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Should Ortiz be disciplined for smashing the telephone?

Jul 29, 2013|

Mut and Lou debate whether David Ortiz deserves a suspension for his antics during Saturday night's game.

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You know pitch to all the way it's and I -- war. But -- strike home behind. Other pitches up for the what about the way it was moving toward first base and shot 31. And it's in there was striking the the -- -- news to me to pitch. In eventually got up much if not consistent you know yeah. -- he puts his head. There's nothing more walks away. And nobody could it jackets David. Now he's having not hopping and winning John Farrell and during the below. Aren't trying to restrain him John this big guy. That we went back to the dugout to properly embedded -- that. Against the dugout wall that marked the -- run. Was that -- live who from the -- -- you drop that and I like that from day of weekly guest on the show -- 937 WEEI. The guys breaking telephones with a bat. He is taking a three. Shot baseball swing. At the port telephone there in the visiting dugout and Baltimore. The whole school year. It was a bad call Tim Timmons blew the call David Ortiz conduct. Unnecessary completely. Unnecessary response. I don't David Ortiz on Saturday it was ridiculous it was necessary I would agree but. It's absolutely is amaze me here now the last 48 hours the response that this -- gotten like no one's ever seen -- before players. It's amazing. To me you know we will we that was out of the ordinary snap -- you buy your guide David Ortiz -- deedrick -- you think of taken back Paul O'Neill as a lesbian. Admittedly baseball record for Gatorade did a course destroy how much you think you've been thrown and we wanna play the what if game Kevin Youkilis finally of -- -- categorically shakes off the ground it comes up but it's a player in the guy then what would be funny then no it wouldn't be would be unfortunate incident. That's not a Clinton. It wasn't necessary yes he overreacted. In the heat of the moment he got frustrated he snapped. I left I thought it was funny move on find the man pay for new phone and that's it. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. And to some -- a calm yourself down. I mean how you look at that and an -- to get the initial oh from Dave RTF from Dave O'Brien out of the way you don't go. As one of the dumbest things I've seen a baseball player do you. You talked about it doubled Gatorade bucket you talk about helmets. This guy taking a -- in any violent manner smashing a fall in the process. Scared the crap out of his fellow teammates could be seen that guy you have seen the highlight. Look at how Pedroia -- there are no matter who -- funny reaction from day after Dustin Pedroia. Got. Cut them off guard looked like it was -- he ducked away like -- is it -- lights and yeah. But why such a -- to get him why should Pedroia Ortiz is teammate. He in that position because David Ortiz is this that Tim Timmons mystical and they no doubt about when you look at -- and graph chart. Timmons makes one of the worst ball strike calls I've seen all you as you about that he was jus awful. He was gone off. All game long and it was it was everybody -- -- or radio or TV was there was -- withers stakes all -- does matter it was someone's thrown out of this game. You know you could see tempers you can see that this was getting the blood boiling point where there was John Ferrell was Ryan Dempster who would which out of struck out. And note to fastball on the child actually walked across the the plate. Go back to the dugout only to find out what's he was in a left handed batter's box that Jim it's called -- a ball. Likely get the ground ball double play when he came out of it whether it was expanding the zone and every hitter Stephen Drew it didn't matter someone was -- run out of that game. And happen to be David now the overreacted. But there's the response that it's gotten to meet its way open title. Even believe -- go the other way you're responsible laughing it up and say no big deal I fun trying to ridiculous. This is a guy that could have easily injury teammate -- he didn't it's he's lucky he didn't. He's lucky the -- swung the bat around someone didn't get certain so you'll look at it and for whatever reason you're -- will be ends justifies the means nobody got hurt so it's no big deal. I'm not gonna say what is but he put guys in a position in his clubhouse in a seven to two game. It's seven to freak and who in that situation you're up five runs you're gonna want to win that thing pretty handily. You think that response is -- that put guys in his own his own team. You know in in somewhat not at that danger. But in a position when they're talking -- and make sure that'll get hit by a bat by a fall by -- of something happens on hard. Sorry I mean it happens I mean honestly the guy -- what is this happened and what is this happen like Jesus and how did you just start watching the game. -- -- it brick and TV man it happens a few times a year this is not this is not something like I snaps in the dugout. Kevin Youkilis to do this every -- and time was up at the plate. Anyway you know -- -- out -- -- what would fly if I throw a helmet at the -- at bat rack. Okay and it could bounce up and anybody in the EI it -- bounce up and anybody afford it and cut him open. That -- happened -- That's happened before in the game. So yes it's it was it was stupid by David Ortiz. But the thing that needs to be you know he needs to get suspended for this -- people article -- put this on his resume of being a selfish player and I am so sick and tired of David Ortiz put himself -- everybody else. Is laughable to me. It's laughable to me like I've