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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/29/13

Jul 29, 2013|

We discuss four topics we haven't yet touched upon today... Johnny Manziel tries to mow lawns, Pierce and Vince are wicked SMAHT and more!

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-- And now are -- and -- -- already roller board or the four. Fun for me. -- -- Well we've -- -- finally -- on Sports Radio OW DE. Johnny Manto is and knowingly making news yet again video surfaced over the weak demand so getting kicked out of the University of Texas frat party. What's more ridiculous what's the most ridiculous thing about this story -- -- I was at a University of Texas frat party in the first place or that he was seen drinking keystone light. Particularly if we're out that he goes key bone is like every other college -- we drink more than our fair share. Those -- -- story to a what did your eyes of haters those haters. Texas and their man game and do you. What is there. John and football that's rivalry supposed to supposed to here with these days you. Know what you need to -- Haters say there's another name -- that. It is in -- That they would. Like here. About about about blocking it. Rules and then. What's about it rules against that still -- Trying to mow the people's -- and paper that's that you. Guys don't play. An average of what -- like Johnny -- government there. Did you do with that so. He was kicked out party people hear about. That. As they were doing -- -- that they have achieved it ruins. Should match. Where it would have. Been so if -- -- filter lobster before adding it was going. Like. Manning football. Your -- -- the I've given up one. It. He ought to. Video Paul Peters and Vince Wilfork disk part DISH Network commercials has surfaced in two of them are trying to Boston accents. -- up. If you're not watching my game saying is that you know with the click cut. You -- My arms are you it's my legs are huge but at my ego is reasonably contain. -- we have sometimes when I -- guys that nickel we know what's. Soccer. Anyone who can't watch live TV any way out is a sock. I knew a guy who cuts the arms off his sweatshirt. Because as this weekend while. Of those last great Tiger -- -- ever. That -- actually. It. You guys -- -- It's difficult tax protester. -- -- accident was worse here or local players there's here's -- If you don't know about this is awful. -- -- -- The country. -- learn language altogether. Does that sound somewhat odd that. All those conversations or you can miss the most -- dirt -- I should quiet man I don't have this pull. -- just funny that cost them. I love it. Absolutely -- Back this year. Back the ship is the most simple cotton kind of hit. It in Iraq. -- -- is that it is it's still better. -- I -- Asian art department. And Brian lane in the perfect storm. Still march departed. -- Search for actors that's about. It. They take it too so far is that they exaggerate the axe everything so much -- just watches especially if your from your ego. -- Olympic history to Mystic River. I don't remember. -- a lot of that you. Should try to do not. This is mark. You know points gore or -- -- you can be from this area without having that accent at all. So I just don't do comedy and -- proving. That how many people. Most people mostly blue line well and he -- don't ask don't have a boss that to a country in this. Anyway I show her a couple of this doctor watched live TV anywhere anyway including my underwear out. So hot. And they're great your photos via the factory. Albert Pujols is now likely out for the rest of the season with a torn planter -- Or pools. Which contract will prove to be where your baseball player threw me. They're. It's impossible to answer this question -- and or other than. Apple's culture is look I mean. We can all agree -- your last. And you'll come back after the torn fascia and this is all that's been holding them back and he's gonna go back to be in ovals again the and if you're the angels you're looking at a he's injured don't know whether it's never going to be the same players Josh you know it is who he is. -- out there pitching is not what. Was I think now we finally have Gibbs says there was no such thing as a bad bowl season. Even a bad seasons were good for him not him now we finally having -- -- is that India with 258 average seventy homers. That that's not just about horrendous. Not close to what to expect school. Cool off and. The AT&T question of the day thank you too fat cat underscored shepherd for this question. Being a Red Sox -- would you rather see it broad -- pro life or see the Yankees out of -- contract for the life of all of this question a great question tweeted to me over the weekend request this guy -- shepherd and the instant reaction as a Red Sox fan is what is the -- when he wrote them for life course. I want to see Iran embarrassed I don't like the guy I want to see the Yankees embarrassed as well it's the worst contract the all time. And I wanna punish and that users somebody who's embarrassed baseball the way rough spot. If that does but it really does help the one of the great. Ironies of this is the Yankees are more burned by it -- than anybody because they're the ones to actually do this contract every single year. In addition to the bad -- CC to share the other guys. So. I guess is as counter intuitive as it sounds. I don't wanna see a rod and -- life I wanna see yankees have to keep paying that salary. Until the end there has to deal with extra ones that said the fact that the Yankees speed to keep Iran means that we should love Iran that's too much. I don't I'm not gonna start -- -- Iraq again that's -- and I happened but I can't. Yankees the Yankees so even if he would have they are saddled with Iraq contract they'll still do admit that they will go on business as usual. It was still they won't curtail their spending that we can't afford it where the budget again. -- tell -- that in this year I mean it's a little different that I mean they're trying to stay under the luxury -- -- trying to do that but who would they have gone after. I don't know about you know what a guy they wanted to I've got to go out bottom I would rather go with this the flat out embarrassment and Billy gates about it -- -- your outlook I would I would. I I disagree I don't think the Yankees are -- that it did a podcast. The first of my pocket should be I think tomorrow with -- we'll have a couple different people Scott Miller from CBS -- if at all but also. Michael Morley. With an agent Josh Hamilton's agent Josh -- agent and one of the things he says and there. Is that the Yankees have changed it without George Steinbrenner there with the demand of win at all costs he's been a clear difference in dealing with the Yankees. I think they have tried to -- errors and not spending all the money devastating 208. 85 and David announced that 278. -- list them all -- they're trying to bring it down under the under the the luxury tax threshold. They're trying to do that for a couple of years that it resets to not picking up all the salary in the I don't know -- don't -- -- not just don't -- -- well not -- -- like anybody this year if they want a guy. -- gotta go out get them. It -- not change -- bad habits of the Islamic Steinbrenner. Is that a basket they got two of them. One arrested. So they'll continue to be the. -- these -- Steinbrenner did not he probably one who is now departed you guys can not jump in on this question as well 617. 77979. 37. Would you root for a lifetime ban for A-Rod. Given that it would allow the Yankees to get out of the length of that contract. Which is whether they're gonna spend or not still albatross for them. I like and the Yankees having an albatross like the embarrassment and I don't like the idea that they're just going to be able to get out of it because Iran expert enough so. I don't know re given Derek Jeter Vick standing ovation this week and he came back from injury now that we cheer for the Yankees the guys -- would like right where you at home cheering for Jeter when he hit a home run his first -- back. Actually it was Philadelphia this week and as soon as people. If at all. Angrier than we are done. As soon as we crossed into it was the size that -- Philadelphia we were booed. Couldn't believe it's over again when your kids get like yes -- I was so proud who visit to your kids to -- to -- kids that great that long trip. I think it was there was there was construction. It -- -- every -- -- construction. At throughout the throughout the northeast principles and move your part to leaving Friday night to -- -- -- great. Great great trip. What they'll cheer here Jeter this week. But he comes back to that report it appears that if it if -- acknowledge black. Some of his career not the knowledge -- if objection here -- that point when he says this is my final season. And it comes to that -- apart from the last time yes fully. -- -- -- -- and that's what we do we hear ever happened in doing. The -- are there are no big mystery in -- -- And chop down right that's what should you -- I'll tell what we do here it is doing that's for the -- understood that.

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