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Rob Bradford on what the Sox may do with the trade deadline just one day away

Jul 30, 2013|

We discuss all the trade rumors with Rob Bradford, Sox beat writer from WEEI.com

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Just aren't. About the revolution I don't know I don't know any I would love to put a player on unfortunately I don't know in -- to do you really not know who -- twelve I hit the sort of I -- I wouldn't recognize -- and I know I enjoy soccer. Pocket and I recognize he's on TV alternatives he. Is mitigated the term and as soon as they see something about a soccer ball change the channel I really don't like soccer so now I would not recognized him took a lot of Roger life. Really pushing myself. And people are used to. -- -- -- other yeah with his tenacity personally I know a lot of people are handsome and heard the voice of rob Bradford who won informal poll is one of the best it's the writers here from WB dot com or vote for. I would open myself. -- but -- had to remove my racket ball forward. To the news myself 23 and a half hours -- Yeah when you completely and our RC 440. Hours 23 and a half hours less -- -- -- away from the baseball only portrait on one of the Red Sox can do rob. I think still this is what I think. I think they're still gonna go get a relief pitcher they think they're gonna do whatever they can't get Michael young and if Stevie falls to them. At the right price and we'll get them now I know this is a report out there right now saying that Arizona as a leader in the clubhouse. But I just was in communication someone says the red -- still live on PV. -- I've said all along the Packers is gonna take -- -- I don't know it's -- to -- you're likely to give me an example what would it take to get. Argue -- for my best guess a middle Brooks who -- men and another pretty good prospect. And that's that's that's low that's low level. I'm I'm almost guaranteed a white -- asking for more than that but the reason I say that. Is because that's along the lines of what the Garza thing wise and people were thinking that's were it's gonna land what would they got for Garza. Well you see. Are there are other White Sox getting offers from other teams and that's why yes -- -- saying this is what it takes or other you think other teams will be willing to do that -- Jake -- Well there's always -- to politics as one team a little more desperate than Red Sox and I'll think the resurrection that desperate so -- cushion for starter. Yeah I think that the the Red -- Basically are okay. With seeing what they have in -- work and if they asked him because you're talking of oh. 78 starts to buckles. And now we're not talking about next year in the draft pick you get you potentially get for peavy. By workmen could do what JP if you -- -- -- must and he's got to play he could for those seven rate starts and if he is able to. Then if you do over paper -- that looks pretty bad. But yet you baffled browser so you -- confused I thought yeah. I am well but as I've said this a lot of the I'm thinking about the work and think that's why he's he's -- he's the key element I was trying to figure out if I was over rating -- in my head because I've seen him pitch well for three starts if you ask me this question in there and thrown out the name -- two weeks ago. What I've said -- sounds fine middle -- -- another prospect whose name I don't know okay. Well right now the the list of pitchers for prospects. Start with a Workman an embryo -- that it goes to Webster dollar rose video Varnado and Barnes. And you -- Earlier new year you would have certainly rated Webster overworked -- but right now because partly because what he's shown in the major leagues. But also just because his progression professionally. This guy is near the top analyst. What we're talking about the Red Sox and who they could be bringing in. A distraught after OK is there anybody we should be thinking about the Red Sox in big named the Red Sox might be looking to trade. But it always happens there's -- -- one name. If you didn't consider and then at the deadline -- well where I come from within the Red Sox might -- red son who might be leaving the Red -- it. In I mean I guess an organized got a -- I guess the name that everyone surfaces and along those lines elsewhere right and there's no way they're trading Ellsbury so after that. You could always say in my traded drew although I think the coaching staff loves true really ironic because he has that veteran guy and Dave loved him ever since the beginning of spring training because he was a better fielder than I think they anticipated. And he's appeal to professional guy if you. If you said to the coaching staff you're gonna have for the for the last two months a year. And Michael Young -- left side that infield I think they'd be very very happy a lot more happy than they might with the uncertain New York Post was caught you mentioned Michael Young was accosted him Michael Young. Well right now it's gonna cost you one that that is probably top they're probably asking for a top tier guy. But -- I don't know yet I legs are gonna cost you will middle Brooks are going on now is no thank you know tonight I can I mean it's two months of Michael Young ladies and he said he's only going to Texas -- missile. That's up for debate al-Qaeda. But I don't like everything else I know I guess if that's who you know that's a nice way of saying shenanigans but who knows -- If you look at the Phillies guys the difference in Michael young and the other guys may have a motivation trade Michael Young he's a free agent after this year. He doesn't he's not forget them anything really knock -- off from call flying offer so they're gonna trade him. They are called up the third baseman today in my early third baseman. So -- is not gonna take a top tier guy but. What do you -- feel comfortable are you gonna feel comfortable with giving -- Renato for Michael Young. You think demonstrated and that's good to know what -- -- -- -- try to talk his way out of town that you don't think -- trade him at all means saying that they need to make changes from top to bottom -- -- organizational effort why would you say or talk as a little town that's that's very endearing themselves just like the rest are what does they just go out and say that the instinct tells amaze you talked about. Lack of endearment gases ever since he get the Philly just hasn't clicked. -- with a lot. There -- in the of the media and -- not this matters but it. He has -- click with the media there at all and it's been very standoffish and here you could be that way certainly but. He was OK here's just weird that's fine and we weak -- you're entertaining. But. I don't think they're gonna trade him. Just like oh I don't think they're gonna -- colorfully. Because there's not come back to a there's not a huge motivation to trade these guys they have a deep TV deal coming up. They have years under their on the contract. They wanna be good going forward in the skies are still good performers keep coming back to the Michael