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David Feherty: I once won a match hammered at St. Andrews

Jul 29, 2013|

Golf channels great commentator and host David Feherty joined the show to discuss his upcoming interview with Keegan Bradley. David said that during his drinking days he once had a caddie created concoction on the course.

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It was the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan 6777. -- 7937. David Garrity as you know was golf channel's popular interview show up featuring the reverend David -- himself now there are two episodes remaining. In -- third season tonight's episode features are local -- 2011 PGA championship winner and USA Ryder Cup player Keegan Bradley. And the season finale I -- -- -- we spent some time on The Three Stooges set with an Atlanta Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm. You probably know this but just a reminder parity. Airs Mondays at 10 PM eastern time on the Golf Channel David joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TC good morning mr. faired how argue. Well good morning good morning to you I I -- start out with a cliche question but I think it's had a good place to jump off yet you're completing your third season of fair. I'm sure you get this all the time. -- your absolute favorite guests you have on and where actually we we all guess -- we don't we all guessed that I think I know the answer and Jerry thinks he knows the answer and Kirk thinks he knows the answer to can we guess in the -- tell us the truth. Aren't going to know here as well cards for me -- it's something in common they thought that I expect it to me Bill Russell. Real lull anonymous claims that really yeah hourly. I would I have my guess was John Daly but that probably would have been the case and you're drinking days. Oh yeah yeah yeah you're probably right debt. And I let John Daly hit a ball off my -- was. Didn't see the Egyptian and -- is something that I should have -- monitoring and. I think that -- depicted -- -- I was over. Alright that that the my contention is your second favorite was Greg Norman you seem to have a lot of fun in that got room and out on the range with Norman that day. Yes absolutely. It was just an an it was a great mum. I enjoyed being with Craig I'm known for so many. Years it was great to see him finally sort of content. He's these these amount of peace. Boy -- he knows how to fund. It was also candid about tiger and tiger coming into his neighborhood -- not contact the image showing him. I didn't say showing in the respect but showing respect that he had for Jack Nicklaus when he arrived on the scene. Yeah me Greg is a pretty strong views on on a lot of subjects and that's one of the things that. Well -- -- there are a lot of young players you know Greg could give a number to to have. Kids that. You know he admirers. And you know he has. A great relationship with a lovely younger players in the history -- but to me he's happy if any of the young prepared Coleman. You wanna know what's what's -- like or what you know as it like being. He used -- Greg Norman of yeah. -- -- What was that weapon that you were using the shooting like one inch steel was that. That was a Barrett. Fifty caliber fifty BM it was an amoral seven which is. You just you wanna be on the the the end -- -- I was on. Yes yeah. Well we got to ask you the other question that your constantly asked the I want your answer here is. How are -- trying to get tiger on -- what does he say when you ask him to come on what does -- just. Oh it's a question so much of you know tiger not wanted to come on my I just want him to be. And the place where -- have interviewed him a lot of times. For various things but -- -- the thirty show is kind of different. Where -- bottom line is I need to be a human being. Wearers in -- guard isn't open. Mean I'm not proud -- many questions guys you know Bill Clinton on them did not committee Monica Lewinsky question we spent 42 million dollars of Armani trying to kind of answered your question that I could have. -- W for five bucks. I think those things have been -- and now. But I mean I do wanna know. You know are vulnerable he he felt. What it was like. Two opinion. Where where he laws and then. To. -- have -- -- -- -- -- attack the way they did. Are his kids. You know gonna feel when they Google his name and and see what comes up you know just questions. I think -- will be interested and. -- they dubious scenario David which tiger gets comfortable enough for you can actually sit down and ever answer those questions. I Terry and I think it's not too far and in the future. I mean I'm only gonna do the show I think another couple of seasons. I'd like to do it and haven't initial I'm a fairly high note -- I don't like -- -- of of doing a show. That that runs out of steam around and of people. Like it to be that quality that whole way through them and then maybe do something different. So we I would hold it. A lot of open I'm pretty sure that he will I know he'll do it. I just one of these music can be that's Jack's. You know. I'm not sure. I think certainly -- The question is will he be known as the greatest player ever in I mean if you ask Jack. Jack I'll tell you that it no one has ever played golf like Tiger Woods. So. And it's different and I you know -- majors are harder to win. But he used to because of -- period the Hitler win them. It's you can go to 12 visions you either very eager to win because these. You know -- that we don't know or don't expect a winner when. Or they're so much strength and depth there that the bear. Our players who don't even qualify for for major championships who would be capable of winning. So. You know I Mickelson you've got to Tigger out of Mickelson too busy -- -- in the tiger was here. Yes. Were you aware that Phil had fine tune and hone his game enough to play along the ground and win at the British Open because the popular. -- thought process was David -- them that that he was a splat. Target need to yardage kind of guy and he could not win in in those conditions. No other they don't Serbia wasn't really aware in the right word. But then again I've never seen an open championship