not. Called for suspension but a Major League Baseball to suspend in the game I'm completely for application which is understanding. Eight MI which is that. I think that 81 game suspension in this case do more to -- days -- that should be suspended. I -- -- he be suspended for a game -- I don't as a reminder eat it up before it's it but it's -- okay. Guys have beaten up stuffed on the runway all the time and you could tell millions stories more than -- -- -- for putting it this was in the dugout putting his own teammates in jeopardy Bud Selig should suspend its its very very violent act that was caught by TV camera -- I don't think that's something you. You can don't destroying a phone. In a visiting clubhouse on this guy was just. In the words not done the -- not selfish he was so irate couldn't control himself. But he can't get on the hallway he's trying to get ejected on the game he's -- he's not injected by the points Obama do somebody should have I know get me kicked out of this game on the smash this -- With this baseball -- And then from there the ATP -- goes back on the field and he placed the hold me back -- thing we get you try to get kicked out. We do in that manner without that yeah that's that's -- -- -- management brought up before it gets it done. Be perfectly honest with you you know just totally argued that call Timmons. And obviously looking back to blow the call Timmons from the sound of its -- -- call which got an even more -- Is everybody in the everybody including Timmons knew it was a ball bad call and he just couldn't admit that it's awful player. But the weight control himself walking back that -- treatment costs for expected. And frustration built to follow it was right -- never said it was right never said he should've done when he did it but all I'm saying is that it happens. And I don't see players getting suspended for beating a -- And reckoning dispose of now he's not pose no results that came in the dugout picked up a baton. Raged and actually hit me in the head with -- first because with a bad yeah. The ban short clips that happens in the hospital a great Joker -- start -- -- -- say it is that it happened like with the hospital. -- -- I would. Pissed about the nationalist. Uneasy we suspend port -- Because -- at with a -- I didn't see the incident and didn't suspend a player for what happens. The team Wednesday care if they want I don't know. David David that's a Smart not because it joy this big boys gave mrs. Baseball suspended for game colorful before last night in the huge game in a bomb. And I suspect David Ortiz people on Twitter -- and Milpitas to spent federal -- that serious. The clean up at a for the team he's actually -- -- rate ninety barrels going to be -- like that. Gay Dustin Pedroia is a stop when he showed leadership just joyous music when he was grabbing David Ortiz shot on adamantly think he was screamed at for the bat at the phone. In almost injuring him and oh don't injure me now. You being a leader to push him dancing if you don't stop you're gonna get suspended if you go back on the field you're gonna be suspended. That's when he was upset about that being a leader that's saying screaming at David Ortiz is almost hurt him. Try to keep them from being suspended -- back on the field a second yeah something that happened. Probably. Not now he got kicked out of my game and and and -- -- disagree with in violate don't up in the group that says the Red Sox in the suspect I'm just telling you Major League Baseball. Wants to look at this and say hey other guys before -- crazy like -- Milton Bradley. Also itself on the field. This is not it's it's just it's it's and that level of at some -- embarrassing Major League Baseball you can find when you throw first -- that's straight when you strike out and you actually helmet down or apart. When you see an -- point lethal bat and a buyer points to the equipment that is an equipment violation. That is a fine OK and you wind up -- and that's behind closed doors nobody really knows about. But that's what is -- when the Ortiz publicity the equipment on the field ticking off his noble had. Okay. It's not it's not that same class of grabbing a bucket of balls and throwing you know the feel the same class of -- Sixteen backs and throwing him repeatedly on the field. Okay it mobile pick him off his -- through ground. The overreaction. I think and -- You know and in the tweets. If this was if somebody in the Yankees did this I would be seeing the exact same thing. A lot of baseball players what's the NC you know what it should have happened it was right but it did you move on -- -- Don't be scared because it looks like your budget out here the way you're thrown. This is a lot like their response to getting here grow a set would you please not stop acting like a twelve year old -- time someone puts a flame. Under their asses. John at the second part that's ridiculous this team is playing first place baseball the flames lit. They don't need David Ortiz to go smash and phones to light the flame of the Boston Red Sox they have had an on. Believable sees that a justified this is all they need this to get themselves going that's insanity. And I I fault line of a lot of people who I guess in the same thing that I am I'd -- it is -- -- a Major League Baseball. And I take myself away from this being David Ortiz in the Red Sox I see this. I feel good about a player just did that -- balls umpire he's trying to show open umpire -- umpire made a mistake. But Ortiz after it was not apologetic deep -- who won an apology from tenants -- which is. It did it's been around long enough I think he knows that he's not gonna get an immediate yeah I screwed that up from Tim Timmons I've been around less than him and -- get. Right away yes boy