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CSNNE's Tom E. Curran with Salk and Holley: Brady getting the good parking spot signifies a good thing

Jul 29, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots ongoing training camp, Tom Brady reclaiming his hard work parking spot, and Tedy Bruschi's place in team history on the day he's inducted into the Pats hall of fame with CSNNE's Tom E Curran.

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-- need to call Ortiz over the house with the bat he can get rid of whatever sort of firm and I have in my house. Just a bad. We have taken out. I mean I still think as -- -- gators there isn't one to get one thing. Based on the text messages here and thank you everybody for calling -- huge was that like rodents -- the only -- Yeah very tough guy and I would like the -- people if you had a rat in Iraq. Do we don't know what it is get a read your house because. It's one thing -- few miles on. I don't know which is that could be either one but it's a rat that's a major problem based on the text messages in the size of the yeah -- that was found next that -- -- that that he gave. I think it's a mouse at least that's and and he's only Poland. Is durable about a rat is that Tom current club restaurant or it. Relative it's the teeth relative to the head of rats have subjected -- -- -- yeah oh yeah. Coach the -- thought it meticulous. That is Iraq. If she's just -- budgetary mess I think Josh Beckett bring him to my house he still searching for the rat he could find in my house I. Is that what it was a place there -- -- noses the pair productively spent with the big daddy's. Sugardaddies or used to -- -- sugardaddies. Place -- live -- has placed on combat. Sugar that they get all -- deafening when the going it's you know -- So people use the ring the buzzer all the time thinking that you're green about mr. sugardaddies and they just got me so it was a point. But it was also -- pizza place so I would come home at night. Come through back that would rattle -- he's. I have to rattle my keys back toward the door because the rat is they hang out on the dumpsters so they would scatter. Would that send their pitching every night as rich as the road used to lead the spiders are. And the other things that maybe I have in my house and they all elected governor pat gross come together I know the difference it that -- keep you food. -- for -- of -- you know from I don't know that would be I think it's about that -- my dogs apparently be in the house. If you had a wreck your house Wednesday -- were few negating the entire place I expect when I come home on Wednesday the house to be one of those giant and things like -- termites. And everything and they are dead even if I have to states on the -- spouse for a couple of days -- -- -- with a look at the parents Bob and everybody. -- they're -- getting the -- everything imaginable right to expect us. I was I was practice of the week what was what was the theme of -- practice last well. Changed and I think the best way to. Differentiate between the early demon and what we saw yesterday was the fact they put on pads to my. They were very very flat. And it was a lack of intensity with the pads it before with the -- and I think that was cautiousness I think it was a slick -- that to -- stood up more than anything else I mean we've all -- -- training camp practice is likely -- and I. What what's the goal line situations you've watched around the NFL. That's when everybody gets in the field this their -- they've had a solitaire want to win on the fourth wrapped. Untouched standing. I'm not saying that that's the way it's going to be. But I am saying that this is a team in transition and it hasn't found its voice yet hasn't found its intensity yet ending an honor leaders with today the kind of guy. In Teddy Bruschi who we'd be a very very important asset as the team begins to build another identity. When asked about this record but personally know from you as you go through training camp would you would most important thing. Office defense whatever go to Africa. I'm not fascinated watching a rebuilding offense which is what this is going to be and I'm not fascinated to see with the machinery it's gonna become. A successor to be any would have bet that Steve we could be those 12100 pressure because they think they're going to be. Daily against the title this offense which Furl it which season went -- interest in seeing is. Can this defense become a hop and pop top five defense which is -- what I thought. We were going to get last year from this team. But Patrick Jones fell off the planet Steve Gregory -- thank you went to that we Brandeis did double in the NFL. And the next thing you know it took. And weeks and -- that you could use them that's very possible that that happens this year we're talking last week about the emergence of the to talk to top number one draft picks. From a year ago and those two guys do what they're capable of doing it. You're gonna change the the the way this defense looks right if you see what you