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Daniel Nava addresses the media postgame, Mon. July 29th

Jul 29, 2013|

Daniel Nava addresses the media postgame, Mon. July 29th

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I wouldn't. Replaces you and you know things. Worst thing that situation. As. Being -- going to be beautiful. The zone you just that you have -- right just right. Was one over woods or yeah just -- -- right sides there. Taking initial secondary which -- and extending. Yeah that person there's. Fastball. And start to and shouldn't have every but I did. You you'll see anything -- do I know he insane and very least it was hard here. It's an. It it's asking him. I can I could in time and time so I really can hear -- heads in response to. Obviously -- I had said we'll John say those are really loud so -- apparently -- Allen is saying I just know that. The house and my point across that's far more or less about books on fielder. No non obviously that I human element that certain elements which as good as did. And this is a sport that. You know most of the time it it's went so. Obviously if you're on the other side. Aside you care more so. How that would go away. Now and I do. Played her this. The possible -- yeah. Couldn't -- myself. I had. Coasters at least. Who forces him of course they -- it's. Wish we have -- that so. You know they're out there together.

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