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Making a top 25 of the last 25... is not as easy as it sounds like it'd be!

Jul 30, 2013|

We discuss Salk's attempt at a 25 for 25 list, and come to the realization that Mike Mutnansky wasn't wrong, whittling down a list to just 25 players is tough!

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So Michael you are making me think about my -- and some people -- governments do on your for your list. Textures there's where's Matt Light young Allen Logan Mankins all guys who could conceivably mean they're all guys who who deserve to be in the conversation that. None good enough for me in order to crack my top 25 there's only 25 names on here. So before it easy and I learned this the other day spouting off that mutt. And saying why you left some guys out happy how could you possibly left some of these guys out and then you actually do the exercise and it is significantly harder than you would think. And I think I see we can talking about Curtis Martin last week to -- -- was only three it was really only three years. So can he be on the air that was only three years and a lot of his greatness really took place elsewhere you might convince me on Randy Moss for the same reason. At that time he was here was not as long as it seems like in my head saying with Curtis Martin. Of I wanna take somebody off even though I I have an eighteen I probably should drop him. If there's a guy -- take off I think it probably animosity to convince me there because of that same -- just wasn't your. All take him off and I have a new number 25. Of all those names I think Adam Vinatieri probably next. As pseudo don't make him number 1 -- military 25. Who loses -- love. You like my list that analogy though then okay free of the list yeah now that it is a better now than it was -- better. It needs to be. It it it needs some serious investigation some serious. -- had it right he was on that he was on the way there. He's spent two hours on it before gave up just flat out Gailey got tired. They said we need this day. And he just didn't wanna work mattered anymore switched dot. But it probably needs. Pro Football Hall of -- treatment get in that room and argue. Normal here's the list one more time they take up on the board I'll read it very quickly to 125. Brady Pedro Manny Ramirez three. Bork mealy pierce. Ortiz edges Ortiz pierce -- -- Bruschi. Chara. Schilling. Pedroia Troy Brown Bergeron Ty Law. Kevin Garnett Roger Clemens. Wes Welker Tim Thomas Drew Bledsoe Rodney Harrison Nomar mobile on lawyer Malloy Adam Vinatieri. That's my list that's my top 2.5 six or 777979837. Some from you guys market run -- primark. -- -- -- Amato you agree -- on the car and Malcolm Thomas is way too low and way way way too why Thomas at one. And now he should be in the top ten. You'd be in the top ten who is what you have a couple of. Two residents to own residence. Still the cup and a year and he's playing late Ken Dryden. And it's tender I don't -- that I'm he would be in the top ten million guaranteed. Watched game six in game seven of that cup final yet he would do as good as any goaltender that ever lived -- We got to take somebody out of the top ten in order to put him in there I mean you can take Brady Pedro do you take either those guys out of the top ten out. Manny out like a thousand OP yes every -- was here. Yeah right you're right now I don't know Don Hewitt I tell you learn -- it's gonna put him ahead of the -- really. I'm a big -- go com. Lie and no you're not. You're not gonna take a gap -- you -- more money -- I know that but they were so good for so long in and healing you know long -- they both they both ways to cops didn't end any any. Anyway -- have played. Equipment and you. Pretty long time though on the I was. Discounting -- played for two or three he did play for ten years at fifty goals in fifty games brought them to soak up. That that's even -- tremendous absolutely that season was tremendous and you know what they went to the cup final artwork on. They mark you have to go tell you have to go -- cam is out of the top ten. If you wanna do that you go tell cam that he's out of the top ten that's on you you're gonna argue that particular case I don't know how many rules. You're allowing here for your list here if we don't whatever rules you want art did you make the case that even though camp didn't win lose a player. Can't believe president presence as not an executive now does not count for them when I'm trying not to count that kind of thing -- west. Because it's about that about the players then I got to start -- in Belichick are gonna start adding -- coaches now but these unique. Yeah big situations where. He played