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Troy Brown, Patriots Hall of Famer, on new WR's

Jul 30, 2013|

Troy Brown joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Brady's new weapons on offense, how the young receivers will adjust, and the career of Tedy Bruschi.

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So if -- -- New England Patriots fan. And a player actually and Rob Gronkowski himself I'd like to play -- I'm thirty years old. I'd like to play for the next 567 years to play out their contract that they recently signed him to so wait on this guy which at least a 100% because once he does come back he's such a big part of it you don't want. A partial Rob Gronkowski back because if he gets hurt again now you're talking about possibly career ending. Tedy Bruschi newest patriot hall of Famer live down there working for ESPN all been there all morning. Different segments breaking down all things patriots with. Hannah Storm itself pal Tony yelling down their pats can model united 37 WEEI your phone six wants haven't. 77979837. -- the phone number the AT&T text line. Is 379 -- 37 police continue to search pine lake in Bristol Connecticut. For possible weapon the Aaron Hernandez investigation sports general your shoulder and showing it. Over and over -- intermittently where they break in and showed two police officers. One guide scuba gear the other guys is between like regular clothes. It's called the lake I guess according to sources they're looking for the murder weapon so stuff breaks at the pine lake in Bristol Connecticut. I'll pass along any information we get right here on 937. -- WEEI and other patriots hall of -- toward brown part of our patriots Monday covered throughout the year joins us here on the AT&T hotline what was. Is that like patriots are hall of Famer Troy Brown to play with Tedy Bruschi Europe former teammate who got inducted in last -- to the patriots whole thing. Within the first of all it was it was just like it was that night you thought the intensity in his speech in the -- he spoke. That's the way to beat all the time and you know and yet they're for a rat -- Republican Democrat you know at that could equate you with all the time and there's so much president awarded the and then. You see it on everything do a great the only opinion approved. -- a lot of credit to what he's saying. It -- -- you believe the battle over the you know he -- the -- you know you have the believe diplomats and because you put so much as some bad. You know and then he makes you believe that. He has right -- -- -- they have and then that this city and we built in the best bet because he was we emotional leader. You know in the locker room on the field. And being able to play with a guy like that that was pretty much under the you know when it came into the league and then have a Korea like you head and kind of believe we ultimately want -- And it commute but still just -- fantastic player. That tested leader. And Monica Cody kid last night he's even better man you -- -- it affords them. Troy is there's something you look back at Teddy Bruschi that playing with him was there one moment was a one time that had defined. What this guy is a player has as a team recently saw. I think that at the -- these last night but. You know -- a couple of -- Gupta spoke. You know and -- -- about this -- happen either the the third in the recall Republican in the podium and when it is dependent. And a broken tibia that was gonna explain how it happened. You know. -- you know publicly about it in the book. A couple of the cut immediately. You know that the they have -- with the SE the -- to -- -- to be equivalent to -- -- -- this. Any women to make the tackle on the Dominique -- -- the Cleveland. And when he went image is what it was about it. You know you remembered that he did know the I look at this you know we got invited to those in the both those kind of moments -- -- -- -- that he would keep book that is what booking and he may become his last night about. Optimistic about in the definitely put -- -- and have -- lose that game pretty bit and he is that whatever he -- at the net. Book then tested because I think that it makes them. Bet that the interceptions for the football team I mean with the pain he caught the ball a lot. With this thing of going up over the middle popping -- -- national -- at Miami in just popping up out of nowhere. As that and bought me an intuitive input -- that medal in the Craig one of the most. They were mortal moment for me as a player you know with a claim that game. And the fans in the they have brought snow in the -- At the UN opinion though with the Bobo and that no public know look -- it was probably one of the most. Memorable game that I can remember as the New England patriot. And up you heard -- before the game -- -- the media asked Vince Wilfork who was the greatest page of all time and he said to coin -- Tedy Bruschi. Shorts toward brown and I thought that I thought that was a pretty high -- -- for bolted guys we ask who's the best pitcher Devern. He mentioned your ball that's it's got to that's rarefied air from Vince Wilfork. Is this does though is you know -- what are my feeling though that the they're pitted didn't break the must present to let you know how quiet you know