wanna see. From high tower and from Jones they are completely different defense and I would also think if the offense becomes more of a ball control type of offense. That's gonna help the defense too because in a communal feel as much. Right but the weird thing about this team has become -- offensive line and I went back with the numbers that prohibits them last year at some point. They don't want intent. -- scoring fewer than twenty points since 2009 the last when they have was like inseparable nine against buffalo that 170 -- game. A -- about that if the patriots don't school war. At least twenty points -- don't lose the football game they lost twenty to seventeen Arizona here last year that's a pretty gimmicks that a lot of teams are going to be sub 500. In that regard and I think that I look back Hillary actually night and well. But to be won it with a but that's a team that you're talking about since 2009 it's it's been based on a high -- but you can't -- -- -- -- -- which -- school haven't -- -- I would get a deal one way that's how you're gonna play a few key is the one thing you're trying to do was taken away from you. You're probably gonna lose that game which it would rock fight you're not gonna win a championship. Well that's what we've seen I think I understand and I think that's why I think this team be built more for Iraq fight if they're not trying to throw the ball all over creation. But they should -- people you know that at all that and I think we will look at the 2011 Super -- that's a game that they. You know in it would this would with it was seventeen -- -- -- game that they should have been able to win that was quick when they should've won that game. Which team they should be good for the third down to well broken -- Google that the that the but that was a rock -- that they could have should have won they couldn't do they have to win some of those -- hear that argument to hookers he's gone. Hernandez gone got to go for a little bit. What do you think so far anecdotal it's early voting in the kids Dobson -- I think that -- abilities. Faster than Welker. I think that he is probably a little more explosive I think he's what it's like that's an interesting aspect of Welker wasn't big obviously both -- sides play. More stock will be built and I think that that is something that the quarterback is most of the people notice to this -- wiry. As opposed to -- we built so that's where you know I think that his injuries Mike and Mike have been -- But I also Lleyton I think fifth bomb man dislocated shoulder mandated elbow I think if rookie injuries but he's with slightly built from the guys succeeding so can he come back. After getting the lead by Wright Clark and -- best -- vote to begin for six yard game. That'll be interesting to see as for -- -- maybe that maybe isn't get physically did by Ryan Clark I mean if he's a little bit faster Islam works -- of a little bit more wiry. Maybe he avoids a little bit of that there's going to be in which could mean the ravens went into the AFC championship list is said. We've got to punish this immediate. And they did and I think that that that's going to be something that he's gonna have to deal with getting punished because. You take a party. -- about those kids Dawson looks much better. Then they did early on and treaties very impressed with his intelligence. And it might take awhile but with the latter half of the year you can see you guys who's gonna relief dollars that's the indications of them getting. And -- guy to Kimbrel Tompkins has already earned the trust of the office coaches agreed to a large degree. He's undrafted out of Cincinnati he had an extremely checkered past and wondered dispute would have been signed as undrafted free agent. In the current climate arrested seven times what it. Race seven times I said. -- college. Misunderstood him three times. Physically you report that they don't have a question about that but I got. A few years three misunderstandings. Out if you how can you 3% misunderstandings and wrong place wrong time W I took out three Iraqi lives up across indebtedness is what he's second the -- So -- it's no seven time what would that would win the nature of these arrested. He grew up to in a single parent household Florida and it was mostly had to do with drugs as well drug possession drug use. Well you'll do well -- -- -- the story that is about it he's been clean since on minute and apparently yeah I mean don't know rubs at Cincinnati. -- -- Florida. So of course they. What Florida one of those when it comes when it comes to crimes are a lot of it has -- -- -- -- we don't -- story and let folks take a read. Of queries stated we are used now because he's really here in the trust. I think it would coaching staff he's running with in middle in those who calls -- that could get sophisticated one that you decided to wide out. He has been out there a fair ball with -- We're -- -- week. Yeah and then graduate Alex I say this is very balls the conversation. From its current not only years do you are you comfortable enough