was a great player. And is down not up present executive I understand the arguments I'm not -- lot that are still competing I would not rule out for those texting in. Think that -- anything goes to thank him I say don't consider anything that I am not that that doesn't work from -- change your mind like this okay mom -- I'm now -- on -- come up. -- that I've -- -- and I think that -- -- as somebody once Bill -- to be in the -- though it is the last 25 years only starting in 1988. -- from their mikes in the car I'm Mike. I I don't like. I don't know -- -- make this lit in the -- you decrease the fact that Matt Light protecting Tom Brady yeah. The entire time I do not as important on the opera line. On all -- the time went by Gartner. Did you read the blind side might think did anyone besides ignorant about I never heard of Michael Lewis I don't worry 'cause stereo. I even know his wife -- tab for sore. Mark on the -- relaxing. I'll take a big deep breath in my head and no I didn't think he's another name that that probably deserves consideration our listeners hardly you know really is are we got to take a bunch of people got two people offer that you mentioned you mentioned. Light them you mentioned wolf for Mike and -- have a couple -- and I have -- I mean there in his name -- to. They're tech is not on the list and strike could be your man Wakefield. Mattingly and kind of forming. I like mark saw it. I don't know Michael's right I'm on are you convinced me and happen if you tell me are gonna take two guys off. If you want Matt Light indoor Bruce Armstrong and here we taken off. Well I -- Are okay -- you want Matt Light on he's taken off -- in your take Nomar off. No I couldn't clear that we didn't know mark I know an embarrassing. Are you put them out. And I think you wanna take Rodney Harrison off for those guys. I would I would probably. To -- -- -- -- man was so good won one Super Bowl helped me get to another thank you all like 090 man. Through -- he's at. The. Blind side and the blind side to -- in my Telemar Michael Lewis -- back here and there is this ever heard of would you please stop oh. Ever read his book on raising kids is really funny. I mean his laugh out loud funny. It's him and is his wife is the MTV -- -- for foreign and it is it is laugh out loud funny really really has not in the car I'm Matt. I got -- knows what's gonna. But but tweet that -- a little bit more -- what you wanna do. How can you possibly and haven't Curt Schilling at eleven just outside of the and I haven't Welker all in the twenties. Welker had because -- 'cause I get some way to -- because lesser power here than Welker difference -- the author. Think think for the most productive -- and has a history at wide out Brian and Curt Schilling had one great year about -- mediocre years. Because he help the -- he was one of the major tractors in the Red Sox winning two championships is one of them being over four. Which is to my money from my money the most meaningful championship of all time and Wes Welker was not a wideout. Walker was in -- I'll keep it might I -- He covered under the answer is -- you know what I got to do though unfortunately. I -- so many points for the drop it and I got a good. I detract so many points for Welker drop in the in the Super Bowl they could have another championship to be happy about that particular -- I've known for his hands you're talking about hands you keep talking about the reception here this. The average. Average all the average of you got it. Don't watch what you are who gave the wide receiver really what -- retriever and I like them or not no -- about. Career while -- here Curt Schilling -- it is clear. Our -- -- bloody sock yeah. Army and you gotta put Curt Schilling in the nobody but you need your actor in the 71. On the game how is your back there are no more. -- or act like. You -- final -- he wasn't the case of this happened almost pay a question party was he was very good pitcher for the this is to tab at the Sorin references salt you're complete liberal do -- there something liberal. Of lamenting to have Abbott the Sorin mastery is I don't know if there is I don't know what it is. She was on MTV is that if she did MTV news with Kurt loader. You hear it first -- there's something political about that that I don't understand please gloomy and rob Bradford has billing -- hands he's gonna stop buying a couple of minutes and dropped back to your calls -- -- -- -- -- Well I know I -- saying that I wanted to get on that I should be included are now live to the record I'm Taylor Twellman. Without him they have done not that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wasn't going -- with the he -- including. But not it -- MLS athletes. Don't screw yourself standing for -- -- -- and are way off. I hired as last call Geithner. Congratulations all Cuban -- ought to all the you're an idiot. Catching on Michael the rage. Is that it's the rage right now everybody wants to follow -- do a top 25 athletes civil Abbas an athlete to the last 25 years. I thought Chad Finn. Jumping in on the Boston Globe in the it was touching all the bases blog yes and unfortunately. He's somebody that he didn't include Teddy Bruschi yes it is also -- -- -- outburst you know Bruschi. -- -- -- -- Amazing you -- -- I do have no -- mine very good I do not have Adam Vinatieri on -- not on the list didn't make my list I started looking through -- diet he didn't make my list I thought he would but. There's a lot of competition on this as a young -- and make it I'm sure Adam Vinatieri. -- Taylor -- still don't really know who we are -- -- I'm -- as the placement and so I will tell you and I think -- settles believes he has -- placement topped the list. Is top 25 athletes of the last 25 years in Boston to starting in 1988 I took only their performances. From 1988 on. I gave some special I gave weight to. And I may have forgotten some people sure I did but I gave I tried to give added weight to championships. I tried to give added weight to incredible seasons. MVP type awards that type of stuff. And I tried to give added weight to guys who played longer sell -- -- to give some way to longevity. Let us get this who we talked about this before. Most 1988 to the president yes. So do you include. A performance they're great performance in January or February of 1980. I went from the day I went from ten day. Today being July 30 I went I went from -- I went from 25 years ago today. So birds 8788 season for instance wouldn't count that's only is 8889 season as housing right now Richard -- whatever I don't really know the rules -- made them up as I went along absolutely that's the role I mean I'm as I went around 8788 -- I have to awesome because it was 26 years ago. Here's what I got from it best when partners like everybody I think it was Mittal is the number one and two seem pretty obvious it's hard to argue. -- Brady and Pedro right I mean if you could find somebody else you think belongs in the top two I'd be surprised her. I don't think so not if you're starting in 1988 I mean I think that -- the majority of what -- did. Was a lot earlier than that so don't remember that didn't win any championships after that great player but I'm not an obvious one of the greatest of all time and not giving I'm not giving as much weight to that parts there's violence got Brady -- -- -- -- And I think it's that number three where you'll start to disagree and -- man. I'm putting men -- Mears number three. Everything he did -- best player on the team at the time with help. Knowing that you were serious enough player on the yes he was it not yes and -- player on the team yeah he was when we -- in 2004 in 2007 bowl that he was their best player two thousands I think he was. David Ortiz and I I think that what or I think Ortiz and got a -- art and Curt Schilling great players Pedro Martinez. Marquette number go up Pedro because Pedro was that you're not just about 2004. By 2004 I think Manny was better than Pedro earlier than Matt. I Pedro was much better than -- in 99 for a 2000 like nearly 99. Peter many no but what Pedro did in those years. Was better than what Manny had ever done I mean -- is it's not just about where they were at once -- day in time lives are more Manny Ramirez I have number three Robert Gallery rest of the list goes Bork. Nearly four and five assists for. Many thought my nanny. -- -- and we think -- discoveries recently. It hidden weaknesses. His pinky -- -- unbelievable. Did I hear you know Larry -- top spot now known -- in the top five government to yes -- -- the next the next 613 and would go to David Ortiz six Paul Pierce seven. -- a Bruschi nine -- ten. It it -- it's not bird's entire career to what he did after 1980. I understand that it was so he's in the top ten for God's sakes. It has a lot of really good players who were after him but not the top five for what he did after 1988. As Greg Jennings. And writers. -- -- gotta give respect. Is -- that Larry learns that that's all I have not it's just think he's it's and it's 88 on where's Michael Irvin could -- -- -- Michael learned is from 1988. On great player and had very good seasons after that. But Paul Pierce won a championship during that time and went to another final. LaBroque. Today. Eleven through fifteen was Schilling Pedroia Troy Brown the Patrice Bergeron Ty Law. Here Roger Clemens just about to get to him. 1613 when he would be Kevin