure bullpen to do that I mean what you need. I guess a better way of Sanders and no surprise here rob reprises that group. But the rays are the best team in the American League east peace at a very definitively -- -- it. What are you need if you believe that it. What you need to do to get past the the race is it is it. Is it closely does it have to be that dramatic. Unique subtle moves. Get back by the rates or do you need multiple beauty could leave the big movies and a couple of minor moves. Complete what they were some that we've been talking about the same types of deals -- rattled it's on the calls here in the second 6177797. Under through seven. Did something that no one's complete no it's it's what that would not traded very big time at corner outfield bat Daniel -- sap. We traded -- part of it today we like what you've done it somebody else wants you for under club control -- and we want a big time. Corner outfield bat who's gonna play left field for such I don't know that name is -- somebody we're not thinking of it somebody who we don't realize is on the trade market. I don't think Alex Rios hits although I like him as a player think he's intriguing. I don't think that that. Quite up to the level of what I'm talking about. But maybe they just decide hey we really wanted to upgrade the best way to upgrade is to find a position like corner outfield. And as much as we'd like what knob has done with -- wouldn't get more value from somebody who's. Was more of a starving him to think Daniel. A very important lesson here. Make base running mistakes -- -- Canada's arts and see a letter -- -- -- have started 677797. Managers and I don't think that's gonna happen I don't know if they're gonna try -- -- -- that it's starting pitching is more likely. Our belief that you're more likely starting. I'm I'm really fading on the idea of someone like peavy as much as I am intrigued by him. I think I've become convinced that if you're gonna deal for starter Gil for somebody can be great. Deal for Cliff Lee who you'll have for a few years and if not maybe it's not worth -- -- you can get somebody on the cheap. Just like -- the names for peavy -- Seems like too -- now. Not worth the poor guy who's good -- not he's a good pitcher right and and his great days are behind him. Cliff Lee is a great pitcher. And you think you can still degree in a couple of more years and so when I go like that you for that marked in the scar primark. Good morning -- afternoon good morning -- you don't file you hit the nail on the adult about the call not sat out there and -- relief pitcher from one team that completely out of there with I think it's the only player I'd even consider. I notice we're gonna get I -- I guessed -- you wanna go with the Miami Marlins. John Carlos Stanton. And the clothes are whose name I still camper now -- and not available -- -- The UCC should this not available it's really hard to say his name and not curse mark. Yeah. And it was a morning this has been room. Let's get let's go to -- let's get to the evening head toward evening you really think that stands available. I think that Giancarlo Stanton. Regarding that came -- -- left I don't know how Gloria he -- -- -- -- powerless to powerless he's under he's under team control for a long long time they don't have to trade him. He can be miserable it can only. You give up -- guard. At which is the only players that are giving up Bogart -- you give up folk -- and you give up. Probably a well at least one more release on the one a year elite pitcher burnout -- or. Order and you're not probably gonna give up. Working probably want better than work -- the developer and although it. Department I don't know what reports are -- a bulk of what he means you're our talk and we'll get back John Carlos -- you're not talking about getting back Cliff -- you're somebody's older you're talking about a 23 year old who may very well be a better player in the -- -- -- -- -- if you have to I mean it's it's -- six haven't -- -- applicants before stands just really can't tell if I've heard this before with Hillary pick it up. Always. Marked one year old people not you can younger triple play I'm problem bar Jean -- looked bad in -- already meet. You know -- you're not getting. In 25 point six. Getting -- 23 year old middle of the. Or take him for what he has right now. Like you said he could be a forty home run hitter friendly park and I know. Junger. And Adrian Gonzales what -- we got here but I think Adrian Gonzales hit four home runs the National League and all those actors parks. He's got to come out of the way this guy's gonna hit 45 he's got a hit he's unbelievable what I can help. Their own. I don't care. What you want it -- out here I don't care. I'm saying. Are you can -- That the guy will come here MB who says he's going to be doing it 37 home runs as a 22 year old on a mediocre. Unit are already