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Buster Olney, ESPN: Phils will trade Cliff Lee....IF

Jul 30, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest MLB trade rumors as Wednesday's 4p deadline approaches.

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But -- 937 WEEI patriots hall of Famer Troy about -- will join us next hour 1230. We'll talk to -- about all things patriots he's been a practice last couple of days and last night's night practice at Gillette did not give good reviews for the offense last shortly he's seen out of these young wide receivers these inexperienced. Wide receivers at 1230 right now we continue our baseball conversation. And get -- back to the phones but I'm a signal caller to go to ball strongly that we good to go buster buster all the BS IN. Joining us here on the eighteenth the -- -- callers today buster -- little little bit crazy saying the -- auction trade. Prospects for Lee and Tim Lincecum and Jake Peavy and it seems like it's election itself and Dustin Pedroia is overrated and over those two. Those big. Heart -- Armageddon people again punch of the trading deadline today buster I know for for you is a reporter the next date plus are going to be very very busy and a I guess I'll start with Cliff Lee only because. He seems to be the guy around here of people or saying you make a splash -- get a guy ace top your rotation good playoff pitcher. Is there a market for Cliff Lee do you think the Phillies are trading Cliff Lee between down 4 o'clock tomorrow. I I think they're willing to trade him -- someone did -- give them exactly what they want I don't think it necessarily that motivated. I think that someone at gitmo home run deal. You know it is that it could -- does include Bogart plus. Other guys. You know either way you're talking about a guy who guaranteed. A little voided so there are thirty million dollars year -- next year because the buyout -- need to add -- you know -- -- that way the pan out doesn't. But that's what he's average annual value is for the next two years -- ready money. A -- And that's that's an extraordinary. Sum of money and that's why a lot of the -- that had been parked at Philly debate we had locked. We're willing few -- in prospect -- gonna need the money. Or you're an updated or will take on the money will keep he's -- prospect net. That's why -- if -- if not him to this point. And it looked valued at you have people around baseball -- way to exported going to looking at recent samples one of the giant trading for Carlos Beltran. What it's Jack Wheeler and -- now commit to sitting here with -- one of the best young pitchers in baseball back Wheeler of people look at that he has it boy was that a mistake. Last year when the Eagles traded for Zack Greinke and -- cigar it was in the deal and now -- Other brewers have wanted to -- some sort that debate all you don't have anything. He should open that deal. Recent history. It will tell you know executive. You don't trade your best prospect anymore. Because the sport he's veering toward younger cheaper players and that's why I'd be shocked -- the Red Sox and gave up some like Bogart's. Yeah busters he just off limits them in there -- is there a player in baseball that we want to somebody calls is we want ball carts. Is there anybody else Jackie Bradley given what's going on here with Ellsbury that threats such -- tying up the phone going to continue. Well it depends on and you know what they're. Internal evaluation of those guys is of course EE network they never. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Somebody -- young political at least 35 years old. You know maybe you're getting 25 year old back in return and I'm not saying this is the guy that you know what hey Clayton Kershaw looked at the Dodgers couldn't sign it yeah. It was somebody like that sure. If you'd like that an older player. It is big game right now it's not he's not doing that the teams are not doing that or you know at least the best general managers in that killing. I think Jake Peavy is packed his bags he's going on the road they have scratched him from tonight's starting -- -- I just saw. What is the latest just some posturing going on around Chicago. I think so I think -- -- back in -- trade -- -- the -- -- who spoke with a White Sox are convinced they're gonna trade him between now and the deadline. And friends at media are saying that he wants to go that you want chance to win someplace. Are you today called some of the teams and ball yesterday instead because they weren't satisfied with the -- And I can't tell you exactly what they requested the red that's what. But they basically said that ain't -- court followed prepared Dejuan would take equal built around Jake Peavy. And it seemed on the other side. We're saying yeah okay cooked up a little bit that I met poker move. I don't think right now it's become an Oakland. Verses the Red Sox maybe years down it sort of lingering in the side although I think ever much it more difficult -- take on the money than either Oakland or Boston. We're talking to buster -- ESPN deadline tomorrow for clocks -- with -- look guide their couple reports saying that. Yup they're still last in the White Sox are for top prospect guys like -- today from eight organizational standpoint buster what is the White Sox. Biggest need what are they looking to get back as part of a deal for Jake Peavy. They started with pitching. In their conversations with pain but I think at this conversation gone on now they get. Potentially looking for top prospects and I -- I think hit Jake Peavy extremely. Underrated in interpreted got you in the marketplace you talking about a guy who last year. 219 inning with a 337 ERA in that ballpark and box. And I know from talking to Jake you know repeat Leo last year to have. He's healthy Q the Q what an army shoes are broken rib. He's feeling great yet that radical surgery a couple of years ago he he actually was the first player to ever have that type surgery. And he's Belgrade. And you know when he talked to -- -- front -- people around what they talk about how last year he really kind of fall under the radar out goody was. India terrific leader and with guys on bought and -- York and Philadelphia we test question can they handle it and Jake Peavy absolutely could have and bought them. You look at the -- a market the other day in some some prospects -- bald guys and sting won down in Tampa but. Just a couple guys that Iraq did receptacle for right handed arms and we last week you talked book Kansas City not may be ready. The gala co shave girl maybe Gregor sent out in San Diego seems kind of fit with the Sox a look at what the asking price is the -- of. It's still pretty high paid the one I've I've heard and would it hit you remember they are witty enough where they feel like it is still in the bank. And they're not chasing immoral