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Michael Barkann: Papelbon has worn out his welcome in Philly

Jul 30, 2013|

The king of Philly sports media Michael Barkann joined the show to discuss the MLB trade deadline. Barkie said that there is a good chance Cliff Lee gets moved by 4 pm tomorrow.

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Do you as the prince of Philadelphia the star Comcast stage and screen. Arm and Michael Barkin and joins us on the AT&T I'm AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- Howard you know. -- -- And up by Mikey you go to Italy has a public. -- The hard right away. Yeah I thought it that you -- -- Gary and I figure I don't guard you supported by your right and basic area so. Our course -- right and I. -- -- I can I'm not sure I can recognize what a buyer or a seller is at the trading deadline in Major League Baseball when your team is -- your team that went eight team. Is seven games under 500 when you were eleven and a half. Out of first place and when you lost eight in a row which by the way at the longest losing streak currently in Major League Baseball. To me that defines the Philadelphia Phillies as sellers in this market would you agree. That you would pick except by watching him play judge you'd have no idea what they want now I mean would be Jimmy Rollins the in the also are well aware of the deal what what the ball -- operas or -- -- Vietnam well. You know Utley -- -- and while Cole Hamels. Cliff -- Everybody has had issues this year Ryan Howard spoke to. Yesterday on the shelf because they needed surgery so. There are all struggling I think part of it is. I really believe like -- eagle if you really you really right even a guy who's big good. It's contagious says the -- in -- so losing and they just are really bad team right now. Perhaps more importantly the baseball ops people. Do they have in mind and has been clearly defined and explained to UN members of the media and the fan base what the road map is the plan is what the formula is going forward do you have any idea what their thought process is Michael. What. General manager Ruben Amaro junior has said throughout the season as the buildup to. Tomorrow's trade deadline Japanese that we are going to -- we are going to acquire certain that no one's buying that now know it -- that senator right now. The plot that you loan -- Domenici and -- -- the parity in baseball -- but it is typical Europe. We're here to get to and that's -- it's everybody who. -- they're pieces if they think that they -- good. It they're viable. You've -- -- teams that are there won't treat -- good prospects or old good players to make a run. There have been no kidding anybody in Philadelphia we we don't figure it Eric. Is -- getting traded tomorrow. -- -- I think he could. I looked at third time's a charm right. Put put. I think he could hold stiff -- business people are wondering whether or not that's just to preserve them for tomorrow. It wouldn't surprise me either way. And he is a guy who was all old guard has battled Philadelphia for the most part -- -- But -- departing moment for many experiences. Being caught or want to get to St. Louis Cardinals in the NL VS and evidently just evaporate -- number two. And many think that that would have been the difference it would have gone to the World Series award that you're those -- -- to wait a year and eat elbow hold that lead so. Is he hit -- -- tomorrow I'd vote here I don't know. Seven. -- is at peace almost 35 correct over seventy million dollars common -- Is it wouldn't be a good idea for the Boston Red Sox or anybody to and to give up prospects to acquire Cliff Lee at this point in his career. -- could despite the bit that he really has not. And injured. 12. If you look at it is -- got this great economy of motion that out big lend itself to injury he just. As a real fluid delivery. And despite what I said about all of that or not only easy game you know he struggled with a win last year. And and that was primarily. Because he'd have a run support -- -- go to -- this year though he helped. Add to that himself but Cliff Lee I think you want a guy like cliff leak in the postseason I really -- especially if he's -- and they get him to go. To Boston would be -- -- to be great for the Red Sox silly thing is he's got a and he's got a twenty team no trade clause. I wouldn't say that the Boston Red Sox will be part of that group teams but there's very few games it will go to our contract. Will -- hold fast to getting at least a pair of top prospects from Red Sox or for whomever else for Cliff Lee. I think -- well. I I think you will but you know they -- the other side you you've got a -- -- -- papers. All those millions for the remainder of his -- -- -- out of it when you look down the line. He could be out of the next couple years. Let's get those prospects in there. So so bad that that the ballots. Right now I think if you if you look at the majority of the banned them and the media they -- their charity. GMs is that talent required talent managers -- italics he opened it they amount to more than what 1015 games it was really over the over the course and it's easy to win or lose the play and players like. And I think everybody's going to Rubin right now is to miss assessments analysts who acquired pieces at that having the really weak outfield unfortunately bad -- here. -- acquired from from Minnesota he was haven't actually -- upper awful start and he broke his it's orders his ankle. The Dominique brown who was supposed to be the future franchise. He's got to let that a little bit but he's finally got a -- -- right it was -- -- you know we keep he has been terrible. For the most part so that you got a bunch of aging war veterans. And idol big prepared they're gonna keep comment to -- those guys. Like Jimmy Rollins Chase Utley Ryan Howard we've been hurt for the most part over the last week or years he's he's been injured and has not contributed. In the in the way that he has certainly none of these