MRI. Think that while everyone thinks Bogart says the real deal. You we don't know exactly what is what is Max potentially. Discouraging people looked intent. At Fenway Park I'm getting thirty and under. I guess I would say muggles -- why do you feel better about Bogart's. That you don't understand and instead focus that you know given up there and I know what I'm saying is. When you make that projection that that went in a -- says he's gonna come here and he's gonna do this was going to be that kind of hitters that projection. Went through that before it was just a few years ago with Adrian Gonzales we work. Now he's a punchline Adrian Gonzales who. But there was -- time -- -- lusting. After entering into -- holy ones okay got it can happen here now I have. And -- and work out are you short that. This this player will come here right look at it's not that I'm Charlotte -- -- -- -- it's not that I'm sure it's that first of all to go from 37 to forty home runs doesn't seem like such a huge stretch immediate 37 last year all the while -- to a ninety. With a slugging percentage leading the National League it's six away and easy when you -- right now he is Houston sixers do with the returning home runs don't think trip maybe 81 OP yes he gets on base he slugs and he does everything. 62 with a three separate from the miserable baseball team in there with -- 880 warned it is OPS by season. 833893. And then 1969 last year and 881 so far this year -- I don't know it's a pretty special player and it's not that I think dead. It's not that I think he's gonna come here and get that much better think he's a special player you don't like Jon Karl -- special national. A special player to put a -- to put capital PS over 800 every year he's only 23. And how I could -- so what you're saying it's. A special player is already a pretty special if you don't think that's. All many third on your list no -- Make it special really. He's got he's young he's got power he's got you know he has potential. He's got potential to be great great player now does a great player. I mean at a curiosity just I mean I go by UPS is a very good we've -- as a good general tool if you were on the Red Sox his -- PS would be second. Of the second best of PS in the Red Sox right now I mean that he's -- -- -- you're -- and is having a bad year. That's for about I don't know nobody else in his heart and I did say he's having a bad year I you know you used to work especially since the special player. He has the potential to be right but based on what he's done already he is not a special player he's got hot he's young and he's got power he's done under control it. You don't have to pay him a ton of money. But I think we're getting a little too had a are we have to start paying him money sit in any easy year for getting too for too far ahead of ourselves that we if you got a call him. Based on what he's done already in a major leagues -- -- a special player. But I guess -- a lot there are a lot of special players in baseball that I wasn't where 60777979837. Randy in Salem Mirant. -- -- -- Like garlic is I mean I'm quite sure Powell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to Arnold National League east team and a lot of those game so. There's many many many partner in them I just pitcher Roger Cox they're needed I know that averages much to what last year. You know it a little bit palpably -- -- -- game she could -- to try and make something happen to try -- Extend it out there and get get some sort of hit to make something out report -- They relate -- -- -- and -- or actually. The numbers a little bit low I'm not too worried about adult because I know that the the the potential that this guy it is incredible. And it does something that I think we'll be. Let's lucked out. What it. What would -- out very even next year -- can imagine and signing they're gonna have some old. That exercise is my child's special we're just potentially special. -- my child is special planet is numbers a little bit better out there. The numbers about yeah I'm I'm saying is not -- OP has put a hundred points higher -- plays a more premier defensive position. As of right now he's not been in my Trout is what is Bryce Harper special. And gives number I'm pretty similar to Bryce Harper's well and Bryce Harper is you look at the age -- -- today once again brought. Potential he's got -- -- number one overall pick right -- the potential to be great. You know young player in Major League Baseball has yet she know at at the people look Wednesday he can beat you. What he's not -- area -- you're also it's not like you're talking about giving up somebody who's already achieved and the public should let you know debate you're having here when you're talking about given up somebody like Bogart's -- not anything that you are given the major source potential -- but it's right -- At the Major League level right right