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Brady's hard work in off-season pays off with 'THE parking spot', does it matter?

Jul 29, 2013|

We discuss Tom Brady's off-season (albeit meaningless) award from his teammates of the prime parking spot at Gilette, awarded to the players who work the hardest in the off-season by their peers. Salk and Holley discuss why this is in fact a big deal, and take your calls on it.

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Yeah we are today live -- patriots hall of fame. Down by Gillette Stadium it is unbelievable here first time I've ever been here. Hamas which controls their -- -- -- turn that people that at you might ear drums for the rest of the -- you know if the kids turn that music down -- get hot. I mean you kids I've seen motor -- in concert was not found out here to return to do to. Weird patriots hall fame is the first time I've been here -- -- being enshrined today he will join us at 245. Tom -- will join us at 430. -- we give away a little bit early to Red Sox baseball but this place spectacular. And I wanna talk about Brady in this parking space deal -- which I think is an argument a hard time about it but move at that Obama -- if you really difficult time out -- those guys they don't want to talk about I'm the only one knows what you're talking about that's right -- unit you're the only person who can speak for you I'm the only one who can understand what I'm truly trying to say so -- on that -- second -- just address how -- -- -- You have been here before now it really is spectacular. And -- -- come in walking up to floors were on the third floor we got Adam Vinatieri custom made chopper. Right in front of us it's all tricked out it has the name of everybody roster for all three Super Bowl wins for the -- -- -- -- -- not a motorcycle sought to chop -- no island recession deepening the I've learned the differences put recycle it and shopper. Downstairs you can you can kick like Vinatieri trying to practice in the snow they got a ton of interactive stuff but really just the just like the size and scope of this place it's better than than most home fans may. There are I would think it's probably. In the top five. An NFL as far as team. Halls of fame. You think about what it used to be before it at Foxboro Stadium and a -- resolve that that -- team hall of fame Foxboro Stadium was basically a wall it was was an insider outside it was inside I'm surprised it was even inside but it wasn't really all of this basically. You had. A couple of jurors you know John had his Jersey on wall great and you had. You know Catholics Jersey -- help that the appropriate jerseys on the wall and that was it it was just kind of like the tribute. So to go from there to go to this. Really well designed building at the art building a lot of interactive features. Lot of mementos here and to those who wish you are a lot of videos is auditorium here. And it gives you the history from the time airplane Harvard stadium. I'm here playing at Fenway Park. And all over team without a home to the president experience. Rest my father employee for the very first year -- -- -- in the Boston patriots was the coach he was enough the code that Dakota was not at that time asked the coach of the general manager -- my -- been given some of the teams ahead then -- -- more they watered towel boy. On the very first featured teams can't you make -- a little more elegant. Water the water or towel boy water boy I imagine the scene and in the movie water boy were they let the Michigan towel boy come out on the field the -- -- to absolutely destroyed the -- across the middle. To look. People think it's a big deal I think the big deal Tom Brady -- whole -- -- -- -- Tom Brady had the whole -- big deal with the school but Tom Brady winning is parking space is a big deal. Well but I would tell me why you think it's a big deal maybe. Maybe it became a big deal out of service before before you tell me why it is or isn't negotiated. Maybe if you're one of those people who thought it was a big deal in 20022003. Have you now changed your position because the team positioned it for awhile. Where these are the guys winning the parking space their offseason workout program was so exceptional. That they are. You know the top five or -- in on the team. So we we took that at the time as. On this the patriot this whole patriot thing is the patriot mystique wickedness. These guys are far it would it's it's a meaningless competition but it means something to these guys. If Tom Brady isn't there -- wedding this parking space. So did you feel it was important in 2000 dude -- 1003. And now in 2013. It's not really big deal I'd look at is this -- team propaganda that he would get -- just. Part of troublemakers apology here here's the group that won the party just out the facts out there along with Brady. Wilfork Mayo Slater Ninkovich Talib. Amendola my -- working hard all -- Belichick by the way called off called -- a tough kid in the series Nixon interview I did any slowdown we want to be here in week five. This older don't stress yourself get this older Fletcher and Dowling so not always -- outside he was there -- -- -- you put her quite a bit you know the best thing to do to make good impression on your team is show up every defeat for the offseason workouts in -- getting -- on the field so far too early in the -- early in the training camp I think it's a big deal I've bought into it when it was told to me that it was a big deal in the early part of the Belichick -- regime. I think any time your best player works the hardest that's a great thing talking to people like Brock -- around Peyton Manning just -- book. Every day he was the guy who was the