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Tom Brady with a challenging camp ahead

Jul 30, 2013|

The Patriots have opened camp and the guys discuss the challenges that face their all time great quarterback.

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Say to me that patriot quarterback Tom Brady has two challenges. -- set before him. As a July gets ready to turn in August 1 is presented for himself. The other the law patriots are presented for him he has lost 84%. Of the people who caught his completions. He's lost 84% of his completions. By people who were no longer available to him to catch passes the other -- different challenges. Says he wants to play -- fifty years of no that's only six years longer. Then the oldest quarterback who's ever played in the national football six years later. How old was George blender. -- and Nabil play quarterback quarterback. Cornerback kicked kicked yeah hung around but that I did yesterday who was that there were couple guys at 44 I heard this yesterday and ESPN. Or not they were not you know -- face played for Steve. -- now. -- to -- portal was born -- yeah yeah it was 44 wasn't old so it's like 44 always has diverted. There was an adult now now -- but there were three guys who played until there were 44. Yeah and well. It out if it's it's just. You know power of positive thinking and on tickets partisan politics. I don't stick around until he tells me it's not like that so I just Zell would we go in if you think you can do you couldn't do it. That kind of thing that that's harmless but. Here's what I think a lot of people are kind of whistling past the great and -- known as smiley face on -- Kind of concerning. Situation is. And and I don't on the basis just popped in my head tell me when is the last rookie wideout who had an impact made an impact young graduates. Deion Branch I would say which ones. 2001. To. Three was that boundary area so yeah that pats went with the pat make an impact as a rookie. The patent. I don't know -- that was before. -- yeah it before but it doesn't happen right rarely happens we've seen these guys price and Chad Jackson -- rookies come ago. And and I guess you see rookies and tight and brought Hernandez due -- impacts but. We really they can assuming these rookies tendons are going hamburgers and else. Are going to. Get up to speed yeah give the program and and and the mean. Contributing members of this this offense right away run off the -- no one no so okay but you're good they're gonna be out there honestly I think there's a difference is right is big they're gonna have to. Good or bad even get the guys in the past there have been other guys you can put in here these guys are going to have to go out there so -- have to so they're relying on rookies. Yes another rely on Brady and Amendola and that however they can we even mix and blend these young guys in in the paper that it's as of the twelve receivers in patriots camp. Six are rookies. Including true expected to make a big impact the B Dalton and -- supports our Evan dole and Michael Jenkins are the only receiver over thirty. -- undrafted rookie Ken -- pumpkins. And former practice squad receiver mark Aiken. Now what does Tom say it's okay to take a badge that little sticker off your shirt that says hello my name is Kendra -- just a -- to recognize them. Patriots have never had a younger and less experienced group at receiver since Tom took over in 2001 night. So this is a concern is it not mean every report a hero (%expletive) all the rookies look Creighton. Thomas. You heard him talk yesterday and he's excited -- showed up early he's working hard these guys -- working overtime and whom Belichick is singing the praises McCain sing the praises this is. Really. Not a a sure thing by any means noted that these guys hit the ground running stepped in and and in and that patriot offense report returns the Foreman was in last year. When it was far and away. The best offense I don't see how we -- Possibly return -- form as last year both suck and be back that's open it's going to be good and it would be really good they brought him Brady go up debris if a good offensive line. Couple would get back and catch may have gronkowski their -- well we know that at all cost -- I don't know the growing Gradkowski play this year. At some point will he play. Fourteen games now and later. -- sept eight gay themes of gronkowski. Right known none of Hernandez told me yesterday opposite me -- to -- best -- week and it's just didn't -- it definitely does that -- -- -- -- I didn't mean it. But I think what had black -- it often wouldn't which I did you describe albeit. Six off I got behind -- pack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Morocco -- back at some point and the rookies listed unit breaks a complete 350 passes this year whatever -- -- not a seat in -- one wide receiver. -- -- definite concern about things conservatives. -- is gonna it's gonna let this happen. And that'll let this happen. The idea that you know they have 45 years is. Do you mean they have to -- through what Fernando was out of their control to a certain extent go wrong recovery and repeated surgeries was out of control what was in their control. Is worth -- locker Welker how there's an opportunity that a famine -- Stays on the field he can be as good or -- of the Wes Welker that's a big -- well at least I don't you'll be better effort number of people say people like that he might. Better than yes see this is what my point. -- -- -- and these reports and it was a -- thing I'm not is that considered you know it might be better than what I'm just say if he plays and plays as well is that a lot of people think she can play the TE is the equivalent of -- well you said better. -- -- efforts -- better hottest possible Johnson and passwords. There's nothing else to -- an adult please fourteen or fifteen games catches 9500 passes at least 90% is -- walk -- -- you can live with that. The question is -- to replace the -- -- that the rats and -- do it for itself out or do it don't inimical Welker as much as I'm not buying that the other stuff. On the idea of how it adds up and that's where I think they go from the best. We're second best toughest league -- six -- here's an easy question for you do you think each one of these rookie wide receivers. Are boys or Dawson. Will catch 74 passes for -- number 700. Yards. Probably not well -- 911. Yeah it's a little us and four touchdowns yet you didn't get that from either one of those guys they must be so damn thing and get it from both -- Maybe. It is hard to believe that Lloyd is on the street yeah and he just they just don't want him and I guess to -- to what Greg Bedard said that he was that he. -- ball and you know and weird and odd guy and didn't -- in an ambulance on popular yeah. Clearly unemployed -- musical numbers -- take credit for that you have in your column this morning in the Boston -- it's it's it's eye popping. 338. Completions. Are either output. Not with the team or hurt the 330 -- -- our receivers last season got 338. Talk about a total of 401 I think that's about 84%. Of his completions. Gone yeah. He had and 29. -- 34 touchdown passes gone by the way I looked at the playoff game. The playoff game all the coaches were Lloyd Hernandez. And Welker and Welker right. When he him -- 29 catch that we've -- -- that the 2429. Yes they're all gone. They're all gone and what can go wrong here and -- dole has played nine games the last two years. Yeah. It's all games you you have all games the last two seasons twelve. Clinton played -- missed amateur Dolan who has played twelve games in last Tuesday's twelve games started ninth started nine games last two years. Guys like that in these in these 28 this year they don't get generally turn in two iron horse's. Right well somebody made the point that had Welker not gotten hurt in the last game of the season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's gonna create more space for for Ballard or or or fails now and you think of Dobson and boys are out there it's gonna create more space -- -- no I mean Obama defensive coordinator -- the first thing about it. Are you looking -- -- shut him down to the other guys can do. Short and again I asked the question -- you get anywhere near Brandon Lloyd production out of either one of these two rookie wide receivers Brandon Lloyd who they don't want back. Right what's us projecting dobbs is like people projecting Bogart's we don't know -- never snow we don't come right fit castle. Austin is a rookie and it just doesn't work at fifty passes it doesn't work -- cup doesn't passes it doesn't happen rich top fifty. And in 2000 and what you're going to happen to put in a different offense right I think now bring a much more demanding. As. Mike -- wrote if it happened in Miami. Where the offense and gradually becomes very. Intricate and very detailed and player complicated layered. And Miami I'm Dan Marino lost duper and Clayton and rookies just couldn't do -- they couldn't fill in because it took duper and Clayton years. To get up to speed to get on the same page with that with the quarterback and we know what comes -- is not paid one they left when they were gone and brought in rookies are free agents it didn't work. I you're asking Brady at 36. Who thinks who who probably has more in his head than any quarterback in history more. Not -- yeah you're the man and made -- more info more knowledge. You've thrown -- him in on 21 year old it's OK in your job now just keep. I was ready to keep up Brady. Why do we think it's -- more I think also it's gonna work saying start opening days September rate there and awful play is going crazy -- not a good team -- in transition that quarterback issues they've got a new coach Donald outsourced appointment however. There will be probably five or six times during that game. But -- or Dobson will be called upon to make some sort of slight adjustment on the mark on you know within an instant. And they gonna make it five out of five times now to make it four out of five to I don't know -- might. Once out of five in addition three F five aren't on the all week there on the fallen right by the jets there is -- one judge there at third tonight and bright spotlight Tom -- they've already screwed up the buffalo game you'd think -- take the field on Thursday night -- number two with a great cachet of confidence. My point is in this offense enough -- -- gonna throw the ball if Aaron -- in the starting wide receiver he's gonna get targets it was a catch five or six pass. The end of the year that 6570 -- -- I'd like I -- -- he has the catch these past I'd like to think that in straight plays -- what is called in the huddle is what is run that he has the physical skills they drafted the right guy or guys that can make those catches right what I'm talking about what Jerry referenced. The -- aspect of this I don't have as many intricacies well they they didn't do it Pope might they be guys are probably rule. I Deion Branch to. I greatness it's a real concern for the steam at the idea it's deftly -- gonna happen because. It hasn't happened is seems strange cut 43 is at 23 year old rookie that's the last -- -- different off to weasel -- -- probably more simpler. As a pro ball more now they've brought more than they demand more now we do -- 43 catches in today's world is about sixty catches. Okay all right 640 or sixty what it has sixty but I do think it's a more. Complicate iris I definitely I do think it is more difficult for rookie to step in now and -- no one's got it and we've seen rookies -- -- -- used. Fairly high draft picks on -- it it hasn't happened -- now we think on Archos did tight ends right distance. 3-D NC Michael bark camp from Philadelphia will join us -- a 25. Your next would be NC.

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