now force Stanton. As far as it compared to potential at triple and and you are you said early it would you know what he has. Because of based on the money list Stanton Stanton based audience right now. Okay I'm not I'm not fired up what he is right now today you've acquired about trading Bogart's no. Based on what he could be okay now we're -- argument. Yeah I mean I think I would do because of the combination it's what I know of him already. And what I think he's capable of at the age of -- 23. He's so young he's he's accomplished so much at this age I think that's why he's so interesting to -- is one of the only names. I would think about that that it would mean you're gonna forget about Trout harper some of those guys. He's the only one like that that you might even have that conversation about what -- 61777979837. Let's go to Nashua talked to Tom. Underdog yet it's. I'm what I don't understand it actually what Jake Peavy he played in Chicago all in a big ball are you any you've got virtually the same number. Bryant has a big ball partnered up off the ball flies out of out of the ballpark like that relate to so why don't I don't think Thomas -- -- that's -- not a big ballpark it's not Detroit Seattle San Diego it's not one of those park you can hit home runs galore in Chicago. Sure so why are we what are we. Make a lateral move while we got right curriculum same -- I think his -- them satellite Ryan Dempster is doing the same thing. I don't -- Ryan Dempster isn't nearly the pitcher the -- previous. -- That TV's matter he needs a better pitcher than the right and how much better much better I think pretty significant about it. -- let's say Tom let's say he's a little bit like getting rid of dumpster. So let's -- a little bit better and Ryan Dempster. And you -- to your -- hurt. No it doesn't hurt bulk -- that it hurt on a long brought. Down a long stretch what what are you gonna wait to give up prospects. Searching ET where once again what you're you're going to do it at smaller. All work wherever a product. Yeah I think I think it I think it depends on the prospects through. There are a minute what that does everything out of it to Marshal for prospects I don't think it depends on who we're talking of course it depends on how much you have to give up but it. If you tell me I get a chance for -- number three or four in the playoffs and I can either of Jake Peavy or can have Ryan Dempster. I think I'd rather have JP -- -- this is destroyed victories distancing thing. Texas'. I normally do you think you. With -- is more than potential of the Major League level he's done it. And let's look at what he's done. He has this is what you know right now this is what you're gonna get from based on what his production has been in the Major League. What you're gonna get from Stanton. Is that guy who hits the crap out of the baseball. Who rarely walks. -- strikes not a time. And gets on base. About 35%. So you're -- for his career at 69354. On base 545 slugging great slugging percentage or yes 900 great open yes. Great slugging percentage. Tons of strikeouts. On base percentage okay. So. It that's it if if you want that. May would you trade -- for that right here that's if that's we have -- rest his career. Com. Or we're saying no Israel probably aren't -- small -- has a little higher it has the potential to be better than what he's done in his first three years four years here but. Not much that I mean is going to be that much better than -- He's -- superstar. And -- don't -- but that's that's the projection projection for Bogart to superstar the projection for this guy is also superstar and he's. Started the climb towards that I mean he's putting when you mention -- PS of 900 as a 23 year old a career OPS of 900. Played for a lousy team every year. -- was that is heading toward superstar -- -- righty hasn't proven yet that he is a superstar he hasn't been Albert Pujols and -- for 567 years and reach those unbelievable lofty heights but with the changes in baseball on the the numbers being depressed down to where they are now and -- 23 years old to have that kind of pop in a league that doesn't have as much as the used to. I am Italian and I think those are pretty great numbers and and and with the potential for them to continue to grow from the air. Yeah I I think there's a lot that I would give up for John Carlos that well understand. Let's go back Adrian Gonzales were certain. Toward the you know that 34 years and round and Diego open yes 862. And 49871. Denying -- 58 -- had a great year. Nine hole for -- And believe it or not. First -- Boston. 950 sat there wasn't a bad player and right. Well he was a bad guy didn't hit here wasn't the right personality mean. It during Gonzales wasn't a bad employer well first year Boston 950 -- right now active defense. Second year Boston. 