Garnett Roger Clemens at seventy yeah for what he did during that time a couple of bad years near the end it. Certainly. Really. A couple of bad years. -- got fat and overweight can't stand Roger Clemens he's not gonna make into my top ten sorry I got Roger number seventeen followed by Randy Moss Wes Welker. Tim Thomas -- when he. And then the final five. Would be Bledsoe Harrison Nomar -- on normal. And maybe -- registered to -- -- autism every 26 number three. Who earlier how to mobilize it and just it was a bunch Vinatieri is anonymous and he's right there that many at three -- -- -- Reggie Reggie Lewis could probably be on the list Mikhail although again you -- just the end of his career. Green well. On an MVP quality season during that time partisan make the layoffs and back doesn't make the last Jonathan palpable on -- left off my list discourages it wasn't that it was that it's a heartless but I don't leave them off of what your problem -- -- agreement then yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In order to put them -- to me giving. Is 818 through 25 again about Randy Moss. Would you take him off for any of those guys. I might really like. He had eight a record setting season. Not a out of the dark skin okay. He had a record setting season in New England one great year right is that fair to say. They're ready -- -- one unbelievable. Year with the date yet but I'm accounting for some of that stuff I mean I I'm I'm I'm telling you in my criteria. Our our is that I'm giving credit for incredible diseases like that so we had one right okay so it was 07. 0809. And that shot -- we out of town. It in the beginning of the 2000 -- and so we have three full seasons. One album was unbelievable right what -- was underrated 2008. Mac -- -- quarterback and and you medium you helped make him look like a professional quarterback. And a 2009 where you know heavily -- -- of the party -- it. I would probably pick up an elaborate. -- -- I -- -- -- I get honest I understand a lot of your argument but I think that what he did for them in 2007. Just the way he elevated the entirety of that offense a song credit was great. Then -- a -- that I did I and I'm given some special consideration that is -- -- -- -- -- categories that aren't I thought I understand your argument that are -- don't entirely disagree get. After that I had Wes Welker Tim Thomas the only Tim Thomas off the list. You talk about a guy winds of as -- helps you when the chance I mean come on you can take Tim Thomas off the twenty where I think mr. Thomas off. Now I know you're gonna disagree the next one Drew Bledsoe could you know picky belongs. -- leave them you leave Cuba on him for what he did for -- carrier for a long period of time got the team to a Super Bowl. Out Rodney Harrison wins two Super Bowls and I think the safeties and underrated as well. Well okay. I might consider taking -- -- it would mean he's -- that the spiritual leader one of the spiritual -- -- -- team are heard a couple of years Teddy -- he was one of them until -- was not a knock on him. And then -- can get. At one spiritually and -- a few we need just 14. Go to -- our spiritual leaders -- let's go to our spiritual leader of slick spiritually or 53 guys in there and it can all be spiritual leaders together. You can share you can share of spiritual leadership -- not gonna take Nomar fullest right now you're not gonna take mole off the -- no no he did -- Malloy awful yet. I think the reasons people might is because of what happened at the variant allele was. But lawyer was he really great player long before -- elderly or even got here to avoid another big time leader in that and now locker room. He was one of the main factors in them getting to the to the ninety Richard and our law well. I Taiwan fifteen okay now and there's somebody attacks in what about birth right up Bergeron a fourteen. -- -- lawyer probably brought you on Patrick lawyer often take running here and bring you just hate safeties auto club safeties. Seems like he hates you know Harrison stated all Harrison statements are lawyers gone kind. And so as a randomized an -- took 32 people off yet some -- extra room got Vinatieri Karen and I want that Allen picked up -- to. I mean look I givers I I certainly respected meeting Vinatieri belongs there instead of moss or or even or even lawyer but. I think lawyers role in getting them to that first Super Bowls -- so good. It was so good as a young player. -- a ton of calls on this and a 44 little audio calls coming up here it's all in all I think you got to find a way to drop Wes Welker and that's what did your opinion the war. Well that is mean. -- WEEI.

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