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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/30/13

Jul 30, 2013|

Four guys with four topics that were not on today's agenda. The best football player ever is from Georgia? Natural sound broadcasts and more.

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-- Now word -- and -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball. More fun cleaning. -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W and up. Georgia head football coach Mark Richt said yesterday that two -- -- -- is quote. The best football player in the world he might be the very best player who exist today at any level. Still is he talking about doctor they -- you wonder so many there's so many great players. Who have come out of Georgia. And you wonder why they haven't won a national championship. What are our. Best illegal bubble. Can we just stop what college -- so we say. He's the best player in college football what -- a stretch but still. They include the NFL it was talking about. He's going to be that good to be seen that hit. Are you that it could you not -- -- -- That he had on the Michigan running back Michael the idea that he is right now the best in the world seems a little a little premature yeah. Like he might be in a year to -- you might have the talent. To be the best in the world but -- -- actually plays against the best of the best yeah I don't wanna hear it's -- Michael. Georgia football five national. And I had a company and a warrant arrest was area where it with laughter when 11980. -- -- -- was there for that ironically but I only -- -- -- -- was spreads -- polished wooden dealers and are you thank you. After missing the point or get to these text in a minute on this. There's still definitively what is so why do you consider -- to -- but not Byrd's past because -- -- took place in the last 25 years. I'm considering what he did from 1988 but during that time to go to -- I'm not considering referred to you before 1988. Refused in 198788. Seed that -- that took -- don't clean 1980 sell it to. Mostly took place mostly in 1980 -- for July 30. Or not after. Tonight fox sports Detroit offered additional broadcasts which there'll be no answers only the natural sound of the -- It's a stupid idea or a really stupid idea. What school they're offering and I don't think it's stupid that they are offering -- but why would anybody choose that it's cool in theory it's not like Tim McCarver their -- guy -- harbors great. Always not talking present and it it's cool very good. Early on the HDTV days these words in the audio -- the game without the -- Would you rather watch -- Sox game without nutty commentators of course not a sign up for the show you wanna show if you are going to be there are arguments champion at the ballpark and does. Letting it develop but if you're watching TV the radio you want. While watching Maria but if you watch if you're listening on the radio part of it you're watching a TV what -- experienced probably understand. -- -- -- plays for I'm saying. The -- is that coach from Georgia is saying things like this it's no wonder they haven't won games again. Thank you. -- San Francisco 49ers new stadium will come with a phone app to provide live updates on the link -- back from and -- your lines -- -- great idea. Apple also allow principally replays of the game and watch the and a red zone channel. What would you do improve the game experience for NFL fans bought these types of things go along way and is the these are exactly. What the NFL needs because more than any other sport it is so made for television the experience -- go to the gain in the difficult whether it's traveling to get to the stadiums which aren't all downtown. Dealing with the traffic having seven need a 100000 people who were all there. The expense of the parking and everything that goes into an and then when you get there not being able to see the replays is wells as you can at home not being able. Two to deal watching your fantasy team and all the other games that are going on a once. The NFL such a great made for TV event anything they can do like the. Just say well this is that this is that they aren't the answer. That there's there's no question that the NFL is competing. Right now against its own popularity it's a great TV sport so people look at -- say. Why would I go here. For the game when I can get XY ZU and home. So you have to have you have to have that second screen dynamic at the stadium. You're gonna have to have. Fantasy football all come to fantasy football information you're gonna have to happen maybe replay. What do you know we need to do in this price should have been the answer you got a bump up Wi-Fi. You need. Great Wi-Fi in every single NFL stadium a lot of that you can actually have access -- this process -- -- is -- -- three -- -- it's impossible -- in the -- it's -- you -- -- -- a great -- system and actually -- 70000 people. A lot of the stadiums that were built before. 20052004. Including Gillette Stadium I'm sure they're gonna go back here and there are we need to do we need to bump up here we need upgrades. In this department because this was not something that they force law. When you when they start to go to that stadium. Where we are today in terms of in terms of what fans feel like they need you to enjoy games. We weren't there in nineteen in 19992002001. At the start to build to a. And to. The the AT&T question of the day and also questioned or even listed the revolution part -- -- now with interest. There's a report that it is doing have been on the best hours. Reporters in all of baseball -- the best and worst Red Sox beat reporters -- slip some soccer thing on doors -- atomic embedded in my man I'm looking at the -- not seeing any sponsorship for a fourth -- -- how much did you pay for about sponsorship and they're cheap. I became a pop it just I had to -- and do in the vending machine who the best and worst to Red Sox beat reporters yet you Michael. -- -- -- Pretzel. And Michael we got. Present company you are who are we talking about WEEI do have to put him to join -- start with worst threat to put in the plug you start the worst -- Joseph Hagerty last year could reporter Toledo and his high horse about. I'm you'll meet loan florist who told the -- -- the -- so close to me but it's not a Red Sox reporter. It's -- figures on July he was once they rights supporter but he's not right now he's not sorry -- -- -- like that -- the last 2550. Anybody regardless you don't need to name names to go worst Red Sox reporter there's like a bunch of guys and not every one of them but there's apology guys to come in from smaller papers. And essentially do what DP report does. That's the -- Anybody who's doing what the AP report does that's the ants don't pick on small -- I'm not I'm clearly below what it would and it you know they're not they're doing the opposite because they don't have the resources. -- the big newspapers that. It is. It is inexcusable. If you are that he Manger Gately who. To be bad on on the rest -- -- group out so peck on the program well I've -- to give a best award I mean I know it's a homer -- but I I would go pick up and talks are the two best. I love the way rob announced over the Red Sox have hit that. The -- that sound whatever was. Alex because I think he's the smartest guy there and rob a because -- I'd seen him in that clubhouse just get information extracted in a way that nobody else does have a better relationship with players that than anyone else does -- like -- people on. OK governor years myself from voting for WTI. -- Person. -- makes an outlet outlet router out. But let it straight and I enjoyed -- -- thank you very on. Top called. Gordon. -- Good -- around for a long time -- and a great writers. And he has here. Drawn out some pretty memorable quotes from from people like -- charts -- room. -- answer according to -- good job. That is today's -- four speaking of those guys we'll talk to rob Bradford coming -- -- fifteen minutes toxin trade deadline with rob of course that is tomorrow we are now. Less than 24 hours a day from the trade them.

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