812. Great great open yes numbers through. But in terms of the production that power that was projected for Adrian Gonzales is never arrive well. Yeah I mean looking Adrian -- sort of an interesting test case here because. His numbers as for your boss and her -- may -- PS overnight which it was 915 his first year Boston -- 57 tonight and that's a really really great year for player. And and -- would either Bogart's or John Carlos Stanton end up reaching -- PS is on a 950 level. Most years -- I don't know on the net that's that is superstar level performance when you start approaching it and a thousand open yes especially in this day and age but clearly there was something that they didn't work mentally for him there. I don't know I don't know enough about Stanton is mental state. I don't know enough about Bogart's mental state to be honest with -- hearing from some of the guys who played in the AAA they think that the games not too big for him that he's humbled -- he's got the right attitude and all those things speak well of him but stands got four years of success in the majors sectors as I hate this debate Bogart and whoever else they want for -- is a no brainer. I think the guys really really good six point 777979837. Warrior calls here that it's the question in twenty minutes or so major questions -- -- -- 3793718. Tee -- line any question any subject only answer to alcoholic W yet. -- -- The first one was estimated 463. Feet. Canada's most another tremendous blast in the top of the light tower in left field. -- -- anti home run. You don't believe in the home run like home runs I think. Home runs or horror are seductive. Even. Thank you. Like a -- are going to keep it. I think. -- it is easy to overrated player based on his ability to pick the ball out of the park. And people overlook some other flaws. In the name of the mighty homer. Well you'll be intrigued by this rumor because you were you've -- sort of professed your disk based. For the idea of trading someone like Bogart's were a guy like John Carlos Stanton young player. Bottom early success 23 years old. This is from. In the old MLB law ML blogs -- out of this is from. Jeff for sorrow who is in Miami. Who says is their team out there who according looked -- in relation to Stanton would not take no for an answer and somehow get Miami to say yes if there's a sleeper squad that. Back could be the Red Sox he says the league source says to him Boston may be willing to part with whatever it takes in the hopes of swaying the Marlins to relocate Stanton. To Fenway Park you have -- now. The Red Sox name has certainly come -- and -- trade talks. This rumor involves players one of the most lively young commodities entirely -- his belt and an astounding. 106 home runs and Warner and thirty for after games and could add another dimension to minorities helped. Batting order the Sox want to even fathom obtaining staff and services. They will likely have to give up a lot how much exactly. When Miami probably will probably -- four. Or five players at least. In return for stand to consider a deal. The players they rule. They want. Not be about to Scruggs. That would mean goodbyes to -- businesses according to. The stories that comprise two Bogart's. Jackie Bradley. Alan Webster. -- -- -- -- Well it's probably give him much him that's like the top five guys than theirs as I -- -- what if it starts with Bogart's included one other prospect -- another good name terms of his prospect. For John Carlos Stanton a guy -- kind of ability. Yeah I could certainly see that happening I could make it's I mean I don't know exactly what it's gonna take and and the Marlins are in a position where they don't have to say yes they don't need to trade this guy. But I can absolutely see what the Red -- to be calling 6177797. ID 37 where is Chad he's in the car -- -- -- -- -- Yes we -- whatsoever. Already though. Our first are just want to give Michael mr. Ali -- in my mind about it allows him. I would get fired -- the Red Sox general manager and Jack and I would stop arm and putting on it and eat cake. Urging Palestinian. -- including senate vote he says and -- like that that would you mr. Ali is that you're comparing. And I'll end. During the knowledge and comparing and it goes apricot. -- I'm not comparing. The players they're completely different players understand they're different players are saying. There was a thought of what a guy would be in Boston before he got to Boston and when he got here Adrian Gonzales. It didn't work out the way that we thought but they're they're different players grant continues. Yeah but. If they don't work out a couple of examples proper rights to other that in the top man Arctic and pay. Army. A little bit of the spark plug on the little lineup when he came from Pittsburgh and really you have that. Our era but you know yeah -- -- forty armor on our local supporters around a couple of years. Well -- and -- -- got Cody Ross and I think