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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference, Mon. July 29th

Jul 29, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference, Mon. July 29th

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Okay. Well it ended up an objection so. It was a missed call terrible call. Clearly. The the angle of Jerry meals behind the plate when the throw came in he did not see the view. Daniel -- clearly was safe. It's unfortunate. We should still be playing right now. Much like was off five days ago he was dominating. Still a lot of pitches for strikes very efficient. Four pitches for strikes and he he's probably pitching now as good as any time in his career and we might have caught a little break for the rain delay. To come out and put together a little bit of an inning in the eighth but unfortunately it ended the way it -- They got halfway. With with one out you're your. You hopefully they'll happily I and then as you saw. I'm Meyer going back in the ball I think he anticipated an over the shoulder catch so you start and make ground back to second base and after the ball at the wall if not enough momentum. It to attempt to score there so. Justin kind of misread at that point on the on the deep viable right. Well your your school too if the ball's not caught. To score to be in a position to be able to score. And unfortunately at that point you know his momentum had him going back to second base once. He read that the ball wasn't caught. No wasn't a full day off the pinch -- in the ninth. Wonder wanted to. In that moment kept them the option of a double switch open right there. Because I wanted to it if we were to extend this came along the left handed hitter behind Gomes. With the potential for right and a pitcher on the mound. And that's why novels and -- Well everybody commendable time. Was outstanding tonight from dilatory pitched out of the first and second nobody out situation to. And efficient inning and two thirds. You know by you or -- two full innings by Britain. Tonight Felix seemingly never gotten over them. Somehow he found a way to keep single runs on the board. With a number of base runners that they they were able to have to put on. And just kind of a struggle for. Felix right right out of the gate. Well when you consider it the reaction and -- I saw from my angle that. Molina was on first base side of the plate and knowing that the runner can get that front edge. And seeing where Jerry was in relation to the plate to make the call he was blocked out of play and you know we -- you see the reaction there of the base runner than they tell you everything. No you can say we're. Well it. From second base you know the balls that he sees it directly at him so -- if there's an angle to it if the runner or she is and if it. The right fielders angling back a given. Whether it's into right center fielder back towards the corner of so much is your read but the fact that straight -- had. That's where he's got a wait as long as he can. To make the read. Again Peters is momentum. At that point where you felt like it might have been caught he was headed back toward second base or after regret it was over said he didn't have enough. Ability to gain ground or service. I was command. There wasn't anything a flawless delivery he just and he didn't have been sharper command. And work ahead in the count as he has been.

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