means. And I do think that part of the reason why he's so out of the Baltimore Orioles take references directory get off the market. In part of the reason why so it can't. Make an investment we Jesse -- yesterday with you limit the -- accept accept those two guys. They're not a lot of guys on the market almost nobody who has -- experience. And I and I can play at the perception within the division is -- -- your heart is like the merit honor and this is in all of knock on him. But he's like -- marathon and has gone out that indeed in mile eighteen and they think eventually that he's gonna break out and and I site. I think that. The weighted the other -- looked at was you know what let's go out and get guys who not only can help us but might have been able to help the -- are. Well we had a caller earlier bring up Tim Lincecum and look I think he'd be great fit for a lot of teams but he talked about the giants' buster. Yet is Brian Sabine gonna wanna trade those guys off to wanna try to re sign them at the end when he -- giants players. The three big free agents they had big move between now 4 o'clock tomorrow. I ain't gonna be up because the giant. Understandably are looking at a Lincecum they're looking at that underpants as players that they are going to -- qualifying -- the ball. So if you wanna trade partner Lincecum you gonna happen at -- the value. You know what. That first round pick if they keep him and he just goes up to create and and the thing is is that it -- come wherever he goes whether he's reliever starter Ian in any trade. The team acquiring him would have zero idea what they were gonna get. Because they've been starts this year you know and threw the no hitter when he looked phenomenal and then they're just another case where he has given them absolutely nothing to keep in mind. He's making at least 22 million dollars in salary this year and the giants are gonna create a situation where. -- a trade and let them eat lunch hour you don't anything much in return hurt I'd been so important it rich the last six years. It would be -- without talking about bio Genesis very adjusting with comes to Alex Rodriguez and now it's not really. Well you can explain what exactly are they doing -- Michael from the only two left us an -- of up all over the place at this thing. Okay and you know strategy to what it's been basically in the best players in particular that the -- wanna drug -- green and. Which is what -- Ron accepted his suspension last week. But Selig has the best interest is in baseball power that for baseball power. Under the collective bargaining agreement we saw that it happened in 19761. You know Bowie Kuhn stepped in and wouldn't let Joseph -- rally fingers you'll go through with a Red Sox and with the -- By the little. Well but to do that based on the information that they feel like they collected and Alex Rodriguez. If he's suspended under the drug testing green and then he had the opportunity to appeal it. And continue to play while its appeal is being part -- be suspended under the other rule under the CPA. And based -- that you're not allowed back on the field and you're suspended. And the unique and challenge it and I will tell you that you know the inning made it clear that not getting a lot there and work like crazy to defend -- But they will absolutely. Fight to give players access to due process. And that's why I think it but you would try to do bit. The union's gonna go dot. And on top of that I think the you know they're -- -- risk for Bud Selig and -- -- -- -- late date. Boy if he over reaches. Any illusion -- are under an arbitrator. That's the big blow for baseball now baseball may well be aware that in there and gave. Made immediate threat Alex Rodriguez with a high penalty in the hopes that need that would what -- brought it last week except a lower panel. CN A-Rod doesn't have a huge impact in the playoff race to me buster what's more interesting is the guys that do and I'm curious your thoughts on. Say Nelson Cruz for example we heard the Rangers Richardson trading Joseph Nathan ball people this time a year and to me that was a red flag they know. Nelson Cruz going to be suspended and their concern the Nelson Cruz is not gonna appeal because he wants to clutter free agency next year and be. -- ready to go as possible to get his next contract what are you hearing about a guy. Like Cruz and Willie appeal -- put himself from the organization say I wanna be as close to free agency is possible when this thing comes down. What a great ethical quandary I love that Jhonny Peralta the tigers didn't anybody short that he looked like to make the play out if he gets suspended even at -- question. And I -- has some comment if I that I read in the indicated well and helping crews wouldn't turned his back on teenage he would do what's right for the Rangers. And appeal case that -- and continue playing Johnny brought to do the same and it economy be laps. It's when you think about it why are they in this situation yet what is alleged is true -- Situation partly because they acted on self interest. So -- Nelson Cruz. And you're suspended this week anything yourself -- to not a -- And to get it behind you so that you can come -- elected member and a goal to create looking -- all the clean slate would do that of course you would. If that's your mindset. But remember it and you can look you can speak is far better and I can. You know these guys have been look at their -- in the -- for five months with -- hanging over their heads. And I wonder what you do I -- Nelson Cruz -- you know what. Better just appeal so I can continue to play. Rather than go and put myself in the best position heading to the agents have their say. He appeals will not will not take plate they'll accept -- suspension. Could be a busy 24 hours plus in baseball these suspensions looming pressure for Rodriguez in the trading deadline tomorrow that could affect teams. Before that 4 o'clock deadline no better got to talk to or -- to -- -- -- -- follow him on Twitter. Boss to let you back to work we'll talk to tomorrow. And I won -- -- -- only joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GT TT rethink possibly double dose. A -- this week today. And tomorrow and tomorrow can be very busy Tuesday -- -- Genesis falls down. On all top all on all this stuff decision to be yeah a couple of forms it's from the coffee you're busy couple days let's do this will come back we'll talk -- some football I seek and maybe take a break from the Red Sox callers that are getting all wound up here a little bit. Our thoughts of football on the patriots Troy brown and joints at 1230 I'm curious what he thinks. About this wide receiving corps could look at the numbers and how much Brady lost boy. He lost date on how quickly will they get on the same page we talked patriots next.

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