hardest working he was clearly the leader of the team everybody strives. To be as hardworking as he is when your quarterback specifically. At -- know -- their leader in sports. Quite like a quarterbacks are no other position after that I mean there's nothing else where you have that phrase quarterbacks a captain. There's nobody else is an automatic captain just because the position they play. And when Brady goes out and does what -- does what. You want everybody to do I think that's a good thing was -- back with the bad player. When he went to Europe for a month or two Gisele on the offseason now of course not he's a great player and at this stage in his career. He can probably afford to let his priority shift a little bit and have more room for family or travel or things away from football Republican -- All of this -- we call -- gravy. That's what it is is it is it essential -- Selena. It Tom Brady when he didn't we didn't win their parking space it was a hard working guy. He got his team to the Super Bowl. He was he was MVP of the league he's done a lot of things without winning that parking space so is that space essential apps no I don't think it is. But if you and have him -- April the reasons that she says. It's a nice little extra I think it's not -- are not essential at. I would love to put it into the call -- that. Almost I'd like to put him between those two things -- -- split hairs but I will anyway you guys can jump in here six point 7779. 7937. You're right it's not mandatory. Nothing they do -- mentor me -- -- one to do that but staying late it's not mandatory but it's what makes Brady Brady right when -- Radio already -- with that but no staying latest mandatory. That is the sort you if you let it be. Top quarterback in the league. And you what about you what are you wanna be able to diagnose instantly like he does -- -- trying to do to you. -- to put the work you see those things are all all relate to what he doesn't feel I don't think the parking spot. It transfers to what he does on the field I think it. It's I don't know whether it specifically does or not -- it's certainly an unlikely guy to be in better shape your photo well I'd like him to do -- I. I don't know that it's going to translate to one more completion I don't know that it's gonna translate to one you were -- I can't -- view. An exact. Exact translation of what it does. Actually out on the field. But I can tell you. That it's a good idea to have your best player be the hardest work. That it's a great role model to have Tom Brady out there. Working -- bought off in here with the guys not separated from everybody not saying hey you know what I'm on my own program. That you guys go work out with the team you go follow everything that the strength coach wants you to do. It'll work out but I'm gonna do it at a castle Spain. I would rather have my quarterback who's already a little bit elevated from everybody else in the -- we just have this conversation. Last week who were Brady's friends who were his guys -- we'll get how you wind up being friends and getting to be good friends with the guys and turning in new group of of teenage into your. Confidence. All of them every day be here be with them being one of them. And yet so I think he started doing that though I think he's doing that during the season I think part of part of the way that Tom Brady and gets people on board. Is through his performance. During the year and he could be here you can still work out you can still hang out -- that capsule and Boehner go to Italy as you were saying earlier about Lou. And do what you gotta do there is still win the parking. All I did was eat Jeff hostetler he'd probably -- -- I literally had I went to eat dinner impostor how -- why wait another restaurant red line straight from the first restaurant I eat more cost. Now this guy eating and eating disorder -- and they're afraid they -- wake -- got a -- but I I think if this is -- you prove yourself. On the field you prove yourself during the games. You look at the other people who also won a parking spot it's going to be great but it won't matter. And we seven of Ras I Dowling continues to play. In week six and we sent him like he has so far early dredge up of course there are of course so are. I think I think Tom Brady makes his money gets his respect. Based on what he does during the regular season at a park in the parking spot it's nice look at dismiss it. Tennessee it's irrelevant. It's relevant. -- -- -- -- you've already got your you've already got your base of who Tom Brady is and this is a nice little -- of flowers I get out of it you get yourself a if you get yourself a Bentley. And is it Google supplement -- under review here little old details and -- and I turned down an artist that definitely I think it's already apparently dad think its more -- -- I think he's the Bentley with the without that. Evidence that this this goes beyond what he's gonna do out on the field this this speaks to him as a leader especially given the departures of guys like -- can grab leader. I don't know there's there's a difference from being about leader and not being -- not reaching your potential -- yet to make and that's what this is about is that Tom Brady's been bad. Of course he's not he's been unbelievable is a great player arguably the greatest quarterback of all time and just respected even. By Ron Jaworski doesn't third in the league right now -- -- second. But it this is the type of thing that can help them be better as a leader as somebody who's going to 22. Earned that trust and confidence and try to get people to aspire to be like him on his team and and make a whole new group of friends and and confidence. Amen to that I think that's