and I find it hard to believe well it happened what would you get more and I'm asking to be honest here. Don't media it's -- screw that up the next day guy come up and say hey Lou I went back and -- that probably more off. And you -- the next day. However when you've got a situation it's so damn bad like that one -- -- and you look at the guys that you -- is no I didn't. That infuriates me out of all the discussion went on but Tim -- would have been best to be -- anything. If you missed that one and just say the guys Straka the -- back that Doug do you human. Yeah because you know you Straka. What an umpire comes you know blows the call as does not get that right then and now you gain even more theories you didn't. It's just admit you made a mistake I don't wires before call and call it strike. Well it -- thrown it back to the plate look at -- that Lou I've been missed them. And the discussion right there -- can -- that. What can I say that but those guys in the minority the majority are not there is Ryder trauma descendant of the -- -- is -- day they -- -- minority but the state doesn't happen as a mistake. Right. It does happen like I said -- -- an umpire as the catcher's throwing the ball back to the pitcher. Is that many -- -- it to you got to beat the leap in the with that call and it OPEC that a pitcher -- badly missed that. Okay. Let's go to hitting with you come back say no but that's a depiction but a lot of the plate now appear -- -- is that now. Please don't admit it you know you're wrong and infuriates you even more frustration bills. I just snapped and lost two bats in in one time in the dugout though not just one grab another one did it. But what did he broke -- -- and that was -- gala on Japan beautiful. A really good would appear to solve this because. Wiki Beckett had a few could have broke most of them so frustrated we got destroyed stuff out there. What happened struck out and I put all within their -- Ortiz situation on an edit Chicago whose name was -- -- on. The same page it's as though we just weren't the same page telling the Joseph Kerrigan. Georgia yes maybe yes there OK good we were gone -- Ottawa public appeal to call Jack Japanese Baseball -- -- -- -- come on and on the situation that they can speak once thought that this guy via -- -- on guys joke but I snapped broke one that went in and get out of me yet so I needed more. And that. You know over the -- Jackson. And I've seen guys snap a runway just below the dugout. And throw at bats throwing helmets and a guy comes out of the bathroom. And while he's -- stuff in the back was flying over said and it's like 08 that are in there the list could hurt me thing. Yes it's unfortunate yes it should have happened. We'll see that's an exit comes to mind it. Even that did that two things that make it down when I look at that -- I taught me a laugh it off the way you are today and look bad for with the yesterday did the whole. String can telephone and their egg act in an up and Ortiz to eight Ortiz appointed a fake wannabes and it. And I guess Pedroia ducked out of the way like he was getting hit with some exhibit on the -- or he's gonna beat you know. Given a -- before the game. Right yeah minutes all orbiting about their -- with a before the game and he was very upset about cell. It's dumb to me is one UT there is that chance -- hurt somebody and you're saying it's happened before but I'm just looking at this instance. -- and Pedroia sort of ducking out of the way and to me this is. I think it's different though the violence he swung with a bat at that -- to me it's a little bit different don't -- new thing called the same thing. I think it's pretty similar -- angry. It's okay. Mine. Except when you keep repeat. You. The other one is he puts himself open a position where and you nailed it weighs twenty -- run yesterday for four day after this. The baseball might even have this conversation of to suspend him or not is bad for the Red Sox. That was a seven to game the reaction did not. -- big game situation and what happened did not warn that sort of reaction where he's swinging the bat like a wild man. Any might get himself suspended for game like that that's what bothers me about it I -- I find it. I can't compare it to what some people compared to. Ortiz making it about him a bit and walking in and and -- for RBI complaining about that -- Terry Francona press conference OK I think that's a reach. But in terms is a one off incident was home. And baseball I think is within their right given that was caught on TV I can suspend him for now I agree that it was -- I agree that it should about it I mean but it did and -- It before and I've never seen anybody suspended. It was somebody takes a swing at a water cooler is swinging a bat in the -- that epic somebody could get injured there -- was well. But I. Just trying to actively -- to suspend -- guy for doing some like that in a -- differently did the umpire -- I mean just -- it dug up. His own teammates at risk. If somebody got hurt but it fortunate it was Smart it was stupid. But it does jump on this whole thing he needs to be suspended for -- don't agree -- well we got full full life people -- react only to react next year 61777979837. The phone number 617. 77979. -- 378 TT -- line. It's 3793. Civil get your thoughts on Ortiz did. Over the weekend suspension wart to Judy skate without it some other baseball wishes to get into as well Jon Lester the trade market. And -- touch on my -- a list that I created. For the folks over metro they asked me to do the top 25 Boston athletes last when he five years salt and holly. -- my case for on their show Friday you'll get loose take in your take as well but your David Ortiz reaction is next.

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