course play the way Muirfield didn't -- -- and 89 -- -- and played very -- last. But the greens were still open championship pace. When you get open -- into greens that are run and about what they were in the stands between them but that's close to be in this -- area you've been on playable. And economic -- such superb fast greens putter. I think that's what. I think that carried him. The he putted absolutely amazingly well. You for pretty much every Els made a lot of mistakes and it means you know and he really is. I'd I'd love launched. You never know what's gonna happen next. He might make stick figure I might maker and yet he's still capable of this mercurial presidencies really fascinating man. David with talking before butcher you drink in days as I mentioned earlier crazy days and you bounce back from that did you ever. Drink while you played Jim a direct point on the PGA tour -- European tour event of a little asylum in the in the Diet Coke and as you played because things were getting tense. That there were so much when things were getting and -- occasionally there were so on the over. McNabb does a quick that if before I would feel from our number one occasion in particular that. 1990. Dunhill cup -- -- in the Irish side and we've beaten some Communist nation and calls them the Irish and English. And the finalists in Amber's and I was Arafat and I'm over. And there are two caddie shifty looking types on the first he and and one months and -- you have -- -- -- -- Imus threatened problem by Wendell would. Of the opposes senators. He's giving this little. Bob Bobble clear glass bottle and label it jumped off -- it was -- -- you know. -- -- and went blind for. I'm in the when it when my vision came back everything -- lilac. Local golf course was this shade of -- -- And -- the map played -- -- -- -- had -- because it -- so we're not. From. And and the winning area and play opens well in pole at commanders where the hole golf course was was lilac and I was sort of a sepia colored. -- -- -- The only time that are -- You know on and I wouldn't say that you know I was -- -- but I would I was there was tremendous nonstop from parliament. Yeah eight duke all the story you famously told about your drinking days when you came home late. To your to your mom's house and you were demanding the supper call that story. That was actually my father or your father whom the and he came home ago of -- -- -- You know amateurs that bush. And my mother was found there like -- Montgomery. -- My movement I've kept it -- sorry dear we visited them I was on with my two sisters were probably ready for. For that -- ten years ago it was a buried as mother's sense humor com. And -- that -- a mom sort of sheepishly uses. As londoners to warm my motor programs yes it's in the dog. -- And Dave what do you think's going on with and NORTHERN IRELAND what's golf McIlroy right now isn't as simple as equipment changed there's a more complicated. No I I don't think it's really important to do with equipment to mean that -- the addictive play with that a hockey -- in Orange prize. But. -- you know if you look at famous sportsmen from from NORTHERN IRELAND Darren Clarke. Graeme McDowell -- a matter you know played I think nine times this year. These. He's he's won three times mr. cup five times and you know only one finish sort of mediocre. Alex -- the world snooker champion George Best probably the greatest soccer player of all time that they were. They were not consistent. You know that they've they've. There were unbelievable when they when they played well. But they didn't -- for long periods of time. There were peaks and valleys so I think -- going to be the same kind of player and he's in a volley of -- and it's magnified when when when the when he -- the top again because he's very hard they. David final question for -- tiger Phil Rory aside who in your estimation is on the cusp of greatness to to kind of join that. Mount Rushmore of golfers in the next five years or so. -- You know we we've got so many really good young player and -- better -- Jordan's speech is just mean. He's the basket -- you know their citizens Tiger Woods. With a belly or shall. We've we've got -- Snedeker you know. Say he's -- we get. Ricky parlor and and it's just so difficult you know nobody -- -- to going to be dominant the way tiger was army my my children aren't gonna see that their children program Wednesday that engulfed. But I think beginning in great shape. And one thing that occurs to me anytime I interview one of these these younger players is what great kids they are. Mean you you don't have to look up their rap sheet him. As part of via. You know of the preparation for an interview that we really have great people engulf. And we've got some great characters come -- and there are already here boo weekly is -- -- well. He's a beautiful thing he made probably a Patrice somewhere with a -- The. What we we've got great people in I don't see anybody you know -- -- Tiger Woods or even Phil Mickelson at the minute bugs. The standard of golf we're watching week -- week guys. From players and aren't necessarily what we think are our marquee player in. If you just pay attention to the standard of golf whether -- John Deere classic -- if the greens for a our a tournament that you don't think over the as a major. It's really amazing to watch. Would you have left if you're leading a tournament would you left if your wife went into labor. Which way this math -- -- and. My. My. My my wife at the -- and hopefully forever. Yes the one before or helmets. And the final two episodes of clarity on the Golf Channel first one airs tonight. Monday 10 PM eastern time Keegan Bradley will be featured season finale August 12 features actor writer and comedian Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm again thirty airs Monday at 10 PM eastern time. On the Golf Channel always a pleasure catch and W David thanks to make in time this morning. Now my -- are taking -- -- leaders of Austin and yes indeed. Good talking to Dave talked it down the road thank you David Garrity with doesn't tell the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE.

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