a good thing is supposed to be it if he wasn't here when I -- patriots are screwed no of course not. But the fact that he is here I think that's great news at 6177797937. Start here from some you guys start with Davis in Chicopee he gave go ahead. I don't -- there's a lot and at what your opinion on you think this year you know I know it's only three days and by. But you -- -- more relaxed this year I felt like all of -- we were worried about all the new new receivers but what I -- are off to a great start -- Last year there were sold when people come in and -- -- now it was really hard for dentists say you know assets and we're this year. Let's -- like speaker come in and out right now and I think they're just playing well and gather it just like it's different this year. I don't know David that gives that it's too early to make that assessment. But your instincts are good when I when you're looking at. Any traces are any heads of of a distraction -- that's what we talked about. For the last month. Essentially. Would it be distracted. With a will they be distracted by the Aaron Hernandez situation. How they handle it. So far we know we already got the blueprint on how they're gonna handle it Bill Belichick set that up but he gave his press conference and all the players pretty much have followed suit. But in terms of what kind of camp you're having. I don't think we know that yet. And we probably won't know it until. You know game one of the. Received. A message is just way too is way too soon that. The kind of saying. This is what the feel of it I would agree with -- a couple of text messages 379837. AT&T tax line. Disrespect it want backpack -- and decline wake up yes there's one and then the other side of Brady showing he's not complacent. And it's harder for anyone to mentally justify. Their own complacency there are really the the the after having what what would. What what made anybody think in the first place that there was some complacency is there any. It'll be picked up the guy who says he's in decline again it doesn't have that we get this kind of receiver got a session ticket to that. But in terms of complacency. No matter how how much you've achieved or how greats who are you still have to do you have to stay sharp rapist and that. But -- that they're being -- have there been any signs. Why don't they I was getting that he's complacent forget about him it's not about break. It's volatile Brady being complacent it's about the message sent to the rest of the team yep what is the comment you made over and over as we've talked about Aaron Hernandez pilot that story takes another. Crazy twelve turn today some some reports from. NB CC and that he may be connected to multiple other homicides. In the state of Florida is an international eggs this shootings -- -- as they -- boat while I agree showed actually vicious that shootings of the outside my fall but regardless. Yet I cannot anyway -- gusts -- actor basket getting worse what does this part of the Hernandez conversation how many times have we talked to you specifically said. The group vote of the Bruschi Troy Brown all those guys. Willie McGinest and -- football it grabbed everything to them it was the most important thing and if anything has changed with the core group of patriots. It's that so it it's what is them what is the most important thing in your life. You it would be hard to argue that football has helped the exact same place and Tom Brady's life. European parity of his career. It is his priorities have changed a little -- here right the the story of Tom Brady being the guy worked his butt off every minute of every day focused only on football the beginning. That's changed over time as he you know first -- -- -- quite a bit scaled back and then ultimately gets married to Gisele and he's going to all these fashion shoots -- exotic locations around the world in recent -- that's natural that's most people do is they get older. But if Tom Brady's 100%. God dedication to football has dropped even by 1%. And you lost the McGinest and Bruschi and Troy brown and some of those guys. I feel like Brady showing me -- re commitments on it and worked it just it can't more commitment anyhow they'd be that's the good thing it brings like what are. -- -- what you want there's nothing you can do about it unless you you're wishing bad things on his family. I can get back to be in its operating that it was before. Get divorced. To discipline his children. He can stop taking vacation as the pictures and audio yeah that all personal I just is not about bill may win a football get anybody here's here's a he's a performer he's an energy. That's that's part of it -- or entertainer. So if you if you take away all the stuff you have the if you suddenly lose the ability to. And you lose your that you don't have ATP anymore if you look at this performer over the years that you see a difference. You see a difference and Tom Brady now the performer. In 2010 vs Tom Brady's 2003 pro don't. Not the only difference I guess I would see. And and and it's unfair is nothing to do with hard work for him like that the Tom Brady of the first few years of his career. Was the lucky some of the pitcher ever -- He really wants and I mean that in a positive what you may call your own breaks all those things broke his way because he worked hard and did so many other great things to lead up to it but not. David -- is lying unconscious with -- with his head out of bounds and it all works out good. Let. -- just. That -- of things seemed to happen every week and I'm brought he thought he fumbled that's right oh no actually the current guy actually has that sort of football that is still the most bizarre -- -- I've ever seen