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Tedy Bruschi with Salk and Holley: Football is a great game in which you learn a lot about yourself

Jul 29, 2013|

Full tilt, full time. We discuss football and life with one of the all time great Patriots, #54 Tedy Bruschi.

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Teddy embodies. Everything that we want to Richard Branson student. -- -- about. Recruits -- perfect player. It's perfect -- Well he's the perfect player that attract quite a crowd -- Michael we were sitting here by ourselves a few minutes ago it's amazing. How that crowd fills up the moment Tedy Bruschi sits down and between. About the so that -- development and -- yes. And if you guys that you another doubters steamy I think -- -- to see the guy who's going to be -- cameras that are are here for. Guys going to be trying to do that entered the home of fame today that is Teddy Bruschi and he joins us right now here from that all of them argument. Big day for it is it's it's a huge day really and the day that and I'll be honest with you I've I've been conflicted for awhile. About being individually recognized I think you know me Michael pretty well that the individual recognition for me is I struggle with the times because I'm used to my huddle. You know being in the huddle and having guys around me and being able to lean on others and so. Plucking me out of all of the great teams that I've been a part of my wife is try to help me become a bit better terms that. That is it up but I do realize how much of an honor it is I think helping me. Was was being here for Troy is last year -- before that because. You know they words in them and the players that I looked up and in this organization being here also in the home and join in them. It's it's a huge honor for -- -- Nelly you know Grogan. -- -- and a lot of guys that laid the foundation. And down in there within minutes it's humbling to achieve here to -- -- teammates Tom with a going to be around today. I've heard some are I've gotten text messages and calls about guys who were going to be here guys who weren't going to be here has been trying their best you know so I think until I see them. You know Julio really believe that -- here I don't how we all are in terms of a former professional athletes in our schedules so want to see guys. It'll be it'll be greets him what do you wanna what do you wanna get across there wouldn't wanna -- I think I don't think I think people that. That really got me here even from the beginning I'm gonna start from the beginning really in the what my father did for me -- my mother did for me. My stepfather I think a lot of a lot of people don't know that. I was I mean my my mother with a single mother my parents were divorced at a young age and eventually my mother got remarried. And my stepfather Ron send us that we that he was able to balance. You'll be in my dad would not be in my dad and and sort of be in my number one fan. And doing some things for measles and things that that people really don't know about me I'd like to share because. Basically it's over for me you know I mean I mean my career and things that -- things have progressed in the finished you know in this is. I wanna say this is the finish on but it's time for me to say some things and think some people. Specifically in the individually that I really my thing. We we talk to you last we're talking more about when you were first drafted what those moments were like. But when you come here and see this whole thing and that this place is starting -- -- these high ceilings and that everything that's been poured into the design of this place. When you look at this -- Gillette Stadium the patriot place. And compare to the Foxboro Stadium that was here when you first got here. You think it all about what you guys. What every former patriot had handed bill that really I mean even the pages that I mentioned before me. Rocket and Pete rock and guys like that that there was no Gillette Stadium -- patriot place or practice fields out here guys are driving 510 minutes to get the practice of government and state school for boys. You know I remember that. You know the foundation that that that that players laid for me but this is I mean to be the humble beginnings of an organization I think every organization has the story. In ours is all the stadiums that we're safer and Harvard and an Alba and Bentley and all the places that they played to get where they are now and it's easy I think it's easy to be a patriots fan now. And a lot of people that I know that have been patriot fans since the beginning and since those old times always bring it up because of this facilities that they're here now. And a place where I can bring my kids and they can they can see the hall of -- and walk around a great facility like this. What do you miss. From from your from your playing days you -- that's a question I get out of time all right and I think the easy question I think the easy answer is to say. I missed the guy you know I'm as grateful -- fight for you know going to battle with those guys in the camaraderie in the locker room but really what I miss is when it. That's what that was the most because. That's really when you find out the most about your teammates is when you get in those games that have the most pressure on them. When winning a Super Bowl as a result of losing the Super Bowl as a result. And then how that man responded with -- And so being in those type of situations AFC championship Super Bowls playoff games games that with a division these it. AFC east was on the line and seeing how guys like junior responded and Roosevelt Colvin and in the end Willie McGinest pleased that plays that guys made. I'm the speed in those situations with those guys the opportunity to play in those games and compete and win that's probably -- -- witnessed them. Start it is there I hear a lot of athletes say there's no equivalent to that even going to business is no equivalent to. Seeing those being in those moments that you just described in right -- now on the highlight reels that are playing hero -- What's the closest equivalent and what you -- right now you're part of being a dominant organizations. In ESPN but. Is there any moment it yes theater where you say I get the same satisfaction. Out of this and it -- in football. You know how. -- -- the golf as an idea -- you may have mortgage and NFL alive he would trade we don't look at. We really crushed as sectarian battle RA doesn't play golf we're right there welcomes that it comes out of your mouth where your mouth the mind when when the microphones on -- responsible for -- right and and that's what I've learned it's it's more. It's more. That's -- nice -- have been over. -- Tedy Bruschi