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TJ Quinn: 100 games is the low end for Arod suspension

Jul 30, 2013|

ESPN's leading investigative reporter TJ Quinn joined the show to discuss the upcoming suspension of Alex Rodriguez. He said that Arod and his people are playing chicken with MLB.

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You know for my money there may be no better investigative broadcast journalist and ESP n.'s TJ -- he's a font of information a cache of connections and a wealth. Of information to share with us we appreciate -- joining us on the AT&T got -- AT&T forgy LT -- good morning TJ how are you. Very great. Quickly -- And I howl procedurally. Do you get the sense that when Selig drop the hammer it will be on all fifteen once. Or hopefully fourteenth and will set a rod either first or last. Well again that that's that's just human league is removed when he had in mind in the right it's you're you're going up twenty credit probably try to show guys. That's all we wanted to do -- Plus whatever it wants. Brian Brohm is a different case because he came to them blind to strike a deal so they did. And they want to get that's extensions. It started quickly they can't A-Rod I mean they're they're gonna -- with a hammer -- there's a reason all these stories keep coming out about the you know perished penalties that. Based while looking out for him. The way and the next couple base. It's it's really close I doubt today. I would be shocked if it was say they doubted I would really think next couple days. TJ does the fifty game. But remaining on the schedule dictate the timing here as well -- my senses there might be. Some fifty game suspensions and they wouldn't wanna be under like 49 or 48 left in the season when they bring down a hammer. I think it's age factor. I don't think it's the fact that I don't think they wanna go much beyond that now people want these these dragging on but. With some of the players they know some guys are going to appeal for different reasons A-Rod. It if they hit him with a lifetime ban of course you'll appeals another option you know I love what -- that's gonna drag on the question is can they keep him off the field. While he does that. With the Russian government you know if if there in a position where they've already gotten those players to agree not to appeal. Yeah you go ahead do it out fifty games has wrapped up by the end here players been disgraced the -- say is the money everybody starts fresh and spread. But the players are going to appeal -- -- -- -- few guys like you know what this notion -- -- it seems that there -- in the pennant race. Yeah they they going to. It together at PO so we can stay on the field for now and and helped amber and -- and -- going to free agency to do the opposite what about Jhonny Peralta. Those are -- notes so I think based on notions but some that it doesn't matter about the fifty games that don't have. Players who PL medications will be heard until the end of the season. -- -- this TJ will there be any names out of the blue any surprises here we heard about this. Unnamed NBA player award are going to be Major League this could give peace a Boston Red Sox finally on this. There are -- yeah they're marginal guys. The people I spoke to people familiar with Italian a handful of new names came up not a lot. And none of them were blockbuster name to carry out about a Hillary got paid out because it didn't sell out there and I've knocked it down a few times. Everybody is waiting on Robinson can now. It until his best friend were connected to this clinic is consistent with decline and we reported that. From what we've heard there's no information on him he is not one of the -- And then everybody -- -- without LeBron James well you know we know there's chipotle -- to NBA players. Connected to document that baseball does not have -- I don't believe it they have those. And again they're not major names either so there may be a couple of surprises but it's not going to be anybody's gonna knock you run out of the headlines such. And is there any chance we get all the details. Oh we were talking a somber duty of the day any -- he pointed out that they're on nineteen different drugs. And documented that -- took a regiment that that that called for him it takes some form of eat these morning noon and night. We would love to hear the details on that will week. I we we published it actually. Who whose death. We we put some of those regiments in the enough on espn.com back in February and I actually just put that. One document that what the specific rob those general from most of its. -- -- -- territory bosh who in this clinic had a category of our people no real play is only and there are some documented that our PO net. Just the top level guys got the stuff that recruits they run -- on my Twitter. Account right now this the photo of one of those documents. -- listen a lot of those drugs. So we put that out there the lately official come from baseball I don't think so. You know it is a lot of this is uncharted because they're trying to get a bunch of guys without a positive test which they're absolutely able to do underneath a collective bargaining agreement it just under the Georgia agreed. That you have to have overwhelming compelling evidence to show an arbitrator that yet these guys violated policy. But generally no they don't release that stuff did you say they -- violated it. Either the player accepts that award goes to the arbitrator in the arbitrators uphold and they say. You know his suspension that. Let anybody listened to look at the earliest candidate dot com look at stories that -- -- and I did. That you're back in February. And -- on my Twitter feed and confused documents would -- the drug. We're talking with -- ESPN investigative reporter TJ Quinn and TJ in the last 24 hour we have read that Major League Baseball may try to suspend Alex Rodriguez. Under its collective bargaining agreement. Instead of its drug rules now I know what the ramifications are you would be suspended and up playing immediately but specifically what would they be going after him for and and does whatever they decide to go after four under the collective bargaining have more teeth. The all the information we believe -- has provided. Well into the that this would likely be. Stuff that busted provide. -- and restart where reporters last week that they're looking at punishing and not just under the drug agreement. But under the collective bargaining agreement. To find their conduct because that is conduct is obstructing their investigation. Rises to that level. It dead is there there are it took that. Laid out penalties that you see in the in the drug agreement where it's fifty game's first offense on the -- second out as much more discretion for the commissioner. But he's still have to come up with the evidence and compelling argument. To make before arbitrators -- -- -- -- -- hero reaches amount to much you punish a player like that. The AP reported last night that the element about. Keeping him off the field bad that it he would normally if you guys suspended for drugs she can appeal until. He is curiouser and you planned to go to military and this would prevent him from doing network based proxies at that he's gonna fight that. And they're they're gonna make your case you can be sure that. That reaching kids while the union might not be the biggest fan of Alex Rodriguez they recognize that it's because it could become a precedent. They don't want the owners coming up with a new weapons to go after players. But disagree about conduct this would be about. He has accusations that Alex Rodriguez tried to tip over the witnesses tried clued -- to acquire and or destroy documents. Looking into the accusation that he might have recruited other players although I don't know if they have evidence to support them or not. -- the -- he is he has the unique one he goes way beyond the others. So best just TJ have as a player it was a year plus is a lifetime suspension when Bud Selig makes this announcement what's it going to be. I really don't know I was trying hard not to get to commit people haven't I think they've mostly been Iraq. I think it's going to be. I would -- on the game consistent starting in place of where to look. What TJ do you do you believe A-Rod attorney David Corn ball. Says -- when he says we are not negotiating a mitigated suspension and in fact all -- no punishment. Is what we seek and what we would consider to be a win is he posturing are they negotiating or is he telling the truth when he says we're not talking about to open mitigated. I think he's posturing and it's true. Either side. Can we heard from other people familiar with what's going -- with baseball's investigation -- -- they are not negotiating that. But neither side has put a proposal and said -- You know -- about this. It's that is very little communication between two of them much less support it was a good deal for you ought to consider. As you know he's he's playing game of chicken in -- way of saying you know committing himself to this course but. You know it -- what they see evidence that you can really Q that are not right he could and he wants to get back on the field and if she gets to a point where baseball -- -- we agreed to keep it ought to feel volume appealed you know they're gonna fight that like crazy. But I assume you win everybody over a certain amount of posturing just for the same reason that. You don't -- Ryan bond lawyers back in February and we're talking about the list of drugs he supposedly got militia that he was shot and they've threatened to do and swore he never did any -- he's the first one didn't -- that it got out. Tell me this TJ surgery interview with Porter -- the the whistle blower I guess who was a partner Bausch is. In bio Genesis. 125000. Dollars for documents he turned it down. He then gave them I guess to the Miami new times for for nothing I mean does that add up to you by and I bleed. As a player like considerably actually you already given to mighty punch and baseball tried to get it from them. And we spoke to reporters at the Miami new times in the who said yeah you never have to -- money he's never asked anybody for money. And we -- around their videos as they got into the that the Miami time guys said that when he came to them with a document. He didn't even though the gap between it and -- spent -- -- -- my -- he's not a sports. He grew out Rodriguez flies. He and Nokia Cabrera was because that he said how many Melky are there. But everybody else with a mystery to -- he was more upset about other clients he wanted to get Tony bosh. And then the good times recognize how many athletes were in there. The war and once they did you ever want to any of the -- he never approach anybody and so on money he never went to the players involved and said he wanted money we didn't ask them for money and we spoke -- infrastructure money. So baseball. From what I understand this is backed up resources. You know I spoke to. I'm very familiar with baseball's investigation said. They asked him to cooperate he wasn't sure he felt like they were harassing them. They brought them. 5000 dollars cash in the envelopes and here it's for your help and really done anything yet. And we should now we just going to start this will be the first of 151000 dollars and he. Certain. And so the second one month putting myself at this kind of risk for 151000 dollars. He did not give -- the document. I was still got exchanges between the -- aside from baseball ended up offering a 125 basically saying we'll put you on the payroll and he said we want him at baseball understand how -- how I've been on the payroll and so they said. Now we'll just find some way to make it work and his response there was no thank you. Again we and other sources back that up as well. That he -- -- I -- gonna do this it's just reported to be imminent start my -- over again I'm gonna have to start to kind of business -- I'm done in this business in this town. Two days later the documents were stolen and this car. Whoever stole then or whoever got them from the person who sold them sold those boxes to Major League Baseball. Up finally TJ you say that the remaining fifty games scheduled is a factor as -- decides to win to put his finger on the trigger pull it. Is the fact that -- total Cologne at fourteen and three is scheduled to start tomorrow for Oakland also a factor. I don't think so did it there's too many things going on right now -- and I might be entirely sure problems can be punished again. You know -- -- he has money groundout that the three guys who are you served fifteen games suspensions for positive test. I've heard throughout that it's much tougher. For baseball to establish separate offenses by them they've got to prove that these are distinct defenses especially -- I think after the fact. After the positive tests and I don't know if they've done that -- find out obviously next couple days but there's a good chance those guys might not even face further despite. Is it safe to assume your summer vacation is on indefinite hold until the dust settles in this deal PJ. Much medication. And weekly trips to Miami. To -- her on the clinics. You have this we'll just kind of right to summer often. He's from what -- look at the national. Well great work we appreciate -- take some time to talk with us it's it's always fun and interesting and informative to talk -- we appreciate the time this morning TJ are ready to take any ESPN investigative reporter Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T don't like AT&T four GL TD. More your phone calls the NC Michael bark camp but it's. Of Philadelphia on Cliff Lee and all things Jonathan Koppel on in the 8 o'clock.

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