I was in buffalo right that was about those -- happen all the time to Tom Brady. And he -- he took advantage of every single one of them. The last few years those breaks have gone against -- is because he didn't work or as or when the parking space in the off season. No probably not but to see him get back to doing that it sure can't -- -- in Maine I'm not your counsel and -- Heidi I was just following night trying to agree was felt on this. You know did not so much department's based aspect that I like I despite the fact that he's setting an example these guys. And if I'm building -- he. I want my poor guy did you know to be the leader not just on the field what he doesn't practice. Everything I think that -- execute an example for these guys if you look at it from. There -- other aspect the other end of the spectrum. If Brady manages kind of nonchalant and just kind of half -- -- so to speak what he's still on field. If it results. Announced the other theme will be looking at going of this started seeing in this all the guys. -- on the same page on that. -- there -- -- -- my only reality is that it's not either wars not that if if Tom Brady doesn't get this parking spot there for. He is now a slacker or is -- bad leader I hear what you're saying. But if he doesn't do this I still think they're confident his leadership be more than happy it's no both you. -- -- and that Maine I'll tell you you use your boat that you -- absolutely right it. This is the difference between the patriots going to lose a -- in winning it if Tom Brady goes is suitable. And he takes his parking spot moments of goes into Super Bowl throws for 445 yards. Breaks Steve young's record throws seven touchdown passes and they they beat the giants in New York any -- One of the biggest routes or deep biggest eruption of this -- Arianna. Ready which I think they have and also do you guys know if you can you can I think I don't think you can stand there have the confetti and -- -- Yet if that all happens I'll say it all started with girls with that market starter with a list for Michael brazen Revere high ranked. A guy whereas. That the bill but it could take one of the patriots. And one on -- -- super. I think it's really impressive that a guy who lives down Russian child was freaked out all the way that he wanted to parking spot -- the pretty impressive thank. And then a packet of all relative to vote to count on the field. I think it's it's a step back and receiver position to sit back and secondary. I expect an art not to be -- he this year I think he if he's convicted felon with a probation violation expected to be in jail. And out. You expect that to happen at that based on what the laws already said that's what he will be in jail but not during the season. Well I don't know I -- -- -- -- is Cobb or -- a go go check out all the stories right -- for -- -- -- with all the details but check it out. That ruling came out of the -- on April. So the term. Are all set the jail time for. Alphonso I'll tell you will not be punished is David Ortiz -- of part of tweeting few minutes ago the baseball's decided. Not to suspend big poppy for his role in destroying the dugout phone. Just has got to replace the phone doesn't have already replaced that I assume he can appeal went beyond that again this morning it's a I love that whole thing I remote -- talk we wanna take number two they want take number -- me. Well but number two months but was all he talk that he was deeply offended god please I -- hurt -- I think that phone had a common right from the beginning with the ball as well -- acted -- was talking -- to Ortiz before and -- After that at bat at somebody had to do something about it all got around that the phone that -- total -- the -- is that during the World Series they have been consider what this guy I hope you're gonna get you. Our phones this year was a part of the thing they signed the deal with sprint called the dark is itself on its -- it would take up silly yardages slam like. -- international baseball. This is this would you. It's like -- baseball like the old raggedy dial up. Dugout phone guys very little old school I hope they don't hope that. La Torre -- -- they're 61777979837. Tedy Bruschi will join us. In about twenty minutes on his big day being enshrined into the page itself name. Which is where we are if Tom Brady's going back to basics is he the only one needs to do that -- neck -- Ali. On W. But he's younger he's disappointed that he's younger than. Most people think I don't know what -- nine. The phone data common talking earlier at WBI we are downright brutal call. Brutal calls by the -- you agree. That that's not not that you don't think you're actually giving them too much credit. To call comparable but that seems even to nice to those calls the deal it. Brutal doesn't begin to explain those calls were terrible those are awful awful. Awful calls I I completely understand why Ortiz was furious and we talk more about -- to show but I. Don't mind that occasionally baseball player Lou's -- it's a really don't and that that's part of the game. And I are kind of even understand Ortiz is logic of you're not gonna take my about the way it's only thing I do out here and dealing with bad calls part of the game -- He's got to make sure it doesn't do anything to get himself suspended and certainly if that badly broken and in it. Pedroia right in the -- and you lost adrift for awhile be a bad scene. Thank but it comes on its forecast for the next night helps you people to -- a series for the first time how long again -- two years an analyst -- necessarily connected either. The key word for word to confuse this with some kind of payback. -- that the whole umpiring crew it is