do my thing about the moment. You know and that kind of thing you know you have to look at the guy elected you to. You know he talked bid you all be manipulated you know simply been tested with a little -- And you know I just that bit the emotion that he brought to the game. In -- pick it up a lot of people you know got me up before the game giving the -- -- my -- but the profanity and all of them. You know didn't give me propped open to having them look at a guy like that with so much intensity. There's been mistakes that we it was it was anyway you know and in the advocate of that in the ought to let the blow smoke. There was they command -- and haven't -- playing the game you know he's just. -- moved that. You know one hand tightly you'll be able to replace the people you know you could have gathered by the mimicking. And rather. You know do some of the things that he did but then there will be limited. Joy down there in that field and -- been written talking to some of these guys insurers Brady's some of these young wide receivers completely different crew here for Tom Brady. We've talked about a before says security blankets may be over less patient with others. How difficult is this going to be on Thomas asking a lot from basically get three rookies that seem to be in the mix. Though they -- dot com look more -- You know thank you the real not going to be. You know the location of these guys come alone you know these. There's no longer in the granted political workers and -- -- -- in the locker room so he's going to be the guy explicit enough -- the the ball with Colombian down. Give a bald -- now. But you gotta be that guy they have the patient than they have the the the -- -- the -- -- Pete's human -- and bring them alone. And the real is that -- the true competitor you know it's not like he's been in this position before. Admitted it had -- been in the position for you -- being I would think by 2006. With the -- to bring in the music -- and those guys is basically off the street you know and and and well that we have a significant recent game that -- It is similar situation. Quite a few younger. But what he does in the players did you may not be familiar with conditions but he. Abut a good -- that he would. Well you mentioned it. You mention 05206 you were part of that group that stuck around which you know five and 06 and and David it and DL were gone. The guys you guys brought in short were veterans though he brought -- -- Caldwell -- brought in -- Doug Gabriel who we will was certainly. Not what I expected but I'm curious how different that is bringing in the veterans to replace the veterans who left vs asking three rookies. Ever played before to step in and play that role. And hoping that the organically -- you to a record this season and they all contributed -- them -- but. That would the learning performing of the bill -- -- better -- veterans probably won as much pressure on the -- is. Nobody -- -- but it -- the debt we have now in the patriot about it. First time you know that and that is the first time around the block and had thrown into the fire with Tom Brady. Who expectation that I in in who did not with with the team with the community with the fan. With the league everybody around the league looking to get -- and look at little bit different from that aspect of things. Back to where I was -- -- gather and they are really really dig -- bad apple in the bush the second it is yet you know everybody's really attentive. We listed -- respectful. And and they won't be -- they want to get to a point where you know they can relax and it should be. Cooperative play that we've got to play the game critical thinking that because they have to learn. Comment -- live and they got to get the recipient but there are good group of gas you know when they hit that point I don't know. But. I have a good -- in the book about this group got real competitive group they have a lot of good players -- -- -- over the have been predicted there would be. They're pretty darn good football players we that it can't tell you that lit it up your patriot scheduled to be real strong advocate com where you'll to be real well. -- look Josh McDaniels could you walk in this offense and you've got an edge over everyone in the league because you all you had Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski and we know what the the mismatch is it treated defensively for other teams. Those -- -- that option is now gone I don't know it's been -- comes back but it won't be the same dynamic. How much of a change do you think he has to -- but attacking teams it's just with a different look now. What does that that would -- the pitching is always done very well. Is they've been able to demanded the players there and asking guys that didn't think they'd be. The best. And -- really got together go rugby -- Gronkowski or Hernandez who -- that maybe these guys have been. With the capable door and they do very good doubles would benefit and it. Everything will be entered -- -- -- that -- -- towards. You know what you think -- get an -- with the bill. And and obviously there will be some based saying they would always -- in regard to -- in the game but they -- event that the that -- open that's going to be a big issue. You know for a but the in another