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State of the Revolution - Andrew Farrell

Jul 30, 2013|

In this edition of State of the Revolution I am joined by Andrew Farrell. The number 1 overall pick by the Revs reflects on his career so far and his long term goals.

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-- Welcome to another. State of the revolutionize your post that kitchen this week I'm joined by number one overall pick Andrew Farrell of the New England Revolution. I have monoline now and I wanna start at the beginning with you Andrew. Real quick from when you were young who was the player you looked up to most. Being used soccer player. What they've -- as well let out. First. I guess the plan would have to them for a -- -- -- him as my brother. Is you know are employing targeted and that they. I'd say that he thought Azinger -- -- -- -- -- College. Kind of support it in every step of the way out so announce. He's I mean not since. That it -- it when -- younger mallet. And you know I wouldn't root for so long. Look at those areas like. -- there and missed it so. Yeah. Makes a lot of sense who were zero was the Peruvian national team your favorite team -- They were back at back in the days just this to a passionate defense has served for this. I mean I -- I got air act entirely United States the same amount of passion for this for this market. But when younger and -- that's like you know and regain national team games equipment and knows it's. You know the captaincy for this news. It does that surprise you a little bit. Seeing how much passion United States stands actually have what -- growing up I always certain new and iron that far different in age. 67 years -- that out soccer's -- -- or no wonders about soccer and -- Are surprised now seeing that with a passion is like. Are you -- definitely I mean candidate -- it's soccer fans and everybody kind of play clock when they're younger but then after loud the other sport are taking over. But now I think it's it's drawing the guard forward and I think on the gold cup you know stuff like that and usaid that loud and we wouldn't. Tournaments there is it and you'd make even grows more I think that. Once they start winning a lot more than right in doing so. I was surprised obviously it how much action -- -- I mean. If they actually acted in she's done in well I think. And. And I completely agree with you on that aren't being the number one overall. And of course some -- just interrupted. Teleconference call being the number one overall pick for the New England Revolution what was your reaction to being taken number one in analyst. Not as good as they come. Very humble. United know and then be ultimately ending it living in the next you know probably in the Melissa. Moreno in when he played for and welcome -- at all. Indirectly really exciting being picked number one that is from the a lot of. We have received that same time it currently. Pressure can you got to perform values is number one got taken out of college and you want to. National. Data in making that statement it and you know that -- You can live up to -- our guests and so I'm as excited as intimate as in the you know command work margin improvement. How do you think you've been handling that pressure being the number one -- I think there's been there and I do not think that. In fact it's just been trying to get consistent. Yes so I think sometimes. Refusal and it's trying to improve that they did salon and day day -- and it's artists such an eternity you might think that. Some of that fact that you know it's certainly agents are my parents and -- -- -- -- and use. You freight contractors use you I think that's got the number one. Obviously he's won it once you so and if they weren't you're -- crazy -- anything it just -- Union job and being consistent. On the sad that they had to be consistent the it's I am not try to you know play. I mean that -- I think -- and I think it's seen in think it was helpful a comment that came as some young guys can relate to. That's a lot of veterans Q you're really mr. you know -- keeps its. You know it's up the Sunderland this -- in -- In the past are now and then Angel island. And I think teams he's been close here. Also must help coming coming in and having Jay -- -- manager who went through something broad relatively similar to you he was the second overall pick. 1999 to Miami. What advice is he giving -- on how to handle that. Exactly -- I think -- this is been really really helpful. You know obviously this commitment -- on the like you know I need to -- done and then have an action chaos or maybe this has. -- in all -- hype and everything but also on. Is mentored me yet to play decently at the plate you know back and it's oatmeal is some development game. Think from the backyard. And that -- if you and it relates consist. A -- -- kind of differently the -- is like. I know I'm a lot figure out -- on the middle stuff like that despite. -- Conflict director of about it in the tremendously lines in this business for me and I -- I -- your cap on one and stuff they're actually currently. Makes it look like doing. I spoke with. Three -- move him back to a best central midfield role do you see yourself doing that do you want to go back to that and he did a little bit earlier on college. But does that -- wanna do. I fanatics at least funny and I get so many more attacking opportunities. And I think you know. And it's the play excellent play. I'll play for -- in place for. And -- I -- I mean whatever but needs mean I think we have a lot of great plays at the Anthony's. And I'll locally strategic sites stands. In a lot of guys can play an accessory that. I mean. -- out and out she needs fine there intense scene but not. -- 170 needed to play had looked in. Very diplomatic answer. Perfect answer for new England sports and with the patriots and never answer anything for us coaches -- team first -- those perfect answer for new England sports fans. What for you what is been the most difficult transition from college to the analysts. I think the most physical. -- and then. That you you get. Yes it is yeah he would have punished the mistakes he -- -- in college. And I think that that's like I mean you're playing against. I -- going -- Syria pre order. Running our best player to play -- game -- you know ice -- now is the tea technical but he's -- pretty athletics. You know just playing he ought to -- that you regularly and that's what can you are and and that great you know I think skill and he's got to you know deal it I think that. Steve the play is it actually increased from artists as the pro level. I was only out I -- he -- when