still happening for more so -- Tom Brady is getting back to basics yet if Tom Brady is getting back to the early career narrative of the guy. Who comes in early does all the work gets the offseason parking spot the whole deal. Does Bill Belichick need to do that. And I'm asking is a question if you're Bill Belichick can put yourself in his shoes you spoke a lot of time with the man written two books that featured prominently spent a lot of time. With Belichick got a common issues are currently yourself and Bill Belichick shoes in his ability. So to speak -- Bill Belichick right now and we're talking about when things have gone. Olympic -- but please don't answer if you're -- and whatever you disorder that's ever thought about that that. Don't let you know that -- not that -- that answer your dare question. When things have gone differently for the last few years than they went early in your career when it. You you had instead of getting Corey -- Randy Moss you've gotten Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco and then approximately. Aaron Hernandez with some of the risks that you take him. Do you do you look to your past. To try to fix that and you have a few choice you can do nothing and say hey. There's no change your nothing's gone wrong other than some bad -- could happen to anybody there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing it I just need to press forward. You could say I got a completely look at everything -- media need to try something completely different. Or you say you don't have a lot of success earlier in my career here in New England doing these two or three or four things differently. And 81 or two of them. Is something I need to go back to Gary -- -- changed and I can have Eugene Wilson pummeling people across the middle anymore. And McCain have oversee cornerback with hands all over the receiver those things can't change but. May be I need to look at this specific type of player a guy who maybe -- -- need a different kind of -- or maybe I didn't -- different kinds captains maybe I need to talk to Tom Brady say amen. I really -- go win Nazis and parking space this year to give these young guys something to look forward to. -- does does Belichick spent some time. Looking into his own past. I think they've done some of that already and we talked with petty and Teddy obviously can explain much better I can't join us in about a minute edit your fitness -- papers. But they can explain for example. The defense the defense that Tedy Bruschi played and and the last time they want a championship. Is different -- the defense that you'll see in week one of the 2013 regular season. They have people when they were playing were three. They swished a 34 Republican for the 2003 season 20012002. They are planned for three. Even when they were a 43 defense they were 43 wood to -- principles and at times. -- -- -- 43 now it's much more of an attacking defense that was when he was -- and make that those -- He made some changes that it is kind of developed when Josh McDaniels left to go to Denver when win. Brian -- Ball left because he could be the quarterbacks coach here and eventually with the jets went to the browns went to Kansas City. That was what I think now they're back so he's getting some of the people back who helped him achieve success for. He has gone after a different kind of player at times you know especially on defense. Little smaller. Much faster. That don't always have to be these talking -- -- 65270. Pound linebackers don't have to be 300 pound the fifth event he's made some of those -- I think subtle. He's made some subtle changes but in terms of wholesale. And when it changed the entire outlook of what the patriots are beginning to do that. And and if you think that's the reason they didn't win Super Bowls he thought they were losing Super Bowls because of something that in the mix it just wasn't right I think he would change. Well it that I -- it presents something in the mix and they hire all overhauled for the patriots are. I don't think they need an over all by any stretch in every year they are contending team and I think they'll be contending team again this year. But think there if you look at the patriots there are tweaked it from bella Jack. I'm looking at it a few the few different ways of saying you know. There may be the difference in the character of the guy that I had a early in my career my team. And that some of the characters that I have in my team now not entirely not a complete overhaul but yeah I think I am looking at my core and making sure that that the guys I have there truly -- football to police the locker room the way they need to. I think I'm looking at. At the fact that I don't have anybody around me that can truly we've talked about this -- no and I don't know who that guy is I don't know who needs to be but -- but. We mentioned Floyd Reese. Last week it XGM somebody is limited to lose. It strikes me that so many of the people around Belichick -- in the coaching staff or in the or in the personnel department scouting. They have something to lose right Bill Belichick fires them. They have to look graduate why this -- fire me now what am I gonna do for living my job I really owe it to him he's brought me up in his system he's taught me is way. Somebody like Floyd Reese could come in and say -- and I didn't GM. You can of fire me if you want I'm gonna find another job whether I'm on television or whether or not I go to another team in the same type of role in the in somebody's gonna hire -- against a fire me if you want. But I've done the job I think you're wrong on this you can make whatever decision you want you're the boss but let me tell you why I think you're wrong. I