not to say whoo man but to actually go with his name that's one mistake eyes -- after -- I did -- You're also able to say twelve formation. For twelve book if I unwilling to even -- five huge and long enough it makes me uncle look at that would have done that five years ago -- the which is without reporter Greg Bedard here. I am over the side. I mean they taught me so much. What. Guys -- I love those guys Faso are clearly an Irish guy I made a big deal out of the average guy about what they had -- -- -- -- -- the -- all of lists that you -- your your best I think that he'll let us. Today and and people told me I'm not -- Tom Brady wins back his parking spot like being and every one of the full attendee at the offseason workouts. You're back to seeing the the narrative of Tom Brady that you saw early in his career. The guy who did it all the guy who out worked everybody sixth round pick who was who was always hungry for one more. -- the last two years you haven't seen enough that he hasn't been Hungary. But he wasn't here all the time he was in Europe for -- huge part of the offseason he's married to one of the most beautiful people in the world to kind of understand it. Is it a big deal to the patriots not just to break. But to the patriots and their team that their captain was here for the entirety of the offseason. Work -- I will say this I think any inclination that Tom Brady hasn't been. Holding up his end of the bargain in the offseason aside from 2010 when he read the contract -- right. Maybe I think you might have worked to rule a little bit more closely during that period that right. But I think that he's overall the next but I think that. I think it is important is it changed their profits of identity Jerry to a different from virus to what's road. Tickets you want but I'll call fire in the belly would you climb down away from your supermodel wife in Costa Rica fly back to throw passes to. We -- it was totally all's well -- -- boy that's our fire in the belly can have. -- Tompkins or whatever they brought everything insert name here master we are talking about it was a year earlier briefly. You have a favorite moments a favorite story. And a note what is. When I study covered the team it was 1997. And he was in his second year you know all -- The first ever remember him was quick to desert that the Arizona -- visits one defense they opposite way I would suspect -- did have wall to wall coverage on obvious he would watch those games. The way we do now we've. So I remember in 97. He came in the patriots was still skewed in 96 they will -- to make a mark. Among the -- -- the good quarterback in bullets of the -- let me department backs with 95 they had a game against Denver acted and -- we had a show that they were capable of things first drive of the game. Parcells calls for -- on. On to his partner -- quarterback throws it docked on the middle of the field Bruschi it's in the belly button falls. Poll. Underscores what so predictably to a pick on the next possession dentist was again with teamed up the party's over. So the next year -- them and I remember every time I want them to -- clock can be very rough oh period and he would we. Tom -- to do it next time we use on car but -- -- -- who you. -- -- I do this every single to have a -- fuel rocket can we just get this over with seek to pop current metro west is news to left of that that's it you know everybody else it's kind of ethic. I actually pretty entertaining. After that we will find and a member. Of almost done. My kid my second son Danny was point December 13 another date lets -- -- to keep it -- -- -- whatever they. -- overtime game and -- I -- the game is not a classic field at the meeting went up to Bruschi. Really morals like conceive that we did with the game. Who's up who's. Who you -- not a must admit it was news was -- But as the guy who. If you're a young football player -- when he -- -- -- three years old you grew up you have the opportunity to what street Bruschi I can't imagine how many fifty -- he put on the backs -- whalers -- football. Can't imagine how many kids need -- your dog's name -- because I hate. And he says that day we see ourselves. Golf tournament whatever. Rhetoric that has never. We're through the -- didn't get a product you're product is -- but. -- he did drop that they'll tell he's pretty intense it was good having him here he's gonna go into the hall of fame matches induction just in about twenty minutes an intense guy. Get -- Cumberland farms coffee right -- the -- jacked up all the all the caffeine that. You would ever need very very impressive Tom -- good to have you it and we've appreciated thanks to a lot more over the course of this season upon them a little afraid. You don't eats -- what snakes. And if I have a snake anywhere near my house -- have to torched the -- -- -- and just full on move particular that are snakes in my house about you cannot policy amounts to look at what's your phone calls next on compatriots talking Red Sox alcoholic W --

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