if you're pitching Carlyle. Jean -- -- profile more closely. To lie -- and they had to option being out there. Fly ball right at our own energy maybe not all out -- little more friendly scorched. I don't what do I want to get this straight disorder you'd need. You're making your argument here your argument is that. Stanton is is a combination. Of Jason Bay and Ross or he's closer to those guys -- -- Not saying and -- It's more similar and then again providing to people to Wright and Ayers to. You know our orders -- Carla of street Louis six Pittsburgh and OJ. How does that interrupted due to goodness I'm not unloaded go ahead -- you do tell me why you think this guy's job and cultural. I mean you can't stand it is basically. It now is -- current state that looked like hook your I mean. Apparently and that guy adding yet earlier when you come on crappy team. What you don't want to track down -- are you ballpark that you put them you know I. I'll buy you a human being put the swing -- it -- -- mark -- arrow onion. Age and at and say it would -- in the. I don't know Peter mechanic that tropical inside out. What the. All credit where opera where opera quickly weakened to an understanding on it acknowledges -- -- tell me -- special and you may manufacturer. You major case for one special but to me you made the case for he could be. -- Something between here a minute. I guess I keep looking at a saying he put -- -- great -- boys put up great numbers at age 23 and a good numbers you don't think Pitt then he's put up great numbers at age 23 -- put up good numbers and I think he's been I think he's been there are -- -- compared to other 23 year old -- -- from our retirement in three years that's a great numbers for -- 23. You don't think he's put up great numbers breached when he three. There aren't a lot of guys are gonna put up those kind of numbers in four years leading up to being aged 23 in the big leagues that he's been very good. Very good power you need a power source. In his career. And it's evident at the end of the same are gonna pick it apart if what you say great. -- -- -- I think and I. 900 a lot of guests at the 23 I used to play for a bad team. That's great. He's proven so much more than any the other players were talking about and -- to be better than any of them I I made. I don't know I I would be incredibly interest that if the Red Sox could pull some -- down off -- of Florida what's going on. Hello hello I up I. I just sitting back listening in on it. I can't help but think of all the arrogance that -- go the other two. That Red Sox fans and management I guess that is the conclusion. Are do they -- typical win 95 games like because this year for the into the every year and it got a chance to. Go far in the playoffs right now but if they may betray your chance to win the World Series they're not that far away yet everybody is saying. -- -- wanna get local art but what do that. I don't know we're gonna have Ellsbury next year what the team that look like next year I say why don't just. Get to the players and here we're gonna help us just take care of the American League east cry -- you know I mean I mean what are you guys. I don't know I'm not sure I really follow what you're saying you're saying that they're not going to be good every year I mean they build themselves. To compete every year that that's sort of what they do. -- yet but we -- find out what happened last year and -- Here last year was the one year that they weren't in contention at the deadline they really do set themselves up to compete every year. Well they try to set themselves up to compete every year but this year they just need a couple of pieces to put them over the edge is at. At every year at the end he's going to be better they are every year they gonna be this bad probably. Exactly so now you're gonna have to. Have to compete with Bjorn certainly won't be any worse next year why would they beat it got a young team and a pretty good that the rays are always there -- value that the Yankees down. You have a chance now to hit some rules and actually win the World Series make the move to do something like. You want them to go big you want them to get Cliff Lee want them to go get the best players out there right now. Not the bass player that will help them. Bring them over Jake Peavy would certainly help. But so what are you willing to give up everything it cost to get Jake Peavy. We -- -- Brad pretty there earlier he gave you -- it would take will middle something along the lines of will Brooks now you know the prices come down there -- -- maybe it will maybe you want to mean if there aren't that many other any other pitchers at his level. The price will come down how much. Well -- there's so there might not be anybody there now that there might be somebody out there that we don't know about my whole point. Is just. We have a chance right now the team