people are so that -- trouble you know they really are in trouble as they've wires beat. This Papelbon one out. Michael -- blowing off steam this weekend. I think he wants. What you said that in. It doesn't like Boston. New Hampshire are out there have been people -- people active and I think they're even more because. He helped contribute to the problem but it was going to get four blown saves in the span of five game yet Bible on a spare two weeks. And despite the fact that there was only lost two of those games. It's neck and is he comes in here like a mercenary. But -- the eight million dollars and 58 million. And I think if you look senator's record -- because it is yet obvious. Gone above and beyond. You wanna back. And take so he's as well in Philadelphia. I yeah I think he had -- somehow they turn this -- around. And he remained. -- and he goes back to being perfect or close to it then. You know. Then we don't want. Absolutely especially if authorities say it. -- It you know I think if he's. An -- break in the second part I think that he's a complete rebuilt the bottom as some people think that he -- management. About bite it beekeeper -- So get out. Really wow. That's. He Markey used barking and you're done in Philly yeah. Yet you -- about charity at some of parliament they don't have the good young middle relievers just been the greatest. -- -- Chose savoring these guys enormous potential and -- they have not so. Mike might take over the course to -- they want. Would you like it from the Red Sox for sick perspective acquiring Michael Young right now plan in the third is that a good idea good move for Boston. Not now it's not because he will lose you games at third. Michael Young is too great team guy Michael Young is a great guy I -- I hate saying that you know but I eat eat Trulia. He's a nice person he's got a bat I think some of the numbers at the Apollo. But he's he's got a decent back by the third base. He just cannot play the position he hit it routine ground ball. Can't get the short -- and too many baseball get by him that will cost -- fourteen games are seeing now. Because you don't want game -- in the field is what they didn't back a little bit but it your. If you can't feel the position and that's gonna cost you don't do it. -- -- we leave you with this I assume. -- Michael Vick will be your starting quarterback opening day will he be toward the end of the season and if not -- are Barkley. That is the million dollar question yeah you. Started on opening next week to. -- that's important. And they like it's going to be a lot of fun and actually it was a patriot discriminate here they actually want. They want to scrimmage. At at the lake and and let the fans see that the scrimmage where it's just too many players that. You know 200 players and forty coaches just not enough room then all of football he -- to have the nova -- complex but. Yes. Yesterday -- Barrick dot Compuware sports that -- you ask Michael Vick it is your job to lose. He's arguably at. Is that what it is Belichick what he wanted -- These awards in Asia my job pollute on the guy in the position -- Michael -- it is much out balloons are adopted the position everybody lap. But I think right now as Michael -- stop pollute the problem is this -- this soft let the tremendous importance of Reading could be. Real quick. Both reached out and post that we get rid of all that. I had not appeared in court today. So. I I -- -- Michael reached out to lose right now it would not surprise me if nick old age and Matt Barkley. Stuck in there to get distorted spot and -- -- -- that you -- -- -- -- it been injured a tremendous amount over the last couple seasons. And I don't -- -- you don't start that he'll be starter by the Middle East into the NC he's getting it all -- Offensive line -- -- offensive line is -- if they all get it together -- computers to be the best player on a greater global work. He's covered up Achilles surgery but but by all out he looks awesome. And on bill of right tackle late jock and a rookie user number one pick so it looked real good. Well they've got or are they they better be in shape because they're gonna run about 5000 blazing games will be second win if they're not. Yeah well. Boy I hope they get you weren't expecting it via a Super Bowl berth I don't think anybody -- playoff entry. Separate media had a bigger outlandish statement on the radio down here they're going to be well being which really dumb but if that happens -- -- -- -- -- But I think there's I think they're probably that would leave the the problems going to be is that you know when McNabb was a rookie at. Everybody salt water in their brains beat him they saw the promise of what the opera will become numb and I think that will be an issue they start out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's our friends from Philadelphia Michael Barkin Comcast or Michael appreciate the time could catch up with the -- look at jeopardy as the season progresses my friend. I hope so also judge Gary Arctic air picked a lot. -- and Dennis Kelly and I am AT&T AT&T or G -- have you heard that many analysts you know Romo wrong. Well people will -- in recent is that the multi day it's all across. Our cross to bear like Donald Trump testing here -- -- probably -- and and yeah. All the mall yeah. Was Langley who yelled it was not it was not the new -- -- a guy who called me found -- I was on Jimmy Fallon he called me the next morning at seven there. Me Jimmy -- it's all happening you were bolts on Jimmy found yet he's kind of the star of the show -- absolutely I didn't scream and it's always end up pictures of him and all guns in his hand and -- somebody but -- will citizen might offensively to get him to that point. I think he did a fine player and as again yet again the Porsche forward to the rematch Wednesday. LaMont tonight at 10 o'clock in the month Thursday's 6 -- 10 o'clock and now wow are more your phone calls next -- -- doesn't tell him.

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