and looking over the dolphins maybe -- to its limit orders I don't know almost got almost kind of got a late. Let us know it's it's it's a little more individualistic and I don't I don't have to count on. 5050. Other people I think. When when their when red lights on the microphone to you in your mouth it's it's a different this totally different experience that again and -- you -- the hitting. Can I mean you're never gonna and there's no other place in life where you're gonna be as physical you could be a football field. And the first time I've put on shoulder pads. It felt good it felt good because I did love to hit and I grew up playing football in the circle community circle of grass in San Francisco California. And there was no pads it was an organizer anything and we tackle and Terry took his tee shirts and all that stuff and so the first time I've played. Organized football and -- fourteen years old and I'll talk about this movement there but. They gave me these pads and helmet and got out of the coolest thing because when I hit somebody -- knocked them down and I realized it didn't hurt me at all. I felt like -- -- hit somebody as hard as I can't and that was the coolest thing for me football just came natural to -- -- people came natural to me. Being next to a person when they had the ball and then wrapping them up and slamming into the ground was cool I mean -- is it just was natural to me. Well I'm glad they're play football and high level but you get that sweet spot that -- we hit a tennis ball or baseball or anything right in the sweet spot we don't feel it where -- hit she felt. When rafter -- you just like oh man I don't really her Marshall like I wish I had a man -- For the best when there's there's and is contained in their moment where there is. There is -- shade of black where either you blinked for it happened so fast that you really you really don't see the action. And then that split second when you realize you're the man standing in the of the guys down his back is exhilarating. That's that's that's a moment that. You know professional football players accomplishment there there were hits I remember that I got hit so hard that I'm sure the other -- felt that. It now is the one on the ground experience the other part of our vs the Buffalo Bills and Eric Moulds -- receiver. Is it is probably the hardest it's ever took was I was chasing a sweep out to my right. And the running back was might have been McGahee immature but he went -- he was he was -- rounding the corner to go out of -- And multi block to safety downfield and he was peeling back. And -- was no small receivers -- a big strong guy and just as you think you that you get the guy you're turning in your strident and he gets you with one foot off the ground. And I my feet went up in the air got the wind knocked out of me in I was on the buffalo -- sideline so you know which -- gonna hear a political. Anyway the chill chill and you get up as quickly as you can't and you run away just so they don't see your face because inside my house. And you just run and you just go through the action of going back to the huddle but it was probably -- with -- hardest hit the peel back receivers have big receivers. I remember Joseph your vicious receiver for the Cleveland Browns at the time a sharp dissent -- that interception try to sneak. I try to knock him out I try to peel back on him and get a block on him but I didn't get a good piece you know so. Later on in the game it was it was the next quarter and I totally forgotten about the exchange because he sort of told me about what was what's up with that trying to get so whatever. So those another sweep out to my left gotcha and he came back and peel back I'm sure he remembered my number -- and -- and he got it -- same way -- did. And it might have been even worse because it was one of those hits where it hits you you bounce off your shoulder that you bounced to your feet. Because the momentum with so fast and the -- ran back to what is your teammates and he's got to have had a president who who it was who broom he's got you there he got you there. He did so you're you're fairways here -- your -- here and you've got boys yes there's been a lot of discussion about football which that your. -- little or to yourself with the myself so I played football yet and I say yet very strong because I believe it will they've talked about it. And you know I think that football to those fourteen organized but well and we play in the yard with all around tackle each other that you all that stuff but. I'll look forward and complain on the Portman playing with these are plain -- our coaching in helping you know mixture and it to keep one line my sons but. Football. Football's great game deposit -- game I think you learn a lot about yourself as a man as a competitor being a part of the team. Absolutely if my -- And I'm pulling them back a little bit my oldest is twelve. So I'm holding him back a little bit problem maybe next year the year after but they will play what's the last thing that I ask is what did you learn about yourself BC can learn a lot of yourself as a man. Over the course your whole career what you learn most by yourself. I think would I learned about myself during the course of my career was that. Competing in winning football games it just it just meant so much to me and even when I was under the most adverse situations. I thought about my team. You know I thought about being a part of a team and coming back when I have my stroke in 2005 I think probably was my biggest test win. There were a lot of questions on whether I should come back or not. And I think. And we I'll go through adversity in our lives you know and that's that's when you tested and that's. That example for me was to test me to come back to play professional sports -- of football when you put on a helmet and you and you put your head in there when you've suffered a traumatic brain injury. And put it on line on the on the line still for your team -- I was willing to do that. And I think that. That to take those with me for the rest of my life as a lesson I would learn to come back whenever anything else. Affected me adversely to my marriage to my family or anything like that the process that we went through really helped me get better as a person. We need more time that we we need you on the show a lot -- it's a lot of fun talking do you think here in the stories of what what happened during your time as a patriot also. What they are now going for but congratulations an unbelievable honor today Tedy Bruschi going into the patriots hall of -- you guys to cheer for yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- this off Somalia WB yeah.

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