it. Think it's it's like being announced that. Not -- you know he's -- I have a one year left in. Not well -- but Jesus. You know this kind of like Megan in my home and our concern is. It's. After practice -- very and what do you do you know -- Yes I accepted as a result of what that's like -- But what about -- what about hanging out with Rajon Rondo is a lose those guys. Right now I'm not against Tyson bit busier now so fast a little bit I notice anything -- anybody yeah. Look -- have merit and that would be very interesting meeting with the -- yeah. I'm so tired of this season what has been some of the highs for -- have been some of the lows. I think I'm not -- side spin I mean in as many starts as coaches let me you know start I think that. Something important for refuse to -- playing time no matter how how much it is and I'm I'm grateful that you know I got the opportunities start as many games that's. I think the -- then you know already -- I would never I generate tried couple games back in a merry never got a record before. At any level you know never had a red -- never rhetoric -- -- Yeah I really had yellow cards and then like after an -- got a guy like three -- There's like really weird and I -- I'm not I try to be aggressive and majority present not like excuses now. Well it it's out. It's surprising because you do play fairly aggressive I mean your utmost to much of guys not yelling and screaming and pushing -- like we saw at the end of the gold cup match yesterday. But you're very aggressive fighter out there you're jumping around you're going after the ball pretty intensely. Re not exactly I mean it's like well we've piloted the passionate sense that we -- We have the same -- we want when you know. Get the win when that help our fans you know enjoy supporting dozens and am I love I love what planes. Sometimes and I like that. And that's in that regard we're acutely here and then twenty minutes into the game you know -- them and we lose that game. Without having read -- reportedly have been super nice. -- -- which is even higher incidence. The playoffs but -- -- happened in the -- -- -- yeah China and have it short memory. That's very true just to have a very short memory Eckert moving on a little -- pass this season where would you like to see your career take you do you envision playing over in Europe it sometime maybe Latin America playing some. Club soccer down there. Actually you know I think -- -- you know playing -- prepared to America and that's what. Every young player's goal is to sanctions at the Barcelona you know that. -- all others that big crowd in Europe and you know you don't have any comments about China and a there's not I -- I love New England and I am lost in the great league in the drowning I mean I think. -- -- -- in new York and then maybe eighteen in Miami and a now. So I think the league is -- and there's a lot of good players that you know come back here and that sweep streets. You know what I guess -- in and mostly in. Inergy is listening obviously took us so we'll -- in this Andruw loves being here he loves playing for the New England Revolution. Just wanna get -- -- doesn't think you're trying to jump ship. Do you see yourself playing for the US men's national team at some point is out of the real struggle viewers. But yet a real -- -- strong -- I think that. And then they're played on that you jeans and then went I think that hopefully use that opportunity comes they'd be. And now. I just got to keep keep playing well I think I got -- -- the ball. And threw a lot but. -- -- -- we're -- hearing comes along that these. And made interpret in my country. -- what do you think about the accomplishment. They censor it yesterday and eleven straight wins in the gold cup and winning the gold of the reflect on your thoughts about that. I think those sheets like we are literally in my mind yet it has low wind stopped people that is you know people are fans here in it's. I think you're a mean -- on underage. You know they've brought in a lot of players think. If you Elizabeth. The common than normal -- been active in what went you know. I got to be seen and I'm not becoming -- -- -- I think they're called prayer meeting plays. If you've seen that now. That we can win that we get when it -- like and beyond its streak like that is remains. Is great to see you know players that you play -- Sit there at the next level and not an actual team level. -- -- -- -- don't bouncing around a little bit but who's been the most difficult challenge for you a one on one situation. Present military armory. Who who -- since you've been in the analyst has been the most difficult challenge for him. Quote. -- a lot of guys I think our future and -- I was. One of the great you know go against them this is communism is let them and then -- -- -- -- A couple of guys you know it's like. He's -- money from Seattle. I mean we get we prepared well in fact as we -- -- summer you know and art I don't see. There really -- -- you know when I in the had been meeting bond yes. It's Saturday gases -- very strong. But in the organs and practices and it's not so act how to prepare the every week where it goes against some of the that it actually. They want. That's what I figured it was going to. -- Does the final questions have been in this final question for all of these views as of right now. -- you have winning the World Cup next summer in -- And as of right now. I long ago. And I'm Eric Brazil that are down there. Brazil at home just because -- -- Miller because there in the best fitness. I think there today. Think they've been permanent and playing well under. Consideration. I mean I think I think other -- USA against Brazil. Movement. And then Brazil might take it if they have some answer. USA making the finals like it. -- -- -- next summer I'm I'm gonna put my I'm gonna go with your advice I'm putting my money on. But unfortunately I probably -- I presume that. Enter Charles thank you very much for joining me I really do appreciate you've been wonderful interview and he's had a wonderful season so far that lets you keep it up and make a deep push with the -- here in the Cliffs Notes. Thank you appreciate your. I would get -- you you to thank you very much. Those Andrew -- joining me on today's edition of state of the revolution. You can see -- -- coming up August 4 against Toronto they're gonna make another strong push for playoff spot. We'll see -- that interest -- Wonderful interview wonderfully young man he's got a bright future ahead of them. Again I'm bench -- in the state of the revolution thank you once again for joining me.

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