does. 95 games right now on these two and connect with like games and make the playoffs and still read a report that -- America really. You know our Bible and is it now this is not gonna get these chances of our. They're not going to be this Google. Just forget about how they -- In in 2011. They were horrible last year I think they set themselves up to win every year. But every year so that happens they didn't do what they needed due 2011. Two to make. Things like me could have that September pushed. And everybody and then than now I'd let beat you down in the minors who everybody thinks they're coal and you know what let's not forget there's a few pieces that we thought workable turned out to be you know -- Maybe not even you know. -- workers you know I mean Mark Anderson was supposed to be so great. Yeah I don't know rob I don't understand how you want to go for an I don't think you're alone and I think a lot of people do there and I think if they have the opportunity to do it they will now with with Stanton. If it if that's the price -- are you on board -- If it's for guys like that no that's probably too much desperate you know we talk about four of the five best prospects on your team what do you think about it if you think about it. When they have treated for big time players -- -- trade for Josh Beckett who who. Hanley Ramirez is a part of that and in not just hit him Hanley Ramirez. And will Sancho Sanchez yeah part of as well. In trading for Adrian Gonzales and think about the prospects that were involved. Ring -- in Kelly yeah I mean you know until it's too big time prospect knowledge of those deals well in this case. If you penetrate galaxy and probably talking about a three or four. Based on what the reputation. Who you are talking 23 or four best prospect Jones OK with -- three or 43 maybe rate your three so you tell me Bogart's Bradley Bradley. And -- Yeah I think I'm -- I think I would do that present Carlos -- though. You only get them for two years of of your control before at some point you know you're gonna have to try to resign in -- huge money yeah. Danica what comes to baseball I think I would do that it's not a home run derby I think I would tell. Edit exhibit space I would. 900 yeah it's not just that it did get some pasted he -- -- -- hit power does a lot yes I would do that he doesn't do a lot he -- home run you more than Holbrooke and he hit a home run he does any more than racetracks -- outrage at all John go ahead. So all I want it to good. You can ask your question. What -- you -- -- we played baseball yeah. After this has happened. But getting clearer more important -- -- -- dinner wait I just. Getting it right. Yes all three. But but promised but it in this life. Because. Again -- want -- -- human element -- and and you know well into it but sometimes you know I mean apparently at a bad spot let -- know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Annual limit human element -- plate right now I don't know -- -- Google -- and find a candidate in the. But we're hearing that human element when this. Here is torn capsule critique Seattle and he and bad -- and he's doing not think about it because people concerned at all. He didn't score as commissioner didn't -- more money but Baseball Commissioner and all of any line guys even a human element so -- -- -- was completely. Side but normally all well I had a lot about. Yeah Abbott ethical and in this case sought. Out people jump on -- -- And sometimes he makes it very easy he makes himself an easy target. What is Casey was dealing with the union. Where he's trying to get things done. He's trying to put instituted drug policy in the union said no we don't (%expletive) happened for a look at the minor league level he was able to get it done. But at the Major League level it took congress coming in and say all right. We're gonna do this or or up against the wall Major League Baseball -- be bad things are gonna happen to you. I'll put that squarely on the shoulders of -- Bud Selig where he wanted. The steroid era to have. -- and I got the same issue were umpires have been an issue for him in terms of -- etc. but. We get those things done I mean everybody has challenges and and that's the challenge that's important from him. I'd still like to see him get replay completely expanded in baseball maybe not the balls and strikes but certainly the plays like last night 6777979837. -- or your calls. We are just over 22 hours away from the baseball trade deadline tomorrow at 4 o'clock Red Sox thinking about making moves lots of names. Coming up in the rumor mill between Jake Peavy Cliff Lee Michael Young we just talked about John Carlos Stanton. They're good enough to make a deal right there are good enough to contend it's a matter of just how far they're willing to go that's the question -- and -- but W yeah. --

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