little -- -- what they have and you can. Having -- you can do the best of his ability. Troy can you believe they drafted wide receiver Marshall -- kid Dobson you know let's go let's go on out what did wide receivers are Marshall I'm not sure. Another receiver for what is easily from Marshall. And me in the left on the that was that was 1993. You know turned out pretty good that the -- alone in -- you know but it a you know at these together -- the you know you know if we have a very good chance to win this year because they do have to even have a bushel on the roster bill. But you know that -- these executives. Horrible. You know give them big targeting the best experience so it. They would probably get the football and then it makes complete with a -- pretty good is and he's able to. Be a pretty good about four when a forum to announce that. That either the expletive -- position in the four and so. -- mean wouldn't the -- though that the that they took him in the regular open happened in my little bit of -- deal with that rookie of the key provision that would have been higher but you know. These days they recommend that you know nobody has probably got a guy in the -- in the when they felt like they could get a good deal. What else to be seen also from from voice in this you can general Tompkins who. Open up a lot of our post against. They're all good kid man and the thing about good questions to. Spent some time whether a couple of days ago and so they're good questions. That this be effective I think with the -- especially KP was. You know the ability give that -- people and to make some plays on the football they've both got caught the ball pretty well -- you know and they. You can see the -- make ability bit. And contributing getting better. When they become. Little more culpable. And and understand what they're doing a little bit more but -- you can vehicle because of athletic ability bit. And that is that Rob Portman biffle about these. Is gonna have to -- the habitat in the get the most culpable. And they haven't felt -- what they duel in the collective plea. And the unifil speed. -- we we've -- immigrant koskie and and resolve to step in and figured out just labored for U wide receiver notes complicated system. Along was it for you in this league to go up they just played stop thinking. And a second to be something at these guys don't get over. That it took it to competitive because you know first of all you communion in. And I came in that'll crook with a little bit different it was paid to report but it still a little bit different because the main priority was doing training camp was. You know this you can go to -- from -- and have a link between practices that you don't -- A comeback incredible formula -- -- -- -- -- currently different. Go to -- but the focus wasn't -- about it you know getting better. You know trying to win championships it was that the info with the boys did you know that type of things it's a little different now. So my focus then look like man I'd understand that the you did better than his play. You know I gotta I gotta get over here once a month and it -- -- you know it. That the title in Illinois is now and that dispute that was the wrong approach to take you know you should have been. We're back did you looked up together you have to meet them who currently without this commitment. You know I got caught up into about those things. With a lot different than work. The Mets that would threaten the lives to a younger players you -- you'd focal. We -- getting -- and and gain in the confident that the people who government can't believe it the -- game. You know so it took me quite a while. They get acclimated to the speed in the pace in the temple and and didn't over the ball and -- will be in the NF and they have a minute went out against -- -- -- -- Let you know as somebody -- -- young guys that welcome college. You know I've got a lot of young players now become a comedy coming to -- You know if you don't look at it and -- -- an overwhelming things. Look as being noting that some of the things together played against you know as you two years ago. You know they just in the pros remain a little bit more to me at this point but the thing gathered at -- without playmaker out. Look at the game that -- in -- and open inevitable relax. He's the great Troy Brown patriots hall of Famer one of the absolute best in the business when it comes to football talk and a great friend. On this program Troy thank you so much it was so good to get your take early on this team and Della -- talking throughout the year. Now one of the best were brown joining us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible I don't wanna shocked as I wanna hold off from the Tebow -- week. Had so many jokes with Tebow over there -- patriots Mondays at three of us talking key but I don't want to shock the the -- Brown's system reverend and empty boat today. I thought I wake of a couple weeks regularly attack that was maybe a little bit too much 61777979. B 37 AT&T text -- 37. 937. As many people said this offense takes a step backwards. It will be about his defense stepping up and taking a step forward and one guy I think is a huge. Huge part of that talk about the next.

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