Young thing that you mentioned is -- you think that any. We'll trade for reliever I agree it means the right you're right generally are writing really been the worst team in the American League their bullpen is against really think that sort of thing. Houston street. You love yourself from Houston -- I just thrown on a name laughter Jesse Crain a healthy Jessica and would have been perfect but he's -- he's gone it Lisa helped write anything to help me so we coming into the penetration early -- I agree DN -- in -- like LA coach -- The royals hall's son have become more buyers and sellers because they one's winning streak. I don't have -- the name that would they're gonna definitely get get I just know that they're looking at a time again cart so. They get a reliever didn't I agree with you that that I think they would like a starter they could find one but they're not gonna go crazy in order to try to starting pitcher. So then let's focus on the third which is a third baseman which I think they could use somebody at third base on what they have right now seeing Snyder in the lineup today in a key moment is it really what I wanna see for contending team. But he got a -- a lot for Michael Young was only here for four months are you gonna give up a lot for Ramos Ramirez -- have to have next year as well. Now -- -- RE SI -- up throw him out. -- -- -- -- -- Because as I wrote today Michael. I don't think they think he's quite ready. And I don't think -- I think they feel like he can contribute at some -- -- in this pennant drive but in a perfect world. Very perfect world they would wait at least a few more weeks. Get some more instruction down there are listed all the things that he has to do tell me in three weeks he's gonna be ready well. You say what has he proved on a three weeks. He'll make a laundry list of things and do I think the biography come up and be productive in some way they can catch lightning in a bottle of short. We saw that shot allows -- which I -- probably twice the player he was when he was called up. But if you have another option. If you have a Michael Young the buy yourself some time that you do it. Whose best right now on the -- All the -- -- our veterans and their half game up to the restive of all time it was it was investing. Who's gonna finish who's gonna win this division right now you have to -- and it was gonna win this division. Right now I would say there it's the race. Right if you're asked to be right now are so it -- -- -- gave up because you think they're better team. If you look at from top to bottom what they have starting with a starting pitching how it's hard to argue isn't -- we don't. I don't know I don't know why not Alter our club are -- I -- -- -- -- for over government of the obstacles argue I'll I'll flip it and -- Just just or you can just consider I don't want to tell me. Because they're first place right now or because they've had David Price that fantastic. I here's here's a tragic or nonetheless -- I go I can counter with the bears up. The Red Sox won the season series -- -- yes. They -- I was Alistair and our David Price -- -- back then women they've piled up ball vigilance that rays are much more than David Price appear telling me. David Price is the best pitcher I was well both the house will -- out there and all of really giving you the best picture book things but when amassed -- Myers at the -- -- -- Red Sox in April and Eric 25. Vs the Red Sox 25. Do you think the rabies. Are you better top to bottom team management. Bench is everything or are -- better to -- What's what's the most important part of a 25 man roster. Starting -- They have the best starting pitching. That's why give the met yet I I give the Red Sox a ton of credit for being resilient. I think they have pieces that fit guys have perform to their level and -- guys who exploit can perform even better will perform even better second after -- some -- -- drop that back in just like we've seen Iglesias. But if you look at all the teams in the American League I'll go go all the way the American -- The rays starting rotation is the most powerful thing of anything in that group I agree with that. And you know what it was also. You know way you can you can say the same thing about the race last year. They have the they have the most powerful rotation last year -- -- an ever better lineup this year. -- better -- -- -- noted diligently. Longoria is returned he was injured for a lot of last year -- in my god will Myers so Myers is here at chase is the only he's inexplicably. Hitting the ball would -- some other for every year of focusing on -- it's the Palestine whatever it always but -- -- me like three whoever goes there has been with the Red Sox and -- cover up the ball. The question I guess becomes with the trade could do it if you believe the rays are better or even need -- personally better. Is there a trade a Red Sox could make or more than one trader at Sox need to make that would put them over the race. I think that how the red tires might be able to pass or race. Is I hate to come back to a broader world starting pitching has come back to -- -- I'm gonna do it anyway it's had an obstacle to overcome. The Lester food you get Lester go on like he's showing signs lately if you give buckled back if you get workmen who could be the guy that we think that he might be. As a starter as a relief there. That's a difference maker CEO five Papelbon. Even when he pitches the way he delivers the ball to -- looks a little bit like -- not that makes any different office. But if it's hard to not notice and I know the comparisons. -- Papelbon. Masterson in 2008. He's going along those lines he might come out tonight itself I have no idea -- to get shelled a couple times early on to. But what I've seen from the sky so far he is so important because it allows the flexibility that they can do -- Or or reliever well we are we are 23 hours and eighteen minutes away from deadline tomorrow. At four clock counting every single moment my favorite day on the sports calendar really love the trade deadline. Really senator Vijay in the my favorite back. I love that I love the look look like you -- Michael doesn't believe it but I love it I love the trades I love the rumors. I love them will be trade rumors doc I love the whole thing I think is so much fun and it's always your favorite trade deadline man. My favorite trade deadline Guam in the the Sox traded Nomar is the most exciting as it was just so crazy -- it was happening by the way I would ask for a moment of silence by -- it doesn't overwhelm radio. For Jason Bay being DF fade today before he was coming to -- -- now that was the cruelest joke -- -- they speak at the moment asylum seriously did you tell the -- is Steele died yesterday. That was unbelievable yes edited parts he drowned 44 years yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A good trade deadline talk more your calls on that what the Red Sox should do. By tomorrow at 4 o'clock 61777979837. And more people taking -- -- with my list of -- -- W media.

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