wonder if there's a need for some other name brand guys. I was also thinking of somebody like Tom Cable. Our Pete Carroll goes hires Tom Cable who lived right after he hired like -- the -- used to be the offensive line coach for the Broncos. Oh yeah who's been around for our millionaire for a for a lot together hold its own blog -- but the first hired him it didn't work out billions of hiring Tom Cable this idea of -- I'm not gonna go it alone. I'm not gonna just try to raise everybody in my selling them. Alex -- thank you I'm gonna hire somebody who already has his own point of view his own expertise. That he's going to bring to the to the table. Something that Charlie Weis had something that. Something that I think Romeo Crennel had maybe to a lesser extent. And may be mcdaniels is that guy because he's been out and Halloween is telling them. Back I would think again -- just -- seeing some of the guys who here we're here before. It or not -- by any stretch of me. Part of part of it with the with the patriots is -- we think that. Because these guys are silent. In the media. They therefore do not the same thing. It in the privacy of the meeting room when they have an audience with Bill Belichick. They're not allowed to talk. To the media but they are allowed to talk there -- for example at the Penn State now Billy O'Brien. Billy O'Brien was here -- was because. -- afraid to say this is what I think in this guys drive me crazy or I don't think we should be doing this Josh McDaniels. Is one of those guys who say. Well this is what this is what I think now. At times mcdaniels has been has been dead wrong me he was one of the guys who advocated war Laurence Maroney not necessarily good look here. But Bill Belichick listen to. They evolves another -- Who hasn't been afraid to say look at this is what I think should happen. Now do you have one of those people on personality the closest. Guy you have who fits that description of personnel is not necessarily personnel guy that's. At that Ernie Adams. Who will say whatever he sees but he's kind of a floater in the organization he does. And again he's got a check on him Belichick go back for a he has nothing to lose through Ramadan if you if you put it that way I'm going to forever bugs that you were high school -- out. I was adding a second piece of Muslims are at war the war hit exactly and the smartest guy -- -- Greg won a guy who has nothing to lose but then also to a guy who has just a different perspective. I mean I know his perspectives gonna be almost inherently different from anyone else's because outsider status. But he's he's been with bill now forever -- Hampshire they can almost sense the way the other one is gonna react to any situation just because they know each other so well. I like the idea of someone like Floyd Reese got him specifically -- about it later someone who you call -- has had success wanna be one of the old head coaches whose floating around football right now. Who may be Khatami who's got his own idea what he. You want from I guess I -- -- what are you I don't know I think or maybe better a better -- that's -- what are the patriots missing that somebody like that can give them whatever you're missing. I don't know. I I don't know why I can't I don't know that I can put my finger on it I know that's kind of well -- an -- -- cancer maybe maybe you're not missing I think it's kinda like debris much. It's not -- -- Missing it it's just that when it's there makes them better -- make any sense. It's not a specific hole. Clearly they were in the AFC championship game last year in the Super Bowl the year before they're good team they're going to be good team again this year they have -- talent and they've got the best quarterback for my money in the league along with two with three other guys may Brady's unbelievable when you have a kind of quarterback. And the talent around him and Bill Belichick the the defense of genius and just the coaching going on field coach that he is. The going to be good team of course they are. But is there a way -- adding in another point of view is there a way to add in something different that it did that already has respect. As opposed to needing to be built from the. -- -- think Oprah -- what you're talking about me that's gonna happen this season because there are you training camp so. Any any move like that would have happened already but. I think some of that happens in the off season when you go to Alabama and watch players or you bring in Chip Kelly when he was at Oregon and they archived. Tell me what you don't -- about the reduction tummy you tell me what you know about you know you and I heard you guys. If you don't do it. -- you don't necessarily do heavyweight when you're working out you you you focus more on. Lighter -- And a lot more reps you know the rules it is kind of like offseason projects and visiting professors I don't know if they are going to bring somebody on staff and -- you have no idea how we do business. But we're gonna who gonna bring you win for an entire year and you're going to be our consult. But -- -- Maybe it's not a consultant David your offensive line coach maybe -- defensive line coach David somebody -- can just bring PSP a fresh start for -- and a fresh guy who already has experience doing it as opposed to somebody who's really coming up through the patriot system. Take your calls again throughout the -- 617779. 7937. But it is a big day Tedy Bruschi one of the all time great patriots were seen his Jersey all around here today at the patriots hall of fame. As he will be enshrined there today he is scheduled to join us. Coming up next it is salt -- from Foxboro WB.

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